How to collect the grass after the grass trimmer.

Grass Trimmer Care: Rules and Guidelines

Beautiful well-groomed lawn, neatly mowed lawn. this is the result of using the grass trimmer for grass. With the help of this tool, you can quickly get your plot in order. Unlike a lawnmower, the small and maneuverable tool can easily reach hard-to-reach places (around trees, near fences, benches). Like any other technique, a grass trimmer needs proper care and maintenance.

Service life and performance of the lawn trimmer depends on whether the user observes the rules of operation. All the information that the owner may need is in the manual. Be sure to study this document before you start working with the trimmer. And in this article we will dwell on the consideration of the main issues concerning the use of the tool.

Getting the grass trimmer ready for work

Grass trimmer is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of every dacha owner. With its help it is possible to put in order any territory, to improve the lawn. It handles tall grass, weeds, unwanted overgrowth. For proper operation of the grass trimmer some skills are required. There are rules of use for each type of tool that must be followed.

Before you start, check the fuel tank, if necessary. fill it with a working mixture or gasoline and oil. If the engine is a two-stroke, mix fuel and oil in the correct proportions (25:1). A four-stroke engine has two separate tanks. Check availability of cutting tools (trimmer line, knives). Most gasoline trimmers are equipped with belts.

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  • It is necessary to close the air damper.
  • Push the button, turn on the ignition circuit.
  • Pull the starter cord until there is considerable resistance.
  • Pull the brushcutter cord several times.

The petrol grass trimmer is ready for use. Use safety glasses, gloves, tight-fitting shoes, clothing. To avoid damage and to increase operator comfort, use headphones, a safety helmet, and an oil-and-gasoline mixer.

Many problems with the brushcutter arise from improperly prepared fuel mixture. In two-stroke engines, the lubrication is done with a special oil (not conventional motor oil)!) mixed with gasoline. If the oil is not mixed with gasoline, the lawnmower will fail quickly. Mix petrol/oil in proportion according to trimmer instruction manual. It is usually 1:40 or 1:50.

The question often arises: the proportion 1:50 is how much oil and gasoline?

Safety precautions

Do not forget safety precautions when working with the trimmer. First provide operator with personal protective equipment for feet, hands, eyes. When mowing, particles of cuttings, small stones, twigs and grass may fly around the brushcutter at high speed. It is better to work with the tool in protective clothing: pants, jacket, boots.

Safety precautions when working with a trimmer also include ear protection. Earpieces are worn mainly when mowing with a gasoline-powered tool with a two-stroke engine. Modern 4-stroke models are quieter than previous models.

During mowing, children, passersby, other people and pets must be at least 15 m away. Before starting work, make sure the work area is as free of branches, stones, driftwood, and other debris as possible.

  • Adjust the handles and strap of the grass trimmer so that the tool rests comfortably in your hand;
  • Try not to touch the ground with the cutting head to extend the life of the blades;
  • Do not bring the trimmer line close to a fence, brick wall, or other hard objects to prevent rapid wear and tear.

How to choose a quality cordless grass trimmer

Cutting mechanism. The twisted trimmer line used in the cordless lawn trimmer provides a neat cut of the grass. This line for grass trimmer does not tear the grass, but cuts it, which is very important for further growth of the lawn and preservation of its appearance. For overgrown areas, it is more convenient to use grass trimmers with a knife rather than a fishing line. Ideal if you can use both in one trimmer.

For example, the Kärcher LTR 36-33 Battery Grass Trimmer for lawn mowing can be fitted with a coiled line spool or a two-blade blade, which fits all Kärcher trimmers on Battery Power 18 V and 36 V platforms.

Power. The trimmer is most often not used on delicate grass. Due to its high power, a quality grass trimmer can handle even thickets of tall grass. On average, an 18-volt battery is sufficient for mowing.

Productivity. If you have a large area to mow, choose an appropriate area per time unit. Thus, the capacity of the LTR 36-33 Battery Set from 1 charge. 600 meters. Grass trimmer working time from 2,5 Ah battery included in the set. 35 minutes, but you can buy a 5 Ah battery or use the battery from another available for you device. Also, if 35 minutes is not enough for you, you can buy the device without charger (charger) and batteries and starter kit, where quick charger and 5 Ah battery, increasing operating time to 70 minutes. Battery can be charged in just 48 minutes using the included quick charger.

Working diameter. This variable affects mowing performance and indicates how much of the lawn can be covered in one go. If you want to trim between the rose bushes, a wide trimmer is not the right tool for you. LTR 36-33 Battery Set provides high operating speed. The diameter of the cutting area can be adjusted from 28 to 33 cm, which is very convenient.

Mowing features. The grass trimmer is mostly used for working in hard-to-reach areas, for trimming tree and shrub borders.

The Kärcher Cordless Trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set has a 3-fold adjustable working width for easier cutting in corners and narrow places. Hinged bracket prevents accidental damage to flowers or tree trunks during mowing.

Equipping. Kärcher takes care of its customers and supplies grass trimmers with a Battery Power 36 V / 2.5 Ah battery and a Battery Power 36 V quick charger that fits into the entire similar range.

Ergonomics. Above all, the grass trimmer is a weighty object. That’s why a low weight is important

grass, trimmer

The comfortable shoulder strap on the Kärcher LTR 36-33 Battery Trimmer will evenly distribute the load on your hands and shoulders, and the padded second handle comes in handy for extended work. The grass trimmer weighs only 2.7 kg.

A good balance is important in a trimmer: ergonomic models make it easy to hold the grass trimmer at the right angle without constant adjustment.

Where to put the weeds: Secret 1. Heat generator.

Our vegetable garden greenhouses are beds, over which there is a frame wrapped in polyethylene film or made of polycarbonate. And when in late spring the cold comes, and even frosts, in such a greenhouse cucumber or tomato crops can die. In the past, hot coals in cast-iron were put in the greenhouse while waiting for frost, nowadays some people pull extension cords into the greenhouse and turn on electric heaters.

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Trying to use cut and dried grass as biofuel in the greenhouse.

For this purpose, at the opposite end of the greenhouse from the entrance I made a hole measuring one meter by one meter and 40 cm deep. Grass cuttings of the first cut, placed in the pit with the height of 70 cm and watered with warm water, quickly heats up to 60ºC, and the heat release promotes maintenance of the greenhouse temperature at night by 5-8 degrees above the outside air temperature. Cucumber and tomato plants, heated from a heat generator, grow and develop much better. And in 2014, such a heat generator helped keep cucumbers and tomatoes in the greenhouse during the June 16 frost.3ºC, from which the cucumber and tomato plants planted in the beds by that time died.

Over the summer, fall and winter the grass in such a pit burns out, decomposes and becomes compost, which in the following year during the spring digging is introduced into the ridges of the greenhouse, and the pit is stuffed with new grass.

There may also be a punctured ignition coil in the electrical system. In this case the lawnmower does not start or starts and works intermittently, and then shuts down or does not start on a “hot” condition at all.

You can check the coil in the same way as you check the spark: unscrew the spark plug, lean it against the body of the weed trimmer. If there is no spark when the starter jerk, or it appears intermittently. you need to change the coil.

Preparing the fuel mixture

To ensure productive operation of the tool, it is important to learn how to prepare the fuel mixture. If your grass trimmer is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, then you can not bother with the preparation of the fuel liquid, as such units work on gasoline, and the oil is poured into a separate container. Fuel-oil mixture is used to fill grass trimmers with 2-stroke engines. You only need 2 components for preparing the fuel mixture:

Mix the fluids in the ratio shown in the instruction manual. Here is also information about what fuel and oil are recommended to use.

Important! You must not use used oil under any circumstances. For gasoline trimmers there are special lubricants of special consistency and composition.

Prepare such amount of fuel mixture that you have time to work out in one cycle, because during storage oil precipitates, fuel loses its properties and becomes unsuitable for further use.

Where to dispose of grass clippings from the lawn and weeds from the garden?

Every neighbor disposes of the grass from his plot in his own way. Here are some tips from thrifty hosts.

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1.Many people dispose of their freshly cut grass in the garden composter or in a compost pit. By spring, a full-fledged fertile substrate comes out, which can be used to grow seedlings, make beds and flower beds.

You can make your own garden composter from chipped wood or old slate, or buy a prefabricated one at a store. The simplest composter can be made from old car tires with cut sides. Of them build a well, and the whole summer is filled with grass and other organic waste, including food waste, in a season everything will rot and get a full fertilizer.

And if, to speed up the process, the grass is interspersed with biocomposting gas pedal, then already at the end of May or at the beginning of June, you will get podgy grass at the output. A good farmer puts such grass into rusty barrels without a bottom and plants cucumbers in them. Naturally, the grass withers. it gives heat, and the cucumbers grow like yeast! Fresh grass from the lawn and weeds from the garden can be used to make the best fertilizer. fermented herb tea.

If you think that the composter works slowly, then put the grass in a big barrel, pour more water into it, and in two weeks all the grass will ferment, and the resulting mass can be used to fertilize the garden.

3.If there is a lot of grass, so that the compost pit is already full, the rest can be dried and put where it will not get damp, and in the evening it should be set on fire by putting it in a metal barrel. surely mosquitoes will not annoy you!

SAVED Family From TALL GRASS VIOLATION After Father Passed Away

4.You can do quite simply. pile the cuttings in a pile, in some secluded corner of the site, and by the next spring this pile will be 5 times smaller, and by autumn you will have a valuable organic fertilizer that you can feed any plant on the site, including the lawn. And also under this pile you will find a lot of fat worms for fishing.

Zealous lawn owners never leave grass clippings on the lawn. the appearance is messy, even if a mulching mower is used. They slightly dry out the grass and spread a thick layer under the bushes of cucumbers, zucchini, under the tomatoes (after the last dip), it can be put under the raspberries. This kills several birds with one stone. grass prevents plants from falling down, it prevents the growth of weeds and saves moisture. no need for as frequent watering, and after the rain and fertilizer will turn out.

One of our neighbors gathered all grass cut on the plot, dried it a little and put it in a bed. I planted zucchini sprouts in this bed. then I did not know what to do with the harvest, so I supplied all the neighbors!

Mowed grass on a new plot, which has not yet been developed, can be incorporated into the soil by hand digging or with the help of a power tiller. In order to completely ennoble the soil on the new plot, plant sideratas on it for the winter: rye or mustard. And next year, fill it with rye and sow crops.

9.Another fairly simple variant: they load freshly cut grass into large black trash bags, tie them up very tightly, it is possible with scotch tape, so that moisture does not evaporate, and leave these bags in the sun. By autumn all the grass in them will have rotted away and will look like earth. It can be sprinkled on seedbeds, under raspberries, strawberries.

10.Freshly cut grass can restore depleted soil in a low-yielding bed. On this area you should dig a kind of wide trough, about two bayonets deep. In this very “trough” put freshly cut grass, weeds from the garden and food waste. You can cover it with a black film or roofing felt, so the grass will quickly decompose and shrink in size, which will make it possible to add new portions. When it rains, take the foil off the grass. let it get wet, but if the summer is dry, water it yourself regularly. And for the winter be sure to cover this bed with an old film or other unnecessary material.

This pile of grass will noticeably shrink by the spring. Now, parallel to this fertilized bed, you need to dig a similar “trough” and take out the soil from it to fill the old bed, with not yet mature grass. And in the new ditch you can stack fresh grass. The old “trough” will make an excellent “warm” bed for cucumbers.

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In the third year the first bed will mature completely, in the spring it will need deep digging, remove undisturbed coarse debris. That’s it, a lush and fertile bed is ready!

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