How to connect a trimmer for Husqvarna grass correctly. How to set up a chainsaw

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Husqvarna grass fuel system. Husqvarna adjustment. Limiting maximum revolutions

Lawn mowers, like the entire bench tool for the garden, is not difficult to maintain equipment. Repair, set up on your own and it is necessary. For example, adjusting the carburetor of the lawn mower with your own hands is the matter of five minutes.

The carburetor from the lawn mower is a node in the power supply system. In it, like any carburetors, there is a process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for further supply to the motor cylinders.

In this process, the main thing is the correct proportion of fuel and air, for which the carburetor is regulated.


Type Trimmer for grass
The speed of rotation of the knife Up to 8000 vol./min
Noise level 114 dB
Mulching No
engine’s type gasoline, two.Stroke
Power one.10 l.With.
The location of the engine upper
Working volume 28 cubic meters.Cm
Fuel tank on 0.4 l
Pen with adjustable height
Barbell straight
Anti.Vibration system No
Wheels absent
Equipment shoulder belt, a reel with a fishing line, a disk/knife
The weight 5 kg

Put a new piston 33 when native 32.6 and the trimer does not pump gasoline itself. Carburetor costs a native with a hollow 11 mm. Maybe for a new piston now you need another carburetor for 14mm?

Hello. Purchased nusqvarna 128r just a month ago. We used 3 times maximum (grass without thick hard stems in front of a country house, in the garden, less seats area). 4 times my father bored a little, turned off her. After the break, the mower did not start. The service says that there was a non.Warranty malfunction with an overheating mowing (Lily little oil). At the same time, during operation, the father (pedantic to horror) poured oil into gas according to the instructions. The ratio of 5l x 0.1l (adjustable for 1l gasoline). Tell me, is it possible to overheat the braids subject to the norm and the low load of use? Or all the same, this is a factory marriage?

The trimmer for the grass starts up well, but stall during large speeds.Such a feeling, there is not enough fuel, although it does not stall on idle for a long time.

Hello! Tell me please. We have been owners of this device since the end of June 2017. They mowed grass (without lignified hard stems) near the house and in the garden (processing area less than a hundred) times 3 times a maximum. By 4 times, the father bored a little in front of the house, took a break for about an hour, after which the mower did not start. The service center said that there was a non.Warranty technical malfunction caused by a overheating mowing (allegedly pouring little oil). At the same time, I know for sure that dad is papa the right amount of oil (according to the instructions for 5 l of gasoline 100 ml of oil, it mixed with 1 liter of gasoline 20 ml of oil), measured with a syringe, the capacity of which is 20 ml. Therefore, since the adding of oil was according to the instructions, overheating, in theory, should not be. Tell me, please, can this be a factory marriage of the device? And what examination it is necessary to do to prove this fact?

A 128R grass braid began to heat up quickly, in particular, the candle is very heated very much. What is the problem? How to sharpen a braid?

Hello! Please tell me, and before each launch (twitching by the handle), you need to turn on and turn off the damper?

Good afternoon! Husqvarna 128 mower. It starts well, it works on the hollow, it is worth lowering on the grass immediately the disk gets up while the engine works as under load works. What could be? Thanks.

Hello! How to dilute fuel for a trimmer for Husqvarna 128 r grass. How much oil should be added per 1 liter of gasoline?

Starts up, but the turns are swimming, it is poorly gaining or not gaining momentum at all, suddenly and sharply stalls, help determine the cause. Specialist. There is no workshop in the area. Help solve the problem! Trimmer for Husqvarna grass 128r. Thank you in advance everyone who will respond to my trouble.

During starting, the cord is freely stretched, without carrying out the launch process. Tell me a possible reason.

Hello! When I work, the candle is very hot (that part of it, which comes out with the contact) and the trimmer stalls for the grass. At the same time will not start immediately. After it has cooled, you can start. But works until the “disconnect” about half the tank. Previously, I calmly produced two tanks. I changed the candle. Thanks.

Good afternoon! Please tell me how many milliliters (namely milliliters, not a hundredths and not in the tenth shares of a liter) need to be added to 1 liter of gasoline for the Husqvarna 128 r? Thank you in advance. Regards, Tatiana.

Husqvarna benzotrimer. I click on the gas hardly gaining momentum, and if the grass then the effort does not overcome loses the power that it can be.

Tell me, the bar was burst on 128r, the original is very expensive. Where you can buy cheaper to fit all the parameters?

Hello! I conquer a braid. Works only with a closed throttle! I click on the gas. Stalls when open. It also stalls immediately! Who came across this?

You can use this oil? TR154196 Ed 0 ENI I-Ride Racing 2T. TOP synthetic lubricant for two.Stroke masters equipping motorcycles. TOP synthetic lubricant for 2-stroke motorcycle engines. High-tech synthetic lubricant for motorcycles with 2 rods contains a mixture (BIS (2-hydroxy).5-tetrapropeniphenilmethyl), dicalsexidicroxide (Tris (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenylmethyl) methylamine), three-thyroxide calcium ((2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylfenilmethyl) methylamine), polycyclic hydroxide), polycyclic hydroxide. Can cause an aliens reaction. Use suitable gloves to handle the product. Delive the used/unused product and container to the corresponding collection centers. Protect the environment. GB. Contains the reactionary mass of dicalse (BIS (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenylphenylmethyl), tricalseal digidroxide (Tris (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenylmethyl), methymine), polycalcalse trijor-5-tetrapropenylmethymine) gydroxide) Methylamin. Can cause an allergic reaction of Ion. When working with the product, use suitable gloves. Use the used/remaining product and packaging properly. Environment protection. Contains Myscla de (BIS (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphenylmethyl), dihydroxido-dicalzio (Tris (2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenil) phenylmethyl) methymine), trihydroxide tricalcium floor ((2-hydroxy-5-tetrapropenylphelmetil) Methylamine), hydroxide Calciol Puede Provocar una Reaccén Alérgica Utilizar Guantes Conventes to Manejar El Productso. The US product is deleted correctly. Emergency situation in the field of environmental protection CNIT. National Toxicological Information Center, Tel. 39 0382-24444 (works 24 hours a day). A product certified at the Livorsk Oil Refinery (Italy). Certification of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EMAS ENI 8 003699 013100 ENI SPA. Processing and marketing Viale Giorgio Ribotta, 51-00144, Nam, Italy, Tel. 39 0659821 Oilproducts.Eni.Com and 1 l.

General, safety regulations

Carbon monoxide. Therefore, never start the engine in a closed room. Exhaust gases have a high temperature and sometimes contain sparks, which can lead to fire. In no case do not start the car in a closed room or near flammable (fiery) materials.

For attaching cutting disks or iron knives.

During the assembly, tighten the nut in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the cutting organs. When removing the cutting body, unscrew the nut in the direction that coincides with the direction of movement of the cutting organs. (

The nylon gasket inside the self.Ending nut should not be so detailed that it can be twisted manually. Nylon gasket should withstand the unscrewing force of at least 1.5 nm. The nut should be replaced

After about 10 times its twisting/unscrewing.

This section indicates how, using the right maintenance and using the desired type of cutting organs, you can: ·

Get maximum performance.

Use cutting organs only with the protection we recommended! Cm. Section “Technical characteristics”. Contact the instructions for the cutting organs to check the correct winding of the fishing line and the correct choice of its diameter. Make sure that the teeth of the knives are properly sharpened! Follow our recommendations. Cm. Also instructions on the packaging of knives. Make sure that the knives are installed correctly! Follow our instructions and use the recommended file size.

Stop the engine before performing any operations with cutting organs. They continue to rotate even after the lever of the throttle. Before you start working with the cutting organ, make sure that it has completely stopped, and disconnect the high voltage wire from the spark plug.

The use of inappropriate cutting organs or incorrectly sharpened knives increases the risk of rebound.

Highlight → I found instructions for my tool here! #manualza

One American enterprise bought an airplane in the Soviet Union. This aircraft was neatly packed in boxes, it only remained to collect it. When the plane was assembled in the USA, the steamer turned out. Everyone was very surprised, disassembled the structure, collected again and again instead of the aircraft the steamer. There is nothing to do, they called a representative from the Soviet Union. He arrived and collected them a plane. Americans ask:. How did you do it?. Here in the instructions in the Russian language it is written: “After assembly, process the file with a file!””

Repair of the Husqvarna lawn mower, capacity drop.

Husqvarna 125r- 12 years of operation! Detailed video about finding a malfunction that led to power loss.

The technical characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • A gasoline two.Stroke engine with a cylinder of 24.5 cm3;
  • Power 0.9 kW or 1.2 liters;
  • Fuel tank with a volume of 0.5 liters with a fuel consumption of 0.495 liters per hour;
  • A straight rod with a T-shaped handle with a length of 1483 mm and a thickness of 24 mm;
  • The presence of an anti.Vibration system;
  • The cutting system consists of a blade with a thickness of 2.4 mm and a metal knife;
  • Dimensional dimensions: 1844 × 270 × 285 × 132 mm;
  • Weight 4.5 kg.

In this machine, it is also easy and quickly replaced by a cutting element. A universal protective casing allows you to safely replace the cutting part on the rod and the mowing process itself.

The model is equipped with a Smart Start light launch system, the primer pumps air into the carburetor. The fuel pump pumps gasoline into a carburetor after a long period of inaction and provides a quick start.

Layer switch with a return spring. The fuel tank is transparent, which allows you to control the amount of fuel.

The conical gearbox has a high torque of up to 9,000 rpm with a cutting edge located parallel to the ground. This provides the quality of the grass.

Work method, maintenance

Beware of discarded items. Always wear goggles. Never lean over protection. Stones, garbage, etc.D. May be caused by vision or serious injuries. Keep unauthorized persons at a distance. Children, animals, spectators and assistants must

connect, trimmer, husqvarna, grass

Be in a safe zone outside the radius of 15 meters. If any of them comes closer, stop the engine immediately. Never turn with the tool without looking at the beginning, and not making sure that there is no one in the risk zone.

The owner is responsible for the implementation of all the necessary maintenance in accordance with the operating instructions. Carburetor

The Husqvarna real product has been developed and produced according to standards to reduce the content of harmful substances in exhausts. After the engine has used up 8-10 fuel tanks, it is considered a run-in. To ensure the proper operation of the engine and the minimum of the content of harmful substances in exhausts, contact the service workshop, where you will be adjusted to the optimal mode of operation with the help of a tachometer.

Clutch should be installed in place before starting the car, otherwise the clutch may turn out to become the cause of the operator’s injury.Work

The carburetor controls the engine speed using a throttle. Air and fuel mixture are mixed in the carburetor.

Screw t regulates the position of the throttle shift at idle. The rotation of the screw clockwise increases the idle speed, the rotation counterclockwise reduces the speed of the idle.

How to Assemble the Throttle Control Handle of a Husqvarna Brushcutter.

The main adjustment of the carburetor is carried out during testing at the manufacturer. Additional adjustment should be carried out only by qualified specialists.

If the cutting nozzle rotates when the engine is idling, the screw t should turn counterclockwise until it stops.Recommended idle speed: see.“Specifications”.Recommended maximum speed: see.“Specifications”.The final adjustment of the idle stroke T adjust the idle stroke with the idle screw T, if necessary. First, turn the screw t clockwise until the cutting equipment starts to rotate. Then turn

2-Stroke. ‘How Engine & Carburettor Work Together’. Chainsaw/Trimmer/Lawnmower/Stihl/Husqvarna

Battery trimmers for grass

This type of manual travokosylovs is characterized by environmental friendliness, stable weightlift, ease of maintenance and complete autonomy of use. Has in the name the letter marking “I” or “Li”. Used to mowing ordinary grass. Improvement is operated in places with a normalized level of noise. It works from a company lithium-ion battery 36V without a memory effect and a large resource reloading. Available in variations of “hobby” and “pro” (see. Table).

Characteristic/option 115il (hobby) 536LILLX (pro) 536LIRX (pro)
Weight without a battery and a headset, kg 3.0 3.0 3.8
The battery includes Not Not Not
Working time on one charge (4.2 Ah), minutes 80 70 70
engine’s type Brightless (BLDC) Brightless (BLDC) Brightless (BLDC)
Rotation speed on the output axis, rpm up to 5500 up to 5500 up to 5500
Pokos width, mm 330 400 400
Save option for maximum work time without recharging Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable length of the bar Yes Not Not
Telescopic shaft Yes Not Not
Direct bar Yes Yes Yes
Detaless bar Not Not Not
Type of handle D-shaped (loop) D-shaped (loop) U-shaped (bicycle) on the rack
Adjustable handle Yes Yes Yes
Basic mowing headset Trimmer head with a fishing line 2.0-2.4 mm Trimmer head with a fishing line 2.0-2.4 mm Trimmer head with a fishing line 2.0-2.4 mm
Additional mowing headset (purchased separately) Tricut polymer knives A knife for outgrown and hard grass GRASS BLADE (255 mm) C 3 or 4 blades A knife for outgrown and hard grass GRASS BLADE (255 mm) C 3 or 4 blades
The mechanism of the semi.Automatic renewal of the cord from the spool of the TAP ’N GO head (” Click and work “) Yes Yes Yes
Changes in the direction of rotation of the trimmer head YES Yes Yes
Turning on/off with one button Yes Yes Yes
Belt equipment included Not Not Yes (on both shoulders with soft straps)
Sound pressure on the ears of the operator, dB 70 76 76

An innovative BLDC sequenger is a Husqvarna its own development. It provides high torque at various speeds, has a large motor resource and low noise, 25% more effective than analogues of other manufacturers.

Husqvarna battery tools are equipped with an interactive control panel that allows only one pressing the button to start or stop the engine, turn on the economical Save consumption mode, change the direction of rotation of the cutting headset (for trimmers).

Unification of landing compartments and power supply systems in the entire branded battery technique of Husqvarna allows the use of the same lithium-ion battery for lawn mushrooms, trimmers for grass, blizzard, chain saw, etc.D.

Husqvarna batteries at 25-30% are quieter in work than gasoline analogues, which provides an increased comfort of the operator and allows them to be used in residential areas, private sector, public places with a normalized sound level.

All batteries for Husqvarna grass have an intuitive button control panel, which is built into the case (models with “L“ L “L“ L “Land) or right holder (models with“ R ”index). Fast and convenient battery extraction is provided by spring-loading clinics.

Professional travo drivers of the 500th series can be understaffed with a three or four-blade steel knife Grass Blade (255 mm) for overgrown and hard grass. At the same time, modifications with a loop handle are less safe in this regard due to the possibility of loss of instrument control with a sharp rebuilding of the headset from a solid obstacle. To protect yourself as much as possible and others must use the appropriate protective casing.

Husqvarna grass braid 125r

The Swedish brand’s motorcycle carrier works on gasoline. A similar type of technology is famous for its mobility, power and endurance. Naturally, Husqvarna 125R was no exception, because the engine containing 1.1 liters. With. Will allow you to qualitatively clean the territory of the middle area of ​​excess thickets.


  • Engine. Internal combustion, 28 cm.Cube;
  • The bar is straight;
  • Corps. Steel;
  • Fuel pump. Present;
  • Handle. Asymmetric double.

Husqvarna weighs only 5 kg, so there will be no suffering problems, and specially designed belts will reduce tension and shoulders, receiving a lot of pleasure from working with the machine. As a cutting part, both a fishing line for a trimmer (for soft vegetation), as well as knives (for dry shrubs and old stems) can be used

Despite the fact that all the models discussed above work on gasoline, among fans of the brand technology are very popular and electrical trimmers for Husqvarna grass, which are of environmental friendliness, even greater ease, low noise and affordable cost. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages that are determined by each person individually.

If everything is in order with electrical equipment, then we check the carburetor.

Vacuum carburetors are put on trimmers for grass. When disassembling it, cleaning or washing, you need to be extremely careful. In no case do not disassemble the lower part of the carburetor where the primer is located. Air filter (it is visible if you remove the protective casing from the carburetor) should be washed with detergents. Best. For washing dishes. After drying, we put it back. Rinse the carburetor with clean gasoline and blow out all the holes by the pump. We also wash the filter of the gas pipeline, then we dry everything and collect everything. Usually, after all manipulations, the trimmer for the grass begins to work.

Thin cable instead of fishing line, whether it is worth placing it on a motorcycle?

This thought comes to mind almost everyone who had to pump out 10 acres overgrown with high grass. At first glance, the idea seems good. The cable is stronger than the fishing line, not so wear out. However, not all so simple.

Rules for operation, care and repair

Swedish lawn mowers are made of quality material, so problems rarely arise. Most often, due to improper operation, consumables (spark plugs, filter) fail).

Basic rules of operation:

  • Monitor the temperature of the engine, do not work with the device in case of overheating;
  • Oil replacement after running in;
  • Mandatory fuel filter cleaning, cylinder ribs;
  • Air filter cleaning;
  • After work, make the lubrication of the tip of a flexible pipe;
  • If necessary, perform the replacement of fishing line and sharpening knives.

In this situation, the Husqvarna motorcycle malfunction can be done at home on your own. Spare parts are selected in specialized stores, replacement is easy to make at home. Husqvarna trimmers do not require special maintenance.

With more serious breakdowns, if the motor begins to stall, it is better to contact the service centers. In order for the technique to last longer, you need to follow the recommendations in the instructions and follow the rules for using the device.

The fuel mixture (gasoline) is selected, according to the requirements. It is important to use the tool only as intended. If a trimmer for grass is intended only for working with lawn or soft grass, then it can not be used to trim the dry branches of the bush. The operator must comply with the safety rules when working with the device.

Note! When buying equipment, it is necessary to carefully examine the appearance of the device, the presence of chips, cracks is not allowed. Before work, check the start of the engine, the running parts of the tool.

Husqvarna gasoline trimmers are the first assistants in the care of the lawn, garden plot. A large model range will allow users to choose equipment that will meet the basic requirements.

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