How to connect an engine from a corner grinder. Mechanical breakdowns and their elimination

Electric circuit of corner grinder

Today, almost everyone who does not like to sit idle. A good owner always monitors his tool and tries to prevent his breakdown. The appearance of the backlash, beating or cod of the gearbox indicates a mechanical character, but it happens that the corner grinder stops working for no apparent reason. In this case, the reason should be sought in the electrical circuit of the tool. The electrical circuit of the corner grinder is not particularly difficult, and in most cases the repair can be performed independently.

A collector engine is used in the corner grinding machine, which has a simple connection scheme. The network wire is connected to the start button, and then to the engine. Phase-zero position does not matter. After the button, the wires are connected to the ends of the stator windings (two of them), and the second ends of the windings are connected to the brushes, which are in contact through the collector lamps closed through the opposite windings of the rotor.

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In more functional models, a speed adjustment unit is included in the circuit, which is based on a potentiometer and connected after the button. In the electrical circuit of the corner grinder of Bosh, like many models of other well.Known brands, for example, Interskol, this block is made on one compact board and fixed inside the case in guide grooves.

Electric part of the corner grinder

Recently, there have been no changes in the design of the tool. The case is oblong, inside is a gearbox with an engine, on the side a handle and a protective casing over an abrasive circle.

The tool does not always work uninterruptedly, and there are circumstances when there is a need to simply disassemble it and grease some elements as a prevention with oil. To do this, you need to know the design and be able to use the drawings, including the electric circuit of the corner grinder. The ability to correctly read technical documents and understand how the equipment works, will help to perform any kind of repair work.

The electrical circuit of the corner grinder contains the following elements that ensure its drive in motion:

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  • Collector;
  • Gearbox;
  • Holders-handles;
  • Anchor;
  • Electric shows;
  • Stator;
  • Electricity supply cable.

Each of these elements has its own purpose, due to the breakdown of any of them, the tool will not work.

The purpose of each element of the power supply of the corner grinder is corner grinder 125

The circuit of the corner grinder includes several elements that ensure its uninterrupted operation.

The purpose of the elements for energy supply:

  • Anchor. This part contributes to the movement of the abrasive circle for cutting metal products and blanks. It is necessary to create a higher speed in relation to discs to ensure their rotational movements. And, accordingly, at a higher velocity of the anchor, the indicators of the power of the tool are higher.
  • Collector. This is a platform placed on which all power lines are connected. Its main function is to transmit signals by windings to the engine and control unit so that the elements are correctly perceived by this information. The element immediately catches the eye when removing the cover from the body, as it has a polished surface, and its dimensions are quite large.
  • Electric power plants. The purpose of these elements for the supply of electric current to the cable. With a normal working placement through a hole intended for ventilation, a glow will be observed from them. If it is noted that this is absent, it passes weakly or almost imperceptibly, then this is an indicator that with the electrical engines of the problem.
  • Gearbox. The main constructive part for the electric circuit and for the entire technical device in general. Its function lies in the transmission of electricity from the anchor to the abrasive disk. Thus, a rotation is ensured that creates work. In fact, only the gearbox helps to increase the speed and power characteristics of angle grinding machines.
  • Stator. This is the most complex node that complements the device of the corner grinder. It is in it that there are windings of both the anchors and the rotor, which are primary mechanisms that provide movement. The stator coil windings are clearly designed to the last round. If this element is out of order, then it is unlikely that the experienced worker will be able to restore the winding. This happens, but in exceptional cases. It is best to contact a specialized workshop on the issue of rewalling the stator.

Reading an electrical circuit

But to know the purpose of the main elements of the tool of the tool is not enough, you still need to be able to read this scheme. Although the electrical circuit in a corner grinder is not the most difficult thing that can meet you from electrical circuits, but even in it it is difficult for a person far from electricity, it can be difficult to understand without outside help.

The circuit of the corner grinder is arranged as follows: the two stator windings are connected sequentially through the cable to the network with a voltage of 220 V and are not electrically interconnected. Their on/off is carried out using a circuit breaker, mechanically related to the launch button of the angular grinder. Each winding through contact is connected to a graphite brush.

Further, the electric circuit through two parallel to the graphite brushes connected to the graphite brushes goes to the rotor, where it closes on the contacts of its collector. It is noteworthy that the anchor winding is many windings, but only two are connected directly to the graphite brushes. In 9 cases out of 10, the failure of the grinding machine, like any power tool, occurs due to a gap in the electrical circuit.

To diagnose the chain and detect malfunctions in it, a special device is used. Multimeter. This portable tester is useful not only for the diagnosis of corner grinder, but also of any other power tool, up to the electrical wiring in the house.

Testing should always start at the electric current input area and sequentially nickname all the elements of the electric circuit with a multimeter. To check the conductivity of electricity, the multimeter should be set to the minimum resistance position.

How to rewind at home, stages of work

Repair begins with the removal of the failed old winding. With the help of pliers (pliers, round.Liners) from the old winding, the grooves of the stator are freed.

Next, the rewinds of the stator coils are performed. It can be performed on a special manufactured template or directly into the grooves of the stator core. It depends on the depth and width of the space for laying the wire.

The wound coil is installed in the stator with mandatory positioning of the onset and end of the winding wire, as described above in the text. The winding is fixed in the stature with withstanding all the clearances (consolidation options will be discussed further in the video presented below). The stator is heated in the furnace to about 80 ° C. 110 ° C. With the help of a brush, varnish or pre.Prepared epoxy resin with hardener is applied. When applying, it is important to achieve the deepest penetration of the impregnation.

connect, engine, corner, grinder, mechanical, their

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connect, engine, corner, grinder, mechanical, their

Practical tips for rewinding the stator windings are given in the following videos.

Rewinding of windings directly on the core

The following video describes in detail the technology for repairing the stator of the corner grinder. The author shows all the stages of the work and argues his choice of rewinding the winding directly on the “iron”. This model has wide grooves, and it will be difficult to install a finished coil tightly in them. As a guide device, the author uses a plate that bends in height of the corresponding extreme point of laying the winding in the grooves. The surface of the plate is covered with electrical tape to preserve the wire insulation from damage and is fixed on the core with the same electrical tape. The process of such rewinding is quite laborious. With a large number of turns, your actions should be fixed, for example, with appropriate records on paper. This will help to avoid mistakes.

After the winding and removal of the guide plate is completed, the coil can weaken its styling due to residual stresses, individual turns can fall out of the total mass. In this case, the strapping using a thread made of natural material (synthetics cannot be used) will allow you to maintain winding density. Put the coil in the grooves tightly allows the use of various wedge items. However, the author does not welcome their use, as this negatively affects the quality of the impregnation.

It is not always possible to choose the right template

In the next video, the author warns the rewinds with their own hands about the difficulties with the selection of the template. It is not always possible to choose the right one at once. Guaranteed high.Quality rewinding gives a much more time.Consuming, but reliable way directly on the “iron”.

How to connect directly without a button

If the need arises, when leaving the start button exit, you can feed the food directly on two network wires, leaving from it inside the corner grinder. In this case, the capacitor, which carries the main function, like the sparking during the operation of the brushes, will also not be involved in the work. And this despite the fact that when turning on/off the fork from the outlet, transition processes will intensify and increase the trends to the formation of sparks.

Typically, along with the button, the electronic supply circuit works, which eliminates a sharp increase in current when starting, it makes work with a corner grinder convenient and safe. It is clear that in this mode of operation the corner grinder will quickly fail. It is better to replace or, if possible, repair the start button.

Electric circuit of corner grinder


In the last article, I told how to connect and run the engine at 380 volts in a single.Phase power supply 220 V. Now I will talk about how to connect a single.Phase electric motor from a broken washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. D. It can be successfully used for other purposes in the household, for example, for the drive of a grind, a polishing machine, a lawn mower, etc. P.

Connection scheme for a collector electric motor for 220 volts

In electric drills, peorators, grinder and some models of washing machines, a synchronous collector engine is used. It successfully starts and works in single.Phase networks without unnecessary starting devices.

In order to connect a collector electric motor, it is necessary to connect two ends with a jumper and one coming from the anchor, and the second from the stator. And the remaining 2 ends to attach to power supply 220 volts.

Remember that when a collector electric engine is connected without an electronics unit, it will only work at maximum speeds, and when starting there will be a strong jerk, a large starting current, sparking on the manifold.

There may be a motor and 2 high.Speed, then 3 ends will come out of the stator from half of its winding. When connecting to it, the speed of rotation of the shaft will decrease, but the risk of insulation violation when starting the motor increases.

To change the direction of rotation, it is necessary to change the ends of the connection of the stator or anchor.

Connection schemes for single.Phase asynchronous electric motors

If there were only one winding in the stature in single.Phase electric motors, then inside it the electromagnetic field would be pulsating, and not rotating. And the launch would occur only after the shaft is spinning. Therefore, for the independent launch of asynchronous engines, an auxiliary winding is added or starting, in which the phase using the capacitor or inductance is shifted by 90 degrees. Starting winding and pushes the rotor of the electric motor at the time of inclusion. The main inclusion schemes are shown in the figure.

The first two schemes are designed to connect the launch winding during the start of the engine, but not more than 3 seconds in duration. To do this, a relay or a starting button is used, which must be pressed and hold until the engine starts.

Replacing graphite brushes

Practice shows that it is graphite brushes that most often cause a malfunction of the corner grinder. Their service life is limited 1.5-2 years. Replacing old brushes with new difficulties will not be. To check the brushes, the case must be open. It is easy to get to them. First you need (when the cord is disconnected from the outlet), gently lift the straight screwdriver and move the brush holders fixed on the collector. The screwdriver can also be used to extract brushes. If you have a corporate instrument, then in it, most likely, the brush is held with a spring, and to extract it, it is enough to press this spring with a screwdriver. If the tool is Chinese, then there are plugs that will have to be removed with a screwdriver, only after that you can remove the brush.

The brushes need to be changed only to new ones purchased in a specialized store. When buying them, be sure to take a brushed brush with you and measure the purchase to suit size. Insert a new brush into the brush holder, be sure to check if it walks smoothly.

If it does not cling to anywhere, then you can fix the brush in the brush holder. Then drown it inside and you can put the brush holder in the planting nest. Similarly replace the second brush. Finally, check how neatly and correctly you laid the wires, will they be anywhere to be experienced anywhere. After that, you can close the body and try to turn on the machine.

Replacing brushes is the maximum that common sense allows you to independently fix in a corner grinder, without risking due to inexperience or inability to spoil the tool.

Complex repairs, such as cleaning the collector, replacing the gearbox or anchor, without the necessary experience, it is better not to do it yourself. If such a need arises, invite a friend to visit, who has repeatedly carried out a similar repair. You can do the repair itself and with your own hands, but only under its supervision and on the hints.

Better yet, take your tool in the workshop. Still, the corner grinder, even completely serviceable, remains source of increased danger. It is better to pay professionals for repairs than to pay doctors for their treatment.

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Connection without capacitors

But you can connect a motor from three hundred eighty to two hundred 20 without capacitors, for you you don’t even need to take a frequency converter for this. Enough to delve into the garage and find several main components:

  • Two transistors type KT315G. The price of the radio market is about 50 kopecks. Apiece, from time to time even less.
  • Two tiristors like KU202N.
  • Semiconductor diodes D231 and KD105B.

Capacitors, resistors (unchanged and one variable), pricing diodik will also come in handy. The entire structure is enclosed in a case that can protect against electronic current lesions. The elements used in the design should work at voltages up to three hundred B and current up to 10 A.

You can perform both superficial and printed installation. In the 2nd case, the material and the ability to work with it is useful for you is useful for you. Direct attention that Russian tiristors of the KU202N type are very very warming, especially if the drive power exceeds 0.75 kW. Therefore, install the elements on duralumin radiators; Use an additional air flow if necessary.

Now you understand how to connect the engine for three hundred eighty hundred and two hundred and two hundred and two hundred (to a household network) without the help of others). There is nothing complicated, there are many options, because you can choose a more suitable for a specific purpose. But it is better to maintain funds once and purchase a frequency converter, this increases the number of functions many times.

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