How to correctly load a line for a trimmer in a grass trimmer

How to install a line for a trimmer on the reel of an electric grass trimmer

Small electronic trimmers with the lower location of the motor (when it is in operation near the ground) usually have a spool with two buttons at the edges. We press them and disconnect one half of the spool body from the 2nd half, which remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half of the removed and the inner part, which exactly and winds lines for the trimmer. When disassembling, be careful: there is a spring inside, which can fly out and get lost.

On electronic and gasoline trimmers with a bent rod (such trimmers still would not have the ability to put a knife) need to embrace the body coil itself with one hand and the 2nd hand should start turning counterclockwise existing on it drums. Exactly it strengthens the coil to the boom trimmer for grass. After unscrewing the lug, carefully remove the entire coil, taking care not to lose the spring that is inside.

On electronic and gasoline trimmers with a straight bar and gearbox at its end (in such trimmers for grass except for the fishing line can be set to the same knife) are looking for a hole under the spool, we put in it, for example, a screwdriver, quietly turn the spool until the screwdriver will penetrate deeper, and the spool will be fixed. Now turn the whole spool clockwise (because the thread is left-handed) and remove it from the grass trimmer. Next we disassemble the coil. It can be assembled by means of clips or tightened by means of a wingnut. If the spool is on the latches, we press on the edges of the latches base so they will bend and release one half of the spool body from the other half. The wing bolt should be simply unscrewed. There may also be a third type of connection 2-half of such a coil: it needs one hand to grab the lower part and the other. the upper, and start turning them in opposite directions. Disassembling such a spool, you must also watch to not lose the spring inside.

Choose a line

In order for the threading of the line into the trimmer head to be successful, it is important not to miscalculate the choice of consumable. The thicker the cord you tuck in, the thicker and harder the grass it can cut. Often a universal line for the trimmer with a diameter of 2 mm is used. You can find the right diameter for your mower in the following ways:

  • Check the manual that came with your trimmer for information on line thickness.
  • Pay attention to the bobbin itself. Sometimes there is information on it about the possible line diameters.
  • Another option is to try inserting the cord into the outlet. If it fits through without difficulty, then the selected line diameter is appropriate.

Reel for grass trimmer Choose a cord according to the type of engine. If the line for the trimmer will be too thick, then the resistance to rotation will increase. the engine in this case will be greatly overheated and will soon fail. Helpful recommendations:

  • For an electric device with a motor less than 500 V, a 1.3 mm thick filament will do. If you can’t find one, you can use a 1.6-mm line for your trimmer. If more than 1 kW, choose a 2mm cord.
  • With a gasoline grass trimmer, the mowing shaft is important. A 2 mm cord is often used for the bent version. If the shaft is straight, use 2.4 to 2.5 or 3mm filament. The thickest line for the trimmer is installed on powerful devices. from 1.3 kW.

Pay attention to the type of cord cross-section. Some popular options:

  • The most common lines with a circular cross section. They mow fresh grass well, but cope worse with shrubs, deadwood.
  • Twisted (spiral) cord is not highly durable, but not bad for thin young grass.
  • A serrated thread with sharp edges is ideal for large weeds in a neglected area.
  • Rectangular, star or square grass trimmer fishing line can mow the lawn more evenly, but they are not very durable.
  • The strongest is a two-piece cord with an inner core and a round section.

Types of fishing line for grass trimmer Note that instead of using a fishing line, you can not use wire, metal strings and ropes, as well as ordinary fishing line. The device will be dangerous for both the user and others. So the rope or similar products will gradually begin to work, as a result, their ends will unravel, and the small pieces will fly apart with great speed.

How to remove the spool from the grass trimmer and remove the line for the trimmer

Initially, before you tuck the line for the trimmer into the grass trimmer reel, you need to remove it from there. A reel or tip is a device that is located inside the mowing head, reel or drum. There are different kinds of heads (depending on the manufacturers), but the principle of changing the line on the spool is the same in all. The first thing to understand is how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the drum with the fishing line out of it.

This is interesting!You can replace the accessories directly on the tool, but if you do it for the first time, it is still recommended to remove the head, and learn the detailed process of winding. After the technology is mastered, you can perform replacement work on the trimmer brushcutter or gasoline mower. The instructions on how to unwind the manual head on the trimmer are as follows:

    Turn the tool upside down with the head up, and if necessary clean it of dirt. Grasp the cover locks (on the mowing head) symmetrically with two fingers of one hand. After lightly pressing them in, remove the protective cover from the drum

This process is not difficult, and as you understand, there is no need to dismantle the entire head if you know how to replace. When dismantling, take into account these nuances:

correctly, load, line, trimmer
  • Periodically removing the head is recommended to prevent corrosion of the threaded connection. If you never unscrew the screw, it will be difficult and sometimes even impossible to do so if necessary
  • if a screw has a square drive head, select a screwdriver or suitable size bit for unscrewing to avoid slipping of the facets on the drive head
  • When reassembling the unit, the threaded seating should be treated with a lubricant, such as solidol or machine oil
  • If the facets on a screw are worn away, special tongs could be used to unscrew it
  • There are reels that do not require prior disassembly. To remove it, take hold of it and turn it in the opposite direction to the clockwise direction

Once you know how to disassemble the reel, you should go on to figure out the process of replacing the grass trimmer’s fishing line. The video below shows a detailed process of how to open the grass trimmer reel and disassemble it.

Removing and disassembling the coil

Grass trimmer head consists of a cover, a spring (not in every model), a bobbin with cord, a cover. Before proceeding to disassemble the reel of the electric unit, be sure to unplug the grass trimmer. Disassembly method depends on how the mowing head is attached. First option:

  • To remove the cover, covering the inside of the head, press on the latches (latches) located on both sides of the head.
  • Remove the cover, under which you will see the bobbin. remove it from the housing. Some trimmer reels have a spring under the bobbin and must also be gently removed.
  • After removing the bobbin, you will see a screw in the center of the housing. Unscrew it with a screwdriver.
  • After removing the fasteners, take the body of the part and, rocking it in different directions, remove the reducer from the shaft.

In the second option, the grass trimmer head is screwed onto the gearbox shaft. To remove it, you need to fix the shaft. For this purpose, these devices have a hole through which to insert a thin screwdriver or a metal bar. A brief instruction:

  • Insert a screwdriver into the hole and lock the shaft.
  • Take hold of the head body and start twisting it. This should be done in a clockwise direction, t. к. the thread on the shaft is left.

Winding the line on the spool

Automatic line winding on a spool

There is a kind of spools, in which an automatic mechanism produces winding up by itself. The user has only to correctly tuck in the line for the trimmer. The line for the trimmer passes through the hole on the inner part of the body, its tendrils without winding are put through the hole on the outer body, the bobbin is assembled, and when you turn the winding button the line for the trimmer inside is wound independently. In such a bobbin it is impossible to do winding incorrectly: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, since it can only twist in one direction.

Grass trimmer is a necessary and useful tool for a cottage plot and private home. Many people own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to change the line for the trimmer in a trimmer, especially, at first.

In this instruction we’ll take a step by step look at the whole replacement process. Getting ahead of the curve, there are two ways to tuck the line trimmer spool. There is no fundamental difference. the difference is that in the first case you will fill up one line for the trimmer, folded in half, and in the second such lines will be two segments.

How to change trimmer line on a trimmer correctly

grass trimmer is a handy and easy-to-use tool for mowing grass and trimming small bushes and trees. It often uses a trimmer fishing line (string, cord) as a cutting element, because it is cheaper than disc blades and is safer to use. Intensive use of the tool over time will require changing the trimmer line on the trimmer. This process is similar on mowers from different manufacturers, whether Husqvarna or Huter, with possible minor differences.

Manufacturers offer 2 handle options:

Handle with a “T” shape on models with auto line winding. Operation is carried out with 2 hands on either side of the boom. This position is convenient for mowing large areas of vegetation. Grass cutter works like a grass cutter. from one side to the other. Such a variant is not distinguished by maneuverability, it does not work well on a difficult terrain. Bicycle handlebar can be equipped with control buttons. In the domestic types of grass trimmer, the starting buttons are mounted on the boom.

The classic grass trimmer model with a double-sided handle, on which the control buttons are installed

Gasoline trimmer with a D-shaped handle is more maneuverable, it is easy to mow difficult terrain. Arms of this tool are one above the other. The disadvantage of the handle is that it is difficult to hold, and operating such a device is more difficult.

Handle in the form of an English letter “J” is the most uncomfortable, so it is rare.

Choosing a fishing line

In order to easily wind the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer reel, it is worth deciding what tasks the garden tool will perform. The thicker the thread that is tucked into the head, the more difficult the tasks it can perform. It should be noted that often a universal thread is used, the width of which does not exceed 2 mm. You, in turn, can decide on the size, using the following methods:

  • Read the information in the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • check the suitability of the fishing line yourself by trying to insert it into the hole of the spool;
  • Examine the bobbin for information on the diameters allowed for use.

The choice of line for threading the grass trimmer reel can be made by type of motor. For example, excessively thick filament can cause an increase in rotational resistance. Because of this the load on the engine will increase, which will certainly affect the quality and duration of its further operation.

Avoiding negative consequences is not difficult. To do this, you need to consider that for electric motors with power up to 500 watts is ideal for trimmer line with a diameter of up to 1.2 mm. If you can’t get that kind of thread, you can use 1.6 mm cord. Filament with a diameter of 2 mm is, in turn, used for motors with a power of more than 1 kW. Note that 2 mm cord is often used for wrapping around a bent mower. If the shaft of a gasoline powered device is straight, you should use 2.5 or 3 mm cord. The thickest lines are installed only on devices with power equal to or greater than 1.3 kW.

The last, but not least important factor is the type of cross-section of the line. When choosing it, it is worth focusing on the tasks set before the gardening tool. There are several popular cross-sectional options:

  • Twisted. has a small margin of safety, which makes it suitable only for young grass;
  • serrated. characterized by sharp edges, suitable for work on overgrown weeds areas;
  • round. the most common cross-section. Such lines work well with fresh grass, but are not suitable for brushwood and dead wood;
  • Rectangular, square, and star-shaped cross section types are used for working on lawns because of their low strength.
correctly, load, line, trimmer

The strongest and most versatile cord is the two-piece trimmer line with a circular cross-section, with a core inside. This is the thread that is suitable for most jobs. Remember, however, that the use of fishing line, ordinary wire and other third-party materials as a cord is dangerous to others.

Step-by-step instructions on how to wind up a grass trimmer reel and lawnmower

In order not to make a mistake in choosing the right fishing line for your tool, you should first disassemble the head, and look at the side of the spool. This information is usually presented on the tip, which will not allow you to make a mistake with the use of appropriate equipment.

If the information on the spool is about what diameter of line for the trimmer can be wound, then this information can be clarified in the instructions. Having determined the thickness or diameter of the jig, it remains to figure out how to charge it. For this there are two ways, but they are not applicable to all. Consider both methods in detail, and depending on what models brushcutter and trimmer you use, decide for yourself which option is suitable.

This is interesting! The principle of how to twist a line for a trimmer on the lead of a brushcutter is appropriate not only for standalone gasoline-powered units, but also for electric trimmers.

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Working with equipment such as a grass trimmer requires caution and care. Safety precautions during work are mandatory for beginners and experienced craftsmen alike. It happens that self-confident trimmers lose vigilance, make irreparable mistakes, and seriously injure themselves. That’s why it’s important to

  • Close the reel cover with all latches.
  • Do not coil more line than necessary: it is difficult to unwind later.
  • After filling the reel always check the tool before mowing.
  • Choose quality material that fits the particular trimmer.

No attempt should be made to mow through coarse grass with thick stems with a fishing line. There are steel discs for this. Wear protective clothing only. Wear safety glasses and proper shoes.

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