How to correctly put the piston on a single axle tractor gasoline

Yaroslav no marks, and put them in the sequence only in reverse order removed. correctly says Alexander Shevchenko arrow on the piston should look at the window coming out the muffler

Anton on a two-stroke engine to look for an arrow on the piston, and on 4-stroke. all the same

Stepan the hole for the pin is shifted, do as on the picture and everything will fit properly. in my picture it is shifted very much, for illustration)

The arrow is pointing towards the exhaust port. For the sake of completeness, install the piston so that the piston retainers for the rings went between the cylinder inlet and exhaust port to prevent the rings from breaking when the piston moves in the cylinder

Aljona Ring connection from the intake. If there is an arrow above, push it Arthur

Oxana, why is the piston now put on the carburetor and before I remember on the exhaust valve and by this I was leaning and not by gunfire?

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Replacement and adjustment

Quite often, unfortunately, there is a need to completely change the motor on the motorblock. When choosing a device for replacement, it is recommended to give preference to products of reputable companies. The traditional prejudices about the products of Chinese manufacturers have long become irrelevant. To avoid overpayment of funds, you must carefully analyze how productive the power unit should be. It is simply not rational to buy a too powerful machine.

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Even if a complete replacement is out of the question, it is important to know how to adjust the engine of agricultural machinery. It is expedient to begin disassembly only after the washing of the engine and removing oil from it. Lubricant should be poured out only when the engine is warmed up after a short run. Then it is time to remove the fuel tank. Consistently removed:

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Then the crankshaft pulley is removed. Following the pulley is required to remove the fan, deflectors, insulating covers of flywheels. Unscrew the cover, removing the rings and clutch housings. When the washer is removed, the flywheel can be squeezed out with a wooden bar.

Now, having disassembled the flywheel, remove the cylinder head, spreader shaft and pusher. Once you have access to the connecting rod, remove the oil sprinkler and the lock nut. Having repaired and replaced damaged parts, assemble the engine in reverse order. It is necessary to get acquainted with the scheme in advance, then there will be no mistakes.

Installing a piston into a cylinder

Replacement of damaged valves for a gasoline-powered motoblock occurs after removal:

It is often necessary to replace the rings. But this should be done only in the process of more serious repair. An isolated ring change in itself is both economically and technically unsustainable. In addition, a high-quality ring group usually has the same service life as the cylinder. They are changed at the same time.

correctly, piston, gasoline

Installation on the rubber band is appropriate if a Chinese motor is installed on the domestic motor blocks. Rubber pads are often used as a platform. As they are suitable parts of the front shock absorber from a classic car scheme. Along with the need to rearrange the individual parts of the engine of a power tiller, many people have the need to put the electric starter itself. The starter must be properly connected to the battery.

The ring gear is attached only to the removed flywheels. All obstructing parts of the motor are removed beforehand. To remove the flywheel in many cases you can‘t do without a special key. In the flywheel assembly put the alternator and its magnets. When the battery terminals and contacts are aligned, you should perform a test start of the power tiller.

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How to choose piston rings: protection against counterfeiting

In the process of selecting parts it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules and tips that will help you to avoid buying fake parts. To begin with, replacement parts made by well-known brands should not have too low a price compared to the original parts.

In order to manufacture quality products the manufacturer must use high-quality materials and use modern production technologies. Before searching for non-original substitutes it is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the cost of similar original parts.

Piston rings should be packed in original packaging. The box itself must be neatly glued. The inscriptions on the box must have a clear and uniform font, stamps, holograms (if such protection is known to be applied to the original packaging). Pack the parts in small polyethylene bags, three rings at a time.

The following markings must be present on the specified package:

An indirect sign is also the total number of ring packs. This number should correspond to the number of cylinders of a specific engine, for the repair of which this repair kit is designed.

It is also advisable to inspect the expander springs in detail before buying the machine. The springs specified must be of variable pitch, and must have a ground surface in the area of the ends and outside diameter. The absence of such signs can indicate both the low quality of manufacture of parts, which will greatly affect the service life, and the counterfeit.

It is not unreasonable to check the profile and height of protrusions. If the protrusions are minimal or completely absent, then the rings may not be new but used. To be sure, use a micrometer to determine the nominal and repair size of the rings.

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When selecting compression rings, tactilely feel the bevel that is on one or both sides of the outside diameter of the ring. On low quality products these chamfers are absent. High-quality rings also have slightly rounded ends, which are lighter in shade and have a slightly rounded shape.

Chrome plated and unplated piston rings are identical in color, but the version with chromium plated differs from the version without chromium by special ridges. On uncoated rings these protrusions are asymmetrical. The chromium also gives the compression rings a distinctive matt finish, while piston rings without chromium have a steel sheen.

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