How to correctly refuel a lawn mower with gasoline. Grass cut height adjustment

How to dilute gasoline with oil mowing oil

The consumption of combustible gasoline lawn mowers is determined in l / h, in other words, the amount of l. Gasoline that the engine consumes during the mowing of weed during.

This parameter is depending on:

The more powerful the motor, the more fuel it consumes, because the energy of rotation of its shaft appears as a result of combustion of gasoline and the occurrence of exhaust gases, pushing the piston, piercing through the connecting rod, it turns the crankshaft of the motor.

The larger the width of the mowing, the more energy it is necessary to develop the engine so that the grass is perfectly mowing. The self.Propelled drive selects part of the energy manufactured by the engine for the movement of the lawn mower, but it means that to preserve the same efficiency of mowing, the production of additional energy is needed, which leads to an increase in the consumption of fuel.

The thicker the grass, the higher the load on the knife, but the more energy you need to develop the engine to preserve the effectiveness of the mowing.

Manufacturers from time to time indicate fuel consumption for one or another model, but these data are averaged, therefore the permissible error is ± 30%. You can find this parameter more accurately using a field test, why is exactly 1 liter of gasoline into the tank and mowed grass in the time when the engine does not stall, and then transfer this data to the desired (l / h) format.

Oil and gasoline. Together or separately?

Buyers of garden units are often wondering how many oils per liter of gasoline need to be diluted for filling the engine? But this task concerns only chainsaws, trimmers, motorcycle and other equipment, in which compact two.Stroke engines are installed, the action of which is based on the combustion of the mixture in a certain proportion of gasoline and oil.

Fortunately, the owners of the StiHL lawn mowers are not required to understand this: only four.Stroke engines are installed in the entire model range of the company in such devices. Their design is characterized by another method of lubrication of the parts contacting each other, as well as the type of fuel supply. These units work exclusively on pure gasoline, which is stored in a special tank. A dilemma how much oil is pouring into gas is irrelevant here. It is located separately in the pallet or crankcase, which is also called the oil bath, and is poured exclusively separately from the fuel.

How lubrication systems work

Both types of engines contain a fair amount of moving elements. To increase the resource of their work, the presence of lubrication is required. Its feed on two-stroke and four-stroke engines is carried out differently and this kind of nuances are directly related to the procedure for refueling and maintenance.

The supply of lubrication in a two.Stroke engine is performed along with the fuel mixture. The oil dissolved in fuel is sprayed along with gasoline in the carburetor, the formed fog enters the chamber. The configuration of the channels is organized in such a way that the route of sprayed lubrication is as long as possible and passes through the main moving nodes. At the same time, due to the special properties of the oil, most of it settles on the metal parts, and the purified fuel is transmitted to the working area of ​​the cylinder. It is thanks to these properties that oil for two.Stroke engines is radically different from other types.

In a four.Stroke engine, the oil in an isolated crankcase is constantly. Its level is controlled in such a way that the crankshaft neck periodically plunge into the oil bath. At the same time, the balanced ledge when rotating due to centrifugal force sprinkles oil in the internal volume, so lubrication enters the piston cavity and on the tarnet finger, as well as on the walls, due to which it is effectively cooled. So that the oil does not fall into the combustion chamber, an additional corrugated ring is installed on the piston, which relieves oil residues from the cylinder walls when the connecting rod moves down.

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Obtaining a mixture

How much oil is pouring per liter to get high.Quality gasoline mixture? It would seem that there is nothing complicated in mixing two substances. The preparation of the mixture is often complicated by the fact that in various sources, various information is indicated. For example, the instructions indicate the proportion of 1 to 40, on the fuel tank of the trimmer for grass 1 to 25, and on the canister with oil 1 to 50.

Most experts are sure that it is necessary to mix in accordance with the instructions indicated on the packaging with oil.

There are a number of requirements for how to dilute. Do not add too much oil. This leads to a decrease in ignition characteristics. As a result, the devaluation of the efficiency of the power unit occurs, and the general decrease in its resource. In case of oversaturation of gasoline mixture with oil, soot sediments (ventilation windows of the cylinder) will form on the inner surface of the walls of the engine. This is fraught with the formation of a nap on the piston.

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correctly, refuel, lawn, mower

Neither oil starvation, nor excess lubricant on a gasoline basis are a good basis for prolonged ICE operation. For a trouble.Free prolonged operation, the same number of components is necessary. Breeding is best done using the same measured tools to exclude unnecessary errors.

How to calculate, let’s say how much oil is pouring per 1 liter of gasoline with a required ratio of 1 to 50? To do this, we transfer the volume of gasoline into milliliters 1l = 1000 ml. Accordingly, to achieve a ratio of 1 to 50 thousand, they are divided into fifty. Only 20 g of oil will need one liter of gasoline. Someone measures the oil with a 20 cubic syringe, but for such purposes there is a special measured spoon, which sometimes comes with oil from some manufacturers.

For ease of calculating the ratio of oil and gasoline, we bring the table https: // cmetnik.Ru/oil/

Preparation of the fuel mixture

To obtain fuel mixture, motor oil is mixed with gasoline in certain proportions. They are given in the operating instructions. So, mineral lubricants are mixed with gasoline in a ratio of 1 to 35, and synthetic. 1 to 50.

  • Pour the exact amount of gasoline into the canister;
  • Add using a dispenser, the required volume of oil;
  • Close the capacity with a lid;
  • Stir the composition, shake the liquid.

The prepared fuel mixture is simply poured into the gas tank, using a watering can.

The proportional ratios encountered between oil and gasoline in the fuel are presented in the table below. It will allow you to quickly decide on the volumes of mixed materials.

You can store the prepared mixture of gasoline with butter in polypropylene or metal containers for no more than two weeks. It is impossible to save the composition in polyethylene bottles. This is due to the fact that gasoline reacts with the material of the container, and the resulting products fall into the working mixture. Because of this, when combustion, the composition will form more than soot.

It is allowed to refuel the fuel mixture only if the motor has cooled down almost completely. At the same time, the tank cannot be poured: you should leave a place for the temperature expansion of the fuel.

It is necessary to comply with the rules of fire and personal safety, performing work on the preparation and pouring of the working composition away from the sources of fire.

Recommendations for storing the finished fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass

After refueling a trimmer for grass, many put off the mixture remaining in the bottle until the next time. Sometimes this next time does not come soon, and stretches until next year. It is impossible to store the finished mixture for so long, since the decomposition of the oil occurs. After preparing the mixture, it must be consumed for 1-2 weeks. In addition, it is also impossible to store the tool for a long time with a fuel mixture flooded into the tank, since the effect will be similar. To prevent unforeseen circumstances, it is recommended to take into account the following recommendations for storing the finished mixture of gasoline with oil:

  • Prepare the fuel mixture in such an amount that will be used. If you do not know how much fuel you use, then it is better to cook less
  • If in the tank of a trimmer for grass (when the tool is hidden until the next season) there remains a fuel mixture, then it must be fully consumed or drained
  • Before adding the cooked mixture to the tank, you need to thoroughly stir it
  • Store the finished mixture in a tightly twisting container, as well as in a place limited to the effects of sunlight

Subject to all recommendations, the service life of a trimmer for grass will be no less than indicated in the instructions. The use of qualitative consumables in pairs in compliance with the recommendations for the preparation of the mixture in the trimmer for grass will entail a long and effective service of gasoline tools.

What gasoline to choose for the lawn mower so as not to spoil the equipment

To serve a gasoline engine, no special training is needed. This is quite simple if you carefully read the instructions and recommendations for the operation of the lawn mower. If the unit has a four.Stroke engine, then once a year you need to change grease and clean the air filter. A two.Stroke motor consumes a combustible mixture, which you just need to learn how to cook, it also needs timely cleaning of the air filter.

The choice of fuel

The preparation of fuel for a two.Stroke engine is to mix special engine oil (it is bought in the same place as law mowers or spare parts for cars) with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed with fuel in a ratio of 1 to 32 (or 1 to 35), and if it is synthetic, then the ratio of 1 to 50. All this should be indicated on the packaging. You can cook fuel for the lawn mower for the entire season, for this, 100 g of oil is added to the 5-liter cancer of gasoline.

To the question: “What gasoline to use?”. The answer is simple: the brand should not be higher than the one indicated by the manufacturer of the lawn mower. The octane number is important. The higher it is, the greater the burning time of the fuel, if you use the fuel of a higher brand, this will reduce the operation of your device. The four.Stroke engine has a card that contains a lubricant that lubricates the motor, so it is seasoned only with gasoline. But it will have to be changed with a frequency of 50 hours, whatever it may be, since there is no special oil filter.

Only a cooled motor can be seasoned with fuel, and the tank cannot be filled “under the tie”, you need to leave a little space for expansion. Of course, the safety rules should always be observed.

Standard proportions

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the information that the manufacturer recommends, since in the case of failure of the motorcycles, you can make your claims to him, and not a third.Party source. If there is no instructions in the passport, and even more so if the passport is missing, then we recommend looking for another trimmer model for grass at a more reliable seller.

For all other cases when you have a lawn mower model in your hands and there is no way to find out its technical features, there are standard proportions of the most likely components of the fuel mixture for a two.Stroke engine. Basically, these units use AI-92 gasoline and special synthetic oil, which contains a solvent for better mixing with fuel. Such oil evaporates slowly and has the ability to completely burn in the cylinder, without leaving a car.

The standard attitude of synthetic oil to gasoline is 1: 50. This means that 100 ml of oil needs 5 liters of gasoline, and in accordance with this, oil consumption per 1 liter of gasoline is 20 ml. Knowing the amount of oil required to dilute 1 liter of fuel, you can easily calculate any norms when preparing fuel for a trimmer for grass. When using mineral oils, the ratio of 1: 40 is most often standard. Therefore, 1 liter of fuel will require 25 ml of such oil, and 125 ml per 5-liter canister.

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When the lawn mower is working, it will not be difficult to determine and adjust the actual amount of oil, the right of a particular model, who has a little experience in the operation of such a technique

You should only pay attention to exhaust gases (their color, toxicity of the smell), stability of the cycles, engine heating and developed power. About what consequences from the incorrect proportions of mixing gasoline and oil can be expected is lit in another section of the article. There are motorcycles operating on gasoline AI-95 brand gasoline

There are motorcycles operating on gasoline AI-95 brand gasoline. It should also be taken into account.

If the manufacturer recommends fuel with such an octane number, then you need to follow the requirements so as not to reduce the working resource of technology.

Rules for the operation of the device

Before starting work on a lawn mower, it is necessary to study in more detail the instructions for its operation. But, in addition, it is also recommended to adhere to some general rules.

It is necessary to operate the device extremely carefully, avoiding contact with solid surfaces and body parts. After each use, it is recommended to clean the body and working parts of the device. It is necessary to clean the lawn mower using special professional fluids, after waiting for its engine to cool, since it is unsafe to clean the hot motor. It is best to take breaks during work. So you will be able to prevent engine overheating. If for a long time you do not plan to work with the device, it is recommended to drain the remaining fuel and leave the device in idling mode

When the last remnants of fuel are spent, the lawn mower itself will stop working. And, of course, after summer operation, do not forget to correctly prepare the device for winter, then it will last you for many years.

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