How to cut a brick except corner grinder. Varieties of disks for an electric tool

How and how to cut bricks?

For a mason with experience, cutting brick is not a problem. But no matter how skilled the master is to make such a cut perfectly accurate and even, it will take a lot of time if you do not use a special tool. This is often required when redevelopment, installation of furniture, safe, engineering equipment.

Our task is to independently cut out a through hole, if possible carefully. You will need an angular grinding machine (angular grinder) with a 230 mm disk, as well as a powerful drill, and even better a pen. We mark the future opening, with a pencil or marker, apply a line on the partition, along which we will cut a brick. In the corners we drill through cavities, performing them strictly perpendicular to the plane plane.

Now the turn of the corner grinder. If the partition is half a brick, then taking into account the plaster, its thickness is about 14-16 cm. The cutting disc has a diameter of 230 mm, and the gap will turn out to be good at a depth of 7-8 cm. In this case, it will correctly cut the corner grinder on both sides of the opening. It is not difficult to make markings from the inside according to drilled holes, simply connecting them with lines. The cut block is broken with a sledgehammer. If the design is durable, it can be additionally divided into elements in size approximately 20×40 cm. When impact, the product will break through the cuts.

Methods of cutting

If we can cut the partition on both sides, then for the thick structure it will not work out. We do not apply such a technique for the installation of a niche. To cut a brick, we need a peorator. The diameter of the drill is not particularly important, 10-12 mm is quite enough. It will enter the masonry without tension, and the accuracy will be acceptable: about 6 mm. A drill is needed 8-10 cm longer than the thickness of the wall or the depth of the niche. As in the previous case, we mark it, then on the drawn lines we drill a series of holes to the entire depth of the niche or wall thickness. We try to perform the holes perpendicular to the plane. As for the distance between them, it would be ideal to drill close to each other, but if it turns out in a step in one or three diameter, it is already not bad.

We will facilitate the task and make more holes in the plane of the holes already made, but at an angle, connecting them among themselves. Here you just need a supply of the length of the drill, since it will have to be immersed deeper.

It remains to launch a cutting tool. a corner grinder, having drank a saw out along the penal line, as far as the diameter of the circle of the car is enough. It is more convenient to cut a brick not with an ordinary abrasive stone on stone, but with diamond spraying. We alternate the work with the blows of the penetrator. changing the drill to the chisel, knock out tasted stones. Thus, we can cut off in parts an arbitrarily large opening.

What to do if it is necessary to do small, but dozens of cavities? For example, for the installation of sockets, switches and other equipment. This is even easier: the crown should be used. It has the shape of a cup with teeth around the perimeter, they work as a peorator at drilling mode. After the crown entered the block to the desired depth, we take it out. At the same time, a cut piece of stone also comes out. If not, it is better to hit it on the side and obliquely to break it.

For laying hidden communications in the walls of the house, special channels are chosen, they are called strobes. This can be done with a spoon with a spoon, but it is much more convenient. This can be a separate device, nozzle on an angular grinder or circular saw.

  • We mark the communications lines.
  • Indicate the installation sites of the equipment. For electricity, these are sockets, switches, in water supply or heating. valves, regulators.
  • Cut the niches with a crown.
  • We put the strobores to the desired dimensions, make the grooves.

Masonry, especially decorative or facing, often requires unique stones. Processing here is performed at different angles, sometimes even in the form of geometric shapes. In this case, individual stone parts must properly fold in the general ornament and have the same angles and sizes.

If there is little work, you can get by with a corner grinder with a thin diamond disk. But when the volume is significant, you need a circular saw, and not manual, but stationary, on a special bed (stousle). It is not cheap, but using the tool is a pleasure, especially if the circular is supplemented by a watering system and laser marking. It is enough to put the guide ruler on it, and then simply put bricks in their grooves to cut off.

Cutting brick using a special machine

The machine for processing such building materials consists of the following elements:

  • reliable frame made of metal;
  • diamond circle;
  • power unit;
  • system for holding the workpiece;
  • water supply system to the working area.

The purchase of this equipment allows you to do the following:

  • quickly process workpieces;
  • Cut products with maximum accuracy, as a result of which a flat surface is obtained, which is very convenient for further work;
  • increase the safety of work, since the water supply system provides minimal dust formation.

Using a corner grinding machine

Now let’s talk about how to cut a brick with a corner grinder. This operation is carried out when it is required to make a small number of fragments of building materials. Models that can be equipped with a diameter of 23 centimeters are suitable for processing.

The cutting elements of a smaller size can also be used, but in this case the performance and accuracy of the work suffer, since the disk will not pass through the entire thickness of the product, so the workpiece will have to turn over.

The power of the tool used should be at least 2000 watts. You should not use a too powerful tool for this purpose, since it will be unreasonably heavy and bulky.

Features and problems of work

In the construction of the garage, fence, furnace, you have to manually cut small parts of the brick product. To prevent an increase in the consumption of the material, it is cut off with a special tool with obtaining even pieces for further use. Since brick is fragile, the use of a jack of a hammer or a pea is undesirable. So the accuracy and correctness of the form will be violated. To get an even example, brick cutting is performed by special tools and auxiliary, such as a corner (ruler), a pencil. For his own protection, the builder will need protective glasses and gloves.

Now let’s talk about how to cut a brick with a corner grinder. This operation is carried out when it is required to make a small number of fragments of building materials. Models that can be equipped with a diameter of 23 centimeters are suitable for processing.

The cutting elements of a smaller size can also be used, but in this case the performance and accuracy of the work suffer, since the disk will not pass through the entire thickness of the product, so the workpiece will have to turn over.

Cutting brick corner grinder

The power of the tool used should be at least 2000 watts. You should not use a too powerful tool for this purpose, since it will be unreasonably heavy and bulky.

Improvised materials

Quite often, for cutting brick, the masters resort to improvised means, because at the right time it is not always the right at hand is at least a corner grinder, which not only greatly facilitates the action, but also, most importantly, allows you to get the perfect incision.

In such a situation, one has to go to a kind of trick so that the problem is solved without the use of special equipment for cutting this stone. Most often, a hammer and a chisel is used, sometimes in the absence of a chisel. only a hammer. The blows are nonsense, are applied several times to get the desired result.

A chirus or bilateral cell is also used, and as a method. cutting. The action is directed strictly perpendicular to the surface of the stone, while the blow to its edge should be sharp and quick.

Nevertheless, there is no need to count on the high accuracy of the result, and even experienced craftsmen have a marriage, because it can fail the poor quality of the material. In addition, in any case, an uneven line of surface is formed, and it is not always possible to hide it inside the masonry. And finally, this method cannot be obtained by another angle, except for the direct.

Shantsian instrument

In fact, improvised means are the same chance to use masons when for some reason there is no way to use more expensive professional equipment.

So, first of all, they call Kirka. Just do not use the back of an ordinary hammer. this is already in the most extreme case. There are picks designed specifically for stone cutting. They differ in their size, which allows you to choose the optimal in each case. The blow on the surface of the stone should be light, but extremely accurate so that it does not scatter, but it was obtained not perfectly even, but still the result.

The second chance is a chisel. A variety of sizes and shape of the product allows you to make a chip of brick with great accuracy. The methodology for performing this operation is as follows: several blanks are taken without defects (without cracks, schisms, knocked down corners), a marking is applied to them with chalk or soap, according to which an incision will be carried out.

Then the sharp part of the chisel, t. e. The working surface is placed evenly on the fishing line for the trimmer, after which the hammer is neatly tapped on the instrument, until the brick is broken along the line. The resulting rough surfaces must be slightly rubbed against each other so that they become more smooth and even.

But, as already mentioned, these methods do not allow obtaining corner chips. A specialized machine can help in this matter.

True, there are special chisels for masons made of chromomolibden or chromovanadium steel. Such tools are much stronger and more reliable than ordinary models. They easily withstand increased mechanical loads, resistant to wear, they have a long service life.

Therefore, you need to choose a tool for cutting, without saving that it lasts more than one year, remaining functional.

It is necessary to separately say a few words about a manual tile cutter. This chanter tool is used to cut facing brick into thin pieces. When performing finishing work, there is a need for elements of non.standard sizes or with angles.

And, finally, there are plug-up tiles, with which you can give the stone any necessary figure form: make a bevel, rounded, etc. This tool has fully justified itself when performing thin and painstaking work.

Standard electrical equipment

As a standard electrical equipment, an angle grinding machine, or an angular grinder, is used, as it is called in everyday life. It is a universal tool that is in almost every man in the arsenal, and the mason has an angular grinder.

Experts recommend using a machine whose power is from 2 kW. No need to take a very powerful corner grinder, as it will be too heavy and cumbersome. The best option will be a model for which disks with a diameter of 23 cm are suitable. It is important to consider that the disk passes throughout the thickness of the cut surface.

Cutting a brick with a corner grinder is not difficult. But you need to follow some rules. So, keep the tool perpendicular to the surface of the cut material. To make the quality of the cutting accurate, it is recommended to fix the brick into a special clamping bed for angular grinder.

brick, corner, grinder, disks, electric

Corner grinder is used precisely in cases where the machine is unprofitable. Its use will not be justified in low.rise construction or small.scale production.

2 types of disks are used in the work: abrasive and diamond. They have a different composition, in addition, they have different areas of application and cost.

Abrasive discs are less durable, so they grow quickly enough, and deep cutting is possible only in a whole circle. There are such disks inexpensively.

But it is better to immediately purchase diamond circles that will justify all the costs of buying them. Such discs are safe in work, differ in a long service life, and most importantly, they provide a highly effective result. With the help of a diamond disk, you can not only cut the brick, but also make holes and openings in the already finished brickwork.

Another type of standard equipment is benzores. The device is distinguished by power, high performance, and it works on a gasoline engine, which its name is eloquent.

With the help of a gasoline cutter, you can easily cope not only with sharp bricks, but also concrete blocks, natural stones, granite and other durable materials. Operations can be performed both by a piece and work with a ready-made brick wall, if you need to make an opening or any hole in it. At the same time, the technology practically does not differ from what is used when working with a corner grinder.

Benzorezores is very similar to a corner grinder, but has large dimensions. As a cutter, it uses not only disks with diamond coating, but also chains.

The sequence of actions during cutting depends on the type of power tool used in the work.

How to get a non.standard brick or irregular shape

recently, masons and home masters did not think about how to cut a brick for masonry. For many of them, the issue was solved unequivocally. cutting. At first glance, the operation is not very difficult.

Here’s how professionals are described by the order of operations performed during cutting using a combined cell or kirochka:

  • take a brick in the left hand;
  • Easily hitting the tool, apply a fishing line for a trimmer of a break on all faces;
  • sharply hit the cell or kirochka, placing the tool so that it is perpendicular to the verge of brick.

The main disadvantages of this method of forming bricks lie on the surface:

  • The accuracy of processing leaves much to be desired;
  • The newly formed line is often uneven, and it is advisable to hide it inside the masonry, which is not always possible;
  • the impossibility of cutting at a certain angle.

Fortunately, over time, the construction industry was enriched with various tools. They not only facilitate labor, but also allow us to bring convenience and a certain share of aesthetics into it. The emerging tool for cutting bricks provides high accuracy of its processing and high quality of the facial processing.

What tools can be used at the present time, when the question is decided how and what to cut brick at home? Homemade craftsmen and professional masons can use for this:

Review of brick cutting tools:

Alteration of the corner grinder into the machine by steps: 10 stages of assembly, electrical circuit to drawings

To independently create a machine, you need to choose a design corresponding to the available skills and capabilities. The easiest way is to assemble a machine from blanks created according to drawings in a profile metalworking workshop. Otherwise, you will have to master welding technologies and purchase the necessary equipment.

Below is a algorithm of independent assembly with useful Комментарии и мнения владельцев:

  • After approving the project parameters, the necessary materials, blanks, tools and interchangeable nozzles are acquired. The purchase list is determined on the basis of the prepared set of design documentation. Compliance with current standards in this case is not required. However, it is necessary to indicate all important data, as in the above examples.
  • Cut the blanks for the power frame. The table is created from sheet steel with a thickness of at least 5 mm.
  • The transverse shaft is attached to the lever of the pendulum welding. When creating this node, the perpendicularity of the parts is carefully monitored.
  • For fastening, the corner grinder is suitable in the form of the letter “P”. In its lateral parts, a hole is made for bolts. These fasteners manual tools are strictly attached to the bed. Choose a fairly strong part of the corner grinder body.
  • Additional fixation is provided using a metal clamp. All of the listed mounts are made strict to increase accuracy.
  • The bearing of the rotary unit presses. Instead of typical factory production nodes, steel pipes with thick walls suitable in the inner diameter are used.
  • Assembly nodes are fixed on the axis of two sides.
  • Welding is attached to the platform pendulum. In order not to spoil the bearings, it is recommended to limit the temperature increase. For cooling, they use water soaked with water.
  • Weld a block with a mount for an angular grinder. Install a corner grinder, protective devices, a return spring in place.
  • Clarify the quality of the assembly, reliability of fasteners, the functionality of the pendulum. Connect the machine, check the performance first at idle and then. in the working mode. The groove in the table is cut out with the appropriate disk in width.

Picture Connection of a magnetic starter with the shutdown buttons and protective thermal relay look at the picture here is the electrical circuit to drawings, which improves the protection of the equipment from overheating. It will come in handy for a quick emergency shutdown. One or more buttons to break the corresponding circuit are installed in a convenient place of the machine body. Also use switches with a knife drive.

How to cut, chop brick

Brick cutting can be carried out using a manual or electric tool.

Not so long ago, professional builders for processing this material and giving individual units of irregular shape used combined cell.

This method is available to everyone, but not without flaws.

So, for example, the disadvantages of this method of include low accuracy, uneven, rough faces.

In addition, it is possible to chop building materials only at a right angle.

Hand tools

One of the most popular tools that are used for cutting bricks at home is the chisel.

How to reduce the size of the cutting disc of a grinder(DIY)

It is advisable to use the chisel if you need to cut one or a small number of bricks.

To work with large volumes, it is better to use productive power tools.

Cutting the chisel is performed in a strict sequence.

There should be no cracks, chips, downed corners and other visible defects on their surface.

Using a chalk or trigger trigger, apply a marking on a brick, according to which we will carry out an incision.

The working part of the chisel (sharp end) put exactly on the drawn fishing line for the trimmer.

We take a hammer and begin to carefully tap on the chisel until the brick breaks.

As a result, we got two parts with rough surfaces.

To make them smooth, you should rub the elements about each other.

Kirpiche Kirpich is carried out using a special chisel for masonry.

They are stronger and more reliable than ordinary models.

Such products are made of high.quality alloy (chromomolibden or chromovanadium steel), resistant to increased mechanical loads, wear, have a long service life.

Choosing a chisel with which you will cut a brick, do not save.

A good tool will last for many years, maintaining functionality, and low-quality will come into unsuitability after 5-6 use.

Corner grinder is a universal instrument that is definitely in the garage or utility of each household man.

If we are talking about cutting bricks, then the scope of this apparatus includes low.rise construction, small.scale production.

Simply put, if the acquisition of a special machine does not justify itself, it is advisable to use an angular grinder for cutting bricks.

To cut the material using this power tool, prepare:

Diamond and abrasive discs are used to work with bricks.

They differ between themselves, the scope of use, cost.

The abrasive disk costs cheap, grows very quickly, you can only cut it deeply as a whole.

Diamonds provide high efficiency and safety, have a longer service life.

They can be used to perform holes and openings in a ready.made brick wall.

A specialized brick cutting machine is a productive, equipment.

  • a case made of a durable metal alloy;
  • powerful engine with a drive;
  • a complex of diamond discs of different sizes (width, diameter, spraying);
  • brick consolidation system;
  • water supply system, due to which cutting is carried out without dust.

The advantages of such equipment are obvious.

Firstly, the work is performed quickly and efficiently, you can work with large volumes of building materials.

Secondly, the seam turns out to be even, accurate, the cut brick is perfectly incorporated with other elements, you can put it cut out outside.

Thirdly, the equipment safety system provides the employee with maximum protection.

Brick cutting machines have a long service life, a large working resource.

In combination with the unit, instructions for use are necessarily delivered.

Working with the device is quite easy and convenient.

brick, corner, grinder, disks, electric
  • markings on the workpieces;
  • fixing brick;
  • bringing the cutting head to the drawn line;
  • launch of the unit;
  • setting the necessary speed;
  • Execution of the cut.

You can cut chamotnese or silicate brick not only at right angles, but also at acute, receiving triangles, trapezoids and other figures at the end.

When working with the machine, it is necessary to strictly observe safety precautions, so as not to accidentally cause injury.

Technologically complex device is equipped with a powerful electric motor, it must necessarily have a grounding.

The instructions have information about which machines are compatible with one or another model.

So, use only those that are recommended by the producer.

A powerful, productive tool operating on a gasoline engine.

With this unit, you can cut not only brick, but even concrete blocks, natural stone, granite and other durable materials.

Benzores cuts the products individually, and also can easily cope with whole brick walls, easily makes openings and holes in them.

In shape and appearance, the power tool resembles an angular grinder, only its dimensions are greater.

As a cutter, chains and discs with diamond spraying are used.

DIY chick brick

It is interesting to know what to make fireproof brick with your own hands can be if you have the necessary equipment. This is needed:

  • Fire-clay. Need plastic and refractory.
  • Shadow. You can use crushed bricks from past firing.
  • Sawdust. It is best to take small sawdust from furniture production.
  • Wallpaper glue. Increases brick strength.
  • Liquid soap. Cheap in large bottles is used, it prevents the appearance of bacteria in the material.
  • Dilute 5 kg of dry clay with water, add 1 kg of chamotte, 50 g of soap and 50 g of wallpaper glue.
  • In small batches, pour 4 kg of sawdust into the mixture.
  • Leave the solution for 2 days for exposure.
  • Prepare the forms of the desired size given that when drying, the brick will decrease by 10-15%.
  • Form a raw.
  • Dry brick on the board or wood-fiber plate of the day 2-3.
  • Burn the material in a homemade furnace, inside the camera, which has a spiral. The process lasts 7 hours., during which the temperature is gradually increasing to 1200 ° C and another 3 hours. at the same temperature.
  • After firing, the chamotum brick is ready to use.

How to cut chamotum brick?

It is important to know how to cut refractory bricks, because this material is very durable. Experienced builders advise to use an angular grinder with a diamond disk for this, they can be used for a long time

It should be written that it is intended for brick, including. Before a sharp brick, it is better to soak in water for 20 minutes. Then make markings on it and start sawing. To tear the material, you can take an angular grinder with an abrasive circle.

Cutting brick using a special machine

The machine for processing such a system of materials consists of subsequent parts:

  • Reliable iron frame;
  • Diamond wheel;
  • Power Supply;
  • Workpiece content system;
  • Water supply system to the working area.

The purchase of this equipment allows you to make the next:

brick, corner, grinder, disks, electric
  • Rapidly process blanks;
  • Cut products with the greatest accuracy, as a result, an even surface comes out, which is very comfortable for upcoming work;
  • Increase labor safety, as the water supply system provides small dust formation.

Correct manual cutting

Prior to the appearance of an electric tool, the masters-toking had to chop brick with manual devices. Cutting was carried out with kirki or kelma.

In order to achieve even surfaces of the material as a result of processing, you should do the grooves of the spin on all faces. Do this by applying light weak strokes with a small picking. When the groove is ready, a strong blow is delivered with a pick. It is important to keep the tool strictly vertically to avoid the split.

  • uneven edges of chips that require additional grinding;
  • The duration of the process (30-40 min.);
  • imperfect accuracy of the chip;
  • the inability to split a brick with a given angle for figure finishes.

Modern masters prefer to avoid manual cutting.

Precautions when working with a corner grinding

Before starting all work, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements and rules of work with a cutting tool. The first thing to remember is to hold the tool with two hands. Despite its simplicity, this requirement is the most important, since the strong holding of the corner grinder guarantees high accuracy of the work. The reverse blow cannot significantly shift the tool and certainly will not be able to tear it out of hand. It is also very important to choose a convenient position in which you definitely do not risk losing balance.

The power cable must be laid so that it is at the maximum distance from the working area of ​​the tool in order to exclude the possibility of their contact with each other. Otherwise, the cable can be cut or wound to the disk. These situations are very unpleasant because there is a risk of short circuit or a circle of a circle with a further displacement of the device. It is also forbidden to put a corner grinder with a still spinning circle on any surfaces.

Cutting bricks using an angular grinding machine is a fairly simple procedure, but a complete concentration is necessary for its safe conduct. You need to remember the formation of dust during processing. To remove dust, a protective casing is used, which is equipped with a vacuum cleaner pipe. If there is no way to organize waste withdrawal, you should wear a respiratory mask. You can also pour water into the working area and often ventilate the room.

The main nuisance that may occur during work is a reverse blow. This is an unexpected displacement of the tool as a result of jamming the circle. Almost always the disk is destroyed. This situation may arise due to the fact that the direction of movement of the corner grinder is the opposite to the direction of the cutting tool. In most cases, a reverse blow is a consequence of the incorrect actions of the employee. To protect yourself from such troubles, you should remember the following rules:

  • It is necessary to get up in a place where the tool will not bounce during a reverse blow, otherwise there is a risk of injuries.
  • It is also necessary to hold the tool tightly with two hands.

Tools and equipment

Different methods of cutting bricks are distinguished:

Machine processing of brick

A device for convenient, safe and quick cutting of bricks for nippers, in half and non.standard shape. Two types are proposed: industrial and household. The second is better to use in home construction, as it differs in small.sized and practicality. The cutting element is a diamond disk of a certain diameter. Tool design:

The device is cutting bricks of such species as red, fireproof, stove, silicate, end.

The main advantages of the machine are:

  • performing dry and wet cutting around;
  • high speed of work;
  • The accuracy of size and shape due to convenient location during cutting. a person sees markup.

The algorithm of work

  • Preparation of the workplace and installation of the machine.
  • Product marking and fixing on the working surface at the right angle.
  • Summarizing the product to the cutting disk.
  • Turning on the power of the machine, the choice of cutting speeds and the performance of the sawing.

Corner grinder as a reasonable tool

When performing a small volume, an angular grinder is used. For cutting material, a device with a 23 cm disk is used. For angular grinding galloping with a smaller diameter circle, the brick must be turned over, as a result of which the evenness of the cut side is disturbed. To avoid a defect, the material is fixed, and then treated with a grinding machine in the site. With a large circle, an angular grinder is used when cutting a brick wall. To cut bricks at home, the main thing in use is to hold the working tool correctly: the cutting edge should be perpendicular to the processed material.

  • The cutting process is carried out outside the room due to a large amount of dust. Use personal protective equipment. glasses and mask.
  • The tool is kept in strictly perpendicular position to the marking line.
  • Do not make pressure on the instrument.
  • In the presence of a small diameter of the circle, make a cut along the entire perimeter, and then remove the excess with a hammer and treat defects and uneven grinders.

Work with a gas tank

Cutting brick is carried out by the type of autonomous circular saw with a more powerful engine almost instantly. But along with a high speed of operation, the device is endowed with large size, so it is seriously transported. A large cutting disk in a gas tank resembles the same as in a corner grinder. Due to the high power, the tool can be sawed with chamotomed brick for laying furnaces, barbecue. Due to a large accumulation of dust when working with the tool, it is recommended to use a respirator.

A circular saw

Such a tool serves for work with wood, but possible use in sawing brick and blocks. Material processing on a circular saw requires a replacement of a circle with a reinforced disk of the K480stzb model. The cutting edge should protrude above the table 7 cm. Here you need a line for measuring the height. Cut off the brick must be smoothly, without sharp movements without pressing the tool.

Miter saw

Small.sized stationary equipment, convenient and safe in operation. Serves as an option for cutting bricks of facing. The end file is used in wood processing, replacing the discs on concrete, performs the function of sawing at any angle, the required size and accuracy. Cutting facing brick is carried out with ease, does not require much experience. But it is important to observe safety precautions, use PPE.

Laser cutting

The method is used if necessary to cut a brick or concrete wall. Laser installations operate on gas discharge lasers. But the tool is expensive equipment when working at home, requires knowledge and experience in work. If you cut a brick with this method, you need to take into account the following points:

  • type of brick;
  • the complexity of the cut;
  • thickness of the cut product;
  • the presence of reinforcement if the wall is cut;
  • accessibility to the current source;
  • the presence of water communications for dug dumping.

Stone.cutting machine

Used mainly on the construction of large volumes. The components includes:

  • metal frame;
  • drive unit;
  • cutting block with a diamond canvas;
  • water supply system in the cut area;
  • Block or brick mounting design.
  • Marking.
  • Fixation of the working material.
  • Transfer of cutting head to working condition.
  • Smooth movement along the marking line.

Briefly about the main thing

Before conducting masonry work, you need to clearly determine, more profitable bricks than cut. Such work can increase the estimated cost and lead to unjustified expenses. When erecting an interior partition, you can use the simplest and oldest way to cut bricks. cutting stone. He will save time, effort and money. To cut out figured elements, a end saw with a diamond canvas will come to the rescue.

With a small construction, for example, a bath or garage, you can get by with a corner grinder with a diamond disk. It will significantly speed up the work and allow the masonry more accurately. In the case of a cut of the non.fat wall, it will also come to the rescue.

If a more full.scale project is planned, as building a house, then it is best to purchase a specialized machine.

If it is necessary to make an arch, through cuts in already erected wall structures, and even reinforced, then without a benzorer (for a small amount of work) and laser cutting (for large.scale projects) you can not do.

How and what is better to cut. the main methods

At the moment, by experimental experiments, several methods of cutting a concrete block have been established. This includes a manual method where you can use an angular grinder, wedges, codes, as well as a method in which specialized technology is used. Each of the methods requires a detailed consideration.

Manual method

The use of the manual method of sawing involves the absence of automated equipment, the master will have to cut the block with his own hands.

To do this, use it:

It is impossible to break or split even the most lightweight concrete block. The material has a good margin of strength, so you can not do without the use of auxiliary tools.

The manual method is chosen when the entrance of special equipment to the site is impossible due to obstacles. This technique is also suitable if it is necessary to cut a small amount of block material and call the team of workers with equipment costly and does not make sense.

How to Easily Cut Bricks With a Portable Angle Grinder

Creaming a corner grinder

The first and most relevant method is working with a corner grinder. It is known that with the help of this tool you can easily cut foam concrete, aerated concrete and other light materials. But whether the corner grinder will cope with the concrete block? To do this, you need to choose a powerful power tool. it must be completely serviceable.

Before starting work, it is recommended to take care of personal protective equipment.

It is worth buying a gas mask or a respirator in advance, you can use building gloves. The use of glasses will be a mandatory point: fine dust from concrete will fly in all directions and may be in the eye.

You need to choose a good cutting disk for a corner grinder. Since concrete is considered a strong material, it is difficult to work with it. For the saw, it is better to use a diamond disk. They are segmented, continuous and combined.

The segment is not suitable for such a durable material, and is continuous heated during the cut and it should be watered with water. It is better to purchase a combined diamond disk for a concrete unit cut.

It is important to find out if there are reinforced rods in the concrete block. If the cutter of the disk stumbles upon them during operation, a failure may occur. Therefore, it is better to choose turbocharged discs if the thickness of the block is more than 10 cm.

When all the tools are ready, you can start work:

  • Marking. Before making a cut, it is necessary to make a line of the line where the cut will pass. It is better to do this with a contrasting marker, so that even with glasses the master can be seen for a trimmer. So that the trimmer fishing line is perfectly even, along it you can put a wooden block.
  • Incision. After turning on the corner grinder, it is necessary to make a cut with a depth of 0.5-1 cm.
  • Cut. After that, the bar is removed and begin to carry out a cutting disk deeper. So far, it is not possible to completely cut the concrete block. If the tool is heated a lot, it is necessary to make stops and breaks for several minutes. Most likely, the cutting disk will also heat up: it can be periodically watered with cold water with a thin stream.

The advantage of this method is speed and minimum of effort, as well as the ability to cut even those blocks inside which there are reinforcement from metal.

The split with wedges

You can cut a foundation or wall block made of concrete using a split with wedges. This method allows you not to hire specialized equipment and do it on your own, while saving money.

But there are disadvantages. the method is less accurate, and if technology is not observed, the unit is split diagonally.

brick, corner, grinder, disks, electric

In this case, the concrete block will become unsuitable for the goals of the master and will have to use another raw material.

To split with wedges, you need to prepare:

At the first stage, builders make markings, and it is necessary to do it along all the faces of the construction unit, regardless of its thickness. The marking should be clear, so it is best to use a ruler or a special long square.

Further, the peorator is taken for business: with this electrical tool, it is necessary to drill 7-10 holes along the marked line. You can only mark it on the side that is available, if possible, you can mark all sides.

Когда отверстия по 7 см глубиной высверлены в них вставляют металлические клинья. When buying wedges, it is worth considering that their end should be sharp. When the wedges are inserted, you need to score them a little inside with a sledgehammer.

As a result of the blows along the entire length of the marked line, a crack is formed. If everything is done using technology, then the crack will be even. The concrete block is split into 2 parts. At the final stage of work, builders using a sledgehammer and saw align the block so that it can be used as intended.

One of the disadvantages of this method is the duration of the procedure. Not every time it will be possible to get a perfectly even crack.

Shplintami split

Clicks are special pegs made of wood or metal. For the split of the concrete block, it is necessary to use wooden craps. This method works on the principle of expanding the material due to its wetting. To split the block, you need a peorator with a drill, marker for marking, wooden craps with a thin tip, as well as a sledgehammer.

  • On the three sides of the concrete block, marking.
  • With the help of a pedorator, holes are drilled about 7-10 pieces.
  • Wooden codes are inserted into the holes.
  • Clicks are watered with water.
  • Когда шплинт набирает влагу он начинает размокать и набухать. As a result. the tree expands, from the inside it presses on the concrete block.
  • The body of the block will be split in half.

Then, using a sledgehammer and saw, you can adjust the evenness of the surface of the block. The peculiarity of this method is that it is necessary to disperse holes exactly in the diameter of the Shplint, no more than.

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