How to cut a ended saw along. METABO KS 216 M Carecatcher, Laser Settings

Setting up the end saw

A trim saw is an important tool that helps to make even and high.Quality cuts of workpieces. However, accuracy can only be achieved on a well.Adjusted device. This will not take much time and is quite affordable with your own hands.

Ensuring accuracy and establishing your own tool is extremely important. This must be done before the first use so as not to spoil the blanks. Even the slightest deviation from the given parameters can deform the material.

Торцовочная пила Metabo KS216M. Плюсы и минусы спустя полтора года эксплуатации. Новый диск CMT.

A small scatter of a couple of millimeters is actually multiplied eight times.

How to choose a end saw

The end saws differ in technical features and are ordinary (ordinary) or combined type, which somewhat expands their functionality.

The difference between combined models and ordinary ones lies in the fact that their design involves the possibility of transforming the end saw into the circular by performing light movements of the main parts of the saw.

Model “Zubrov ZPT-255-1800” with belt transmission and length

And additionally, the principle of a functional feature, the presence of a broach, also expanding the capabilities of the equipment used.

For a stationary installation, it is better to use models that have a length of a broach that allows you to process wide wood blades.

Universal end saw model “Makita LH1040”

Using an integral end saw

The composite end saw allows you to simultaneously perform ends and mowing.

On an integral end saw, the adjustment of the bevel and ending does not depend on each other. You make a bevel, setting the saw angle on the horizontal axis on any angle, different from 90 degrees. Usually you have to rely on the manometer to set the angle due to the complexity of aligning the blade with the angle of inclination marked on the tree.

When performing an integral cut (in which pruning and chamfer are performed simultaneously), draw a fishing line for a trimmer for cutting at an angle, set the cutting angle, then set the angle of inclination. Adjust the part on the table so that the saw blade is as if on the cut side of the line, as with a perpendicular section, and then make a cut.

Device and principle of action

The principle of the act of the end, disk and pendulum saw is identical, their differences exclusively in the design expressed in the method of use (mobile or inpatient), as well as the types of disks used. The main elements of the end of the tree are given in the following figure.

Design and main elements of the product

The work of the end is carried out by such a makar:

  • When the voltage is supplied to the electric engine, it begins to spin, and its rotational movement is transmitted to the mechanical gear;
  • There is a planting place on the gearbox shaft, on which a saw disk is installed;
  • The disk begins to spin along with the gear shaft after the voltage supply to the electric motor;
  • For the safety of use, the saw disc is closed with a protective casing;
  • To bring into contact with the workpiece, a pen is used to return to the original state. A return spring;
  • The reliability of fixation on the work surface provides a bed, the workpieces of the workpiece (turning table, stops, insert, etc. Are placed on the busy.D.);
  • The device is turned on and off using control buttons (not shown in the figure), not counting the means of protection (from jamming and the current of the KZ, overheating and other emergency situations).

Wrinkled chasing wooden products using a end saw significantly increases labor productivity in this operation, especially on the scale of a huge construction site

Review of popular models

The choice of end saw is a crucial moment for an inexperienced

Tips for choosing ordinary and combined models

In order to make the right choice and take into account what remains to make our client the nuances associated with the methodology of using such equipment, it is necessary to listen to the advice of experienced users that can be constructed by such a makar:

  • The tool must correspond to its purpose. You should not take an expensive and strong model if it is supposed to use it periodically and for personal purposes.
  • In the same vein, the presence of additional options that increase the cost of the model, but not used in small volumes of work should be considered.
  • The presence of protection and safety means. A principle moment picking up the end saw, t.To. If you use it, there is an option to just get an injury, working on similar equipment.
  • Due to the fact that the power and weight are directly connected together, then if it is necessary to perform a traveling character to the best option to choose a less strong model, but owning a smaller mass.
  • The size of the saw disk and the presence of a broach determine the technical capabilities of the tool for processing the material used.
  • The bed can be heavy enough to fix the saw at the place of work, and the turning table and stops are made to ensure reliable fixation of the processed material.

Read how to fix a disk saw on the table

How to use a end saw

When the saw is chosen, it must be configured. Then she will be ready for use. Should act according to the rules. And you need to figure out how to control the tool depending on the processed material.

On wood

A trigger switch is used for launch. But the tool will not start performing cuts until the lock lever is pressed. After that, the equipment is lowered to the material. Before work, it is recommended to put on protection products to protect yourself from chips that will appear when processing wood.

The wooden workpiece should be held with your hand if the cut occurs at right angles. But if the work is performed by a newcomer, it is recommended to use the clamp. It holds the material motionless, allowing you to focus on the cut. The clamp is necessarily needed if they work with blanks not at right angles, but at any other.

To adjust the cutting angle, it is necessary to use the platform reversal. It is necessary to unscrew the handle acting as a turning lock, and squeeze it down. The platform is ready to move.

Attention! When changing the angle, the sawing area increases. This reduces the convenience of using a saw, so it is necessary to use clamps.

METABO KS 216 M Lasercut / Легкий ремонт / Замена подшипников и втулки / Ремонт электроинструмента

To change the angle of cutting of wood, you can use the vertical inclination of the end. The fixation handle is first weakened, set the desired slope and fix it again.

For metal

Before turning on the tool, it is necessary to make sure that its nodes and the capabilities of the disk are free to move. To carry out the oblique saw, it is necessary to loosen the mounting screw at the rotary table and start turning it to the desired angle. The set position is immediately fixed. If the work is long, periodically, you should check how accurate the ending is. This is due to the fact that after some time there is a weakening of the mounting screw.

If you need to saw with the left inclination, then it must be configured correctly. The mounting screw of mounting the inclined angle is released and the desired angle is set. To fix the installed parameter, the screw is tight. After that they continue the saw.

Important! When the work is finished, after turning off the tool, you must wait for the cutting disk to completely stop. After that, the handle returns to the position up.

It is forbidden to remove a protective casing from the device. It rises when the disk is lowered down for the saw.

How to cut the corners of the ceiling skirting board General rules

Pruning should be carried out along the outer edge of the baseboard, as well as from the internal (when forming the outer angle) or the front side (for internal docking). If everything is done correctly, the texture of the cornice will not be violated. At home, foam finishing materials are most often used. The technology of joining elements is as follows.

  • Using the transporter, the angle between the walls is measured. In the event that it is strictly equal to 90 °, the edges must be cut under 45 °. The action is performed with both elements.
  • If the joints between the ceiling and the walls are not even, the radius of the angle should be divided in half. In this case, the baguette, which will be mounted on the left side, is cut to the right, and the right element, respectively, on the left.
  • The edges of the details of the inner corner are cut so that the upper part is shorter than the lower. The edges of the external corner are formed differently: the lower part is shorter than the upper.
  • Unlike foam plinths, wooden details are required to accurately adjust to each other and to neighboring surfaces, applying and cutting along the adjoining line.

Ceiling plinth (angles): photo demonstrates techniques for trimming and joining elements:

What to pay attention to during the purchase

For an independent choice of end saw, it is necessary to formulate the same questions for yourself as for a consultant in the store.

In addition, it is important not to lose sight of the following criteria:

  • The purpose of the acquisition of the tool. For episodic work in a home workshop, you can be satisfied with a modeling model of an entry.Level production with a standard set of options. For professional work with large volumes, you will need a more advanced tool, with equipment for those types of work that will be performed most often.
  • Safety of work. Make sure of the reliable mount and light movement of the protective casing of the working disk, the sufficient length of the electric cable, the reliability of the lock button.
  • Weight and dimensions should be on your shoulder, provide long.Term work without fatigue.
  • Ergonomics. The saw should be convenient to use, lie well in the hand, not demand unnecessary movements and uncomfortable poses during work.

The depth and width of the cut are those key characteristics that determine the list of materials available to the cut on this model, and the maximum sizes of the processed blanks.

Disks for the end saw: what is the difference between them

There are not so many differences between the discs used on the end saw. The main of them is planting and external diameter, as well as the geometry of the cutting tooth. If with the size of the disks more or less understandable (the landing hole can be either 25mm or 30mm, and their outer diameter is 210, 250 and 305mm), then the tooth geometry should be understood in more detail.

  • Attention should be paid to the size of the tooth. The larger it is, the rougher the cut. A large tooth disk is unlikely to be purely cutting laminated, lacquered or painted blanks. For these purposes you need to purchase a disk with a small tooth. Also, a small tooth showed itself well when working with an aluminum profile. In general, in this regard, saw wheels for the end saw can be divided into three types: for longitudinal cuts, for transverse and for final cuts, which, as a rule, are universal.
  • If we are talking about mass production or working with thick blanks, you need to pay attention to the presence of thin slots on the disk. In fact, these are temperature compensators, the tasks of which include maintaining a stable disk when it is heated. In addition, such discs are less noisy.

And a few words about enterprises that produce end saws on wood. The leaders in the production of almost all electric tools are Bosch and Makita, and their end saws are no exception. Metabo, Hitachi, Dewalt tools also showed themselves well in practice. If we talk about domestic end saws, then here we can note the Corvette tools. In general, there is something to choose from. The main thing is not to count with the possibilities.

Here, in principle, and all that you need to know regarding such an instrument as the end saw. Buy, use it and remember that this tool is quite dangerous. Do not forget about safety precautions and be always extremely assembled when working, and most importantly sober!

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