How to cut a laminated wood-brown stove without chips. How to cut laminated wood-brown stove with an electrician without chips

How to cut a wood-piece stove without chips

Laminated wood-bearing plate can be sawn with a hand saw with a small tooth, an electrician, a disk saw. The cut place is glued with masking tape and cut out along the cut line with a sharp knife. The knife cuts out the laminated coating and the upper wood fibers under it. Further, when passing with a saw with a saw, a laminated wood-bearing plate will not be cooked. The finish of the end under the C-shaped overhead kant in the manufacture of furniture, this method is quite suitable. And it is better to use a different way under a melamine self.Adhesive tape.

Electrolobsik or disk saw saw a laminated wood-brown stove with a margin of 2-3 mm. From the cut line. I sawed an electrician on the guide. As a guide, you can use any even rail or rule. In my case, fiberglass 150 mm wide. The thickness is 4 mm. As described above, chips were formed on a laminated wood-based stove. Next, set the guide exactly along the cutting line and with a manual milling milling milling cutter we remove these 2-3 mm. Which we left for stock. The design of the bromic milling cutter has on the shank bearing equal to the diameter of the cutter itself.As a result, we get a perfectly even edge, to which you can easily glue a self.Adhesive melamine tape. Also, when cutting curved cuts, you can not do without the use of the milling cutter. We make a guide with the desired radii with an electrician and also pass the end of the bromatic milling cutter. The method of cutting laminated wood-bruise without chips is also suitable for cutting laminated plywood and wood-fiber slab.

If you have at least once tried to perform a cut of a wood-piece plate at home, then you know for sure that this work is by no means simple and requires not only skill, but also a good tool. It is especially difficult to process the laminated wood-brown slab, with the cut of which many chips are often formed. That is why, many masters, faced with such a problem, come to the conclusion that it is better to cut the wood-brown stove when buying, especially since many trading organizations provide such services and the price for them is quite acceptable.

Speaking wood-bearing plate is carried out using the exact format-shock machines that will help to get blanks of a given size and shape.

In addition to cutting the sheets, you will be helped to calculate and provide in the form of a visual video file several options for competent and economical cutting of sheet material (using special computer programs) and, if necessary, will perform an assignment. However, if for some reason you prefer to do this work yourself, before cutting the wood-based stove you will have to carry out some preparatory work.

Cutting with a plastic lining on the sole

One of the reasons for sawing a jigsaw with chips is its sole. She does not press the edge of the cut, the same makes it possible for him to break up with a return movement of a saw. This is solved by a simple plastic lining.

A lining on the sole is cut out of sheet plastic. In it you need to make a cut under a file. She just presses against the board with a clamp and saws with her. Washing overlage is glued to the sole with bilateral tape.

After that, the electrician makes it even cleaner than when using painting tape.

Tools and materials

If possible, it is best to cut a wood-cutting plate with a hand mill, using homemade guides. This method is not too convenient when cutting large sheets, because when working with this tool you need a table. In addition, with this method, you often have to change mills. But as a result, you will receive purely processed, “gaped” edges.

Electric jigsaw is the most popular tool for sawing a wood-piece plate

Some masters use an electrician in their work, however, in the absence of a skill, it is difficult to perform a cut evenly, and chips may form.

You can try to install a bimetallic canvas with teeth, pointed inside, designed for laminate. Make a cut with an electrician should be increased by increasing the speed, with a small feed, so that breaks do not form.

If such methods are not suitable for you, then to perform the sawing wood stove at home, we will prepare for work:

  • A hacksaw with small teeth (the one that is designed for metal work is best suited). In this case, the teeth should be divided into 1/2 thickness of the canvas and be hardened;
  • Paper gluing tape;
  • File for black cutting line;
  • Sandpaper for finishing the cut line.

Cut a laminated wood-piece plate parquet.

The cause of chips in this case are the effects of cutting teeth, but not only in the direction of the sawing cut, but also from the opposite side. (Vibration from power tools does not allow the parquet to conduct a perfectly smooth due to which there is a disk disk relative to the cut). The guide in this case not only allows you to saw the wood-based plate smoothly, but also prevents the appearance of chips with the opposite in the direction of sawing the side. When choosing a disk for sawing a laminated woody stove, you should pay attention to the number of teeth, the more teeth, the cleaner the drink.

Before processing the parts of the furniture by milling, it is necessary to cut them out with a margin of 3-5 millimeters on each side processed. Unlike previous methods, a hand cutter leaves a perfect surface. Scol after such processing is a rarity and at the same time, it turns out, to maintain the perpendicularity of the cut. Until now, we have only considered a rectilinear sawing, but if we are talking about sawing various kinds of circles and roundings, then there is no alternative to the jigsaw and frezer. The disadvantages of using the milling cutter include the need for skills to work with it. We will talk about them in other articles.

Tools and equipment for sawing

Depending on the volume of upcoming works and the saw configuration, they use:

Not every tool can get details of the required form.

Formato-sprinkle machine

If the exact sizes are known by which the sheet should be cut, it is more correct to entrust the work to professionals. Almost all sellers. Bases and building materials. Provide such an option. Often the sawing service is free, the customer pays only the cost of a wood-piece plate.

For cutting, format-sprouting machines of various designs are used.

Sprinkle the wood-brown slab without chips allow various additional devices. For example, some models have two sawing disks: the first, small diameter, drinks a surface laminated layer, and the main carries the full cut.

CNC format-sprouting machines operate in a semi-automatic mode, excluding the operator’s errors, which allows you to get ready-made parts with an exact size of up to 1 mm. This is important in the manufacture of cabinet furniture.


A sheet is cut by an electric jigsaw on straight and curly lines.

  • Availability. Most masters have a jigsaw, and the new one costs inexpensively;
  • On sale there are special files for a wood-piece plate, laminated wood-bearing plate and laminate;
  • You can cut circles with a small radius;
  • Suitable for the manufacture of through holes for hatches or electrical products.

To obtain a rectilinear cut, you must have experience working with a tool or just use the guide tire.


A manual disk saw, sometimes called a “parquet”, is used if there is a large amount of work on the cutting of the wood-piece stove along the even lines.

Acquire wheels with carbide tips of teeth.

To simplify and accelerate the work, they choose a parquet, complete with a guide tire or buy an accessory separately.

You can do without additional details if you lead a cut along the guide from the corner or plaster rule.

The main drawback of the method is the inability to make a curved incision.

Milling mill

To qualitatively saw off the wood-making slab using a milling cutter, the master needs extensive experience.

A flat, impeccable edge is obtained only when using diamond mills, the price of which is large.

At home, a milling mill is often used to finish the edges of the laminated wood-based slab. In these cases, the sheet is sawn with a hacksaw, a jigsaw or a disk saw, and then the cut is treated with a milling cutter. It is important to provide a stock of 1.5–2 mm, which will be removed by the milling.


The cutting of hand hacksaws takes a lot of time and requires a large cost of physical strength.

Hand saws with a large and medium tooth are suitable only for sawing a conventional wood-based slab (without a laminated layer). The result will always be accompanied. The appearance of the edge can only be fixed by decorative lining.

A small cutting volume is performed with a hacksaw with small teeth. To reduce the number of chips, launch tape is glued over the sheet, mark the fishing line for the cutting trimmer and only then begin to work.

Despite the fact that the seats of the saw wheels for parquet and an angle grinding machine may coincide, cut the wood-boring plate and the tree with a corner grinder is strictly prohibited. The torque of even a weak machine will tear out the tool from the hands, and the disk will cause injury. The danger is that rotation cannot be stopped instantly.

Summing up

In today’s article, we examined 4 ways how an electrician can cut a plywood billet or a wood-boring plate with a minimum number of chips and bullets. Choose the most suitable method for you and try!

You can also combine several different ways to achieve the most good and high.Quality result.

At what speed to saw the wood-bruise, laminated wood-bearing plate with a jigsaw

In order to completely cut off the wood-brown plate with a jigsaw, it is necessary to work with an electric or manual tool at low speed, tightly pressing the blade to the workpiece. With quick movements of the cut, it turns out not too neat, the likelihood of chips increases.

Users note that with a cut with a direct position of the nozzle and at low speed per minute, the jigsaw passes about 50 cm. If we increase the intensity of movements and set the maximum angle of inclination, then in the same time it will be possible to drink up to 2 m. But the cut will be rough, with large chips.

Advice! If you saw the material carefully, it is worth turning off the pendulum course in the tool.

How exactly the jigsaw is processed by the wood-steering plate also depends on the severity of the blade. New canvases allow you to cut the material clearly along the intended line and at a constant speed. But after about 3 m of the workpiece, the equipment begins to dull, as a result of which the advance slows down, and the cut becomes more rude.

Sprinkled with a jigsaw

Sprinkled laminated wood-bruise with an electrician, it must be assumed that the instrument saw will bend, and the incision will not be even even enough. Therefore, at the edge of the cut, it is necessary to make a supply of about 4 mm. After cutting the edge of the side, you need to level the side. To obtain a better cut on the jigsaw, it is better to set the maximum speed, and reduce the supply.

Before starting work, it is necessary to clearly indicate the fishing line for the trimmer, where the saw. We cut it not along the line, but a little away from the desired stove, the processing of the processing is performed using sandpaper.

Reception 1. Sprinkled along the guide

Install the guide (tire) on the workpiece, set the depth of sawing and perform a cut. As you yourself can be convinced, even on the outside of our workpiece made of wood-bearing plate, no chips, there are no undermining. He drank even without signs of bully or lateral waves. Why such difference?

What is the merit of the guide?

When we saw the disk, we inevitably move the saw, the so.Called “iron movement” turns out. That is, when we lead with a hand, we all the time move the saw to the right, to the left. A guide that has a stiff Kant allows you to avoid this.

Accordingly, when we lead the saw along the guide, it does not move and the saw disk itself works evenly, without changing its position. It turns out the perfect fishing line for the trimmer parallel to the guide.

What to do if there is no hand.Driving saw and guide?

You need to make a guide yourself. We find a regular profile, you can take a rule, any even rail, the main thing is that its geometry is even.

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We measure the distance from the saw disk to the edge of your workpiece wood-bearing plate. We fasten any clamps to the workpiece and start the cut.

The main thing in the process is to constantly press the saw to the guide. That is, your hand should always lead a saw towards a home.Made tire.

After the cut, you will get an almost perfect cut, a fishing line for a cutting cutting is barely visible. We performed a cut very high quality, the cut itself is clean, no lateral traces are visible on it. With the exception of a small pile on the back of the workpiece.

Where did this pile come from, because we worked with the guide (tire)?

There is a special plastic protective tape on the purchased tire for cutting. This tape does not allow pile to rise and cut it cuts. In this case, we did not have this tape, so we got this pile on the surface.

The usual painting tape is taken. Glued to the place of cut on it, markings are made and sawn with painting tape. Adhesive tape holds the heap in place and when cut it, we get everything purely.

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Just more slowly lead the saw disk itself. That is, if the same thing is done with a slower feed, then the chips will be much smaller.

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