How to cut a pipe at 45 degrees

How to make a 45º cut on a shaped pipe

Some “experts” argue that with a square cross section, which has a profile tube, you can make a marking for the cut at 45º with a regular tape measure. The editors of HouseChief do not advise the reader of such a method, unless it is planned to spoil the material. The thing is that when measuring with a tape measure it is very difficult to perform such work perfectly. But a school ruler in the form of an equilateral triangle would be just right here.

How to cut a pipe at 45 degrees

Easy Way Cut Steel Pipe In 45 Degree Without Cut Off Machine

Not only great for school, but also for metalwork

To begin with, a straight line is outlined on one of the edges, perpendicular to the side of the pipe. Next, the product is rotated, and an oblique marking is applied to the adjacent edge, running from the edge of the first strip at an angle of 45º. Here it is not necessary to measure anything, everything is already done by the manufacturer of the triangular ruler. After that, the profile tube is again turned and perpendicular. Now it will only be necessary to connect the beginning and the end of the mowing line on the fourth edge diagonally. That’s all, you can safely work with an angle grinder. these cuts will connect perfectly in a right angle of 90º. For convenience, you can glue on the edge of the strip with masking tape. This will add clarity and simplify the cutting directly on the mowing line.

For convenience of marking, if you have time, you can weld such a template

How to cut a profile pipe

Profile pipes are widely used in the home. The material is used for the construction of greenhouse complexes, benches, tables and other garden furniture, sheds, swings and other small architectural forms. It is for this reason it is important to know how to properly perform cutting profile pipe at an angle of 45 degrees, 90 ° and so on, as well as along the.

Peculiarities of work with thick metal, copper, cast iron, aluminum

When it is necessary to saw thick metal into separate fragments, it is recommended to additionally perform the following actions:

  • It remains for our customer to make cuts only in a straight line;
  • different curvilinear contours should be cut by separate straight segments of small lengths, removing all unnecessary parts;
  • completely sawing the workpiece should be carried out in several approaches, with all subsequent deepening of the kerf;
  • if it is required to cut angles, I-beams, channels, rails, each of their structural part is sawn separately.
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Cutting of cast iron, stainless steel, in addition non-ferrous metals, nettle, aluminum, not copper, carried out with the help of special wheels, designed to work with these materials. All the necessary information about the discs is contained in the marking of these products, printed on their side. At the same time the wheels differ in the composition of the fillers:

  • In some, the additive is a heavy-duty material, which is able to saw alloyed steel;
  • in others, soft binding agents are used.

Cutting of stainless steel with ordinary metal discs is prohibited, because they contain substances that lead to accelerated corrosion of the cutting place. Aluminum and copper are very ductile base metals. They are sawn with an angle grinder, pouring kerosene on the cut formed by the disc. In this case it is required to observe the rules of fire safety.

Using a computer program

To implement this method of marking pipes for cutting will require a computer with special programs. First you need to make a drawing, which shows the transverse dimensions of the product, as well as the planned angle of incision. We need to get a virtual template.

Print it out on the printer. And here it is worth understanding that the larger the diameter of the tube, the more sheets will be needed to print it. Then you need to carefully cut out the details of the drawing from all pages and glue it together, the best way to do this is to use scotch tape. It remains to attach the template to the pipe and mark it.

How to cut a pipe at 45 degrees

This way of solving the problem is characterized by high accuracy. All the necessary programs can be downloaded from the Internet, they are free to download and use. There you can also find a template for cutting pipes at an angle. All that remains is to print it out and cut it out. To make the marking, simply wrap the template around the pipe.

Marking method using a container of water instead of a template

This method of marking is suitable for small diameter pipes, which are planned to cut at a certain angle close to the edge. First you need to prepare a deep container of water. On it the planned slope angle is marked. Now you need to carefully immerse the end of the product in the liquid, bend it to the mark, and then pull out.

As a result of such actions, a clear line of contact with water will appear on it, it must be highlighted. According to it, the pipe is cut at an angle. This method is best suited for work where multiple markings are required.

Tools for cutting metal plastic pipes

In the process of cutting pipes the following tools will be useful:

It is important for the master to determine in advance what he will cut the metal-plastic pipes. The most important tool on the list are scissors. Everything else is necessary to carry out special preparatory work.

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Not much effort is required in the cutting process. It is enough to fully control each movement. If you do not pay proper attention to control, you can easily cut off the excess part.

If in the process of cutting it is necessary to bend the product, it is not recommended to do it with your hands. It can easily damage the aluminum layer that is inside. It is better to take a professional pipe bender and perform the operation with its help.

Using the wrong tools when working on one area can affect the entire network as a whole, resulting in high repair costs.

Important! Special scissors are usually found in the welding kit. But they can be purchased separately. The price for this tool is not so high to save on it.

Before proceeding directly to the cutting, it is necessary to measure very clearly the part where the unit will be divided. Use a tape measure or ruler, and a bright marker. A faded pencil can simply not be seen, especially if there is not enough light in the room. The mark can be made with a knife, leaving a scratch.

During work, pieces of plastic and aluminum can fly in different directions. That’s why it is necessary to use protective equipment in the form of glasses and special clothes.

Tools to be used

There are several ways to cut a pipe using construction and industrial metalworking tools. Of all types, only the angle grinder allows you to obtain curvilinear surfaces without further processing with the closest arrangement of edges.

For individual use

The following tools are used for cutting steel pipes in the home:

Handheld pipe cutters. They allow you to cut round parts with an even right angle of cut due to the cutting edges of the rollers. There are several varieties of this type of product, consisting of single rollers or a number of rollers attached to a chain. In everyday life, such devices are quite rare and are more suitable for professional work.

Pipe cutter for steel pipes. design and principle of operation

This device is the best tool for precisely cutting pipe at right angles.

A Simple Process Of Cutting Steel Pipe In 45 Degree Without A Cut Off Machine

The simplest pipe cutter for steel pipes consists of the following elements:

How to cut a pipe at 45 degrees
  • Cutting roller, which can be of different types, depending on the features of the pipe that is supposed to be cut.
  • A clamp to hold the roller firmly against the frame and a housing to hold it in place.
  • The frame is the base in which the roller is placed.
  • Feed handle. it is used to rotate and cut the pipe.

Schematically shown in the picture below (not assembled).

The steel pipe cutter works by applying mechanical force to the feed screw. The pipe is clamped into the frame and secured with clamps on both sides. The screw starts to rotate, and as a result a groove is created in the wall of the pipe, which deepens until it completely cuts the pipe. In this case, the screw of pipe cutters with one roller is rotated a full turn (360 degrees), and devices with 4 rollers are rotated 120 degrees, as each of them cuts a different piece of pipe.

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IMPORTANT. In some cases, special hacksaws are used for cutting pipes. This is especially handy when you just need to get 2 or more pieces from one product. However, if even edges and right angles are required (this is especially important for subsequent threading), then the pipe cutter for steel pipes turns out to be the only tool that can do such work.

Tools used

There are several ways to cut a pipe, and construction and industrial metalworking tools are used for this. Of all kinds, only the angle grinder allows you to get curvilinear surfaces without further processing with the closest arrangement of edges.

For individual use

To cut steel pipes in the home use the following tool:

Round Pipe Cutting idea // 45 Degree Angle Cutting

Handheld Pipeloaders. Allow you to cut round parts with an even, straight cut angle due to the cutting edges of the rollers. There are several varieties of this kind of products, consisting of a single roller or a series of rollers attached to a chain. At home, such devices are quite rare and more suitable for professional work.

angle grinder. Is a universal tool for trimming any metal parts with different angles, to work using special disks on metal, which in operation rather quickly wear down. This allows you to accurately cut a curved line with a disc of small diameter.

Gas torch. Fast and effective method of cutting metal surfaces with a red-hot jet of flame, the disadvantages include melted edges, which complicate further welding. It is difficult to cut a product with a gas torch by a paper template, which will burn, and if a fishing line is outlined, it will be practically invisible in the stream of flame.

Electric pipe cutters. To work with pipelines of small diameters you can use compact electric pipe cutters, the principle of operation resembles an angle grinder. The fixture is called a roller machine, when working the workpiece is installed on the bed and rotated on roller guides, from above its surface is cut through by an electric device. The main difference between the pipe cutter is the metal disc, which has a special durable coating for cutting metal.

For industrial use

Large-diameter pipelines are used in industry to transport liquids and gases, so pipe cutting machines are heavyweight and oversized. There are also rotary and clamp-type manual pipe cutters. In the first case, the cutting rollers rotate on a circular surface using a repositionable handle, while in the second, cutting is performed with arc-shaped plates that gradually shift as they rotate.

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