How to cut a profile pipe evenly with an angle grinder

Methods of cutting metal pipes

One particular example of this situation is the need to cut a metal pipe at an angle of 45 degrees. This cutting of material is often required when laying plumbing or heating systems. In this case we have to deal with steel pipes.

For these purposes, the usual pipes of cylindrical cross-section are usually used. If we are talking about the installation of any metal structures, more often used profile pipes of rectangular or square cross section.

The main problem here is that in order for the joined elements to coincide, the cut must be as even as possible, which means that special attention must be paid to marking the material.

If you need to cut at an angle, you can use a simple square piece of paper as a template. It is necessary to fold it strictly diagonally, and then wrap the template around the pipe.

Care must be taken to keep the side of the sheet that is closest to the end of the pipe perpendicular to its central axis. Next, with the help of the marking material a number of dotted lines are applied, and after the marking has been made around the entire circumference, the template can be removed.

Photo of the pipe cutting template. side view

A larger pipe workpiece

Marking the cut at 45 using a template

If you have to cut a profile pipe, it is advisable to make a special template from the same pipe, but with a larger cross-section. In this case, you will have to use the measuring tools only once. To draw the markings you will need to use a protractor or a construction angle.

After sawing a template, the pipe to be cut can simply be inserted into it and marked. This approach will save a lot of time of work and it will be convenient to cut the profile pipe under 45 degrees.

As for what to use when carrying out work, it is worth choosing the most appropriate and familiar. This can be a simple hacksaw for metal, and an angle grinder with a mounted cutting disc.

Ways to cut pipes

To cut a profile pipe, including at a certain angle, you can use the following tool:

  • angle grinder. angle grinder (picture above). This method is most often used for domestic purposes, as it is characterized by the simplicity and accessibility of equipment;
  • hacksaw for metal. Using a hacksaw is not difficult, but the process of doing the work is quite time-consuming;

Using a hacksaw for metal to cut profiled pipes

Using an electric jigsaw and hacksaw is not possible for cutting thick-walled profile pipes or pipes with a large diameter.

  • special machine for cutting pipes. The equipment is most often used by professionals, as it is distinguished by its high cost. Nowadays, two types of machines are used by specialists:
  • Equipment with mechanical cutting, which is performed by a cutting wheel or a special saw;
  • equipment with a laser. Laser cutting is more precise compared to its mechanical counterparts.

Using a special laser cutting machine

When choosing any method, it is important to pay special attention to safety. During the cutting of profiled pipes metal chips are formed, which can damage the hands and eyes of the master, so before performing the work it is important to wear gloves and goggles.

How to mark the place of the cut at 45º on the profile pipe

Some “experts” argue that with a square cross-section, which has a profile tube, you can make a marking for the cut at 45º with a regular tape measure. The editors of HouseChief do not advise the reader of such a method, unless you plan to spoil the material. The fact that it is very difficult to perform such work perfectly when measuring with a tape measure. But a school ruler in the form of an equilateral triangle will be very helpful here.

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An excellent tool not only for school, but also for working with metal

To begin, a straight stripe is outlined on one of the faces, perpendicular to the side of the pipe. Next, the product is rotated, and on the adjacent facet is applied oblique marking, running from the edge of the first strip at an angle of 45º. Here it is not necessary to measure anything, everything is already made by the manufacturer of a triangular ruler. After that, the profile tube is rotated again and a perpendicular line is drawn. Now the only thing left is to connect the beginning and the end of the line on the fourth edge diagonally. All, you can safely work with an angle grinder. these cuts are perfectly connected in a right angle of 90º. For ease of operation, you can glue on the edge of the strip with painter’s tape. This will add clarity and make it easier to cut directly in line.

For the convenience of marking, if you have time, you can weld here such a template

Cutting the pipe at a 90 degree angle

To mark the cut [water and gas pipes] at right angles, you can use a sheet of A4 standard paper, wide duct tape or construction tape. If you wrap a wide enough material around the pipe so that its edges exactly match when you overlap, you get the perfect line for a trimmer cut. If the tape or tape is tightly glued to the metal, you can go right over the edge.

It is important to know how to use the grinder correctly, hold it with a certain force and follow the safety rules. The described method is the easiest, it is also suitable for cutting a pipe with a large diameter.

How to properly hold an angle grinder

Many people have an angle grinder, but most people do not know. how to properly use it and how to hold it. This leads not only to rejected work but also to severe personal injury. An angle grinder is a rather dangerous power tool.

The wheel must be set with the pattern upright and secured with a special nut.

The angle grinder must be held by the handle with the right hand of the person with the right hand. The wheel must be on the left side of the machine and the guard must cover it from above. The rotation is such that sparks fly at the worker while cutting. If the angle grinder’s wheel jams and the angle grinder breaks free, it will not go toward the cutter, but in the opposite direction.

The left hand holds the machine by the handle, which is screwed into the threaded hole in the body. There are several of them for special applications, but the correct handle position is only at the top.

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This position of the machine requires the use of protective equipment. To protect the eyes and the exposed part of the face it is necessary to wear safety glasses or, even better, a face mask. To protect exposed body parts from sparks and small fragments while cutting, it is necessary to wear a suit of thick material.

Techniques for cutting pipe at a circular angle

Round pipes of different diameters are cut at an angle when changing the direction of the pipeline, and it should be taken into account that a straight cut at the right angle, unlike a rectangular cross-section, will not lead to a tight connection of the edges. For this reason, special moldings are used in which the edge to be marked has a curvilinear shape, allowing for a high tightness of the connection.

Paper template for the pipe

One of the common ways to make a mold for pipes with a circular surface is the method for which you will need a ruled sheet of paper, a ruler and a pencil. To obtain a paper mold, the following method is acted upon:

  • Draw a circle on a piece of paper with the diameter of the pipe to be cut, divide the circle into 16 equal segments, each time dividing the larger segments into two identical segments.
  • Measure the circumference of a circle by multiplying its diameter by the pi equals 3.14.Extend this size on both sides of the circle axis by equal segments, each of which is divided into 8 equal-sized parts.
  • Draw vertical lines up from the segments on a straight line and horizontal lines from the points set on the circle.
  • The points of intersection are connected by a straight line to obtain a paper template which is cut out and glued to the surface to be trimmed. For cutting it is better to use an angle grinder with a disc of small diameter. the surface will be curved and using a large disc increases the error.
profile, pipe, angle, grinder

Application of thermal methods

Besides mechanical methods, thermal methods of pipe cutting are also widely used. Here the tool is a gas torch (propane or acetylene) or an electric arc welder. Even the thickest walled large diameter pipes can handle the gas cutter. Productivity is also reasonably high. Besides only these methods provide extreme mobility. it is possible to cut a pipe in a trench, a basement, in such places where a high-performance stationary machine simply can’t be dragged or connected.

It should be noted that thermal methods do not allow to achieve high accuracy, and even cutting is not always possible. However, in many applications, such as the rapid repair of heating mains or trunk pipelines, it is not required. After thermal cutting, the resulting edges must be further machined with mechanical tools, trimmer line for the cut, and bevel the designed values.

Thermal cutting method is also used when working with plastic tubular products. In thermal guillotines, the cut is made with a slanted thin torch heated to a high temperature, sliding in guides.

The devices can also cut at an angle and very smoothly, but are only suitable for working with soft materials that have a low melting point.

Tools in use

There are several ways to cut the pipe; construction and industrial metalworking tools are used for this purpose. Of all types only the angle grinder allows you to get curved surfaces without further processing with the closest alignment of the edges.

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For individual use

The following tools are used to cut steel pipes in the home:

Hand pipe cutters. Cut circular parts with a straight cut due to the cutting edges of the rollers. There are several varieties of this type of product, consisting of single rollers or a number of them attached to a chain. At home, such devices are quite rare and are more suitable for professional work.

In the video, the process of cutting angle grinder:

I hope it was helpful to watch. Pipe here I cut a large diameter and spent on the cut only three minutes, of course the time required to cut a pipe with a diameter of 15 to 25 millimeters will be much less. Always wear glasses while working with the angle grinder. it is a must, for the safety of your health. So, dear friends, feel free to apply it in your work and may you always be successful.

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profile, pipe, angle, grinder

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profile, pipe, angle, grinder
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