How to cut a roller blind to the width

Is it possible to reduce the width of the roller blind??

You can reduce the support roller of a roller blind with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw. The support shaft should be 0,8-1 cm wider than the blade to prevent the fabric from being deformed at the edges when twisting. It remains to cut the weights. It is several millimeters narrower than the width of the fabric.

  • Place the curtains on a flat surface, disassemble them (take out the shaft and the weight), and unfold the fabric.
  • Cut the shaft to the required width
  • Cut the weighting piece (it must be 10-15 mm narrower than the leaf of roll blinds).
  • Put back the curtain in its entirety and hang it on the window.

Standard installation with self-tapping screws

After determining the distance to the edges of the window, mark where you want the bracket to be fixed for the first time. 2. Make a hole at this point and insert a dowel 3. Screw on the tensioning device, be extremely careful! 4. Install the second bracket 5 in the same way as described above. At 12 cm from the position of the regulation chain, an auxiliary fastener must be placed, i.e. к. where the mechanism is subjected to the highest load. 6. Install the roller blind in the brackets at the side of the main control mechanism. 7. That the barrier is properly inserted in the pipe and closed by the gears is evidenced by an audible click. 8. Now install the correctors up to the adjusting chain and check the installation. Make sure that the fabric is wrapped without twisting. 9. Fasten the bracket covers. Installation of open, closed, minicassette blinds day-night in other ways is shown in the video.

Nowadays, this type of blinds, such as blinds, is found everywhere: from living quarters to offices and medical facilities. Recently there have been many interesting and improved models that can provide an additional sense of comfort in any space. For example, day-night roller blinds are becoming increasingly popular due to their original construction, which can regulate light penetration.

The mechanisms by which roller blinds are controlled are similar to the ways of controlling conventional roller blinds, but the quality and variety is much greater. Also, unlike conventional blinds, these blinds are ergonomic, easy to use, do not require washing or major cleaning. In fact, they can be called an advanced model of blinds with the possibility of regulating light.

Elongate with a strip for eyelets

For curtains in the form of pipes is suitable extension method with eyelets. This effective element will not only make the curtain longer, but will also make it more ornate. Eyelets are usually made in the workshop. At home, effort is required. However, the result is worth it.

The strip of fabric on which the rings will be put, should have a width equal to the missing length of the curtain, plus double the height of the scallop (the part that protrudes over the rings), plus allowances for hems and seams. To make it stronger, a special ribbon is glued on the back side with an iron. Bend the edge of the strip and seal it. After making the marking. To do this, indent from the left and right edges by 1 cm. This is where the end rings will be located. Determine the center of the future curtain, and mark from it. The distance between the rings is 15-20 cm. Draw circles with centers at the marked points. It is important to correctly determine the diameter. For stretch fabrics, the diameter of the hole should be 1-2 mm less than the inner diameter of the sleeve. For heavy fabrics, the hole should be the same diameter as the bushing.

Proceed to mounting. Until then, the edges of the holes on the fabric masters are advised to treat with special tape or glue. This will strengthen the edges and help correct the defect if the hole turned out to be larger than necessary. For mounting, you will need a table, a backing sheet of a durable material, and a hammer. On the front side install the fittings, flip to the wrong side on the lining sheet. Place a washer over the protruding edges of the fittings. Using a blow of the hammer, tear the free edge of the bottom piece, bending it over the washer. Having thus secured all the rings, sew a strip of fabric to the curtain. Finish the seam and hang it on the ledge.

Types and sizes of roller blinds

Producers offer a huge range of roller blinds, among which you can pick up products of any size and for any window. But still, sometimes it happens that the line of roller blinds offered by the seller does not have the right size for your window. Usually this happens if the project of the building included windows of non-standard dimensions, or the size grid of the roller blinds you like is limited and does not contain a suitable model for you.

In such a case, there are two ways out of the situation:

  • Order individual blinds sewing. The most convenient way to solve the problem. With minimal effort on your part and without any hassle, you will get roller blinds that will fully meet your expectations and dimensions of the window opening. But this method has a significant disadvantage. High cost of the finished product.
  • Buy a sun protection system as close to the right size as possible, but a little larger than that, and trim the roller blind yourself. Deciding to do so, you will need to make some effort and spend a little personal time, but the curtains will cost you cheap.

The following types of roller blinds are available for sale:

Their special feature. Open shaft, which is not protected in any way. These roller blinds are inexpensive, take up little space, and can be installed above the window opening or on each window sash. The maximum width of a curtain is 1.8 m, height. 2 м.

Roll blinds of this type are equipped with a plastic box, which hides the revolving shaft and protects it and the wound up cloth from contamination and accidental damage. Another difference between them. small dimensions. Canvas width starts at 0.7 m, the length does not exceed 2.2 м.

These roller blinds are available in lengths of up to 4.5 m high and up to 3 m wide.5 metres wide, and are ideal for large window openings, such as panoramic windows or wide windows in office buildings.

Attic roller blinds are designed for installation on angled windows. For a snug fit, they are specially fitted with side guides that hold the webbing along the window sashes. Their height. max. 2 m, width. at least 0.7 м.

Is it possible to cut a roller blind to the width of the venetian blind??

How to cut a roller blind to width? When cutting a roller blind to the width, you need to shorten not only the fabric itself, but also the winding roller. Unwind the fabric roll completely, take out the winding tube and the weighting. Measure the desired width of the blinds, start trimming.

The edges of roller blinds can also be trimmed with edging, which is a fabric band. It is first fixed with pins, then stitched. You don’t have to cut the roller blind from the bottom, you can cut it from the top edge.

How to cut it yourself?

Roller blinds are usually cut when you need to change the decor of a room or if they do not match the size of the window openings, which often happens when you move and change your place of residence. Any housewife can shorten a roller blind. First the fabric should be hung on the ledge, after it has straightened out and taken its final shape, measure. In this case, the decorative treatment of the product at the bottom will depend on the type of fabric. The easiest way to reduce the fabric is considered a double hemming, by which, without cutting, you can hide up to 30 cm of tissue.

If the curtains are made of silk or organza, you can not mark them, otherwise there may be traces. To prevent this, universal adhesive strips are used. They can be ironed beforehand, and then the curtains and the folded piece are fastened together. Iron the strips through gauze, laying the fabric on a soft towel.

The edges of roller blinds can also be treated with edging, which is a fabric band. It is first fixed with pins, then sewn. It is not necessary to shorten the curtains from the bottom, there is a way to reduce the length from the top edge.

Photo tips how to cut the curtains

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How to mount a roller blind without drilling

2-sided tape:

  • Additional surface degreasing is required.
  • The general installation procedure is no different from that used with spring brackets.
  • Overall fixation reliability is low (especially if you choose a heavy and bulky model).

The photo gallery will help you to understand all the variety of this type of blinds.

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