How to cut a sheet metal evenly with an angle grinder

How to cut a thicker sheet metal with an angle grinder

Consider cutting sheet metal, 8 mm thick. It’s best to move forward here. it’s much more comfortable. However, if you pass the seam simply along the drawn line, you get flaws. you can not make it perfectly flat. In this case the strain on the hands increases. after all, you constantly have to watch that the angle grinder did not go sideways. To avoid this, there is a very good way.

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When cutting thicker metal, you need to move forward, along the planned kerf

A steel angle is placed over the cut area, which is clamped to the sheet on both sides. Dashed line in this case should be in its vertical part. Now you can go along it several times, slightly touching the angle so that you get a groove that is about 1-2 mm deep. After that you can remove the angle and start the normal cutting. Exactly the groove will not let the disk leave the intended path, and the edge will be perfectly flat.

It is even more dangerous to work with a small angle grinder than with a large angle grinder

How to cut a pipe evenly with angle grinder: an ordinary orthogonal cutting at 90º, cutting a cylindrical pipe at a 45º angle, how to use a paper template for marking a cut at 45º, how to mark the place of the cut at 45º on the profile pipe. read in the publication.

How to cut a profiled tube evenly

It is possible to saw a profile pipe in approximately the same way, but it will be easier to use an angle piece. The device is applied in turn to each side, for which the element to be cut will need to be rotated, and a marking is made. Then the tube should be fixed and you can begin the work. Any suitable tool can be used for sawing. If you have to cut a lot of pipe, it is advisable to make full templates from scraps. In this case, you only have to measure and measure once.

Preparing to work with an angle grinder on metal

The angle grinder is a relatively dangerous power tool. Injuries can be caused by the flying disc or tool that fell out of the hands. In both cases, the danger is associated with the high speed of the electric motor of the device.

To improve the efficiency of the angle grinder, to expand its functionality, in practice, use such additional devices:

Their use can improve the quality of cutting metal workpieces, increase the accuracy of the process. Also improve labor conditions from the standpoint of safety, increases its productivity.

The use of additional accessories allows the tool to be used as a machine designed for different types of work.

To maximize safety in the process of cutting, working on metal angle grinder should be in compliance with a number of rules. They are conventionally divided into preparatory and basic (working) activities.

Before you start cutting you need to perform a number of manipulations.

  • Wear special working clothes and shoes (with non-slip soles), gloves made of thick cloth or leather.
  • Prepare according to the peculiarities and type of material to be sawn a suitable disc, place it with the marking on top and secure it with the nut.

If possible, the material to be cut should be secured in advance, e.g. in a vise, in order to prevent possible accidental movement of the material. Hold the work pieces in your hands or between your knees forbidden.

Types of metals and their cutting peculiarities

Cast iron, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel are cut with special discs for certain material types. Information about the blade can be easily found on the side of the blade.

Please note that stainless steel must not be cut with an ordinary grinding disk. In the composition of the disk there are substances that destroy the protective film of the material. Corrosion will form on the cut in the future.

Cutting discs differ from each other not only in diameter and thickness, but also in the composition of the filler material. Heavy-duty material is added to discs for cutting alloy steel. A soft bond is added to prevent overheating of the cutting element when used to cut aluminum and various non-ferrous metals.

Thin sheets and sheet metal are cut with steel discs with a fine tooth. accordingly thicker discs.

Special spheres are used for grinding. With the hood off, but always with safety glasses on. The work is carried out smoothly across the entire surface.

Remember, working with an angle grinder or angle grinder requires special attention and skill.

angle grinder

Angle grinder. this is the folk name of the angular grinder, which in Soviet times was imported, mainly from friendly Bulgaria. This versatile tool has many applications, including it is used to cut profiled sheeting. With the help of angle grinder can quickly cut a large amount of material, professional craftsmen perform cutting bundles. However, this method has 3 significant disadvantages:

  • Angle grinder is an abrasive tool, so when cutting corrugated board will inevitably cause minor damage, chips and other defects that worsen the corrosion resistance of the material.
  • When you perform a sharp, even if you use a special disk, metal particles of high temperature fly out, which burn through the polymer coating of corrugated boarding.
  • Diamond and special disk for metal when cutting leave uneven, jagged edges at the place of work, which must be processed additionally.

angle grinder

Rules for using a bolshark

Note! To cut profiled sheeting with an angle grinder, you need to buy a special disk for cutting profiled decking. It has a small thickness of up to 1.6 mm and the teeth are made of carbide materials.

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To protect the edges of the cut from the appearance of corrosion after processing with an angle grinder, they are treated with a special primer or paint.

Roller blade for sheet metal with your own hands

Cutting metal at home is quite a tedious process. And its quality often leaves much to be desired, forcing to carry out additional processing of the received edges. Remedy the situation largely allows the use of special devices, including those made by their own hands. About one of such devices, namely the roller knife, we will talk to you today.

Roller knives for metal

Today, the roller knife is becoming more and more popular and popular. This is due not only to the high productivity of such a device, but also to its fairly simple design. The principle of operation of the mechanism is simple. two cutting discs-rollers rotate in different directions, pushing into the surface of the metal and thus cutting it. The friction between the metal and the knives ensures the unimpeded movement of the workpiece through the tool.

In the vast majority of cases, roller blades for cutting sheet metal include two rotating rollers. the upper and lower. Depending on the variation of the cutting element used, such tools can be classified as follows:

How I Make Straight Accurate Cuts With The Angle Grinder

  • Parallel position knives. are used for cutting metal into strips, providing a very acceptable quality;
  • Edges with a single slant. this group allows not only the longitudinal cutting of material, but also to cut circular and circular workpieces;
  • Knives with several inclined. such devices enable effective cutting of round, curved or circular workpieces with a small radius.

It is worth noting that all of the above variations perfectly cope with the cutting of sheet steel, and the cut edges do not require additional attention and further processing.

Self-made roller knives

With all its undoubted advantages, even the simplest model of the roller blade has quite a decent price. This is the reason why it is inexpedient to buy it for one-time work or for occasional use. However, there is still a financially optimal solution. the roller knife can be made by your own hands at home.

There are many ways to design such a device. The most common variations are presented below (photo, photo 2). But in any case, the main part remains unchanged. the cutting blade. It should be made of maximally strong and reliable steel alloy, which strength indicators should necessarily exceed similar parameters of the material to be cut. If this condition is not observed, the cutting quality will be low, which will require additional processing of the cut edges.

Practice shows that the operating life of factory-made knives is about 25 km of sheet steel, provided that its thickness is 0.5 mm. If the thickness is greater, the service life is correspondingly lower. Nevertheless, the tool can be sharpened without any problems and continue its effective functioning.

As for the life of homemade blades, it depends directly on the material used to make the cutting parts of the machine.

What you can make a knife out of

There are a variety of options, so you need to pay attention to what you plan to cut. If the material to be cut is not sheet steel of the toughest structure such as aluminum, galvanized metal or other similar materials, then the most common bearings are the right choice. True, to do this, it is necessary to pre-sharpen their ends.

For cutting, one of the rollers, the one that will play the role of the drive, is mounted on the handle, by which the knife will be pressed to the metal. Note the larger the diameter of the bearings, the faster the material can be cut.

To cut the pipe with maximum comfort and accuracy, you can equip the device with additional guides. it is not very difficult, but later will serve you well.

The resulting tool is versatile enough and can be used in conjunction with a variety of metalworking equipment, including sheet bending machines, which can also be made at home.

How to cut a round tube evenly by eye

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How to cut a thicker sheet metal with an angle grinder

Consider cutting sheet metal, 8 mm thick. It’s best to move forward here. it’s much more comfortable. However, if you pass the seam simply drawn on the mowing line, you get flaws. you can not make it perfectly flat. In this case, the stress on the hands increases. because you have to constantly monitor that the angle grinder is not moved sideways. To avoid this, there is a very good way.

When cutting thick metal, you need to move forward on the intended kerf

A steel angle is placed along the cutting point and clamped to the sheet on both sides. The drawn line in this case should be from its vertical part. Now you can go a few times along it, touching a little to the angle so that you get a groove, about 1-2 mm deep. After that you can remove the angle and start the normal cutting. It is the groove that will not let the disk leave the intended path, and the edge will turn out perfectly straight.

Working with a small angle grinder is even more dangerous than with a large

How to cut a pipe evenly with the angle grinder: the usual 90º perpendicular cutting, cutting of the cylindrical pipe at a 45º angle, how to use the paper template for marking a cut at 45º, how to mark the place of the cut at 45º on the profile pipe. read in the publication.

How to saw a metal sheet evenly with an angle grinder

Hello all, if this is the first time on our channel, it is designed for all self-taught welders and metalworking enthusiasts. I will show you my way how to saw a straight sheet of metal with an angle grinder, any angle grinder, small or large.

Sawed a sheet of metal 2 mm along the size of a sheet of 2500 mm by 1250 mm. Worked with a large angle grinder to 230 disk.

To cut smoothly, accurately and quickly, it is best to take a guide that will limit the cutting disk from shifting sideways from a straight cut.

The best guide for cutting sheet metal is the same sheet metal, you can strip the sheet metal width of at least 300-350 mm.

Clamp the clamp on the marks of the strip and bravely saw along this guide, you get quickly and evenly.

Why I use sheet metal, and not a piece of angled or profiled tube as a guide?

Even a profiled tube with sides 30 to 30 will not fit to saw with a small angle grinder, a little disc will be worn down and rest against the clamping nut. Smaller pipes will simply be too liquid for this purpose.

And with the sheet metal guide, you can also saw with a small angle grinder, grinding down the disc to zero.

Another minus of the guide of profiled pipes is the obligation to keep the big angle grinder disc pressed against the pipe all the time, if you swing the angle grinder a bit to the side, then the disc can go astray from the straight cutting trajectory.

Friends, I made a little detailed video with this way of cutting. Let’s see it and everything will become crystal clear.

Easy methods for even cutting metal sheet with an angle grinder

Angle grinders (angle grinder) or, as they are popularly called. angle grinder, are the most common power tools in home workshops, and at industrial facilities. Through the use of this power tool can be processed in a short period of time on the surface of hard materials (polishing, grinding).

Often the angle grinder is used for cutting a variety of products made of metal. It is worth noting that, despite the simplicity of performing work related to this power tool, not every user is able to make an even cut on a sheet metal with an angle grinder. In this case there are a large number of easy methods for even cutting metal sheets with an angle grinder.

How to properly cut the metal with an angle grinder

Below we will tell you how to properly cut with an angle grinder sheet metal and blanks of other shapes. There are a few basic recommendations.

  • Keep an eye on the wear of the cutting part. The diameter of the blade determines how deep it will go into the workpiece. When the wheel is worn out, it must be replaced in good time.
  • Since the axis of rotation gets considerably hot at high speeds, periodically moisten it with water. After cooling, the cutting tool becomes more productive.
  • At what speed to cut the metal with an angle grinder, it depends on the claimed performance of the tool. Don’t overclock the machine, as this will lead to a rapid wear and tear. The optimal setting is about a third of the limit.
  • Hold the angle grinder when cutting metal so that the blade is perpendicular to the workpiece. Do not apply pressure to the body. the movement should be gentle.
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Basic safety rules for metal cutting with an angle grinder

Diagram of location of the most dangerous cutting sectors with reference to rebound and blade breakage.

The most essential requirement for cutting is the strict observance of the safety rules.

Manufacturer of angle grinders is always trying to minimize risk of injuries by inventing and improving various safety systems. But no one takes care of the worker as much as he does.

The main hazards that occur when cutting metal are flying fragments of a shattered disc, flow of sparks and tiny abrasive particles, inability to hold the tool in your hands.

If the disc breaks or jams, the angle grinder could be ejected from the hand at the most inopportune moment and with great force.

Safety precautions must not be disregarded, even for minor operations.

  • Protect your face, eyes, hands, and possibly all parts of your body.
  • Remove all flammable materials and objects that are in the direction of the sparks.
  • Clamp the part to be angle grindered in a vise, if possible. Do not hold the workpiece with your free hand or press it down with your feet.
  • If a new disc is to be mounted, spin it with the angle grinder at maximum rpm and place it at a safe distance: the disc may be defective and break into pieces.
  • fit, adjust and secure the blade guard.

It is best to protect the face with a special face shield when working with an angle grinder.

  • When replacing discs, the angle grinder must be unplugged during rest periods.
  • Use safety glasses or face shield to protect your eyes and face. professionals use both during long hours of work.
  • Hold the angle grinder firmly during the entire operation.
  • To change a blade, wait until it has come to a complete standstill.
  • Wear protective gloves. Cotton gloves are not recommended, they do not provide enough protection and could ignite and the threads could get wrapped around the angle grinder’s spindle or disc.
  • During work, you must position yourself so that your face, and if possible all parts of the body were not in the plane of the disk rotation.
  • Wait until the wheel has come to a complete halt and then place the tool on the floor with the wheel up so you do not damage it;
  • unplug the angle grinder;
  • Make sure there is no smoke or other signs of fire.

A typical mistake made when cutting metal: if the diameter of the new wheel is greater than the size of the protective cover, it is removed. The guard is a protection in case the disk breaks and breaks into pieces during cutting.

Instead of a disk, many people use cutters, saws or other improvised materials. It is strictly forbidden to do this.

Basic safety rules for working with metal

Before you begin work, you should familiarize yourself with how to properly use the angle grinder, as well as with the peculiarities of safety. Even if this is not the first time the master has an angle grinder in his hands. Getting to work should be collected, being as attentive as possible, without unnecessary emotions, in order to avoid injury.

How to cut metal properly? The main rules of this process:

  • Professional should arm themselves with protective goggles when working with the angle grinder, take shields to avoid eye contact with sparks, small particles of metal.
  • It is advisable to protect all parts of the body. Wear protective gloves, not cotton gloves, as they are easily flammable.
  • When cutting metal with the angle grinder, do not place objects nearby, especially those that are highly flammable.
  • The workpiece to be machined must be secured in a machine tool or vise. It should not be held with the hand, not clamped with the feet.
  • When installing a new disc, spin it at maximum speed, keep the angle grinder away from yourself.
  • If the disc is defective, it may shatter into small pieces and injure.
  • The angle grinder’s guard must be adjusted, securely fastened. It is mounted to protect the eyes against flying particles.
  • The repairman must remember that the appliance must be disconnected from the mains when replacing discs or when at rest.
  • Do not change the disc while the angle grinder is on.
  • Only move around the work area with the angle grinder turned off.
  • If the light is accidentally turned off, you must turn off the angle grinder to avoid the unexpected inclusion.

Do not put cutters, saws instead of the disk, it is strictly forbidden. It is necessary to comply with safety rules and to minimize the possibility of injury.

Cutting profiled sheeting with angle grinder

Cutting profiled sheet with an angle grinder performed by a special disc. The use of abrasive tools is not recommended, as it leads to negative consequences:

  • the polymer layer is destroyed due to the heating of the metal in the area of the cut;
  • Galvanized layer burns out;
  • sparks forming in the process damage the surface of the material over a large area.

Quality cutting profiled sheet turbine depends on the skills of the tool. For cutting, we use high speed, which eliminates burr, but causes a lot of vibration, affecting the accuracy of. We use the angle grinder only for cutting straight long sections. Such operations are performed at high speed. Complex shapes are not easy to cut, and the joining of angular cut lines depends on the skill of the tool.

The main disadvantage of cutting corrugated board with a grinder is not an exact match with the cutting line marking. Observance of safety rules excludes the use of the tool directly at the place of installation. It is forbidden to cut profiled sheet with a turbine in one hand.

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