How to cut a telescopic platband on the door. How to make the right choice

The device of telescopic chanting, varieties of such platbands, installation instructions

With the help of the platband, the gap between the door frame and the surface of the wall of the opening is equipped. This part serves only for the decorative design of this gap, since without it the door will function flawlessly, but its appearance will be unsightly.

Also, an unfinished appearance can be at the door structure, the dimensions of which do not coincide with the dimensions of the opening. If a wide box can always be cut, then it is quite difficult to build a narrow. In such cases, you can use different decorative elements for framing, most often it is a telescopic platband on the door.

Telescopic platband. what it is and how it is arranged

The meaning of the word “telescopic”. strongly increasing. The constructive and functional features of telescopic epaulets are associated with this. Its main function is an increase in the width of the door frame. This determines its design, in particular, the possibility of nominating one of its parts. In this case, the device differs from the standard in that the design has a thin fastener on the rear edge of the product. It is inserted into the door frame into a special groove. At the same time, regardless of the connection method, the mounting groove is necessarily blocked by self.tapping screws.

Telescopic platband is a kind of corner. Its design provides for one shelf, which, when installing the part, is placed in a special groove located along the entire length of the door of the door, so you can adjust the width of the frame. And this, in turn, leads to the closure of the missing details of the box.


Different types of telescopic epaulets differ only in the purpose and the presence of a good. Such elements of the door in construction stores are presented in two versions:

  • Standard-is a corner without any additional details. This type of product is able to expand the door frame by 2-5 cm.
  • Extended telescopic platbands. are able to increase the width of the door frame by 15 cm. Perhaps this is due to the presence of a preliminary bar.

Design features do not interfere with both models to cope with the set tasks.

Manufacturing materials and dimensions

Similar parts of the doors from various materials are made. Most often it is a wood-fiber slab, a wood-busting plate, wood, which can be coated (laminated or veneered). There are also models made of plastic and aluminum. Which of these devices to choose depends only on the door of the door, for example, for wooden structures the same telescopic platbands are needed, and for design made of wood.fiber slab. a part of similar raw materials.

If we are talking about sizes, then this parameter can be called conditional, since any epaulettes can be cut or equipped with a preliminary bar. Therefore, there is no fixed length or width. However, there are still parameters of the standard product:

  • The width of the decorative bar is 60 or 80 mm;
  • the width of the part that is inserted into the groove is 40 mm;
  • Length. 2.2 m (included 2 pcs.) and 1.2 m (included 1 pc.);
  • the width of the prefix rail is 80, 100 or 120 mm;

The length of the additional rail coincides with the length of the platbands.

To determine the required size of the product, you need to measure the distance from one edge of the doorway opening to another.

What is a telescopic platband?

With its outer appearance, it looks like a classic door barrier. The telescopic device is a protrusion that is used to connect this component with additional elements and frame.

G. figurative decorating element, photo

Important! Telescopic platband is used if the box exceeds the wall in thickness.

The protrusion that these details possesses ensures their strong fixation in the shared grooves of the end surface of the box.

Qualitatively installed telescopic platbands on the door become almost invisible, and the device itself acquires a finished look, reliability and wear resistance. But if the installation of telescopic platbands is made with errors, in which case this element will not enter the doorbox loosely. As a result, the gap is formed and as a result of this the door looks inaccurate.

The problem of insufficient width of the frame is solved by two types of products:

  • Template. Such products are a regular corner. Allow you to increase the width of the box by several centimeters;
  • The telescopic platband increases the width of the lover to 150 mm. The platbands of this species are equipped with a special groove.

Proper installation

The entire installation process is simple and passes quickly. The presence of a special tool will establish the required size of the box even to those who have no experience in carrying out construction work. It is important to understand the feature of the design and observe a clear sequence in the implementation of its assembly. You need to select the size and shape of the frame in advance.

List of special material and tools:

Carbide Insert parting Tool review (MGEHR1212-2)

  • Peorator;
  • drill-electrical screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • level (preferably laser);
  • liquid Nails;
  • Installation foam.

The assembly process will depend on the type of platbands used and the width of the box. For example, for non.standard width openings, platbands are used that contain a prescription bar. it can be hidden.

  • Carrying out (trimming) of a additional bar is carried out. The inhibits are attached to the selected quarter from the back of the box.
  • Then the bar is fixed using wedges (slices of the rail). It is important to make the wedges that are installed do not go beyond the plane of the walls.
  • The gaps between the frame and the wall are reliably overwhelmed and filled with mounting foam.
  • Telescopic platbands are mounted, after which they are cut. it is better to use a hacksaw. In order to avoid the formation of cracks between the details, the trimming process must be performed with increased accuracy.
telescopic, platband, door, make, right

The process of installing the platbands is that they are pushed into the appropriate grooves. They need to be strengthened as accurately as possible. They are fixed tightly, but in some cases, masters additionally use liquid nails. It should be taken into account that such an addition makes the design to be inexpressible. The result of the work. each side of the box should be one plane with good platbands and inputs.

Why maintain the integrity of the platbands?

Platbands are a decorative door decoration. But in addition to the decorative function, they increase the protection of the door from noise, heat loss and drafts. For the door, a set of platbands of four planks is used, which are installed around the perimeter. Wooden platbands are made of a drained array method by profile milling by. This allows them to give them a textured drawing.Platbands can be overhead and telescopic. As a material for their manufacture, different wooden rocks are used, covered with paint and varnishes. Therefore, when replacing the interior door, the platbands themselves can still retain their qualities and be used again. In addition, the old doors can be installed in the country or in the utility room, and damage to the platbands will lead to the need to buy new.

Experienced craftsmen prefer door products made of laminated and veneered wood.fiber plate or PVC. They are practically not exposed to external influences, serve for a long time and are highly reliable. In this case, depending on the material of manufacture, the installation of door platbands will vary. Wooden structures can be installed on liquid nails or mounted with thin nails without hats.

If nails with hats are used for installation, then the fasteners must be slightly shed, and the location of their location should be sealed with acrylic sealants in tone.

Liquid nails for fastening are used only if the walls are leveled. Otherwise, gaps will appear. Plastic panels are usually attached using glue. It is advisable to glue a flexible door cloth on the walls with minor irregularities. As for, outwardly not distinguishable from wooden, products made of wood.fiber plate, then it is more difficult to install them. Holes for nails in them are drilled in advance so as not to damage. over, the holes are made not through, but about 1 mm with a diameter.

Installation of platbands under 45 degrees. principle

This docking with the cutting of the ends is the simplest and most common. It involves pruning the locations of individual parts of the door kit at an angle of 45 degrees. Thus, you can install the platbands of any configuration. The decoration of the doorways with the platband allows you to completely hide the scraps of the nozzles, as a result of which the design looks beautiful and harmonious.

Installation of door planes at an angle of 45

Installation of platbands under 90 degrees. principle

Such a washed is used in cases where the shape of the door cashing is flat and looks like a rectangle in a cut. In this case, the location of the joints of the combustion does not matter. The connection of the strips is made at right angles relative to each other, and the upper platband should be invested between two lateral. Thanks to such manipulations, it is much easier to perform trimming and fit the joints.

Installation of a telescopic platband. principle

In cases where the walls are uneven, the best solution will be telescopic platbands. Such strips have a ledge located perpendicular to the front surface. It tightly adjacent to the door frame or dose. The finish by the telescopic element is to set the workpiece of the required length in the groove.

Features of removal of platbands

Dismantling the door begins with the removal of platbands. To understand how to remove the platbands from the door, you need to carefully study their design and prepare the tool. If the old platbands are no longer used, improvised tools can be used to dismantle them. But if they have decorative value, they need to be removed carefully. Compliance with the rules of dismantling to save from accidental damage to the wall, floor and doorway.Before the start of dismantling, it is necessary to cover the floor and furniture with a film, which is located near the door. During the dismantling of the platbands and doors, dust settles on all surfaces of the room. You need to use the tool carefully. The platbands fixed by nails are dismantled with a nail, an ax and a hammer. Removing platbands that are fixed to liquid nails without damaging will be much more difficult. The main task in this case will be protection against damage to the wall. The preservation of platbands is not always possible.The dismantling of the platbands may be required when replacing the door with their subsequent installation in the same place. Their removal is also required after repair if they are not suitable for a new interior. The complete replacement of the door is not needed.Before you remove the platbands from the door, it is necessary to determine the method of installation. There are several of them:

The final result of the installation should be a clear fastening of the element without gaps. Therefore, it is very important to correctly make measurements. When it is planned to make a joint at a right angle, you need to correctly fix the two verticals and put a horizontal part to them. Next, you need to determine the length of the horizontal part, applying the edge to the left stance and noting the intersection site. Installation at an angle of 45 should be carried out using.

Installation of platbands on interior doors 45 °. DIY in 4 minutes. Architrave

Fasten the cladding to the door as follows:

  • Apply two side blanks to the box.
  • Mark the lower Water and add 5 mm.
  • Cut the product at an angle.
  • Set the elements and control the distance between them.
  • Install the upper platband.

Installation of decorative products is carried out by nails without hats or hot nails. In this case, first you need to mark them in a step of 0.5 mm. On the inner surface before installing them in place, a transparent silicone sealant is applied.

Tips and recommendations

Before installing the door, leave the wallpaper supply in case the gaps remain after the installation. the small ones are easily masked by them. To make the opening look better, it is recommended to choose special nails with a small hat. The hammer is also used small in size so as not to damage the lining. Cloves are covered with mastic in tone.

Cutting in place. applying the platband to the doorway, floor or wall. This is not the best option, because walls and floor are never perfectly even. The error that appears with this approach is great.

To cut the platband, the transporter is also used. the corners are already drawn on it.

Advice! Not always installation of planks is needed. It is unacceptable for rooms with tiles. better use the plaster.

telescopic, platband, door, make, right

Installation of platbands. a mandatory stage in the design of the doorway. The right choice can even delay the door installation time, because the view will be good.

Installation methods

Installation of platbands should start from the side in which the door opens. This is due to the fact that the hinges interfere with the mounting of the bar to the door box. Therefore, you have to do an indent, the same on all sides.

It happens that the door is in the corner, then the platbands are installed only on two sides. Or you can saw off half the width of the bar and install it from the side of the adjacent wall (as in the photo).

There are also a case when the platband is installed only on one side. For example, when the slopes from other sides are finished with tiles or something else.

Cashing out of different types. Determining criteria are material, shape, type of fastening.

  • Straight and flat, have a rectangular section. Due to their neutrality, they approach any interior, but especially to the style of minimalism. They join mainly at right angles, but can be cut off at 45 °.
  • Curly, or carved. Have a gorgeous look thanks to the relief surface. Used in the classic style. Give elegance to any room. Expensive products are made of wood, decorated with patterns of flowers, leaves. Cheaper analogues of wood.fiber slab, having a simple and less pronounced relief are cheaper.
  • Rounded, have an oval section. Have an interesting shape, milling. The angles during docking are always washed down under 45 °. Neutral enough, suitable in any interior. Made from various materials, there are different colors.

On the internal device, door planks are simple, or monolithic, and with a cable channel.


Wooden platbands are in demand, although not the cheapest. Popularity is due to practicality and environmental friendliness. Are made of different breeds of trees, but most often. from pine. For the production of more expensive products, beech, oak, wenge are used.

Have a long service life, retain an attractive appearance for a long time, provided that the correct installation. Decorative platbands on wooden door are considered universal, since they are suitable for canvases from different materials. But best. combined with wooden.

telescopic, platband, door, make, right

The disadvantage of such products is that under the influence of environmental factors (high humidity and temperature changes) they will be deformed, but this will easily help correct the restoration. Deformation can be avoided by applying a stain or impregnation to the wood. It is recommended to use these planks in buildings with a stable microclimate. Wooden platbands are mounted on glue and nails without hats.

Glaces made of wood.fiber slab are cheaper than wooden, but at the same time are not inferior in either external characteristics or quality. Since such strips have a PVC protective film (lamination), they are even more resistant to moisture. Nevertheless, such products are recommended to be used in rooms with low humidity: living room or bedroom.

The disadvantages include the fact that in the places of incisions the film can exfoliate. The best option is the products veneered by natural wood (the front part is pasted with a thin cut of wooden array). Such cash is attached with glue or liquid nails.


Plastic platbands per door are the most practical and durable. They are light and do not require care (it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth), retain their appearance for a long time, since they are resistant to sunlight and moisture. Not prone to mold. Can be mounted even on street doors. For fastening, it is recommended to use glue so as not to damage the surface.


Metal are considered the strongest. Most often made of steel or aluminum. Look quite original, so they are not suitable for all interiors. Resistant to temperature extremes and moisture exposure, are not deformed. Such platbands are mounted on metal street doors, strengthening the door boxes. They look harmonious with glass doors.


Original gypsum stucco molding is used in the decoration of premises in medieval style. The most appropriate use of such cashing is considered in a room with ceiling or wall stucco. In a room lined with wood, such a cashing of doors will be inappropriate. Gypsum. more fragile compared to other materials, crumbles from blows. For installation and restoration, special skills are needed.


Ceramic platbands are used in rooms with stone cladding. In most cases, such products are installed in kitchens and bathrooms. Of the shortcomings, one can note a large weight and high cost of products.


Polyurethane are less popular compared to other species. Although they are easy to care for, have an attractive appearance and long life.


Telescopic platbands on the door are curved along the entire length, easily and quickly mounted. There are special grooves for fastening, so the joints and gaps are disguised well. One side of the product is rounded and adjacent directly to the wall, and the other is bent down in a special way, due to which it enters the groove. Such strips can be attached not only to the box, but also to the inputs.

Complex cases

Not all doors are installed so that the platbands are installed without problems. Difficulties can be different.

The most common option is one of the walls is too close. If there is at least some gap, you need to saw off from one plan “extra”. Only the assembly will then be in a different order: install the uncircumcised side bar, to it the upper one, and put the very latter to it.

Sometimes the wall thickness is larger than the width of the door frame. Then either they put an additional bar-preference, or use the Mr. Depends on the distance that does not overlap the box. If small-1-2 cm, you can block the platband, you need to close more solid good.

When gluing platbands, you can fix them with clamps

Installation of platbands on interior doors. Secrets: how to fix without nails, telescopic platbands

Platbands are the decor elements used in the decoration of door and window openings. They are used to conceal the cracks. Thereby serve to improve the appearance of doors and windows. There are two types of platbands: external and internal. In this article we will talk about platbands for interior doors. They can vary in material, color, shape and method of fastening.

  • Types of platbands
  • Necessary tool
  • Types of fasteners
  • Finish nails
  • Liquid Nails
  • Self.tapping screws
  • Bees
  • Installation methods
  • At an angle 90
  • At an angle 45
  • Telescopic platbands
  • Installation of plastic platbands
  • Drinking platband with skirting boards

Even before the choice of platbands, you should know that you need to install them on interior doors only after the end of the wall decoration is completed and until laying floor skirting boards.

Types of platbands

In order to make it easier to choose platbands, or as they are also called. planks, let’s figure out what they are at all. First of all, they look at the material from which they are made:

Wooden strips are considered the most universal, as they can be painted in the desired color. They are attached to liquid nails, if the wall is flat, or on nails without hats.

Laminated platbands made of wood.fiber slab (finely dispersion fraction) are difficult to distinguish from wooden. But unlike the previous ones, they will not work to paint them, so they choose from ready.made flowers. For wood.fiber slab any of the possible fastening options. When attaching to nails without hats, it is necessary to drill non.water openings in advance.

PVC products are usually used with plastic doors. They are attached to either glue or on the mounting venue profile.

Metal products are undoubtedly the most reliable and durable. often than others are found steel and aluminum. However, this type of platbands has a specific appearance and are mainly used on the front doors.

There are also gypsum, ceramic and polyurethane platbands. But they differ not by the usual appearance and are rarely used in ordinary, residential apartments, houses. They also do not differ in strength.

In addition to the material, platbands differ in the method of fastening: overhead and telescopic. The latter have their own grooves for fastening.

Necessary tool

You will need you to install the platbands:

Types mount

Before installing the platbands on the workpiece, it is necessary to note the angle of the cut and the desired length. According to this marking, the bar is cut off with a end saw, and in case of its absence by a hacksaw using a stamp, which will help cut off at an angle of 45 degrees. As in any other case, the tool is better to use high.quality. This will help to avoid unnecessary irregularities, inaccuracies and, accordingly, unnecessary problems.

Flat form platbands are attached at an angle of 90 degrees, wooden and wood.fiber slab. at an angle of 45 degrees. Consider possible fixation options.

Finish nails

Wooden and wood.fiber slab are easier and better to fix with nails with flat hats. Then, if necessary, they are easily dismantled. And so that the platbands do not dismantle themselves and hold tight, the nail should be driven into the door frame by at least 20. 25 mm. The distance between the nails is better to make the same. To simplify the task, you can first drill through the through holes in the lank. At the end, so that the nails do not violate the appearance, they can be painted over with a wax pencil.

Also, nails can be driven first into the doorbell. Then remove their hats from their nippers. The length of the visible part of the nail without a hat should not be more than the thickness of the bar. Further, having put the platband to the nails, at the location of these nails, a wooden beam wrapped in the fabric is applied to the bar, and with a few lightweight beats, the bar is planted on a nail.

Liquid Nails

For an impeccable appearance, without visible fixation elements, special glue is used. “liquid nails”. However, this method is weakly fixed and difficult to dismantle. In addition, it can only be used on impeccably even walls. But if you decide that this method of fastening is the most suitable for you, then apply the adhesive to the back of the platband and firmly lean against the wall. In the case of the interior door, it is enough to hold the bar in this position for about a minute.

This method is similar to the first, using finish nails. Naturally, instead of nails there are screws here. The attachment procedure is similar. The top should be drowned in the bar and painted with a wax pencil.

Bowling fastening

This differs in that it does not use any of the above mounts. The platband itself is equipped with a lock, in shape very similar to the beak. Hence the name. This mount is inserted into a recess on the door frame. Thus, outwardly the mount is not visible in any way. But after time, joints can be destroyed, then they will need to be treated with glue.

Installation methods

Installation of platbands should start from the side in which the door opens. This is due to the fact that the hinges interfere with the mounting of the bar to the door box. Therefore, you have to do an indent, the same on all sides.

It happens that the door is in the corner, then the platbands are installed only on two sides. Or you can saw off half the width of the bar and install it from the side of the adjacent wall (as in the photo).

There are also a case when the platband is installed only on one side. For example, when the slopes from other sides are finished with tiles or something else.

Mount at an angle 90

This version of fastening uses a flat shape. Seats of cuts should be treated with varnish or acrylic paint. The seam can be made both horizontal and vertical.

Mount at an angle 45

This method is suitable for curly and rounded platbands. The procedure is as follows:

Measure the height of vertical planks from the floor. They are placed on the floor, therefore, their joints with skirting boards will be from the side. The height of vertical elements is measured from the floor. The strips from below are placed on the flooring, which is why the joints of skirting boards and door platbands are obtained from the side.

Telescopic platband: what is it and its features

The door platoon is designed to perform one function. as a rule, an unsightly connection of the door frame with an opening in the wall. Simply put, this is a trim that plays an exclusively decorative role. the doors will work without it, but they will have a view of at least unfinished. Also, the unfinished species have doors, the box of which in its width does not coincide with the thickness of the wall, in the opening of which they are installed. a wide box can still be cut, but the narrowly is increased only to the detriment of the appearance. This issue is resolved in two ways. the box is either equipped with inputs, or the so.called telescopic platband is used, which will be discussed in this article, in which together with the Dveridoma website.NET We will deal with its features.

Telescopic platbands on the door photo

Telescopic platband: what is it and how it is arranged

This type of platband is practically unlike the familiar telescopic things for us, and it is possible to call it only conditionally. yes, it performs its functions to increase the width of the door box, but does this not quite as it provides for the concept of “telescopic”. It does not extend. it will be more correct to say whether it is put forward or regulated. At its core, this is an ordinary corner, one shelf of which during the installation process is placed in the groove at the end of the door frame. setting door telescopic platbands into the groove, you can insert it deeper or smaller. It is due to this that an increase occurs, and it would be more correct to say that the missing part of the door frame is blocked. in fact, this is a platband combined with a prescription rail.

There are two types of such products that easily allow solving the issue of lack of a door box width. these are standard telescopic platbands on the door and, so to speak, their expanded version.

  • The standard platbands of this plan are only one corner and nothing more. its task includes increasing the width of the door frame by a maximum of a couple of centimeters.
  • In contrast, an extended version of the telescopic platband allows you to increase the width of the louds to 150mm. The platbands of this type are additionally equipped with a preliminary bar with a special groove under the corner platband.

In principle, both of the options of such products fully copes with the tasks set before them. as you know, they differ from each other only by purpose and the presence of a doors for doors. But these are not all varieties of telescopic platbands. additionally they can be classified according to two more signs, which we will talk about further.

What are the telescopic platbands: varieties

The signs mentioned above, according to which telescopic platbands can be divided into two more groups, are nothing more than the material from which they are made, as well as the size.

  • Material. Everything here is quite standard, and in this regard, the telescopic platband is not much different from its usual brother. They can be made of materials such as a wood-fiber slab, wood-bearing plate, wood, which in turn can have a laminated or veneered coating, plastic and even aluminum. The choice of between this or another material is also not a problem. The principle of simple. wooden doors wooden platbands, and doors made of wood.fiber slab, respectively, platbands of the same material.
  • The dimensions of the telescopic platband. The concept of purely conditional, especially when it comes to an extended version of this product. it should be understood that any platband, like a premature bar, can always be cut across and along. Another thing is the feasibility of such an approach to business, the wider and longer the platband, the more it is more expensive. As they say, why pay more if you can do with a minimum? In general, if specified, the dimensions of telescopic sizes can be described by the following numbers that are not very different from the size of ordinary platbands. The width of the decorative bar, as a rule, is 60 or 80mm, the width of the platbands inserted into the groove in most cases is a fixed one and is 40mm on the outer side. Standard length. the kit includes two platbands of 2.2m and one platband 1.2m. If we talk about the width of an additional additional rail, then it can be 80mm and 100, and even 120mm. Its length is the same as the platband itself.

How to install telescopic platbands photo

In principle, this is all that can be said about the varieties of telescopic platbands for doors.

How to install telescopic platbands: installation nuances

For a greater understanding of the essence of this issue and in order to avoid unnecessary problems, we will consider the technology for installing these products using the example of an extended version of the telescopic platband. By paragraphs, this process can be represented as the following sequence of work.

telescopic, platband, door, make, right
  • Capaches and a prescription rail fitting. In fact, it needs to be cut at least at one at least one and a maximum of two sizes. it is adjusted to the opening and, accordingly, under the door frame you need both the length of the platband and the width of the additional bar that comes with it in the kit. Everything here is quite simple, and most importantly, not to be mistaken in size. millimeters are important. If they do not take them into account, you will get the cracks in the places of connection of the vertical and horizontal platband. such slots look very, very ugly. If we talk specifically about the installation of the platband with a telescopic pretext, then first of all, the pre.tributary strips themselves are cut. the platband at this stage of work must be left alone until the moment it is fully installed and, most importantly, the preference is fixed to.
  • Installation of good. Standardly on one side of the door box (on the back) there is a selected quarter. this is a seat for a prescription rail. It is in it that you need to install the bar. it is simply inserted and licks in the area of ​​the selected quarter with blades or slices of the rail. The most important thing is that these wedges do not protrude beyond the wall. After they are arranged, the space between the diving and the opening is simply filled with mounting foam. There is one nuance here. if you do not want to burst dobes with jumpers, preventing the pernicious effect of the expansion of the foam in this way, then choose a polyurethane sealant with low pressure during the solidification process. As a rule, it is marked with the number 65. for example, Makroflex 65.

Liquid Nails

For an impeccable appearance, without visible fixation elements, special glue is used. “liquid nails”. However, this method is weakly fixed and difficult to dismantle. In addition, it can only be used on impeccably even walls. But if you decide that this method of fastening is the most suitable for you, then apply the adhesive to the back of the platband and firmly lean against the wall. In the case of the interior door, it is enough to hold the bar in this position for about a minute.

How and to fix the platbands in a wooden house

Owners of a wooden house faced the fact that installation is carried out for casing. Cart is a framing of wood opening, which is not fixed rigidly with the walls, but is kept due to friction in the castle type of comb/groove. It is made from a thick timber. The frame is attached to it. The platbands also mount to the casing.

For fastening, you can use doughs, or finish nails. The finish nails have no hats. They are practically not visible. Squares use “deaf”. They are small.sized wood cylinders. A hole is made on the back of the dimensions. The same hole is made on casing. Then the structure is attached with glue. It is applied to the fant. The process is laborious. If not confident in their abilities. Then use the finish nails.

Installation algorithm

First of all, a universal slope is assembled. The installation of this part is provided for the entire perimeter of the doorway. For wear.resistant fastening, it is advisable to operate the starting molding, where one end of the slope is inserted. The second is attached to the crate with mounting screws. Thus, in the corners the slopes are joined with each other, as a result of which an imaginary letter “g” arises at an angle of 45 °.

The next step is to install a directly telescopic platband. Before you start full.fledged installation, it is necessary to cut it with a hacksaw or electric saw. Walked should be done on the front side. This will help to avoid irregularities, the work will be done carefully. The front part (“nose”) should be on the same surface with a mounting groove. After cutting, you need to cut off part of the shelf, and the joints must be treated with a thermal pistol. If there is no way to use hot glue, you can safely get by with any other. The main thing is that it is colorless. After that, the frame is ready for installation. The nose must be inserted into the assembly groove, and the other end should be fixed using screws. The finish ends with the installation of facade elements, which are also attached to the crate or wall, if the installation of the platband is carried out on the window.

Instructions for installing inhabitations

In addition, some professionals prefer to attach dobages on an unidentified box.

In the groove

The easiest method of attaching dobage is in the groove. At the same time, it means not only the telescopic system, but also a quarter selected in the box. The presence of a quarter (but not a telescopic groove) allows you to move the preference deeper into the box or vice versa, put forward to find the most optimal position of the preliminary bar. The installation process includes the following operations:

  • The panels with an electrician or other cutting tool are given to the size. At the same time, two points should not be missed:
  • The upper bar is laid on the vertical panels of the input (in the collected form forms the letter “P”), in connection with which, its length should be larger to the thickness of vertical strips;
  • Designing the width of the inlet, you need to take into account the size of the groove.

The edge after circumcision should be perfectly even so that there are no cracks. not very beautiful and draft. Achieve this using a rubbish;

  • The upper bar is started in a quarter. Using the leveling and wedges, it is aligned horizontally, after which it is glued to the wall and box with construction tape;

Attention: The telescopic system is assembled as a constructor. For the stability of the door block, the ends of the additional board are planted on PVA glue (the best option) or “liquid nails”.

Important: when working without spacers, only with wedges and tape, damping is carried out in stages in order to expand, the foam does not squeeze the dobages in the middle of the opening.

The work is completed by the removal of the protruding foam and the installation of platbands.

On cloves

Now let’s look at how to put dobages on an interior door without a groove. In this case, the installation can be made on small carnations, self.tapping screws and foam. The first operations are the same for all mounting methods:

  • Continuous strips are cut into the required size. There is no need to add width, since there is no groove (quarter);
  • The cut places are trimmed with a shirt;
  • A chomic tape is glued to the prepared ends. under the hot iron, the glue on the wrong side of the tape melts, ensuring reliable grip of the bromous tape with a prescription board.

Further technology diverge. For attaching to nails, small cloves (half) are clogged from the box in the ends of the box with a step of 200-250 mm. If glue is additionally used, then 3 pieces are enough for vertical racks, horizontal. one. The hats are bitten by pliers at an acute angle.

Side strips are installed close to the box, after which they are nailed to the door block (nailed to the drama with cloves). It is necessary to nail evenly, otherwise you can allow a skew. The process ends with the installation of a horizontal board: put on nailed dates, check the corners and horizontal, and then bend with a hammer.

Self.tapping screws

After bringing in size (as in the previous example) they are placed close to the box. On the back of the door block with an electric screwdriver or drill, the hole is drilled so that the drill enters a few centimeters into a prescription bar. The diameter of the drill should be 1 mm less than the size of the fastener. After drilling all holes, the preference is attracted to the box with self.tapping screws. Their heads will then be hidden by platbands.

You can do it differently: drill through a prescription bar, which is more difficult.

On foam

The in size of the inhabitants are placed close to the box. With the help of wedges, spacers and construction tape are exhibited vertically and horizontally. The abandoned gap is covered with mounting foam. perfect glue.

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