How to cut an organic glass with a laser at home. Is it possible to cut a corner grinder

How to cut plexiglass

Speed ​​and power settings are set in accordance with what power the laser tube is installed. Usually, when cutting plexiglass, the settings are the same as when cutting plywood. The quality of the cut product with an increase in the number of passes falls. You should always cut out a plexiglass from one pass. In the second and subsequent passage, the acrylic pair settles on the walls, the roughness of the edge, bubbles occur, this is especially evident on the material from 5 to 10 mm. Settings must be selected on the sample so that there are no problems in the production of finished products. With a short cut of the material, you should either increase the power of the emitter, or reduce the speed of movement.

New methods of cutting plexiglass at home are constantly appearing on the Internet. Masters advise using a jigsaw. The main condition is the presence of a speed control function.

For sawing files are used specifically for this material. If they were not at hand, you can take firewood. They will also cope with the task of cutting a plexiglass at home.

Gyorsan össze dobtam egy gérvágót.45 degree tile cutting.

Organization cutting is carried out at a minimum speed. Take files with the least teeth. If you increase the speed, Plexiglas begins to melt in the cut area, the color of the seams becomes white. In some spaces, this is unacceptable.

We cut at home

To begin with, the plexiglass has a very low thermal conductivity, so it is recommended to cut the sheets of the house with a minimum possible thickness and maximum speed to avoid accidents, because the cutting place instantly heats up. If you use a milling machine or circular saw, then when cutting, the plexiglass can burn out and foam, so you need to think in advance about cooling. Water or a strong air flow. So, how to cut plexiglass at home in the most famous ways:

The sheet should be placed on a flat surface (floor, table), it is necessary to put a steel ruler instead of a cut and adjust its position so that it lay exactly parallel to the opposite edge, that is, directly. Then, holding the ruler, you need to cut the cutter several times on the formed mowing fishing line. So that you cut the sheet in half and more of its thickness, and then easily broke off an unnecessary piece with your hands.

When all the necessary pieces are cut, you must use the burner to remove excess in damaged slices, and then start cleaning them with a carpenter. And then, if necessary, you can polish with sandpaper.

Using a nichrome thread.

This method allows you to melt a whole sheet of figures from plexiglass of completely different shapes. The nichrome thread connected to the transformer can help you melt any forms that you can use to decorate your home and garden or use on a farm. Shelves, holders, protective glazing for paintings and photos and much more.

It turns out that plexiglass can be processed at home, there would be a desire, and we have fantasy and so on along the edge. Since grandmother liked our amateur performances, we made jewelry from what was left in her house and admired them. Now take a rest and don’t wake me up, even if the sky decides to fall to the ground.

The main methods of cutting glass from plastic

If you do not plan to cut polymer glass yourself, but are going to make a product from it, then you can contact any workshop for help, where you will be cut any size according to your sketches, in any form. Only you will select the material yourself, and with the rest you can consult with the master of the company where you turned.

  • The most popular method of cutting in production is laser, allows you to cut large sheets with a laser beam. The details are accurate, and the remains after such processing do not happen.
  • In the workshops you can find a special machine for cutting plexiglass in the form of a disk or strip saw. If a laser is needed for a straight section by an exact cut, then a saw can cut out any of your orders for the most difficult blank. True, do not expect even and smooth lines from this tool. For perfect surface processing by cutting, cutter is suitable.
  • Freak is a machine for cutting wood, plastics, acrylam. And with a competent approach and correctly selected revolutions, it will perfectly cut out any, even a complex surface from a plexiglass.

Since plexiglass is heated, the processing is performed at high speeds.

Cutting plexiglass at home

  • The main option for the house is cutting polymer glass with a cutter. First, with the help of the ruler, all lines for cuts are planned. Then they spend several times along these lines with a cutter. No need to cut the thickness of the entire markup, you just need to break the sheet, leaving a cut on the line several times. A cut knife can be made independently, but it’s easier to buy it in any construction store.
  • The easiest way to cut is the use of a hacksaw for metal. Many are reluctant to use this method due to the resulting untidy and rough cut, which will need to be processed.
  • Successful for cutting are a circular saw and cuts up to 1 mm thick. But in this case, it will sometimes be necessary to cool the saw, since the surface may remain rough, and when decorating, the work may be accompanied by the release of unpleasant smoke. If water is used in the process for cooling, then the edge of the incision is even and quite transparent.
  • Just as in the case of a bend, we cut the surface of the organic wiper with a nichrome thread. For heating the thread, we use a transformer, and from action wire will come the glass melting. In this case, you can cut out indirect lines, and even figured sections.
  • On the advice of home masters, many devices can be used to cut out of glass. For example, a slotted screwdriver is suitable in alliance with a soldering iron. The blade of the screwdriver is heated with a soldering iron and a screwdriver is drawn for a cutting trimmer. Then the glass breaks without problems.
  • It looks very beautiful in the photo furniture made of plexiglass. On your own, you can, for example, cover the surface of any table in the house with a figure glass. For these purposes, a special figured cutter is picked up.

It turns out polymer glass can be processed with any locksmith tool, the main thing is not just cut, but by a given size and using the correct technology.

grateful and presented material. It is quite easy to process and is often used in everyday life. It is much easier to work with it, but you need to know some features to cut plexiglass at home.

Orgshydlo softens well when heated, which allows it to give it any form. This is a profitable property for the manufacture of various decorative crafts.

Orgephylo is quite simply processed by all locksmith tools, which allows you to not only cut, glass for photo frames, but also build a transparent gazebo or greenhouse.

Depending on the use of plexiglass, you can choose different cutting tools.

Production methods of cutting

On an industrial scale, plexiglass is processed using the following technologies:

organic, glass, laser, home, possible
  • Milling cutting. Processing occurs on special milling machines with a rotation speed up to 4000 rpm.
  • Band-saw. Used for curved cuts. Final grinding is required, t. to. The cut quality is low.
  • Circular Saw. You can get an even cut with a clean edge.

Laser cutting

The most popular way of processing plexiglass is laser cutting. The material is cut on special equipment using a laser beam. The method guarantees a high level of accuracy (up to 0.005 mm) and the minimum waste amount. The laser allows you to make the edges of the cut smooth and transparent. However, after cutting on a laser machine in an organex, a high internal voltage remains, and it is not recommended to glue parts made in this way.

Can We Cut Glass Using Angle Grinder (2 Awesome Experiment)

Orgagdlo is a synthetic material created from complex ether of metacrilic acid. The correct name is polymethyl methacrylate, but due to the complexity of the pronunciation, several names were fixed behind it: acrylic, acrylic glass, plexiglass.

Highly molecular weight layer organes more durable.

It is quite difficult to distinguish it from glass at a large distance. When cutting organic glass with modern power tools, problems arise due to adhesion to the saw disk of small particles of organic material.Transparent plexiglass before cutting plexiglass, you need to familiarize yourself with some of its properties that affect the operation of the power tool. This plastic melts at a temperature of 160 degrees. You can bend leaf material at 90-100 ° C.

Therefore, the thick plates of the implosion is treated with an ordinary disc drop on fast speeds

What tool to use, what to look for in this article

The thickness of the plexiglass. how to choose the thickness of an plexiglass for a design or product.

Some tips for choosing a thickness of organic systems in the manufacture of products or structures with elements of plexiglass. Information is provided for introductory purposes.

Orex-glass of 1.5mm- a standard sheet of size 20503050 has an approximately 11.2 kg weight. Orgags of this thickness is usually used for the manufacture of various advertising stands, valuable holders, booklets and businessmakers of which the side of which does not exceed 200 mm. of 1.5mm thick is very flexible and is well lend itself to forming and processing.

A plexiglass 2 mm orgpes of a standard size has a weight of 13.4 kg, this thickness is also used for the manufacture of advertising stands, s and viewing windows. 2mm outflow can be used as a stitching screen for photographs and paintings.

A plexiglass 3 mm. sheet acrylic 2,053.05 meters has a weight of 22.3 kg, with a given thickness of plexiglasses, it is used for the manufacture of observation and protective screens and windows, used for the manufacture of structures of the transparent side of which does not exceed 600 mm. Three millimeters millennium miller are used for the manufacture of Lite boxes and luminous signs. Transparent 3 mm plexiglass is used for glazing small windows, replacing side glasses in a car, windshield in a motorcycle or moped. Cards made of plexiglass to a ceiling type Armstrong 600600 mm from transparent plexiglass and milk.

A plexiglass 4 mm- Standard orgtead sheet weighs 29.8 kg. Transparent and colored plexiglasses are used for the manufacture of signs and signs, extensions of organes and structures, one of the sides of which is more than 800 mm. Orgashylo can be used for the manufacture of small shelves, partitions, glazing windows and as a replacement of car glass. An alternative to glass in a motorcycle or scooter can be 4mm plexiglass.

Orex 5 mm- weight 37.2 kg. Acrylic sheets of 5mm thick use for the manufacture of transparent structures one of the sides of which does not exceed 1 m, can be used as protective screens of windows, replacing the windshield of a boat or boat, combine or tractor. 5 mm plexiglass is suitable for the manufacture of complex design structures. Acrylic leaf does not limit your imagination and are applicable to implement any even the most difficult solutions.

Equagell 6 mm. weight of the acrylic sheet 44.6 kg. Organizations are used for glazing industrial and industrial premises, can be used for protective screens of devices, masks, helmets. 6 mm plexiglasses can be glazed by planes and boats, also manufacture instruments and viewing windows.

Orex 8 mm orgpes sheet 8 mm thick with a size of 20503055 mm has a weight of 59.5 kg. Acrylites (signs made of organes with engraving and backlight), logos, letters, signs for entrance groups and reception can be made from an plexiglass 8mm thick, can be used for glazing yachts, boats, wagons, aircraft and helicopters.

Orex 10 mm. Weight of a sheet of organic glass 74.4 kg. From a sheet ten millimeters thick, you can make acrylics, reward products, you can make various furniture from organized engines for clubs, apartments, offices and cafes, table advertising. Presentation stands and racks with complex shapes, as well as interior design with elements of aquariums. 10 mm plexiglasses are used for the manufacture of basketball shields, protective screens of devices.

Orgashylo 12 mm. Sheet size: 2050x3050mm, weight 89.3 kg. Wide scope of application: fences, partitions, aquariums, glazing, furniture, demonstration structures, transparent stairs, stands, scenes and steps.

organic, glass, laser, home, possible

Orgsheglo 20mm. 148.80kg is applicable for the manufacture of furniture, interior elements, stairs, aquariums, awnings, pavilions for the pool, at sports and spectacular facilities as protective screens.

It is possible to buy plexiglass with a sharp in your dimensions or details, as well as the manufacture of structures and products made of plexiglass in our enterprise. Delivery of Orgsgla in Ukraine: Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Zaporozhye, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Lutsk, Lviv, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Rivne, Ternopol, Uzhgorod, Kharkov, Kherson, Khmelnitsky, Cherkasy, Chernihiv Chernivtsi.

Cutting or sawing

To perform this operation, the saws are mainly used:

organic, glass, laser, home, possible

Disk saws

In industry, acrylic is usually cut on cutting disc saws with a table, and in trade. vertical panel. In mass production, automatic cutting lines equipped with computer control are used. The technological map must be mutually linked by three main parameters:

When cutting thick (more than three millimeters) sheets and blocks, cooling the cut zone (for example, with cooling spray guns should be used without fail). Although quite often this requirement is neglected for two reasons:

  • There is no way to install a cooling node (due to the lack of free space);
  • Unwillingness to introduce an additional operation of cleaning the workpiece before the subsequent operation (gluing, for example, or painting).

Ribbon saws

Ribbon saws, which are usually used for work on metal and wood, are often used to cut the edges of molded plexiglass products and contour cutting of organic glass. As a result of the use of strip saws of the fishing line for the cutting trimmer, it turns out quite rough, so the subsequent requires additional processing. Depending on the cutting contour, the saw width is selected in the range of 3. 13mm. Number of teeth. from 3 to 8pcs. one centimeter of the length of the canvas.

Cutting organic glass at home is a fairly simple operation that can be performed using improvised tools. In order to decide how and how to cut the plexiglass, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the sheets, the presence of curved elements in details, as well as a set of tools that are available in a home master. The most universal is the method using a milling cutter and a nichrome thread, and the simplest method is cutting using a hacksaw.

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Industrial cutting: use of laser, milling cutters

Production cutting of organic glass is performed using special equipment. laser. This achieves the accuracy and purity of the resulting cut, and also increases the performance of the work.

The cutting of an organic glass with a laser is carried out on the stream lines, and a machine with software control is used for small episodes or individual orders. It easily reconfigures to a new order to perform work.

Organization cutting on an industrial scale is carried out on a machine with a vertical cutter.

A leaf of organic glass is fixed on the table, the speed of cutting, rotation of the cutter, the cutting parameters of the cut circuit is set into the machine program. The milling cutter moves along the marked sheet of plexiglass.

To apply engraving on plexiglass, you can use a engraving tool on the same machine.

For this, changes are made to the program of the machine. This achieves the versatility of the method. It turns out the contour of the desired size and the drawing on it.

Production methods of cutting

One of the advantages that allow wide use of plexiglass can be called light weight and good flexibility. This is especially important when installing a gazebo or greenhouse, so to create these structures a large amount of organic glass is often required with a variety of dimensions.

Many are interested in the question of how the plexiglass is cut, and what tools are used for this? After all, if you do not know certain technological subtleties, it is quite easy to damage this material. For processing large volumes, industrial cutting methods and appropriate equipment are most often used:

Some time ago, special milling machines were most often used, which have at least 4,000 rpm rotation speeds per minute. Corruption milling cutting is used in cases where it is necessary that the material does not have time to quickly warm up in the cut area. After cutting, a number of additional operations are usually performed, which include polishing or engraving.

Today, one of the most popular ways is to cut glass with a laser. Only in this way can accuracy be achieved up to 0.005 millimeters, which became possible thanks to the width of the laser beam in 0.1 millimeter. The edges of the cut are immediately transparent and absolutely smooth, and there are practically no waste.

In the same way, industrial cutting of polycarbonate or polypropylene is carried out. The disadvantage can be considered that this method affects the internal voltage of the material, after which it is not recommended to glue such a composite.

Ribbon saws are more often used to cut out the workpieces from plexiglass. The negative side of this method can be called that the cut will go out somewhat curved. A direct section gives a disc saw, but you need to be able to work with this tool, as well as comply with certain caution rules during operation.

Some features of the use of industrial equipment

Before cutting saw or use a milling machine, some precautions should be taken. The material heats up quickly and begins not only to melt, but also to smoke. It is required to constantly cool. To do this, use a strong flow of air or ordinary water. One liter of water is enough to work calmly for an hour.

The container is installed on one of the sides, and the water enters the plastic hose with a diameter of about 2.5 millimeters. This allows you to make a straight and even cut without melted edges.

Cutting plexiglass at home using a milling machine or laser installation in most cases is impossible, as this complex technical equipment costs a lot of money and occupies a large space. At the same time, workshops with such machines appear in many cities in large quantities, which allows you to use the services of professionals.

Special equipment products are cut out with a high.speed tool. This allows you to get an even and high.quality seam. The speed of such equipment can be up to 4 thousand revolutions per minute. After that, the plexiglass undergoes additional machining.

organic, glass, laser, home, possible

However, do not forget that this material has slight thermal conductivity. As a result of cutting at high speed, the edges can quickly heat up. Some instruments provide for “Orgage” mode.

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Cut the plexiglass with a cut

Methods of cutting plexiglass at home can be completely different. Someone uses a hacksaw for metal, and someone is a cutter. In fact, this tool is a saw with only one tooth. To cut the plexiglass, a metal line of a certain length will be required. This tool must be placed on a material sheet in the place where it needs to be divided. After that, it is required to carry out a cutter along the ruler.

Когда срез дойдет до ½ толщины листа, можно остановиться, а затем аккуратно доломать материал. If defects have appeared, then they can be smoothed out. For this, it is necessary to treat the edge of the organic wagons with sandpaper. If desired, the cutter can be made independently from the sandpaper. Some experienced craftsmen use pieces of glasses. With this method, reliable hand protection is required.

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All about independent cutting of organes


For work, only a jigsaw with an adjustable number of revolutions is chosen. It is best to take metal files, if this is not possible, the blades for the tree are also suitable. In this case, they should be with small and frequent teeth. An electrician can be performed not only by a direct cut, but also a curved. True, it will not be easy to do. In any case, they start with markings.

The file is placed on the fishing line for the trimmer cut, turn on the tool. Choose the smallest speed and minimum speed. Try to move slowly so that the saw does not warm up. When signs of melting the material appear, the work is stopped, poured onto the cut of cold water. It’s easy to notice the melting. Plastic in the section of the section becomes milky white, a smoke appears and a characteristic smell appears.

The methods of sawing plexiglass

If you decide to engage in the manufacture of some products from acrylic or maybe you need to repair the product that has a product, then it is quite possible for you to drink it to remove the deformed element. The following methods are available at home:

  • Use a scum for metal. An plexiglass with a thickness of 8 mm can easily be cut with this tool, but be prepared for the fact that the place of the cut will turn out to be inaccurate, you will need additional grinding with a file or a file.
  • You can use the cutter. The method looks as follows: on an element of organic glass, which needs to be cut off, a line made of metal is pressed, then draw a couple of times with a cutter. The thickness is cut into half and carefully pierce it.
  • Circular saw is also suitable, it can easily cope with an organic glass of 8 mm or thicker. Some masters use metal mills, the thickness of which is from 0.5-1 mm. In the process of working with milling cutters, they are relatively fast, this leads to the release of smoke, while the surface acquires roughness, and due to high temperature it can be foamed. To avoid such a result, the saw must be cooled in the process. To do this, you can install a container with water on one side of the cutter and serve it on a plastic hose from there. When organizing such cooling, you can achieve a neat and transparent cut.
  • If necessary, cut an 8 millimeter or other sheet of plexiglass is not on a flat line, you can use a nichrome thread. This will need to build a small cutting tool. The nichrome thread will need to be heated well, for this it is connected to a 24V transformer or less. When the thread is heated, it can be cut by acrylic according to the pre.prescribed trajectory.
  • Another method to cut an organic glass with a thickness of 8 mm or with other parameters, to use a slotted screwdriver. Having attached her end to the place of the cut, the blade is heated with a soldier for 25W. Code temperature reaches the melting of the material, with a sharp movement it is necessary to draw a straight line for a trimmer along the guide ruler. Then it remains to just break off the part, it will be very simple to do.

As can be seen from the information given, the cutting of an organic glass at home is a completely simple task. Home craftsmen use these methods, as well as adapt and come up with more convenient and accessible methods. So you can use a jigsaw, and if the thickness of the material is less than 2 mm, even an ordinary stationery knife will cope with cutting.

Regardless of the chosen cutting method or cutting, to obtain a neat cut place, it is recommended to polish, and then polish it.

Orgepeplay cutting is unlikely to be useful very often at home, more often glass products are made by masters. But, as you know, maybe in everyday life you will want to make some trinket for the soul with your own hands or you will have to repair a plastic product in home life, and you will already know the outdoor cutting skill for cutting.

Plexiglass. light material is durable, released in different color. And how much completely unexpected products are obtained from it. For example, in the photo, accessories for the bathroom, kitchen look beautiful, and in the country it would be nice to put an artificial glass gazebo. In a word, there is an extension of the plexiglass, but you just need to learn how to process it correctly and choose a suitable method for cutting glass from plastic.

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