How to cut ceramic tiles at home

How to cut tiles with different tools

When tiling any premises with tile, you have to lay not only whole tiles, but also their parts. In this case the question arises, how to cut tiles so that the edges were obtained even. It is even more important not to break the entire tile, the cost of which is quite high. Both tasks are achievable only if masters use special tools in the work, among which there is both professional expensive equipment, and cheap devices. When performing one-time work, you can use inexpensive tools.

Manufacturers offer to use different tools for cutting tiles, which can be chosen depending on the volume and features of the material selected for the manufacture of tiles. Tile is cut:

  • With a roller glass cutter;
  • Electric tile cutter;
  • Manual tile cutter;
  • Tile cutters;
  • Angle grinder (“angle grinder”).
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Let us consider in detail the application of each of the above mentioned tools.

How to cut tiles with your own hands at home

Cutting tiles with a portable electric tile cutter

This is the best and most productive way to cut. If we cut with this tool using a diamond cutting disc and water supply to the place of the cut, we get a very clean and high-quality cut. Another advantage of this method is the fact that no dust is generated and no physical effort is needed at all.

It is advisable to apply this cutting mechanism for a very large front of work. Along with a huge number of advantages, there is one disadvantage. it is the price of the electric tile cutter. The cost of professional class models starts from 700.

Cut the tile with a handheld stationary tile cutter

This is the next tool, what to cut ceramic tile. the most common, both among professionals and among people doing repairs with their own hands.

Cutting technology is very simple: we mark the tiles, cut in the direction from yourself. Using light pressure, divide the tile into two pieces.

It is sensible to use this tool in medium-sized jobs and when cutting thick and durable ceramics (e.g., floor tiles). Due to the large diameter of the cutting wheel, the groove in the glaze is larger, and the tile breaks easier.

At the moment, the price of this type of tool varies greatly depending on the quality. Good quality handheld tile cutters, with a rigid frame and support cost from 40 to 300.

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Using a glass cutter

This is the most primitive and not very comfortable way. It can only be used when cutting not very hard and not very thick ceramic. Floor tiles they cut in general is very problematic. Still, this method has its place and may well be used when laying wall tiles.

Marking on the tile

Cutting a ceramic tile with a glass cutter is not very difficult, if you adhere to certain rules.

Putting it on a flat surface, mark 2 points with a thin marker, and draw a line to trim the intended cut. To do this, use a ruler or a straight rail. It should be placed on the drawn line and you can start cutting

It is important to hold the glass cutter correctly. It must be held almost vertically

Pressing it with force with the index finger, it is necessary to draw a line from the opposite side of the tile towards yourself. The accompanying weak cracking sound and a thin line indicates that the cut ceramic tile correctly. If the glass cutter is blunt or it was not held correctly, then small splinters will appear on the line. Before you start work, it’s better to practice on small pieces of material and understand how to cut a ceramic tile.

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What kind of disc to cut ceramic tiles with an angle grinder??

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  • Almost any blade is good for a single use. However, if you have a large amount of tiling work, it is better to buy the most suitable one.
  • The best choice is a 125 mm diameter steel disc with diamond coating and a thickness of at least 2 mm.
  • A disc with a smaller thickness is less stable when working in manual mode, it can create an uneven cut, break and damage the tile.

According to the type of cutting edge you can distinguish such types:

  • Segmented. the diamond coating is on the cutting edge itself. Thanks to the segments and slots, the partial cooling occurs during operation, and the continuous cutting time increases to 1,5 min. Such a disc is used for dry cutting only.
  • Solid. has a spraying over the whole cutting edge, along the rim. It requires water cooling. periodically wetting the tile or using a sprayer. The end result is a very clean cut, better than using a segmented disc.
  • Combination. combines features of the above-mentioned disks. Can be used for both dry and wet cutting. Compared to the segmented ones, they cool worse, and have a worse quality of cut than the solid ones.

With an angle grinder you can make different types of cuts:

  • Straight. cuts tiles in half or in unequal portions, in rectangular pieces of any kind of tile: tile, porcelain tile, ceramic tile. To get a straight cut, it is good to fix the tile with clamps or, for small cuts, use a workbench.
  • Shaped cuts or round holes with a diameter of 50-100 mm. Marked the contour of the cut (circle) on the front and back side, cut a line for the trimmer, approximately corresponding to the circle, even if uneven, but not beyond the circle. Then the segments inside the circle are cut according to their diameter. Use pliers to break out the inner segments, smooth out the edges, then grind.
  • Trimming. cutting the tile at an angle. In this case, the usual straight line cut is made, then the tile is fixed and at the desired angle it is cut from the ceramic layer, without disturbing the external cladding.
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Figured carving

To bypass pipes, sinks, toilets and door trims, you need to cut semicircular notches. This can be done at home like this:

  • Using a ballerina and a tripod for a drill. The diameter is limited by the bar and must be set manually. One piece of equipment is enough for 20-30 holes in the tile.
  • For bends of small diameters, you can use wire cutters. This method makes it possible to make not only semicircular cutouts. The cut must begin at the very edge with the smallest possible increments. Both of these methods require a certain skill in working with the tool, but even then you will not get a straight edge, you will need additional processing.

Using any method of working with tiles requires the purchase of expensive tools. In the case of work that is small in size and does not require cutting out particularly complex patterns, you can use the available devices.

Cutting with an angle grinder

Angle grinder is so versatile power tool that it is difficult to imagine the repair of the room without it. With an angle grinder you can also cut tiles. For this you will need to have a diamond disc in your arsenal. You can also use a stone wheel.

On the tile it is necessary to put a marking of the cut with a nail or awl. It’s better to do it from two sides: on the front side of the tile, along the glaze, and on the inside of the surface. It is better to make the cut itself in several stages. First with an indentation of 2. 3 mm to go through on one side, and then also on the other side. And continue to do so until the tile splits in two. With this approach, the risk of splitting the tile is minimized.

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Experienced craftsmen can use an angle grinder to make figured tile cuts, and even rounded holes.

How to make a curve

Occasionally, tiles are prepared for laying around pipes or plumbing. Then the question arises. How to cut figuratively a tile without tile cutter.

Processing is done by several methods:

How to get by with only pliers? For this purpose, a trimmer line is drawn. Make the task easier by scratching with a nail. Then take the tool and begin to break off unwanted material into small pieces. Carbide pliers do it most ideally.

Make awkward areas and shaped cuts with pliers.

As for the drill, then there are ordinary drills outline contour, and later the same pliers break off the excess. A more effective method of making holes of any cross-section. Use special attachments: a feather, a dancer, a crown, etc. Д.

Is it possible to cut tiles without a tile cutter?

Given the many ways to cut ceramic and even porcelain tiles, the question whether it is possible to cut tiles without using the glass cutter, we answer directly, it is possible. But the quality of the cut in all cases will be different, which also depends on the hands of the master who will perform this procedure.

It is also necessary to adhere to the technology. For example, when working with hard facing materials and using an angle grinder with a disc, water cooling is recommended. This will increase the speed and quality of the cut at times.

Cutting oblique lines and shaped edges

The shape of the cut is preliminarily marked on the tile. It can be a corner or even a rounding to install the tiles in the place of the protrusion of the wall or the outlet of the pipe. After that, either on an electric machine accurately and in parts cut out all the excess, or use tongs.

For the second option, you should carefully draw the cutting wheel along the cut line. After that, using pliers or pliers, literally chew off a piece of tile, until they get to the edge of the limiting line. You can use coarse sandpaper or a file to make an even edge.

Even if the shape cutter is made on an electric machine, it is sometimes necessary to finish the trimmer line with pliers.

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