How to cut ceramics without chips. How to turn a corner grinder into a tile cutter?

How to cut ceramic tiles at home

Ceramic tiles are wear.resistant material, so it is used to facing walls, roofs, countertops and other surfaces. In cases where it is used as a building material, most of us are faced with the need to cut it. Life would be much easier if there was only one method for cutting, but each power tool is best suited for various types of material, so it is important to know the requirements of each sample before buying a tool. This article aims to help you successfully cut the tiles of any kind.

Work with ceramic tiles of small and medium sizes requires thorough measurements, correct tools and attention to details. Only the combination of these factors will achieve good results. If you just need to cut a few elements, you will suit you glass cutter for ceramics. However, if you need to cut a large number, it may be more convenient to use a more serious tool. The ability to independently cut the tiles can save you a lot of money and guarantees that your details will turn out exactly what you need.

Ceramic tile cutting methods

To facilitate the procedure, it is recommended to use three different tools. However, it should be remembered that cement, stone, terracotta and a certain type of porcelain tile should be processed only using a water cooling saw. Here is a list of tools that you can use to cut:

  • Manual tile cutter;
  • Scissors for tiles;
  • Water cooler desktop saw;
  • corner grinder;
  • Ring saw;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Electric drill.

Miter Cut Tile Edge. Porcelain Tile Cutting

Crama cutting technique

The work begins with the application of lines for pruning unnecessary parts. To do this, many use a simple pencil or colored markers, so that the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut is better visible. Experts recommend marking blanks with glass cutter or other cutting tools, During the cutting process, a lot of dust is formed, when the lines drawn by pencil will be erased, and they will have to be re.applied.

Obtuse angle

If necessary, cut tiles with a dense docking at an angle. To do this, you need to have experience in performing such work. To facilitate the task, you can perform a straight cut, and make an angle using sandpaper or sharpener stone.

Direct cut

To make a straight clean section without chips, the following rules must be followed:

  • The tile is fixed on the table so that the cut part goes beyond it;
  • Marking is applied to the workpiece;
  • The cutting tool is located at right angles above the cut line;
  • The corner grinder must be moved slowly and without jerking towards itself, so that the fishing line for trimming is visible.

Figure harsh

In the tile, you often have to make round holes, for example under the pipe.

ceramics, chips, turn, corner, grinder
  • Apply marking: draw a circle, mark the center;
  • Cutting begins on the inside of the marking and at an angle, the tool is carried out along the entire circle;
  • At the next stage, the circle is visually divided into sectors that need to be cut and removed alternately;
  • The cut is treated with a file until a flat circle is obtained.

Such figured processing of ceramic tiles is called a dry cutter. To avoid chips and get even slices, it is recommended not to use segmented cutting nozzles and more often change cutting circles.

Subtleties of working with porcelain tiles

Not only the walls, but also the floor are finished with tiles. For this, more solid porcelain tiles are used. it is cheaper than marble or granite, but is not inferior to them in strength.

Many are interested in how to cut tiles without tile cutter. In this case, you can also use a corner grinder with cutting circles.

The basic requirements for the instrument for processing porcelain tile at home:

  • Only discs should be used specially designed for cutting porcelain tiles and other solid materials, with a diamond coating of maximum height.
  • Corner grinder should be equipped with a speed regulator.
  • To avoid chips, it is recommended to buy continuous metal disks of minimum thickness.

Recommendations for the preparation of the workplace and the performance of cutting:

  • A flat stable surface is selected for reliable fixing tiles. It is recommended to put a thin layer of foam under it.
  • The workpiece is fixed with clamps.
  • Using a marker or glass cutter, cuts are drawn for cut. Previously, it is recommended to stick adhesive tape to the surface of the workpiece to minimize the probability of chips.
  • You need to cut at a short distance from the marking so that there is a supply for subsequent leveling and grinding of a cut.

How to cut tiles with a corner grinder without chips

For sawing it is more efficient to use the tool intended for this. tile cutter. But if you do not want to purchase it “at a time”, then you can use an angle grinding machine. Cutting with its help will take more time, has a number of specific features that should be taken into account.

But before you find out how to cut the tiles of a corner grinder, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with its parameters, as well as study the technique of safe operation.

Mosaic tiles, tiles or porcelain tiles are used for cladding walls and floor. In the case of the first, as a rule, it is enough to have a construction knife or scissors at hand to cut a mesh of the canvas formed at the factory. For cutting larger samples, the availability of power tools is required. Consider what you need to know about facing material before sawing the tile of a corner grinder.

Ceramic products are characterized by high hardness and strength. It can be samples in continuous or two.layer design (with decorative coating). The main drawback of materials is fragility. The canvas can burst from the point mechanical load, and the edges are riding during cutting. It is important to consider these points while choosing a particular tool.

Safety precautions during the operation of a corner grinder

This tool has its own hazard category for this reason, we must strictly follow the safety rules:

  • Be sure to put on personal protective equipment. For cutting the angular grinder, a respirator will come in handy so as not to inhale the dust, glasses that protect the eyes from small particles, as well as strong protective gloves and special dense shoes.
  • Make sure the tool is working. The working equipment should rotate exactly. Check if you fixed it reliably. If the circle is old and turned off, then we recommend replacing it. Otherwise, the cutting element will simply split during operation. Make sure that the casing is worn and directed in your direction, and the cable (if you have a network tool) is not damaged.
  • Do not start work right away. When you just launched a corner grinder, wait until the disk is spinning, starting to give out a stable number of revolutions.
  • When creating a cut, lead an angular grinder from yourself.
  • Use working equipment suitable for material.

To understand how to cut the tiles of a corner grinder without chips, you need to find out the criteria for choosing a tool. Since the lining is fragile, it will be correct to perform the operation with a small device with a capacity of up to 1 kW. The possibility of adjusting the speed mode will also be relevant here. Reducing of revolutions may be required to exclude the likelihood of chips with cracks. As a rule, the work occurs at 3-3.5 thousand. rpm.

How to stop chipping tile when cutting with a wetsaw

Relative equipment, it is recommended to choose a circle of 125 mm. A small diameter disk allows you to perform work with greater accuracy. However, it is worth considering that the performance and working resource will be higher with the equipment from 150 mm. That is, for a large.scale project, it is better to consider cutting circles of larger sizes. But the decision should be made taking into account the simultaneous increase in the weight of the power tool.

Consider which disk for corner grinder cut ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. Masters, as a rule, make a choice in favor of a steel model with diamond spraying. The thickness of the edge is over 2 mm. Subtle circles are installed in machine equipment, and in the case of manual, there is a high probability of damage to the equipment or facing canvas. The reason is jerking and blows.

For cutting the material, the following options for diamond discs can be used:

  • Segmented. The cutting edge here is divided into several areas with small slots. Synthetic diamonds are made on the edges. A similar disk device allows the canvas to cool, which extends working time (sunset) up to 1.5 minutes. A break must be done at idle for 20-30 seconds. Application. dry cut.
  • Solid. The circle is continuous, diamond crumbs are applied to the edge. It is better to perform the cutting line for such a disk, cutting is accurate. For cooling effects, water is required. you can moisten the tile.
  • Combined. This is a universal disk for cutting ceramic tiles for corner grinders. Inferior to segmented in terms of working time, solid in accuracy.

Masters recommend considering cutting circles taking into account the height of the facing material. The working resource will be higher if the thickness of the tile is smaller than the width of the edge with the spraying. So diamond baby will cope with work longer.

The consideration of the listed is the density and fraction of the synthetic coating. Especially if it is planned to cut a porcelain border or thick tile, it is assumed to perform a large amount of work. In this case, you need to choose disks for wet cut with relatively large diamond chips.

Any cut.out circle must be replaced if damage has appeared on it. Identify them simply. sparks appear from the contact of steel with ceramics. A similar phenomenon can lead either to chips and cracks on the tiles or to breakdown of the disk during operation. The latter is dangerous for the operator. Some masters try to correct the situation by grinding the defect and continue to work. But such equipment is already considered faulty.

The tiles are cut in two ways: according to dry or wet methods. The first option is accompanied by plentiful dust and rapid heating of the disk. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the ventilation of the room and the cut circle here is better to use the segmented.

The second method involves water cooling with a continuous cutting edge. Moisturizing the surface of the tile or diving the disk into water is carried out only after the angular grinder is turned off. Special circles on the tiles can be equipped along the outer edge of small protruding Zazubins. They also have a cooling effect during operation.

Consider how to properly cut a porcelain tile with a corner grinder without chips. There are only three possible options for cutting tiles: straight, angular cut in cross section and the formation of holes. Each action has its own nuances.

What disk to cut ceramic tiles with a corner grinder?

At least 6 varieties of disks are distinguished, suitable for use with an angular grinding machine. The quality of the work and the achievement of various results at the request of the master will depend on the choice of the nozzle.

Stone discs

Sharp nozzles are most often made from stone. They are a strong base with a thickness of at least 6 mm. Thanks to a massive basis, stone discs are ideal for sharpening tools, with which ordinary thin nozzles are not able to cope.

As a rule, stone cutting discs are not suitable due to their large thickness. But they can make more sharp improvised tools with them without much effort. A stone circle with glued petals of sandpaper is suitable for grinding work work. Tile stripping is recommended to be carried out with a soft abrasive with a marking 20, 150, 180.

Steel discs

Steel is a complex alloy of iron with carbon and impurities in the form of silicon, sulfur, manganese and phosphorus. A carbon component, which does not exceed 2.14%, gives steel high strength and hardness. This allows the use of metal as a basic material for the production of cutting disks for corner grinder.

In some cases, diamond spraying is applied to steel discs, which gives the cutting edge unprecedented strength.

Another option for covering steel nozzles is electrocorund. This is an abrasive of crystalline clay or synthetic corundum that increases the sawing properties of the disk. Such nozzles are marked in blue and used to cut a variety of metal elements. profiles, sheets, corners, reinforcement and pipes.

Such no longer can handle such nozzles without difficulty, even if you have to work with very thick floor tiles and porcelain tiles.

Segmented dry cutters

The disk of this modification is also made of steel, but differs from the standard nozzle by the presence of slots. They are located along the edge of the product towards the central part and divide it into equal segments.

Segmented disks-dryers are used to process a very durable tile made of porcelain tile and natural stone material. Due to the presence of segmented slots, the nozzle serves longer than other models. Increases the life and air cooling during cutting.

Continuous dry cutters

The nozzle of a continuous type, despite the name, is used for wet cutting. It is devoid of incisions responsible for thermal unloading, therefore it requires the use of coolant. water supply to the cutting area. Due to the tendency to overheating, continuous dry cutter is constantly working for no longer than 15 seconds. On idle it is left for another half a minute for cooling.

Failure to comply with this rule will lead to the fact that the silver solder will be weakened, the diamond coating will be erased, and the circle will lose its original shape.

Continuous dry cutting provides a better cut. The most important thing is not to forget about the water supply. Its admission can be provided by connecting the hose or fastening of a specialized device.

Combined disks models

Disks for cutting tiles with corner grinders received a similar name due to the ability to work both on dry and wet move. This is an intermediate option between segmented circles and dry cutters:

Most often, combined circles are used in the field of cutting brick and concrete, but their use is allowed during facing work. Lack of combi models-a tendency to rapidly clogging with dust.

Diamond circle

A lawsuit for cutting ceramic tiles for corner grinding grinding with diamond spraying is the most expensive, but at the same time the highest quality option for an angular grinder. What is capable of cutting a diamond circle:

Carbonly spraying on the nozzles has different stiffness and composition.

Cutting tiles with a corner grinding with a diamond circle is allowed only by those diamond discs, the spraying of which is compatible with tiles.

ceramics, chips, turn, corner, grinder

Diamond nozzles for corner grinding are also continuous and segmented. Highlight another variety-turbo-circles. They are used where you need to cut the tile at an angle with a high speed.

Safety precautions

Corner grinder for cutting tiles is one of the most traumatic power tools. Therefore, observance of safety precautions will help preserve not only health, but sometimes the life of the master.

  • work only in a special suit, glasses, gloves, respirator, specialobvuy;
  • do not remove the protective casing from the device body;
  • remove the network cord from under the legs, prevent it from getting under the feet or into the cutting zone;
  • Cutting tiles with corner grinders without chips is performed only in the direction of itself, firmly holding the unit with both hands;
  • immerse the nozzle in the tile is no more than on the ⅓ radius of the circle;
  • avoid maximum and minimum rotation speeds;
  • prevent any liquids from entering the corner of the corner grinder;
  • work only in a well-ventilated room due to a high explosion hazard of dust.

Tricking cutting with an angular grinder

Having a private house, it becomes necessary to lay paving slabs or paving stones, which must be cut in size. For this, a universal device that has almost every house is also used. an angle grinding machine.

Porridge processing has its own characteristics, but it is mainly performed in the same way as cutting porcelain tiles. The main differences are that the work is performed outdoors. The processing of the material should be done on a separate site: the dust formed settles on a stacked paving stones and can ruin its appearance. If this happens, you should immediately shift it with a hard brush.

To cut the paving stones, choose a diamond disk for concrete processing. The corner grinder should be kept in relation to the workpiece at right angles, and the diamond circle is moved exactly along the marking line. Cut the tiles to a depth of a little more than half, and then just break and trim.

ceramics, chips, turn, corner, grinder

Safety precautions when cutting tiles with corner grinders

In order for the cutting of the tiles of the corner grinding, paving stones or porcelain tiles are safe, the following safety regulations should be followed.

  • All operations should be performed in overalls, excluding the possibility of falling into spinning parts.
  • Mandatory use of protective glasses.
  • It is recommended to use Berushi.
  • Tools, carrying and other devices should be in good condition.
  • Persons at least 18 years old and trained by the operating rules of cutting equipment should be allowed to work.
  • If wet processing is used, make sure that the grinder does not get into the water. Otherwise, electric shock is possible.
  • Do not process the workpieces at maximum speeds, work in rooms with good ventilation.

To maintain life and health, these conditions should be strictly observed. And then it will be possible to finish the repair on time and enjoy its results for many years.

Useful tips

On sale there are all kinds of nozzles for an angular grinder, some of them provide connecting the vacuum cleaner pipe to the protective casing of the tool. At first glance, the thing is quite convenient, but it is better not to use such devices, since the hose strongly interferes in work and often only worsens the quality of the seam.

In addition, it is necessary to cut porcelain stoneware, be sure to hold the body of the corner grinder with both hands, while the left hand should rest on the stand or guide rail, and the tool is directly performed with the right hand. This method provides not only partial hand unloading, but also allows you to more accurately align the position of the cutting disk in the vertical plane.

Regardless of which disk and how to cut porcelain tiles, after completing the work, the edge is necessarily wiped with manual or tape sandpaper. In this case, it is only necessary to slightly align the lower edge of the porcelain tile and in no case touch the abrasive of the upper front edge, otherwise chips will appear, and the quality of the seam will noticeably deteriorate.

Cutting a porcelain tile with a corner grinder without chips is not so difficult to get normal quality, you need to have a good disk, powerful tool and a small preliminary practice. Even experienced masters resort to a trial sawing, as this allows you to determine the quality of the disk and the density of porcelain tile.

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Features of cutting porcelain tiles

It should be noted that the cut of a very dense and solid porcelain slab sometimes goes even easier at home than in the case of ceramic tiles. Those who do not believe can try to cut at home the overhemed ceramics made on the old Soviet or Chinese equipment. In comparison with it, the cut of porcelain tiles does not look so problematic.

It is quite possible to cut porcelain tiles without chips, although some masters say that this is impossible to achieve in principle. If it really were so, then most walls and steps lined with porcelain tiles would be with wide seams, crooked and unattractive.

It’s not even the hardness of porcelain tiles. The technology of manufacturing artificial granite is such that as a result of pressing and deep firing, the material is obtained almost without internal stresses, and this is the key to a high quality of the saw line line.

In order to accurately and neatly cut porcelain stoneware at home, it is necessary to fulfill only two conditions:

ceramics, chips, turn, corner, grinder
  • Choose the right cut mode, provide constant and uniform pressure with a cutting tool on a fishing line for a trimmer of cutting porcelain tile;
  • Select a suitable tool for specific material cutting conditions.

It is clear that at home the possibilities of cutting the material are significantly limited, but even in the apartment it is quite possible to cut a porcelain tile without a tile cutter, although the amount of dust formed when working with electric machines is initially frightened.

Where to cut porcelain tiles

Oddly enough, but it is the smallest ceramic dust, which forms during cutting of artificial ceramic granite, turns into the main problem. At home, it is most convenient to cut the material directly at the place of its laying.

If you plan to cut tiles with a tile, then you can cut a porcelain tile in any suitable place for this place. The amount of shavings and dust in this case is a slight, but performance at home is relatively small.

For curly cutting or cutting quite thick porcelain tiles, you will have to use a corner grinder or a machine. You will have to work at home either in the courtyard of the house, or you will have to donate a bathroom or bathroom.

How to cut a porcelain tile with a corner grinder

Before starting work, it is important to make sure that the backlash of the cutting disk is absent corner grinder. Work should be carried out extremely carefully so as not to be injured by fragments of tiles or cutting device.

    Porcelain tile is cut, noting the lines on the front side.


To make the edge even, it is recommended to make a corner grinder first a starting incision with a depth of 2-3 mm and only then perform the finish cut.

How to make holes in porcelain tiles, cut a complex fishing line for a trimmer, drawing

A complex uneven fishing line for a trimmer can be sawn at home an electric or manual jigsaw with a cutting element with diamond spraying. When using a manual jigsaw, the process of cutting porcelain tile will be long, so this option is only suitable for a very limited volume of work. Professional solution for high.precision artistic cutting of porcelain porcelain coating is a hydro.carbraise machine.

Holes in porcelain tiles can be made, if necessary. Larger ones. crown with diamond spraying or ballerinka.

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