How to cut evenly with a handheld circular saw

Tips on how to cut wood properly with a circular saw

The circular saw is a versatile tool for cutting all kinds of parts and elements. To carve wood with this tool, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules that will facilitate the work and help you safely saw the object into small parts. 5 tips on how to properly cut wood with a circular saw will make it much easier to do repairs.

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Handheld circular saw, the new tool

Learn how a handheld circular saw quickly and accurately cuts long strips of board or plywood. Plus, shown is a fixture in the diagram that will help in making laths and conveniently cutting with a circular saw. Even if your woodworking machine has a woodworking machine Continue reading →

How to cut fiberboard?

Depending on the thickness of the sheet of fiberboard, you should choose a tool for cutting it. It is better, of course, to buy a special machine that can cope with the material of any thickness. But for a single solution of the issue, for example, if you need to repair a couple of drawers in a furniture cabinet, no one will buy expensive equipment. Therefore, for such work, performed occasionally with your own hands, the following tool will be suitable:

The jigsaw is very smooth if it has a laser direction indicator. Perfect evenness is also observed when working with a circular saw. It should be said that the electric jigsaw and circular saw. quite popular tools in the household, so these ways are quite relevant and available to home craftsmen.

If the thickness of the fiberboard sheet is not more than 3 mm, then it will not be difficult to cut a few parts with an ordinary sharp knife. Often in the garages will be found and milling machine, so for the manufacture of small billets from the organolith will come in handy and milling. For simple, straight workpieces, fiberboard can be sawed with an angle grinder.

In special cases, take the right tool for hire, which is not expensive, or turn to specialized companies.

How to cut a square timber

Hello to all readers and subscribers of my blog. Today I, Andrew Noack, want to talk about how to saw a board evenly. One of the most high-quality and environmentally friendly materials for construction, is rightly considered wood.


Wood is used in many different industries. This material has always been popular because of its versatility, ease of extraction and processing. Wood is used to make furniture, furnishings, and even entire houses.

Any craftsman faces with this material, but, as practice shows, to make a neat cut a board not everyone manages. After the tools on the cut are often chipped or jagged, which does not add your product beauty. So what’s better, to saw with their own hands or order?

Many companies offer to saw your boards when buying, in addition, the price for this service is not too excessive. A skilled craftsman saws the boards at the factory using precise equipment, which allows you to get quality workpieces of the right size and shape.

You can of course, and yourself can buy expensive equipment, but is it worth it if you need to saw a few boards. You choose only you, but if you still decided to saw boards at home, then I’ll tell you how and what to do it easier.

Circular saw

It is the most convenient tool for sawing boards. Compared with some other power tools it has a higher productivity. But it is worth remembering that circular saws differ in characteristics and applications.

Before you buy a saw, decide what you will use it for. Cutting or sawing boards is the main application of circular saws.

When choosing a saw you need to consider the depth of the saw. Circular saws with cutting depths of 30 to 130 mm are available. It is necessary to know with what thickness of a board you will saw and, based on this, to give preference to this or that saw.

It is also necessary to choose the disk for your circular saw responsibly. If you need to make a clean cut, choose a saw blade with a higher tooth frequency. If the teeth are sparsely spaced the work is faster but also much rougher. It is important that the circular saw produces a smooth cut with almost no splinters. Read more about this in my book. Read more about it in the “BOOK” section.

To start with the circular saw, set the kerf depth equal to the thickness of your board. Thanks to that you can make the most beautiful cut practically on any surface without leaving any traces.

But it’s worth remembering that if you’re making a 90-degree cut, the depth of cut will be one, but for a 45-degree cut, the depth of cut will be much greater. Then make sure there is nothing in the way of the blade guard, otherwise it will not open.

Secure the board, it is necessary that in the process of work it does not slip on the table, this requires a stop along and at the end of the workpiece. By the way, some saws are equipped with a thumb screw, which allows you to set the angle of cut. Usually circular saws have a range of 90 to just under 45 degrees, which allows you to make neat angled cuts.

Do not forget about safety when you work with a circular saw. Always wear safety glasses or, better yet, a full face mask. Remember that almost all tools are designed for right-handed people, which means that all sawdust and other debris will fly out from under the saw on the left side, so left-handed people should be more concerned about the safety of their eyes and respiratory tract.

Angle grinder or angle grinder

Some masters advise to use an angle grinder, if you have a large amount of work, low quality requirements.

Never try this method. angle grinder is designed to give a nice look to the welding seam or for cutting bricks and without a saw you just can not cope. Cutting boards with an angle grinder is dangerous.

When cutting boards with this tool, masters advise to put on it a disk with notches for a circular saw. Imagine that while working the angle grinder caught a piece of wood in one of the nicks, you immediately release the power button (those who worked with it know that after turning off the disk will make a few more revolutions) and who knows where you find after that your tool, on the floor a couple of meters from you or in your body.

Or if, for example, the disk gets hot and bursts, which is also quite possible, pieces of the hot cutting disk scatter over the entire area, and some of them may land on you too. Other craftsmen use a disk with a pobedite, which can also easily end up in your leg.

Therefore, it is better not to risk, and to use a tool specially adapted for this work.

A hacksaw

To make a straight cut with a hacksaw you should first draw the saw’s line of sight with a pencil on the board, then set the workpiece so it will be convenient for you to work with it and fix it in this position. The next step is to set the hacksaw at about 60 degrees to the workpiece, guide the saw with your thumb so that it goes exactly along the cut line.

Start sawing as soon as your notch is deep enough for the saw to “walk” without faltering from the mark, you can turn it in a comfortable for you position, usually 90 degrees, and continue sawing until you achieve the desired result. If the wood is wet and soft, the teeth of the hacksaw will get stuck in it, making the work more tedious and longer.

To facilitate your work, lubricate the tool with soap, which will greatly facilitate your work. For a beginner, the first cuts are not very straight, so it is better to use a bar that will serve you as a guide.

If you need to make an angled cut, use a mitre saw. Slots for a hacksaw are made in it beforehand. You will only have to attach it to the workbench, put a piece into a special groove and saw at the angle you want. You get a straight cut with almost no splinters.

In order to beautifully saw the boards it is better to use the help of a qualified master, if you think that you are able to cope with this work, then in any case do not make cuts angular grinder, it is better to use a hacksaw. For clean cuts along the board, a circular or circular saw is the best tool.

The important point in sawing boards is accuracy and precision, it is a painstaking and time-consuming work. The main thing is never to forget that any manual, and even more so electric tool can cause you harm, never disregard the rules of safety, it is better to reinsure, because health is the most important thing.

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How to accurately saw a long board (a piece of plywood) in half

Cutting a board or trimming a small piece is easy enough. the sawn piece will simply fall off if for example you are sawing on a trestle. But sawing a long board in half is significantly different, especially if it is thick and you need a neat cut.

The trick of such sawing is to let the end of the board fall slightly, but not so much that it fell off before you finish sawing.

One of these is in the picture to the right. You just need to put small pieces of rail under the board.

Alignment of the chipboard sheet

After sawing it is necessary to eliminate that reserve. that was left behind when marking. The best way to do this is with a router. But you can remove the excess material with sandpaper. It is punched on a wooden bar, which is easier to work with than loose sandpaper. Such processing allows not only to get rid of surplus material, but also smoothly deburr the edge.

Such a step allows the best way to cut the chipboard. But if the owner wants to increase his chances of getting a good result, he can make the cut on the slab using a guide bar. It is set up along the intended line of the cut.

How to cut evenly with a circular saw?

When sawing different materials and making blanks for building structures, a straight cut is required. On an industrial scale this is achieved with large professional machines. But how do we get a straight cut with a hand tool??

The most suitable tool for a smooth cut is a circular saw. Circular saws are equipped with special grooves for cutting precision. As a rule, these are two notches, one for cutting blanks at an angle of 90 degrees, and the second at an angle of 45 degrees.

After we have marked the cut fishing line, we put a notch on the fishing line and guide the saw along the marked line. To prevent sawdust from getting on the sawblade, many saws have the air blowing from the electric motor’s fan.

I must say that on some models of saws there are special lasers, which are not hindered by sawdust, because the laser beam is directed on the workpiece from above. Besides circular saws are equipped with a special stop on which there is a ruler, thanks to it you can set the width of the workpiece and leaning on the straight edge of the board to make a precise cut.

When cutting a board crosswise, you can use special devices that can be set at different angles. Some saws, professional series, are equipped with a special groove in the sole. This groove is superimposed on the guide rail. The saw slides along the guide rail and makes a straight cut.

For the more basic circular saw models it is best to use a straight edge. The rail needs to be secured to the board, with two screw clamps. Then leaning on the rail with the edge of the circular saw’s sole, you can make a precise cut.

When making a homemade guide, you can use both improvised means, made on industrial machines, and aluminum rules. It is possible to make a special stand with three bearings or stops, which can then be attached to the sole of the circular saw. Stops or bearings, will slide evenly on the rule and it will be a guide for making an even cut.Author RVT

Handling a circular saw

If you often have to saw large wood cuts, thick boards or boards of carpentry, you can’t do without the circular saw. But it must be handled skilfully. The slightest mistake can lead to the fact that the rapidly rotating saw blade will cut through the wood in the wrong way, and the work will have to either be redone or to start over.

Even a beginner can correctly cut a wooden workpiece with an ordinary hacksaw the first time if he has a steady hand and an accurate eye. This is not sufficient when working with a circular saw. The saw blade is spinning too fast to be able to make adjustments to its advance over the workpiece at any time. Only with careful preparation for work and correct handling of the circular saw during use can you hope for good results. You will also need a reference rail or guide ruler, that is, a device that allows the machine to be guided precisely along a set line without allowing it to veer sideways.

In the process of preparation it is very important to choose the right saw blade and cutting depths, both of them should correspond exactly to the structure of the material to be sawed and its thickness.

Comparative table

To choose the best handheld circular saw for wood in terms of price and quality it is necessary to compare technical characteristics and of each model. For this we have made a comparison table.

ModelPower, WRPM Speed, rpmDisc Diameter, mmHeight of cut, mmWeight, kgAverage price,
MILITARY DS1250 1250 4700 185 65 3,9 2 865
Bort BHK-185U 1250 5600 185 64 4,1 4 715
Zubr ZPD-1600 1600 4500 185 64 4,1 4 220
BLACKDECKER CS1004 1400 5300 190 65 3,6 4 187
Hammer CRP 1500 D 1500 4700 190 67 5 5 078
Zubr ZPD-2000 2000 4500 210 70 4,25 5 214
Interskol DP 210/1900M 1900 5000 210 75 6,2 7 280
DeWALT DWE560 1350 5500 184 65 3,7 9 875
Makita HS7601 1200 5200 190 66 4 8 180
Bosch GKS 190 1400 5500 190 70 4,2 9 451

Zubr ZPD-2000

Powerful circular saw with soft start at a reasonable price. It is ideal for even the most demanding jobs. Ergonomic rubber-coated handle and the additional handle included in the package make the tool comfortable and easy to operate, and allow full control over the sawing process.

The circular has a sliding guard that protects the user from injury, as well as a soft start that prevents overloading of the motor when it is turned on. The operator himself can change the brushes, because they are quickly accessible.


Our most affordable manual circular saw. It can easily cope with boards, wooden planks, chipboard panels, and when fitted with the appropriate discs with plastics or non-ferrous metals. Despite not very high power (1250 W), the unit efficiently copes with large amounts of materials that can be processed.

Diameter of the blade for this model is 185 mm and cutting depth is 65 mm. Saw is powered by a 220-volt power supply. It has a spindle lock, and in addition to the manual and warranty card it comes with an Allen wrench.

Makita HS7601

Good tool with sufficient performance. Can be used to cut not only straight but also at an angle of 50 degrees for wood. The ruler is used to calculate the right width and angle for the material to be sawn.

Circular saw has a wide range of features: protection against overheating, the system blows sawdust during cutting, the port for connecting a vacuum cleaner, spindle lock, motor brake, adjustment of the sole. It features side-stop locks, a molded rigid sole, a large bearing in the gearbox, an aluminum shroud, and soft grip inserts on the handles.


Easy-to-use, handheld circular saw for fast, accurate sawing of wooden materials. Its low weight and affordability make this model even more attractive.

Two protective guards increase operator safety when working with the power tool. Cutting angle can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees, which greatly increases the ability to use it. Over time, when the brushes wear out, the owner can replace them himself, without having to go to a service center.

Hammer CRP 1800 D

Powerful 1.8 kW electric motor, 21 cm diameter blade with 30 mm pitch diameter.

Use it for a large volume of carpentry, locksmith, and construction work.


Can cut material up to a depth of 70 mm at an angle of 90 degrees. This makes it possible to work with labors, sheets and profiles.

Soft start makes the saw more comfortable to use, and the power lock makes it safe. Replacement carbon brushes for motor, parallel angle, and hex wrench included.

  • power. 1800 watts;
  • disc diameter. 210 mm;
  • Cutting height up to 70 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 deg.;
  • Speed. 4500 rpm;
  • 6 kg.
  • excellent assembly;
  • ergonomics;
  • high RPMs;
  • operation with any materials.
  • the reducer hums when working for a long time;
  • not enough openings in the base plate.

Bosch UniversalCirc 12 2.5Ah x1

Circular saw is suitable for working with wood and other materials. Battery operated, so the user is not restricted in movement.

You can choose the angle of cut from 0 to 45 degrees.

at right angles the maximum depth is 26 mm. Can be used with a guide rail. Two discs 15 and 85 mm in diameter come in a set.

Provides a lockout against accidental triggering. It is possible to supplement the saw with a vacuum cleaner for quick removal of accumulated dust.

  • disk diameter. 85 mm;
  • the height of the cut. up to 26 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 deg.;
  • rpm. 1400 rpm;
  • battery voltage. 12 V
  • weight. 1.4 kg.
  • high quality build;
  • light weight;
  • high performance;
  • operation at different angles.
  • speed control;
  • no dimensional marks.
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