How to cut felt-based linoleum

felt-based, linoleum

What to cut linoleum at home, types of blades and more

Linoleum. one of those materials that appeared on the construction market and took his niche in it, holds it, without giving up positions for decades. In addition to ease of maintenance, a choice of colors and textures, it is also notable for its affordable price. Good performance qualities make it possible to lay this coating even in problematic areas: the bathroom, kitchen and hallway. You can do it yourself, without the help of professionals. The only thing left to do is to find what to cut the material, so that the joints turn out even.

Deciding to lay in the room linoleum, keep in mind that the laying of this coating, despite its apparent simplicity, requires proper preparation. First you need to choose the right material.

  • If this coating is intended for the hallway or kitchen, it is recommended to take a linoleum with a high degree of resistance to wear and not too bright.
  • For the bathroom is a suitable solution would be coverage on the foam base.
  • In the living room can lay linoleum in any color and pattern. The main thing is that its background blends with the rest of the interior space.
  • Children’s room. a place where even recklessly bright and contrasting colors are appropriate. The more unexpected splashes of color, the better the emotional state of the child. It is even possible to join 2-3 pieces of linoleum by combining them in a single design idea. At the same time, they must necessarily be cut from a material of equal thickness.
  • In the bedroom you want to create an atmosphere of coziness, so it is recommended to use soft and light shades.

The drawing on the linoleum can choose any, depending on the taste inclinations of the owner of the room. But it is worth bearing in mind that a large pattern on the floor of a cramped room will make it in the visual perception of even less.

Linoleum. a universal flooring material, which is available today in a wide range

Types of knives

Already in the preparation period the question may arise, what to cut the linoleum. Different knives are used in the home, but not all of them are effective. If there is a skinning or tailor’s knife, the processing can be done with them. These tools have a strong, unbent blade, so it will not be difficult to cut the material

It is important that the knife was qualitatively sharpened

And if you do not have such a tool, what to cut linoleum at home? To do this, you need to buy a special cutting tool. There are 3 types of linoleum knives that are easy to use:

  • A retractable construction knife is visually similar to an ordinary paper cutter, only larger in size and incorporating a steel blade. It is used for repairs in areas where you don’t need to make many shaped cuts. Such blades are ideal for cutting around walls and corners.
  • The universal cutter is a popular tool, but it requires dexterity and skill to work with it. It allows you to make straight cuts. The attachment is ideal for cutting linoleum that is already anchored to the surface, such as when you want to cut the covering on a cellar lid. The blades are made of hardened steel and will not bend. This tool is similar to a tailor’s knife, so it can be used for household purposes after repairs.
  • Circular knife. Attachment is ideal for those who do not have construction skills. Applying it, you do not need to think how to make a complex shape. The circular knife allows you to cut a variety of linoleum. Thanks to the mobility of the rotating cutter, straight cuts and complex shapes are easily made. The material is always cut evenly. You can cut linoleum directly in rolls. The device has a cover on the side, where the cutters.

What to cut linoleum at home depends on the skills of such works. Special construction cutters are sold with other tools for cutting. With the nuances of their work can be learned during installation.

What to cut linoleum with

For cutting flooring, there is a huge selection of construction tools. special knives that have a number of advantages:

  • Work equally effectively with linoleum in either a vertical or horizontal position;
  • There is no difficulty in changing the blades;
  • the possibility of obtaining the smoothest possible cut;
  • High strength characteristics of the blade;
  • High-quality system of fixing the blades;
  • there are devices with rubberized pads on the handles (preventing slipping).
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The best way to cut linoleum at home by using one of the types of special tools:

    construction knife. The model is a retractable design, where the cutting blade can be quickly replaced. Thanks to the perfect sharpening, linoleum is quite easy to work with. In general, the device is very similar to the office pull-out knife, only more improved and adapted for cutting flooring. It can be classified as universal, it is used both for fitting a thin-layer material, and a thicker coating. The main thing is to watch the course of the cutting blade.

Tip! If there is a need to trim the “broken” edge on natural linoleum, then it is worth using such a tool as an edger. It is also suitable for trimming the edge “with fringe” in PVC flooring.

How to cut linoleum

For cutting flooring, there is a huge choice of construction tools. special knives that have a number of advantages:

  • work equally well with linoleum in either a vertical or horizontal position
  • No problems with replacing the blades;
  • the possibility of obtaining the most even cut;
  • High strength characteristics of the blade;
  • High-quality system of blade fixation;
  • There are devices with rubberized pads on the handles (anti-slip).

The best way to cut linoleum at home is to use one of the types of special tools:

    A construction knife. The model is a retractable design, where the cutting blade can be quickly replaced. Thanks to the perfect sharpening, working with linoleum is quite easy. In general, the device is very similar to the office retractable knife, only more improved and adapted for cutting flooring. It can be categorized as a universal, it is used to fit both thin and thicker material. The most important thing is to keep an eye on the cutting blade.

Tip! If there is a need to trim the “broken” edge of the natural linoleum, it is worth using such a tool as edging. It will also be suitable for adjusting the edge “with fringes” in PVC coating.

How to cut linoleum at home

To cut linoleum, not enough to take only a knife, you also need to prepare a tape measure, an angle, a long ruler. In addition, you will need a sheet of paper or heavy cardboard for the template. Given that the linoleum blade “does not forgive” mistakes, it is better not once, but several times to check all measurements for accuracy. The movements when cutting should be firm and steady.

felt-based, linoleum

How to evenly cut linoleum

To cut linoleum according to the size of the room went without any difficulty, and the cut turned out even, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some of the subtleties of this class of flooring. PVC is a fairly durable product, but if the edge of the sheet of sharp depressions or small cuts in the direction of the main part, there is a high probability of rapid damage to the material. Therefore it is necessary to work very carefully, making an even cutting of the cloth.

Given that the linoleum made of PVC is easy to cut a well-sharpened tool, all accidental movements should be excluded. Otherwise it can provoke a deviation from the specified direction. Avoid such troubles by using a template or a long ruler for cutting.

Canvases with uneven edges do not allow the seam to be inconspicuous

Since the joining of two sheets used the method of cold chemical welding, they must be cut with maximum precision. Thanks to this it is possible to avoid pronounced seams, which strongly spoil the appearance of the entire floor. Before you start cutting linoleum cloth should always check all measurements, sharpness quality of the cutting element.

Important! Begin to cut the floor covering only after its adaptation to the microclimate in a particular room, the material should within two days to get used to the temperature and humidity level in the room. Only in this way you can achieve a stable rigidity from the linoleum.

The work algorithm for cutting the entire length or width of the coating involves the following steps:

How to trim linoleum along the walls

There are several ways to trim the flooring near the wall: with a trowel and knife, and by using only a sharp tool. The second option is considered faster and more effective, you can also cut felt-based linoleum in this way. To do this you need:

How to cut linoleum under the baseboard

The technology of cutting the flooring is similar to the previous, it involves the following steps:

If the coating is cut close to the wall, in the summer at high temperatures near the baseboards will be a roll, which will be very noticeable.

How to cut linoleum under the toilet

Instructions on how to trim the finish covering laid on the floor under the toilet:

How to cut linoleum under the pipe

Laying flooring around pipes is not an easy process, here you need a special approach:

How to trim linoleum in the corners

Their own difficulties arise and when fitting the size of the sheet in the corners. Here you need to adhere to the following rules:

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How to cut linoleum in a roll

To cut the flooring in a roll, you need:

To avoid mistakes before starting work on the cutting of the material, you should measure the width of the room in several places, preferably in 3-5. As the basis take the largest figure. The tool must necessarily be with a well-sharpened blade.

How to cut linoleum

Linoleum. a relatively inexpensive and practical type of flooring. One of the secrets of its popularity is the ease of installation, accessible even to a layman. Nevertheless, even here there are a few points that require some attention. One of them is the process of cutting linoleum sheets. The most desirable option, of course. Is when the sheets of linoleum unrolled the entire width of the room, joining each other only along the longitudinal edges. But this, alas, is not always possible, for example, if the room has various columns, protrusions, or if you want to dock linoleum in the room and hallway. In such cases, the quality of the future joint depends on how and what you will cut linoleum.

Many amateurs, doing repairs by themselves, prefer not to spend extra money on tools and cut linoleum with office knives or home scissors. We believe that this approach is fundamentally wrong: first, you will simply ruin the tool not designed for such work; second, the quality of cuts made this way is extremely poor, with frequent scoring and “fringe” at the edges. It’s good if this cut is then covered with a baseboard, but if not?

The market offers a large number of tools for cutting linoleum. The most common is the construction knife (sometimes also called a painting knife). It looks like a stationery tool, but it is larger and heavier than it, with a massive handle. Such a knife is suitable for most types of linoleum, with the exception of thick types, with felt or fleece backing. A variation of this knife is a knife for cutting carpet, made in the form of a triangular handle with a blade fixed inside it. It is good for quickly cutting linoleum in a straight line. Some companies. manufacturers of tools, produce knives of similar design with an electric drive. However, in our opinion, the purchase of such a “gadget” is justified only for very large volumes of work. If you lay linoleum in your apartment, you can also do something simpler. Many builders prefer to use a special knife for cutting linoleum, which looks like a curved beak of a bird of prey. The peculiarity of this knife is that it is necessary to cut linoleum “by weight”. Therefore, with such a knife it is impossible to make cuts according to the ruler, but only according to a pre-drawn line. At the worst, to cut linoleum, you can use and office knife large size, but, in this case, you should always monitor the sharpness of his blade, and at the slightest sign of blunting (the appearance of scuffing) to change it.

There are also more specialized tools for cutting linoleum. One of them is the linoleum knife. Its design allows you to make an even cut at the junction of two sheets of linoleum without using a ruler. Another useful tool used for cutting joints, especially curvilinear ones, as well as for marking in hard-to-reach places, is a kombizmetchik. Finishers use strip-cutters to make long straight cuts. All these tools significantly reduce labor costs and improve the quality of finishing work, but they cost quite a lot of money and are mostly used by professional crews, rather than amateurs repair.

Ultimately, everyone chooses what to cut linoleum himself, based on the specific amount of work, the type of linoleum and your desire.

Linoleum laying with their own hands: step by step instructions

The most practical and yet inexpensive material for covering the floor is linoleum. Of course, outwardly it has little resemblance to an expensive parquet or laminate, but it requires excessive care. For example, linoleum does not get wet and is not scratched, moreover, it is practically indifferent to external mechanical influences.

Deserves special attention linoleum installation, which does not require careful preparation and any special skills and abilities. Accordingly, there is no need to overpay for the work of specialists. The most important thing. the correct cut of the material, so that the size of blanks corresponded to the size of the floor in the room.

To process the future processing of the floor coating you get an easy and simple you will help a step by step guide on laying linoleum with their own hands, which is presented below, supplemented by video materials. If you follow it closely, you can independently invade your floor with this material.

To ensure the popularity of linoleum, it is enough to turn your attention directly to the range of construction stores. In most of them, you can find a huge selection of this material, which is offered to potential buyers at a relatively competitive cost.

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Choosing the type of linoleum should be carried out according to the markings on it. According to these two figures you can understand two factors, for which room coating and the intensity of the load that it can withstand during operation. The indoor linoleum flooring is divided into the following grades:

Intensity is marked with numbers from one to three and ascending, depending on the endurance of the material. However, the designation of the class in this way does not mean that, say, for the home can only be laid linoleum with the designation 21-23. Much depends on the functionality of the room, for example, for the kitchen would prefer class 31, because it is easy to clean, and to damage the mechanical nature of the most patient. The better the grade, the higher the cost.

Note that the important point will not only be the class and decorative feature. When choosing linoleum, most buyers pay attention to its quality with respect to insulation and soundproofing. For this you need a coating that has a foam base.

Tips on selection and installation of linoleum from the manufacturer’s step by step instructions video

If you are going to make your own hands to calculate the future coverage, you must take into account a number of specific parameters, such as the width and length of the product, its type, length and width of the floor. Cut off part of the coverage should cover the floor completely, because when you install linoleum is not subject to absolutely no tension. Based on these data, you can calculate the minimum amount of material required.

In order for the future coating easily smooth and even, it is necessary that the base has a perfectly smooth surface. Even the slightest bump on the base risks compromising the integrity of the picture. over, if the elasticity of linoleum is high, in the areas of bumps and pits, it will be ugly tension, spoiling the overall aesthetic appearance. And too much tension over time will cause a tear in this very spot.

Another point in the preparation of the base before laying. the removal of all baseboards. This is due to the fact that the coating will be close to the walls. In the case that the baseboard has a good appearance, after laying linoleum with his own hands you will be able to adapt it back. Only it is necessary not to damage them during removal. It is mandatory to number the skirting boards after removal, so as not to get confused with its components. At the bottom of the walls also put the appropriate numbers.

Sometimes a new linoleum is put on top of the old, but this is possible only if the old layer was laid only with glue, and there are no bright damages, holes and cracks on it. Otherwise, before laying the material requires mandatory priming of the concrete floor. If the floor consists of boards, and they are not even, it is necessary to beat them in advance with a sheet of plywood, which will give the desired level.

It is noteworthy that the linoleum itself also requires some preparation. It should be rolled out on the floor, leaving so at least one day and then begin cutting. In no case do not proceed to the installation of coverage on the day of purchase, because the material is not prepared and not seasoned.

Floor leveling for linoleum step by step video instructions

In principle, linoleum is considered the most unpretentious material, which is equally smooth on any surface. Too thorough preparation of the substrate is not required. a minimum even surface and the absence of dirt will be sufficient. If the previous coverage was carpeting. it must be removed, which can not be said about the tiles, which is the ideal base for such material.

Despite the fact that the laying of linoleum with his hands and step by step instructions is a fairly simple procedure, follow certain rules still need. For example, the use of certain types of materials is mandatory, without which even such a simple procedure can turn into a difficult task.

Cobbler type knife. It is necessary for cutting the material. Since linoleum is quite rough and requires a certain force, you need to cut it only with sharp tools. Suitable for this is a bootmaker’s knife or any other sharp-sharpened version with a short handle for convenience.

For layouts and correct measurements can not do without a simple pencil, which can make marks on the material or on the floor. It is undesirable to use a pen, as not every pen will write on linoleum. In addition, the color of the paste will be more visible than a simple pencil.

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