How to Cut Laminated Particle Board Without Chipping

How to saw chipboard without chipping

In order to saw evenly and splinter-free chipboard at home, you need to know a few tricks. No doubt about it, it’s better if you saw with an electric jigsaw. Of course you can also saw with a hacksaw, but the result is unlikely to please you, although it is possible to saw chipboard for various needs, where the quality of the cut does not play any role. And so, we need a smooth and beautiful cut. For this we take a jigsaw, a ruler, a tape measure and an angle bar for right angles (if you need one), an awl or a sharp object with which to trace a line through the laminate on the chipboard. We measure out the part that will be sawn with 1-2 mm allowance for further adjustment and put a ruler, on it spend a needle or a sharp object saw line, try to press harder to cut through the laminate, and we saw along the line not along the line itself, but exactly along, only catching it with the edge of the saw.

Then with coarse sandpaper finish the edges of our saw cut to the right state, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of the sawn end, we take a wax chalk of the desired color t.е. in the color of chipboard and grind up the chips. Let’s talk about jigsaws, I personally use BOSSNevsky ones.

If you need to saw without chipping only one side, you can use a saw blade as the tooth up and down, I use a small saw blade with a straight tooth they shear less and saw cut from both sides pretty much decent. It is more convenient to cut a sawn end with sandpaper if you stretch it on a flat bar. Furniture wax crayons and markers you can buy in furniture stores, where they sell fittings. If you can not find the crayon of the color you want. No problem-it can be made from several others, mixing like paints. Simply melt crayons with a candle and drop them on a plate, one color on it another, then roll them into one and rub the edges with chips, remove the excess with a ruler or knife and polish gently with a rag, it is not necessary to press much.

Cutting the pipe at 45 and 90 degrees

If you need to cut a pipe at a 45 degree angle, which is often required when laying water pipes, heating pipes. Often steel, cast iron pipes that are cylindrical in shape are used. Rectangular or profiled pipes are used for installation work. However, you must correctly cut the pipe with an angle grinder so that it can be easily joined afterwards. Therefore the pipe must be carefully marked.

Some masters try to mark the place of the cut with a tape measure, but we warn you that the result will most likely turn out negative. And for a positive result, consider the following recommendation of professionals.

Take a sheet of paper or cardboard, preferably A4, fold it diagonally and wrap it around the pipe where you plan to make an even cut. The edges of the paper should absolutely coincide with each other. And the side of the paper that is closer to the end of the pipe is perpendicular to the axis. After that, mark the cutting line in a circle.

If you need to cut exactly at an angle of 90 degrees, then solve the problem quickly with the help of again paper or masking tape. Wrap it around the pipe so that the ends match up. Make a level marking and saw off.

Masters are advised to use an angle piece when cutting profile pipe. To do this, take the angle piece one by one, and with smooth motions, rotate and mark. After the action, fix the pipe and cut. Prepare yourself a template, which will be useful in the future and save time. It is better to act with an angle grinder, so the cut will be smoother.

When working with cast iron pipe, be aware that it is a fragile material. Therefore, let’s introduce a method by which you will be able to cut such metal without damage.

Before you begin, make a mark for the cut, just as you would with steel pipes. Place a wood base for support. Go around the circumference of the pipe with an angle grinder, making small cuts. Then take a chisel, insert it into the groove and hit it hard with a hammer. Note that you must use a Bakelite-based cutting wheel to cut cast iron pipe.

If you do not have at hand an angle grinder to cut cast iron sewer pipe or other purposes, use a hacksaw for metal, chisels or special pipe cutters.

Cutting a gas pipe is a dangerous action, so it is best to trust professionals. But if you are confident in your strength, then to cut the metal take an angle grinder, welding, hacksaw, gas welder.

  • Shut off the gas supply riser before working. Then let the rest of the gas out of the pipe. To do this, light the gas in the burners and wait for it to go out.
  • After the action, cut. Using the welding method, the metal base is burned when exposed to high temperatures. The result is quick and efficient. But remember that cutting or rooting gas pipes again requires experience.
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Methods of cutting large diameter pipes

For cutting large-diameter pipes, such as sewer pipes, there are a number of reliable tools. Below we will consider some of them in detail:

Angle grinder is inexpensive and affordable option, but is not considered the safest way to work with such materials. If you decide to use this method, be careful and use protective equipment. The roller machine (pipe cutter) is such a tool adapted for such manipulations. The device is attached and the removal of the material begins. Adjust the clamping force using mechanical devices

It is important to note that machine models vary in shape, so before using, consider the size ratio with the pipe. Gas cutting is the most popular option for cutting larger diameter pipes, sheet metal. The cut is made because of the action of the flame of high intensity, the metal melts and leaves the cut zone with the flow of gas

A quick way to cut a pipe lengthwise is with an angle grinder:

Pay close attention to the markings. Use for such a case a painting thread, which has found distribution in the marking of walls. Secure the pipe before starting work and with small movements, carefully saw the pipe. It is best not to rush, but to process parts of the pipe delicately and slowly, so the cutting disc does not slide off the marking lines. Keep safety in mind. How to cut a thin wall pipe?

Thin-walled pipes are made of non-ferrous metals: aluminum, copper.

Why Chips Appear

Before you cut laminated chipboard or laminate with an electric jigsaw, it is desirable to understand why chips form when cutting sheet material. And the answer is simple: it all lies in the design of the jigsaw, or rather in the design of the file.

So, in the process of cutting the file receives a return motion (up and down). If the saw moves in the tooth travel (usually downwards) and almost no chips are produced, when the tool moves in the opposite direction the teeth seem to tear off the upper layer of the material and thus produce an ugly looking splinter. That’s why you can observe a nearly perfect cut on the underside Laminated chipboard and a chipped cut on its upper edge.

How to cut chipboard

We bought a coffee table recently, the price is inexpensive, but there is a “but”. The height of the table for our interior is too high. It is a good idea to reduce the height by 10 centimeters. As they say, we are not looking for easy ways, decided that

I remembered that on our site there is a specialist asoleg, who made a computer desk with his own hands, to him, of course, far away, but some recommendations can help. I contacted him, explained the problem and he kindly shared his secret. With his permission I publish his technology of cutting furniture wood chipboard without chipping.

Avoiding Tear Out with Veneer or Melamine Board ��

Next, departing 1-2 millimeters from the outlined mowing line towards the rough part, we cut with a jigsaw or a suitable saw with teeth directed to the handle of the saw. Make a notch on the opposite side of the cut, so that there is no chipping when completing the cut.

Everything turned out great. On the finished table my wife could not find the place where I was cutting.

Thank you for your cooperation and help asoleg.

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How to cut chipless laminated chipboard with a jigsaw

In the process of making furniture on your own, the do-it-yourselfer may have the need to cut or trim laminated particleboard for later use. Of course, this operation is best performed at a sawmill, but if necessary and to reduce labor intensity it is also possible to cut Laminated chipboard at home (using an electric jigsaw). And it is very important to implement this procedure in such a way as to minimize the number of chips and thus form an even cut.

How to make a cut Laminated chipboard without chipping in the home workshop

In this article we will touch upon the burning question of garage workers, who are engaged in furniture made of laminated chipboard, as cutting Laminated chipboard without chips. In fact, the question is topical enough, because the professional equipment (format-cutting machine) on which the cutting in furniture workshops, is about a million, which not everyone can afford, and the area for its placement should be slightly more than the standard 18 sq. km. meters. The peculiarity of such machines is the presence of two circular saw blades (the first small undercut and the second main, following it exactly). What can replace such a machine tool in an amateur workshop??

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Cut Melamine With No Chips

The most optimal, in my opinion, replacement is a plunge circular saw complete with a guide rail. That’s what we will talk about today.

Personally, I use a circular saw Elitech. it is a domestic budget model, which, despite the simplicity, allows you to achieve good results.

Professional models (for example, saws Festool, saw even better, but they cost 5 times more).

So, what is the difference between the plunge circular saw and the regular one?? First. with its spring-loaded working part with a depth stop. Due to this it is very easy to set and change the depth of the cut, in addition, the “head” returns to its original position independently in the absence of operator pressure. Secondly, there are the obligatory slots in the sole to integrate with the guide bar. Thirdly, rigid construction, eliminating backlash (the cut is precisely in one place).

The guide bar itself is equipped with a splinterguard (usually a hard rubber band. black band on the right)

The band prevents the laminate from tearing off in the places where the teeth of the saw blade exit. Just bar has a slot for fixation on the workpieces by clamps and tape for easier sliding (red stripes).

By the way, the Festool saw is also equipped with anti-slip pads on the opposite side of the guide bar, which makes a clean cut on both sides of the saw blade.

The guide bar itself is rigidly mounted to the workpiece and cannot move. Clamping is carried out by special clamps (their shape is somewhat different from the standard F-shaped). Price, by the way, too).

All these features allow for “two cuts”. The first is not deep cuts the top layer of laminate. The second. through sawing to the full depth. In this case in a place of tooth exit from workpiece there is no material already, therefore there is nothing to tear out, accordingly splinters are not formed. All this in theory. Let’s see how it is done in practice.

How to Cut Laminated Particle Board Without Chipping

The marking is quite traditional. With a tape measure mark points of the beginning and the end of the cut (you can use a carpenter’s square).

We carry out a marking line, having connected the given risks.

saw melamine | no chip | woodworking | dave stanton | how to basics

On the mowing line expose the guide bar, so that the edge of the splinter tape is aligned with the marking.

Note that the guide rail is lying on the piece to be left (there will be no splintering on it. the tape on the guide rail will help). On the vaulted piece they are possible because there is no liner on the saw itself.

You can, of course, saw by laying a sheet of Laminated Wood Chipboard on the workbench, but this damages the surface of the workbench and you have to use replacement worktops (I do not do this, although with large pieces this may be the only correct method).

The guide bar is fastened to the workpiece with a pair of F-clamps, which are driven into the special slots on the guide bar.

We take in the hands of a saw and the depth regulator exhibit 11-12 mm, which corresponds to a 5-6 mm depth of cut (the bar itself “eats” about 5 mm).

We put the saw on the guide bar, aligning the grooves on the blade with the projections on the guide bar.

Making the first shallow cut. The photo shows that there are a small amount of chips on the uncovered with the tape part of the workpiece.

Change depth by 35-40 mm and make second through cut without changing bar position.

Having removed the guide bar we see a rather accurate cut that needs no additional processing.

Separately, I took a photo of the part after tire removal from above

By the way the cut from below is traditionally much “cleaner”, because in this place the teeth of the disk only plunge into the material, tearing it out at the exit.

I want to mention another important fact. Work with sharp disks. The disc used in this lesson is pretty worn out and needs to be resharpened. I think that with a zero disc, there would be no splintering at all.

How to Cut Laminated Particle Board Without Chipping

Except the sharpness of teeth, the cutting quality is also greatly influenced by the material being sliced. There are more prickly coatings and more durable coatings. In this example we used 16 mm Lamarty laminated chipboard, which is one of the best domestic boards. Laminated Egger or Kronospan chipboard is much more prone to splintering, and I probably wouldn’t have gotten that result with this disc.

All these moments come with experience, the minor thing is to get divorced for the purchase of this device.

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In principle, you can cut in “two passes” and ordinary circular saws with homemade guide bars, the main thing is that the sole does not dangle, but it is less convenient to do than with plunge saws, primarily because of the inconvenience of resetting the depth of sawing.

Sawing Particle Board Processing Methods and Approaches

[If you have ever tried to saw chipboard at home you know that it is not an easy job, and requires much skill, but also good tools. Especially difficult to handle laminated chipboard, when sawing which is often formed a lot of chips. That is why many craftsmen, faced with this problem, come to the conclusion that it is better to saw chipboard when buying, especially since many trade organizations offer similar services and the price is quite acceptable.

Sawing particleboard is performed using precise formatting and cutting machines, which help to obtain workpieces of a given size and shape.

Modern models allow not only horizontal and vertical board cutting, but also board cutting at an angle.

In addition to cutting sheets, you will be helped to calculate and provide in a visual video file a few options for competent and economical cutting of sheet material (using special computer programs) and, if necessary, perform framing. However, if you for some reason prefer to do this work yourself, before sawing particleboard will have to do some preparatory work.

What to saw chipboard without splitting

Laminated chipboard. is the well-known chipboard that is finely sanded and coated with a paper-resin film. Laminating is carried out under pressure of 25-28 MPa at a temperature of 140-210 C. The coating turns out durable, beautiful, resistant to mechanical damage and thermal effect, which makes Laminated chipboard very attractive for furniture production and interior decoration.

Many home craftsmen prefer to make their own furniture and buy quality Laminated Wood Chipboard in construction stores or from manufacturers. Thanks to the wide color range of laminate coverings, it is easy to find the most suitable material. The surface texture is also diverse: it can be smooth, imitating wood or natural stone, embossed in shagreen or wood pores.

But in order to make your own unique furniture or an exclusive interior, it is not enough just to buy Laminated chipboard and cut it according to templates. Thin laminated wood has a fragile structure. Rough illiterate actions result in a jagged cut, and deep sinks appear on the edges of the coating. To saw laminated chipboard without splitting or cracking, you need to know some tricks of working with it.

Rules of cutting laminated chipboard

Cutting laminated chipboard at home can be done with a fine-toothed hand saw, a circular saw, an electric jigsaw. To work without a hitch and a hitch, it is necessary:

Along the mowing line of the saw, tightly fasten the adhesive tape, which does not allow the teeth to damage the front part of the coating.2. Use a sharp knife to cut through the laminate and the chip layer underneath. This way the saw will cut through the inner layers of the chipboard, acting only tangentially on the coating.3. Use a hand saw at a very sharp angle to the board.4. Use an electric tool for the cut with minimal feed.5. Using a sharp knife cut a thin layer of coating edge at an angle of 45° on the finished piece.6. Grind the cut with a fine file, working from the edges toward the center.

To prevent chips and cracks in the edge of the sawn wood chipboard, it must be protected with special coatings in the future use of the wood. This could be a self-adhesive melamine strip, a C edging, a T edging.

What tools to use?

If the question arises, how to saw a tabletop, then first of all you need to decide on the tool for cutting, and most often several tools are used.

For example, using a circular saw, you can get a perfect result, but it is quite an expensive pleasure, because a quality tool costs a lot of money. Therefore, this unit can be found mainly only in special factories.

Angle grinder. has a similarity to the previous tool, but the result will be far from ideal. During work with an angle grinder, many chips are possible.

How to Cut Laminated Particle Board Without Chipping

Usually, to saw a tabletop, two basic professional and interchangeable tools are used. a jigsaw and an electric jigsaw.

Specialists in the field of construction are divided into two main categories of blades or, as they are also called, saws:

In the case of work with a tabletop, you will need the version that rips on one side.

Before you start the main work, you need to sharpen the tool blade well, so that no chips are formed in the process of work. With a sharpened blade, before you start directly sawing the material, you need to make a groove, the depth of which will be about 2-3 mm. This will allow you to complete the job without injury or chips.

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