How to cut off the metal with a corner grinder. Cutting a round hole in the metal using an angular grinder

Metal cutting technology corner grind

Corner grinding machine (angular grinder), or angular grinding grinder, as it is commonly called, an indispensable and universal tool in construction, is designed for cutting and processing solid materials. But this is one of the most dangerous types of equipment, therefore, cutting metal with corner grinding and other types of material requires all safety rules.

For proper and clear work, it is necessary to purchase a tool suitable for power and diameter of the cutting abrasive circle and functionality. You need to decide for which work the tool is needed.

For home repairs, the masters can do with a low.Power corner grinder, and for professional construction you will need serious multifunctional equipment.

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Low.Power units are connected to a 220 V household outlet, powerful ones are connected to an industrial three.Phase network, with a capacity of 380 V. In low.Power Bulgarians, the disk often jams, when cutting thick metals, this is dangerous because the device can break out of the hands, injure, or break the disk.

Advice to beginners to buy a corner grinder for a 125 mm disk with a capacity of 0.8–1 thousand. W and the number of spindle revolutions 10 thousand. About./min. This power is enough to cut iron.

Used for cutting metal, stone, glass, as well as with this apparatus, they make a peel, grinding and cleaning. Having fixed it stationary, it is easy to drag incisors, jail knives, etc. D.

When choosing a corner grinder, it is necessary to pay attention to that it lay comfortably in the hand. The quality and safety of work also depends on this. If possible, you should choose a model with rubber handles.

Device and the capabilities of the corner grinder

The electrical appliance angular grinder is used for grinding, polishing and stripping surfaces, welds and edges. The technique is effective when cutting different materials and the manufacture of products from metals, stones, brick and concrete. The development of technologies of artificial diamonds made it possible to turn a corner grinder into a universal cutting machine. Now their performance is regulated by GOST R IEC60745-2-3-2011 and is checked in laboratories.

In general, the device in the corner grinder is as follows:

  • The rotation of the engine rotor is provided by an electric motor with a control unit and a current.Supply cable.
  • A gear and fan is installed on the shaft. The mechanism is hooked with the led gear mounted on the leading spindle. The latter and rotates the working tool. Disk or stone.
metal, corner, grinder, cutting, hole, using

By constructive execution, one- and two-handed corner grinders are distinguished:

  • One.Handed tools. There is no main handle, have a mass of up to 2.5 kg, circle diameter 100, 115 and 125 mm.
  • Two.Handed tools. There is a main and additional handle, the diameter of the circle varies in the range from 125 to 230 mm, the mass of cars 2.5-6 kg.

How to cut a corner grinding circle circle

Sometimes it is necessary to cut a circle on a sheet of metal, and there is no tool besides the corner grinder. To do this, mark the circle on the selected area with a white marker or a thin chalk. The cutting line for the cutting of the cut should be on the outside of the circle, so as not to reduce it.

The corner grinder is installed not perpendicular to the sheet, but at an angle. Over, the corner grinder will be inclined to the center of the circle. At low speed we make a preliminary contour cut. Both the contour and the main cut must be performed with short movements, moving the position of the circle along the contour.

Similarly, you can act by working with other materials. To cut the corner grinding in the tile under the pipe, it is necessary to mark on the back of the tiles. Then take a corner grinder and make a slot of slots along the chord at a distance of 4-5 mm from one another inside the marked circle.

Then the tile is unfolded at right angles, and the slots are made perpendicular to the previous. During cutting, pieces of tiles will be painted, but inside the outlined circle. The remaining cloves can be sanded with a corner grinder first on the front side.

Naturally get a cut of an oblique, with an extension to the back side. But this land can be grabbed gradually with pliers and painted. At the end of the operation, the back of the hole is polished. Here you need accuracy, attention and patience.

Correct cut

Before starting cutting the product, you need to understand which side it is better to do. If you have access from all sides, then this is very good, and the probability of a mistake is reduced.

Be sure to keep in mind which way the disk is spinning. So, when the sparks fly from you, then do not make a “fork”, when cutting a channel or a metal profile. The photo clearly shows what I mean. So you can’t cut corner grinders!

Cutting Off with a Right Angle Grinder

At the beginning of metal cutting, the corner grinder should be placed so that the cutting part is slightly raised. You need to keep the corner grinder confidently, but at the beginning of the metal cutting, you should not put pressure on the product.

Try to keep the device exactly. So you will get not only an even section, but also reduce the likelihood of a disc clamp.

The most important thing is to take into account the basics of physics. The cut.Off element should go to the side, not clamp the disk. It is best to create such conditions that it is on weight. To do this, put something under the product. An example in the photo.

metal, corner, grinder, cutting, hole, using

Is it possible to use corner grinding for cutting corporators and metal tiles?

At a time when they only began to use metal tiles and corrugated board, the instructions said that it is prohibited to use an angular grinding machine for cutting roofing material. This was explained by the fact that on both sides they are protected with the help of a polymer and zinc coating, as well as everything is painted.

The abrasive disk melts the material and warms up the disk. Slices in this case are torn, and flying sparks are also able to break the paint. All this can cause corrosion of the material and reduces the life.

And yet, recently, builders began to use a corner grinder for such work, and at the same time its work is easily facilitated, it can be performed even on the roof. After cutting the edges should be treated by means of anti.Corrosion substances, primed and painted. Correctly cutting a corner grinding of metal will not be difficult, especially since everything can be learned to do this. The main thing is that you follow the safety rules and do not forget about useful tips.

Than and how to make a hole in a sheet of metal?

It all depends on the size of the hole. If the diameter is small, the drill is suitable. If you need large holes, special crowns are used for the drill. Pay attention to the material from which Konka is made. For processing a profiled sheet, it is worth using nozzles with carbide coating. Processing should be carried out without an increase in temperature.

For the manufacture of a large diameter hole, an electrolobian is used. With this tool, it will not be difficult to cut a circle of large diameter. During operation, use a saw with small teeth

How to cut (not to saw), how to use an angular grinder

Safety precautions, this is not all you need to know about working with a corner grinder. It is equally important to understand: how to interact with the workpiece, what preparation of the metal should be carried out, and what can be cut, and with what you should not contact:

  • Small pieces of water pipes or profiles pinch in a vice, do not hold the metal in your hands. So you get an accurate cut, but the blank will not knock out of the brush.
  • The seam from the saw will be slightly larger than the thickness of the disk. Somewhere for 1-1.5 mm. Consider this fact if you need an exact piece of a given value.
  • Cut along the line. To make the workpiece even and in size, start cutting not exactly in the center of the marking, but from the side of the drawn line.
  • Do not bend the disk during operation! This will lead to his breakdown.
  • Put a bar or several boards under the sheet metal. It is better to make a cut of sheet metal when there is earth or wood under it. Concrete (!Read more about how to cut concrete with a corner grinder, here) or asphalt can provoke the destruction of the disk with sharp contact.
  • Vertical blanks must be cut in stages. First make an incision at 90% depth, and then reject the upper piece, if possible, from the corner grinder, so that the disk is not accidentally bitten by the disk. For example, when dismantling old _ pipe.
  • Hold the corner grinder with two hands. It is advisable to fasten and not remove the handle.
  • Before starting work, check the reliability of the disk fastening. The equipment should hold tightly a cut circle.
  • Always check that there is no water supply in the pipe, and in a metal casing. Electricians or communication highways. Find out in advance if the water has turned off, and what wires can be inside a closed metal channel.

Finally, you do not need to grind the disk until the base. It is better to put a new one.

Safety when cutting metal rolling with a corner grinder

Before it is properly cutting the metal grinder, it is necessary to carefully comply with the following safety rules:

Angle Grinder Sliding Cutting Jig // Kızaklı Avuç Taşlama Standı

metal, corner, grinder, cutting, hole, using
  • Work should be used using personal protective equipment. Mandatory it is necessary to have gloves from tarpaulin, glasses and respirator.
  • Grinding is carried out without the use of the side of the circle.
  • You can not use bent and highly deformed consumables.
  • Avoid contacting the cutting circle with electrical wiring, combustible substances and other items.
  • You should not be immersed too deep in the process, so as not to damage the disk and corner grinder.
  • Before starting to work as a device, you should fix the disk, and then check its work idle.
  • Before work, fix the materials in the vice. This will reduce the risk of brushing, which can be done if you hold the details in the hands in the processing process.
  • To remove and replace the disk, you should wait for a complete stop of the movement of the machine.

If you have changed your mind to do your own sharp, or you do not have enough tools, you can always contact a specialized company providing metalworking services. For example, on this site you can get acquainted in more detail with the for cutting metal https: // sortmet.Ru/katalog/metalloobrabotka/rezka-metalla/or on any other.

How to cut a gas pipe correctly

Working with trimming gas pipes is dangerous and rather complicated, so it is best to entrust it to professionals. Before starting work, it is necessary to block the gas supply.

The next step involves the release of the pipe cavity from gas residues. To do this, you need to light gas burners on the stove, and wait for them to go out. Only after the listed manipulations should begin to mark and subsequent cutting of the metal.

High.Quality cutting of metal pipes is a complex process. However, if you observe precautions, and listen to the advice of professionals, cut a metal of any density and thickness using a corner grinder. Corner grinder with a cut round disk is rightfully considered a universal tool in everyday life. The main rule is not to forget about security measures when working with a dangerous cutting tool.

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