How to cut off the tile with a corner grinder. Disk diamond cutting Metabo Promotion 624307000, 125 mm 1 pc.

Is it possible to cut tiles with a corner grinder

There is a special tool for cutting tiles. Tile cutter. But even his manual version, not to mention mechanized, is relatively expensive, therefore it is inexpedient to purchase a tile cutter for one.Time work.

The corner grinder, on the contrary, is a universal tool used to solve many problems, therefore it is available in almost every farm.

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And if the household herself performs the cladding with tiles, it is more logical to use this tool.

In addition, a corner grinder, unlike a tile cutter, can be made of a round shape, if there is no appropriate equipment for a drill. A cylindrical drill (crusting) or ballerina.

Choose a corner grinder and nozzles

Surprisingly, initially the corner grinder was conceived as a grinding machine. That is why in the store you will see such an incomprehensible name as a corner grinder next to a corner grinder.

tile, corner, grinder, disk, diamond

Corner grinder deciphers like an angular encryption machine. In our case, a conventional corner grinder with the ability to install 125 mm and up to 1 kW is suitable for cutting tiles, this is quite enough.

Do not take a powerful two.Handed angular grinder, because the excess weight and dimensions of the tool will interfere with the exact cut. And indeed corner grinding can be polished metal, clean various surfaces. In addition, you can cut ceramics, wood or metal. For this, only special nozzles are needed.

Types of tiles

With the help of corner grinder, the finishing of the finishing material of varying degrees of strength is performed: tile, porcelain tile. Given that through this tool it is difficult to get a flat fishing line for a trimmer without chips, the edge of the tile should not be close to the section of the cut. Unlike tile cutters, which is characterized by a limitation on the length of the product, an angular grinder can be removed from any sides of the tile. Details on

How to cut tile or ceramic tiles with corner grinding

The corner grinder allows you to cut off from the product not only areas of the correct geometric shape, but also curvilinear stripes. It can be bends, and also circles. Cutting ceramic tiles with a corner grinder in the case when it is necessary to get a circle, it is more difficult. This is due to the fact that this material is more prone to deformations on the cut line. Sequencing:

  • Apply fishing line for the trimmer of future incisions for tiles;
  • The diamond disk is fixed on the tool using a special key that comes with it and is designed to install detachment disks with your own hands;
  • To avoid sliding in the process of cutting a tile with a corner grinding, on the one hand they set an emphasis, it can be any relatively heavy object;
  • The tile is adjusted on the floor, the product can still be put on the table, but in any of cases under the tile there should be emphasis on both sides, which will allow the cutting edge to go through its entire thickness (otherwise the diamond disk will damage the table or floor finish);
  • Cutting tiles with corner grinders is performed by pressing the button.

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Methods of cutting porcelain tiles

This is material of increased strength, which means that it is less susceptible to the formation of chips. For this reason, often, with the help of corner grinders, they make not only straight lines, but also bends, and also cut out circles. Work with porcelain tile should be according to the previously considered scheme for tiles. However, unlike ceramic material, in this case it is allowed to make large holes and cut out small circles, the probability of damage to the tile is low.

Is it possible to use glass cutter

At home, cutting porcelain tiles can be cut by ordinary glass cutter. The main condition is the presence of a diamond cutting part in the tool.

  • Previously, the material is maintained for 30 minutes in water;
  • Then they have it on a flat and smooth surface;
  • The marker is applied to a cutting line for a cutting trimmer;
  • In the direction of “from themselves” is carried out by roller glass cutter along the planned line of the saw;
  • A wire is laid in the resulting groove on the surface of porcelain.

In conclusion, the stove is simultaneously pressed on both sides, which leads to its fault.

Cutting tiles with diamond disk

All you need for this method is a specialized saw. It is a rather expensive equipment. However, although the high price of the saw can be considered a disadvantage, it is believed that cutting tiles with this method is the most professional.

There are saws with a fixed blade on the market (you need to move the plate along the cutting edge) or with a movable blade (the plate is motionless during cutting, and we control the blade).

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The cutting disc is cooled by water, so harmful dust does not stand out during cutting. When separating the tiles with a saw, we have the opportunity to remove the chamfer from the edges of the tile at an angle of 45 degrees, which after laying will meet in the corners.

How to cut tiles with a corner grinder without chips and dust?

As for the material from porcelain tiles, it is quite fragile. Before cutting a corner grinder, porcelain tiles, you need to familiarize yourself with the nuances. To get the perfect result, certain rules must be observed, much depends on the dexterity. During operation, the corner grinder cannot be dispensed with without the appearance of chips and dust. In order to make them as few as possible, experts recommend reducing the intensity of rotation at the beginning and end of the cut. Reducing speed will also reduce the likelihood of cracking tiles.

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Most often chips appear when the disk comes out of the material.

Ceramic stove is not cut completely. A deep groove is left in it and cut it off along the cut of the cut with their hands. If you begin to cut the planned line to the right, then it will be possible to avoid chips. Even if they still appear, they are removed with a grinding circle.

With inept operation, a corner grinder next to the final finish of the rooms on the front side of the tiles will certainly get abrasive wounds. Sparks leave dark traces. If they are incorrectly deleted, the appearance of the finishing material will suffer significantly. To clean the stains, take fine sandpaper, the cleaning is carried out carefully. It will be possible to get rid of the ranger with chemicals faster.

Wet cutting

In this method, during cutting, the cutting edge of the material is in contact with the liquid. It is lowered into water or treated with a stream.

It is difficult to perform wet cutting, but this method has advantages:

It is impossible to allow water to get on the corner of the corner grinder, a shock is possible.

The revolutions of the electric motor

The second important point that determines the quality of the cut of solid materials. This is the speed of the disk rotation. The higher the speed, the more intense the effect, the easier the edge is bumping into ceramics.

High.Quality cut can be obtained by corner grinding

With a quick passage, the tile does not have time to reproach, which also reduces the number of chips, so the corner grinder is needed powerful, but compact, so that it is possible to quickly manage.

Safety precautions

To minimize the danger of injuring, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • Be sure to use protective equipment: glasses or a protective mask, gloves, closed shoes and clothes, respirator.
  • It is forbidden to work with a grinder with a machine without a protective metal casing.
  • Always monitor the location of the electric cable, exclude the possibility of falling under the cutting part.
  • Hold the tool with both hands and stand parallel to a rotating circle. Thus, in the case of a clamp disk, the tool will throw you past you.
  • The progressive movements of the corner grinder should coincide with the direction of rotation of the disk.
  • To control the safe cut, immerse the cutting part by one third of the radius of the detachment circle.
  • For each material, use the corresponding disk: for metal, stone, dry cutters, disk for grinding. Each tool has its own direct purpose.
  • Be especially attentive when working at the most low and extremely high speeds.
  • Do not immerse the cutting part into water in order to avoid dust formation: there is a high risk of closing and lesing the employee with electric shock.
  • Work only in a well.Ventilated room or in the fresh air, but avoid work in the rain.

Safety precautions

To ensure safety when cutting tiles, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Use a protective casing;
  • To hold the corner grinder tightly, do not turn it vertically;
  • Apply the appropriate ISZ. Overalls, glasses, respirator, gloves, etc.D.;
  • Work outdoors or in a well.Ventilated room.

In addition, it is necessary to observe the electrical safety technique, do not use a faulty tool with impaired insulation of the case and wire. Before cutting the tile of a corner grinder, you should prepare a workplace, provide appropriate conditions. Lighting, ventilation, etc.D. Compliance with these simple rules will avoid injuries and perform work without prejudice to health.

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