How to cut particle board at home. Can a chainsaw be used to cut chipboard??

What to saw a furniture board without chipping. Sawing Laminated Chipboard at Home. Choice of circular saw blades and saw blades

You will also need additional tools for sawing:

Cutting Laminated chipboard is done in the following order:

  • Marking the material. A ruler and pencil are needed for marking the workpiece blank, in order to mark dots on the end face of the board. Then the dots need to be evenly connected in one trimmer line and glue a painter’s tape on top. A good way to cut Laminated chipboard without chipping is by using tape, t. к. It helps reduce the number of cracks in the sheet material that occur due to increased temperature and high pressure. Sawing Laminated chipboard.
  • The next step is sawing Laminated chipboard. Choose what to saw the chipboard, and put the tool at the required angle to saw the edges of the sheet was flat. Sawing Laminated chipboard and chipboard should be done as gently and as smoothly as possible.
  • Processing of the board. If the sawn particleboard at home is uneven on the cut faces, they are machined with a belt sander. In some cases it is better to immediately contact a company that provides services for the production of furniture parts to order by the size of the customer and sawing Laminated chipboard on special equipment. To veneer the edge of the parts, a special veneer edgeband is used for processing.

Cutting with a plastic overlay on the sole

One of the reasons for sawing with a chipped jigsaw is the jigsaw blade. It does not press the edge of the kerf, so it allows it to break during the reciprocal movement of the file. This is solved with a simple plastic overlay.

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From a sheet of plastic cut out the overlay on the sole. In it it is necessary to make a cut for the file. It is simply clamped to the board and sawn with it. The sawn overlay is glued to the soleplate with double-sided adhesive tape.

After that the jigsaw makes an even cleaner cut than with the masking tape.

Sawing laminated chipboard with parquet.

The splintering is caused by the cutting teeth, not only in the direction of the kerf, but also on the opposite side. (The vibration of the power tool prevents the plankboard from being guided perfectly straight, which in turn distorts the blade relative to the kerf). In this case, the guide plate not only allows you to saw the chipboard flat, but also prevents chipping on the opposite side from the sawing direction. When choosing a disc for sawing laminated chipboard, pay attention to the number of teeth, the more teeth, the cleaner the cut.

Before processing furniture parts with a router, it is necessary to saw them with a reserve of 3-5 millimeters on each side to be processed. Unlike the previous sawing methods, the hand router leaves a perfect cut surface. A chipping after such workmanship is rare, and it turns out to keep the cut perpendicular. So far we have considered only straight sawing, but if we are talking about sawing various kinds of circles and roundings, then there is no alternative to the jigsaw and router. The disadvantages of using a router include the need for skills to work with it. About them we will talk in other articles.

Marking Particleboard

Only if the board is marked out beforehand can it be cut evenly. A sharp awl is used for marking. It is necessary to leave a small gap when making it. A gap of only 2 mm is sufficient. There is no need to fear that the cut piece of chipboard will not fit the required parameters. Afterwards, you can get rid of the remaining stock without any problems.

How to cut laminated chipboard evenly?

Sawing particleboard at home If you do decide to saw particleboard yourself, prepare a saw with very fine teeth or, even better, prepare a jigsaw. The fine-toothed blade gives you the smoothest, most accurate cut on chipboard.

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How to cut chipboard at home?

The easiest way to cut chipboard at home. Use a joiner’s saw with fine teeth. That way you can cut evenly and get good-quality material with the right dimensions. You should move smoothly, avoid sudden movements, directly on the plate to press carefully.

An ordinary hacksaw will do for cutting a tabletop. But make sure you leave at least 100mm of reserve when you work. The tool should be with fine teeth. Better if it is a hacksaw for metal.

Tools and materials

If possible, it is best to cut particleboard with a hand-held cutter, using homemade guides. This method is not too convenient when cutting large sheets, because when working with this tool requires a table. In addition, this method requires frequent change of cutters. But as a result you will get cleanly finished edges.

The electric jigsaw is the most popular tool for cutting particle board

Some masters use an electric jigsaw in their work, but if you do not have the skill, it is difficult to perform a cut evenly, and chips can form.

You can try installing a bimetal blade with teeth pointed inward, designed for laminate, on the jigsaw. Jigsaws should be slow moving, with a slow feed so as not to create fractures.

If such methods do not suit you, then to perform the sawing of particleboard at home, let’s prepare for work:

  • A hacksaw with fine teeth (the one designed for metal work is best). In this case the teeth should be set to 1/2 of the thickness of the blade and be hardened;
  • paper adhesive tape;
  • file to rough out the cut line;
  • Use sandpaper to finish the cut line.

Sawing rules Laminated wood particle board

To cut laminated chipboard at home use a hand saw with fine teeth, a circular saw or an electric jigsaw. To get the job done without any problems, you need to do the following:

  • Secure tightly with adhesive tape exactly along the cutting line. The band will not allow the teeth of the saw to damage the foil coating.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut through the coating and the layer beneath it along the cut line. In this case, the saw will only cut the inner layer of the chipboard, and the coating will only touch it tangentially.
  • The hand saw, when working with it, should be placed at an angle (very sharp) to the surface of the board.
  • For sawing with a power tool, you should use the minimum feed.
  • When the part is cut, you need to make a cut of the edge of the coating at a 45° angle with a sharp knife.
  • Grind the cut with a fine file, the cut is machined towards the center from the edges.
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The edge of the sawn laminated chipboard must be covered with a special cover, so that no chips or cracks are created on it in the future. Self-adhesive melamine tape can be used to protect the bevel, or a C-edge or T-edge can be applied.

When renovating with particle boards it is very rare to be able to do without sawing the material. Unfortunately, it is often not possible for owners to cut particleboard so evenly that no chips or other damage is left on the board. But with a competent approach to such an event still manages to get quite a good result. To do this, you need to do the following.

What you can cut fiberboard with?

Laminated Particleboard or Laminated Fibreboard is the same sheet of particleboard, only with a special overlay that imitates wood, stone or all kinds of fancy or graphic decors. In addition, this coating also prevents damage to wood from external factors. moisture, excessive temperatures, solvents.

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