How to cut plexiglass at home

All about self cutting plexiglass

Acrylic is called a plastic. It is obtained by mixing methylacrylic acid with the ester components and then polymerizing them. Known by the names acrylic, plexiglass, plexiglass. As transparent as glass, but lighter in weight. When heated to 90-100 ° C, the material becomes malleable. It can be bent and shaped. This property should be taken into account when processing. When heated, it is easy to deform the workpiece.

Acrylic begins to melt at 160 ° C. The blade of the power tool in the process of cutting warms and heats the workpiece. Temperature quite quickly passes the melting point. Plexiglas melts, its particles stick to the cutting unit, which complicates the work. That is why cooling is advisable. So, in the manufacture blowing by a stream of cold air or water is carried out. In the home workshop, the latter method is usually used.

plexiglass, home

Helpful hints

There are some tips on how to saw plexiglass without chipping. To get a clean cut, leave the acrylic for a while over a gas burner.

Or you can use your most common lighter. True, it takes a lot more time.

You can use an electric jigsaw to cut plexiglass. Use narrow band saw blades.

When you buy them, look for the ones with the MP marking on them.S. These are the most effective tools to solve the problem of how to cut plexiglass.

During work, watch the speed of the tool. The number of turns depends on it. In practice, the speed is chosen experimentally. The most important thing is not to melt the plexiglass.

Be sure to wear a face mask. This will help prevent splinters, which can fly off at high speed when you cut them.

A handheld cutter

Another option than to cut plexiglass at home, make a handy tool from a hacksaw blade. Get a blade (even if it is used) and a file.

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The forums advise to make a sharp spout on the sharpening wheel. You should wrap something around the handle to make it comfortable to work with. For example, with duct tape. The whole job takes a few minutes.

You can also buy a premade cutter for plexiglass in a store. A handy tool for the do-it-yourselfer. True, it is only effective for one-time jobs when you have to cut sheets no thicker than two or three millimeters.

If you are looking for something to cut Plexiglas in half, it is enough to make only a few kerfs, and then break the material. No need to cut all the way through.

Electric jigsaw

To cut polymethyl methacrylate, an electric jigsaw with special files for organic glass is used. Plexiglass files have special markings. letters of the Latin alphabet MP.S.

To cut plexiglass at home often use an electric jigsaw with saws marked MP.S

You must control the speed of the tool when you cut the blade. The higher the RPM, the faster the jigsaw speed. At high cutting speed synthetic polymer begins to melt. The cut becomes white and sealed, making it unusable.

The feed rate and the number of revolutions of the file are selected experimentally. It is recommended to practice on unwanted fragments of polymethylmethacrylate before starting to cut the work blade.

An electric jigsaw is used to create straight and curved cut lines.

how to cut plexiglass

A handheld cutter

Another option than to cut plexiglass at home, to make a handy tool from a blade for a hacksaw. Use a blade (even if it is used) and a file.

On the forums it is advised to make a sharp spout on the grinding wheel. Wrap something around the handle to make it comfortable to use. For example, with duct tape. All work takes a few minutes.

You can also buy a ready-made cutter for plexiglass in a store. A handy handy tool for home masters. True, it is effective only for one-time work, when you have to cut sheets with a thickness of not more than two or three mm.

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If you are looking for how to saw Plexiglas in half, it is enough to make only a few cuts, and then break the material. It is not necessary to cut all the way through.


The most convenient method of cutting acrylic is called a laser. However, this method cannot be applied at home, it is used exclusively in industrial production.

The thin laser allows to make precise incisions and cut out even the smallest details of the future design or product. If necessary, you can go to a specialized workshop or company that manufactures organic glass and glassware. It is recommended to make drawings and draw the markings on the polymethylmethacrylate blade in advance.

Laser allows precision cutting of Plexiglas, even small details, it is used only in industrial production

How To Cut Plexiglass The Easy Way

Cutting organic glass at home is a fairly simple operation that can be done with improvised tools. In order to determine how and what to cut plexiglass, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the sheets, the presence of curvilinear elements in the part, as well as a set of tools that are available to the home master. The most universal is the method with a cutter and nichrome thread, and the easiest method is cutting with a hacksaw.

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Special Equipment

Plexiglas products can be cut with a high speed tool. This allows you to get an even and high-quality seam. The speed of such equipment can be up to 4 thousand revolutions per minute. After that, the plexiglass undergoes additional machining.

However, do not forget that this material has a small thermal conductivity. As a result of cutting at high speeds, the edges can heat up quickly. Some tools have a “Plexiglas” mode.

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Manufacturing methods of cutting

One of the advantages that allow the widespread use of Plexiglas can be called light weight and good flexibility. This is especially important when installing a gazebo or greenhouse, since the creation of these structures often require a large amount of organic glass, which has a variety of sizes.

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Many people wonder how plexiglass is cut and what tools are used for it? After all, if you do not know certain technological subtleties, it is quite easy to damage this material. For processing large volumes, industrial cutting methods and the appropriate equipment are most commonly used:

Some time ago, the most commonly used were special milling machines, which have a shaft speed of at least 4000 revolutions per minute. Milling cut plexiglass is used when it is necessary that the material does not have time to heat up quickly in the cut zone. Cutting is usually followed by a number of additional operations, including polishing or engraving.

One of the most popular cutting methods today is laser cutting. Only in this way can accuracy of up to 0.005 millimeters be achieved, which is made possible by the width of the laser beam of 0.005 millimeters.1 millimeter. The edges of the cut are transparent and absolutely smooth at once, and there is practically no waste.

How to Easily Cut Plexiglass and Acrylic Sheets

This is also how an industrial cut of polycarbonate or polypropylene is made. The disadvantage is that this method affects the internal stress of the material, after which it is not recommended to glue such a composite.

Band saws are more often used for cutting Plexiglas blanks. The disadvantage of this method is that the cut will be somewhat crooked. A straight cut gives a circular saw, but one must know how to work with this tool, as well as observe certain rules of caution during work.

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