How to cut porcelain tiles with a manual tile. General recommendations

Methods of cutting porcelain tiles: tile cutter, corner grinder, hydrobrase

Many do not like tile trimming. This activity is quite complicated for a beginner. If you have never encountered him, practice to begin with a clay tile. It is much softer and more supple than porcelain tiles. The tools are used the same, and, having stuffed your hand on ordinary ceramics, you can more confidently handle an artificial stone. Cramping of porcelain tile implies the use of mechanical and electrical “assistants”.

The choice of tools depends both on the tile and the task. In the arsenal of the perfect tile, there is a manual and electric tool. The suicide is easier, so the cutting of porcelain tile at home requires either going to the store or renting a tool. Although if the cut places are ultimately hidden, you can limit yourself to corner grinding. But about how to cut porcelain tiles, in order.

Tile cutting with manual tile cutter

This is the most popular option used by both professional tiles and amateurs. You can find it in a store at a price of 300 and higher, depending on the size, quality and additional bells and whistles, such as a rotary base and a built.In ruler for ease of cutting tiles at an angle of 45 degrees. At the same time, it is better not to buy the cheapest models, they will often break the tiles incorrectly, due to poor pressing to a flimsy base.

  • The tile is inserted into the tile cutter, and the marking on it is combined with a special mark.
  • The pen drops and is drawn from itself. It needs to be carried out at the same speed and uniform pressure so that the video cuts the glaze to one depth. It will be enough to conduct a roller 1 time. If you drive several times, a breakdown can turn out to be poor.Quality.
  • Next to the video there are special legs that drop and break the tile into 2 parts, after a sharp pressure on the lever. At the same time, all tiles have a metal tubercle on their platform, and soft lining at the edges. When you click on the edges of the tiles with paws, the maximum voltage will be created at the site of the incision, if you correctly combine it with the lining, and it will break out evenly.

It is difficult to explain this with words, so it’s easier to watch a video that shows how to cut the tiles with a tile cutter:

High.Quality tiles allow you to cut even tiles with a thickness of 10 mm without problems. And it doesn’t matter to what angle you will cut it: at least 45 degrees, at least 30.

How to cut the tile with the letter “g”

Since the tile can cut the tiles only directly, many have difficulties in g-shaped cuts. The easiest option is to divide this tile into 2 rectangular elements, but then you get an extra ugly seam that will be striking.

But this can be avoided, if the short side is trimmed with a corner grinder, and then a long one with a tile cutter.

Step instructions on how to make Mr

In the same way you can cut off the external angles. When marking them, you need to take about 4-5 mm, on a seam for grouting 1.5–2 mm and a small indentation from the wall.

The second method: by any method available to you, a cut is made on the glaze, and the excess is gradually broken off by pliers. Irregularities are processed with sandpaper. This option will even allow you to get a rounded incision to adjusting to the risers.

How to cut porcelain tiles

It is believed that porcelain tiles of the hardest material from which floor tile is made. You can cut it in the same way as a regular tile.

Sometimes a simple floor tile is more difficult to cut than porcelain tiles. There is a hardened tile, according to which, after a tile, the cut on the glaze is almost not visible. And even a diamond disk on a corner grinder does not take it. The incision turns out to be torn, as after the tractor. In such cases, you need to use the corner grinder, and fel the groove of 2-3 mm from the back to indicate the place of breaks.

How to cut ceramic tiles, the complete DIY guide

Cutting with a manual tile cutter

A bed with a cutting video, manually driven by a lever, is a manual tile cutter. In addition to the listed parts in the device, there is a metal protruding strip, two guides, along which a lever with a “knife” and a bilateral “foot” breaking, breaking two parts of a cut tile. The device is simple, but effective. Tiles up to 10 mm with a thickness of manual tile cutting will be divided without problems. Chips are minimal, the accuracy of the cut depends on the quality of the tool.

Having acquired a tile cut for 10, you should not hope for the perfect geometry of the cutting edge. Over time, as we wear out, the tool becomes worse, making the cutting edge farther from the ideal. But such a device for cutting tiles is suitable for one.Time work on a small volume of lining with your own hands.

For use for a long time, manual tile cutter is purchased, the price of which exceeds for 50. There are high.Quality guides, minimum backlash of the cutting roller and decent operational durability. When working with tiles, the tool is effective, can cope with floor tiles, but a porcelain tile to the tile cutter “is not on the teeth”. Decorative tiles, frieze with a structured front surface will not overcome the device. Now about how to cut a ceramic tile with a hand tile.

  • We carry out the necessary measurements, draw a fishing line for a trimmer on the front surface of the tile.
  • We lay the tile on the stanch of the tile cutter so that the fishing line for the trimmer coincides with the metal protrusion (there are additional indicative marks on the tool).
  • By means of a lever in one movement of the cutting video, we make a gap in the decorative layer of tiles.
  • Break the tile with a pressure of a bilateral paw.

The first time cutting tiles with a hand tile, not everyone succeeds. To adapt to the tool, it is better to “sacrifice” one facing element and practice it, cutting into several parts.

In the video, an experienced master tile demonstrates how to cut off the tile with a hand tile, the possibilities for cutting ceramics, the rules for care for the tool:

Work with an electric tile cutter

On how to correctly cut porcelain tiles can tell with great knowledge the owners of electrical tiles. This device increases the accuracy and speed of cutting.

Structurally electric tiles is simple and consists of two main parts. The desktop and electric drive. Despite the simplicity, there are a great many modifications of this tool. The productivity of the device, therefore, its price depends on the inclusion in the kit of additional mechanisms that increase the functionality of the tool. So, the power of the electric motor determines the value of the cutting disk. The circle of larger diameter on the device removes, for example, the question of how to cut porcelain tumors of increased thickness.

A special device will cut porcelain tile at an angle

Trade offers a wide selection of models of electrical tile cutters of any dimensions, power and configuration. All of them are divided into two subgroups.

The first is mechanisms with a fixed electric drive. In this option, the material is supplied to the cutting edge of the hands, which requires maximum concentration of attention and provides for a certain experience in conducting work.

Protective casing will avoid injuries

The second group is devices with a mobile cutting tool, when the drive moves along a special guide. This is the safest way to cut tiles made of ceramic granite.

If we carry out the work by a power tool at home, the main problem is not in noise (you can agree with neighbors), but in a giant quantity of dust, which accompanies the work of a corner grinder. A special water pan, which is included in the set of electric tile cutter, relieves the question of where to cut porcelain tiles, since all dust is absorbed in the process of cutting.

The main advantages of electric tiles:

  • The speed and ease of cutting allows you to master the large volumes of laying the tiles in a short time;
  • There is no need for additional processing by the edge, the cut is flat and clean;
  • A special rotary mechanism with divisions fixes the position of the disk at an angle to the table plane, you can cut porcelain border at 450 or from a different angle;
  • A skilled specialist will cut out segments of any shape in the tile with this tool, and even rectangular holes;
  • There is a special high.Strength porcelain border for the floor. How to cut such material? Only electric tile cutter.

Porcelain tile for the floor can be cut with an electric and manual tile cutter

The subtleties of working with this device include the need to adjust the speed of supply in various sections of the cut. At the beginning and end of the tile. A slow feed, in the middle. Accelerated feed. This order of work helps to solve the issue. How to cut a porcelain tile without chips at the ends of the cut.

porcelain, tiles, manual, tile

The electric version allows you to accelerate the repair work

During the cutting process, control each of your movement, tightly press the tile to the table and use a protective shield or glasses, fragments are possible.

Some users are not enough description of how to cut porcelain tiles.

You need to make a hole for the wiring in the porcelain border. Watch the video below how the cutting of such a material is performed

Safety regulations

Working with manual tiles is less dangerous than with an electric counterpart. After all, we will not have to face vibrations, noise and rotating disk.

  • Put on a protective casing, special shoes.
  • You also need to put on glasses to avoid fragments from tiles in the eye.
  • Cutting must be carried out in a special place (in the workshop or in a room where no one will go during cutting).
porcelain, tiles, manual, tile

Only adults can cut the dies, which has undergone safety training. You also need to know how to provide first aid for injury.

Whether to wet the tile?

Many experts recommend wetting tiles. You need to do this 1-15, hours before cutting. Thus, it will be possible to soften the working material, make it more obedient. This procedure will contribute to obtaining a flat fault.

Cutting on yourself or from yourself?

Which way to move the carriage, on yourself or from yourself? This question arises in many. It is more convenient for someone to work, cutting the tile in the direction of themselves. Someone is more even a furrow when cutting occurs towards themselves.

Overview of tools for cutting porcelain tiles

How to cut tiles of porcelain tiles? Experts advise choosing a tool based on what goals you pursue. Consider each in more detail.

Glass cutter

The glass cutter is not designed for cutting porcelain tiles, but in the absence of other options you can use it and it

This tool is not intended for cutting porcelain tiles, however, in the absence of an alternative, it is possible to use it, however, only in cases where it comes to small volume of work.

Manual tile cutter

A simple and reliable tool for cutting porcelain tiles

A simple and convenient tool that allows you to cut off even strips from porcelain tiles. The tile is fixed with special clamps, after which an incision is made with a lever with a cutting element. As a result, the tile easily breaks into the place of the incision.

Electric tile cutter

Cutting porcelain tiles at a professional level

A professional tool that allows you to make almost perfect cuts with straight or slightly rounded edges. Electric tile cutter is designed specifically for these purposes, therefore it has obvious advantages not only over manual devices, but also over electrical devices.

Corner grinder

Crama tiles can be cut and ordinary Bulgaria

This is a universal tool with which you can also cut tiles of porcelain tile. True, in this case, the corner grinder should be equipped with a special “diamond” disk. Corner grinder is a good option for both professionals and lovers.


Kusachki is the easiest tool for curly cuts

Kusachki is the easiest tool for figure cutting tiles in general and porcelain tiles in particular. To be precise, the nippers are not cut, but broken down small pieces of tiles, allowing the result to achieve a groove or bending the desired shape.


Using ‘ballerina’ you can make holes of any diameter

This is the name of a special tool with which holes of different diameters can be made in porcelain tiles.

How to Cut Tile With a Grinder Professionally

Ring saw

Ring saw or diamond crown makes perfectly even holes in porcelain tiles

The best tool for both figure cuts and for making holes in the tile. Allows you to cut a porcelain borderline of any thickness and firmness.

Comparative table for cutting porcelain tiles

Tool Advantages disadvantages Conclusion
Glass cutter Simplicity of use. Low price.

Features of the material

Raw materials consisting of clay, kaolin, quartz sand, field spar and mineral additives are pressed under high pressure and then sinter at high temperatures. The resulting material has practically no pores and has a firmness of equal hardness of corundum (7. 8 on the Moos scale). Inferior in firmness to only a few materials, such as diamond, sapphire, ruby ​​and so on. At the same time, thin tiles (3 mm and thinner) are quite fragile.

Note! Cutting the material of such hardness will not turn out with hand glass cutters, stone canvases and electrician. They can only be used as an auxiliary tool.

Consider two methods of cutting tiles at home. The methods have restrictions that will be discussed below, as well as ways to circumvent these restrictions. Acceptable results can be achieved, but it is better to cut porcelain tiles on professional equipment. Only he will give a guaranteed result for an acceptable time with a relatively large amount of work.

porcelain, tiles, manual, tile

Features of cutting porcelain tiles

It should be noted that the cut of a very dense and solid porcelain slab sometimes goes even easier at home than in the case of ceramic tiles. Those who do not believe can try to cut at home the overhemed ceramics made on the old Soviet or Chinese equipment. In comparison with it, the cut of porcelain tiles does not look so problematic.

It is quite possible to cut porcelain tiles without chips, although some masters say that this is impossible to achieve in principle. If it really were so, then most walls and steps lined with porcelain tiles would be with wide seams, crooked and unattractive.

It’s not even the hardness of porcelain tiles. The technology of manufacturing artificial granite is such that as a result of pressing and deep firing, the material is obtained almost without internal stresses, and this is the key to a high quality of the saw line line.

In order to accurately and neatly cut porcelain stoneware at home, it is necessary to fulfill only two conditions:

  • Choose the right cut mode, provide constant and uniform pressure with a cutting tool on a fishing line for a trimmer of cutting porcelain tile;
  • Select a suitable tool for specific material cutting conditions.

It is clear that at home the possibilities of cutting the material are significantly limited, but even in the apartment it is quite possible to cut a porcelain tile without a tile cutter, although the amount of dust formed when working with electric machines is initially frightened.

Figure thread

Figure cutting is performed if the tile should bypass communications or plumbing equipment (shells, toilets, outlets, etc.). Here are tools that are suitable for figure cut.

  • Drill with a nozzle of ballerinkeli crown is used to cut out circular holes.
  • Manual or electric jigsaw can be used for curly cutting tiles with a small thickness.
  • Electric tile cutter depending on the design.
  • Kusachki allow you to fail from the edge of the tiles small pieces of ceramics.
  • The cutters with a cutter have a cutter and nippers, first make an incision, and then turn the tool and clamp the tile along the cutting line until it breaks.
  • Corner grinder can be performed by a figured cut, but this must be done with certain skills, it is also important to observe safety precautions.
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