How to cut the louvers to width

  • Remove the plugs and the protective cover from the ledge;
  • Move the cord system and control mechanism along the pin;
  • Measure out the size you want, make a mark;
  • Carefully stack all the lamellas in one multi-layer strip, clamp them with clamps or a rubber band, so they do not fall apart;

Since each bar has weights sewn into it at the bottom, it is best to shorten it at the top. Having measured the necessary height with a tape measure, we cut each part with scissors, leaving a part of the fabric for lapels. From each trimmed top, take out a plastic lug.

A jig for louvers.

How to cut horizontal blinds that are too wide?

Most home improvement stores sell horizontal blinds in stock sizes. If your window is not the right size for your pre-made blinds, trim them yourself without spending money to buy custom blinds. As a rule, the store will cut them, but if you want to do it yourself, or if you are moving blinds from a larger window to a smaller one, you can do it at home with the help of some tools. This also includes trimming the handrail and roller.

Cut the handrail

Measure the width of the handrail and the window where the blinds will be installed. Subtract the width of the window from the width of the rail. This is the amount you need to cut.

If it is more than 2 inches long, divide it in half to cut off 1/2 of the excess width on each side. If it’s smaller, you can cut it all off on one side.

  • Measure the handrail and make a mark on one end or a mark on each end where you will cut.
  • Take out the stiffeners that are at the end of the rail. These are the pieces of metal that hold the handrail in a square position.
  • Cut the handrail according to the gum markings. If the metal bends when you cut it, bend it back into place when you finish cutting. Insert the stiffeners back into the ends.

Finishing the louvers

Align the strips so that they are stacked evenly. Make the ends flush. Include the bottom rail, even if it is thicker than the slats.

Wrap a rubber band tightly around the louvers at each end to keep them flat.

  • Measure as you did in the first section to determine how much to cut from the louvers. Unlike railing cuts, always cut off 1/2 of the measurement from each end of the louver, no matter how small the cut is. This is to ensure that the strings that control the louvers remain evenly spaced on each side after the cut is complete. Apply painter’s tape to the mowing line of the cut, as in step one, so that the louvers will not break during the cutting process. Add the cut fishing line to the tape.
  • Place the strips on the table saw so that the blade is at the mowing line of the cut on the painter’s tape. Use a saw with fine teeth designed for finished wood. If there is metal on the louvers, use a carbide blade. Cut the blinds, moving them slowly and carefully. Consider the bottom slat when cutting. Even though it is thicker, it can be cut with a saw.
  • Remove the tape and elastic bands. If uneven edges are left, sand them with fine-grit sandpaper 150.

To shorten vertical blinds in length, you must remove the lamellae and cut them using scissors or a box cutter to the desired size (ideally, the blinds should be 5 cm below the window sill). When marking, please note that you need to add another 2-3 cm to the desired length. for the hem.

Raising and lowering of the leaf is done with a rope control. To raise the blinds, pull the rope down. To fix the blinds at the desired height, take the cord away from the center of the leaf and release.


How to properly shorten roller blinds in height and width

Rolling shutters with an open lockout system and a bottom weighting element are the simplest of all. They can be easily adjusted and are not difficult to fit the standard length and width of window openings. If the canvases match the interior design, the color scheme, but wider or longer, you can safely buy them.

Trimming the sheet

Any housewife can shorten the roll fabric, this does not require any special skills. How to cut a roller blind according to the format is described in detail below. The adjustment does not take much time. If the curtains are not very long, some people simply untwist them not completely, leaving part of the fabric on the roller. But it is better to adjust the blinds to the size of the window aperture at once. Shortened roller blinds are more convenient to operate. They fit tighter to the frame, do not hang down on the window sill.

Recommendations on how to simply shorten vertical blinds

Blinds are a convenient modern decor, ideas for home interior design using stripes are always original. Blades for blinds make from different materials: fabric, bamboo, plastic. To reduce the number of them, we spread out the lamella base on the floor, remove the side cover from the side of the lifting mechanism, unscrew the fixing bolts. Remove excess slats, shorten the length of the cords. The practice of trimming fabric lamellae by width, each unhooked from the runner, tucked or cut with the termination of the cut.

The number of blades remains the same, but their format changes. The curtain rod is filed on the side opposite the reverse mechanism.

How to shorten vertical blinds?

The width of such curtains is reduced by cutting the ledge. The vertical blinds should be slightly longer than the window in order to make them look harmonious. To begin with you will need to measure with a tape measure the necessary length and make a pencil mark on the ledge. Then you can begin the process of shortening, of course, after removing the blinds from the window. For trimming the ledge you will need a metal hacksaw or angle grinder and a saw for edge trimming, as well as a tape measure and a screwdriver. The ledge will need to be cut where the lifting mechanism is located (it can be either on the right or left). To do this, you should first remove the side cover from the edge of the curtain track by unscrewing it with a screwdriver. After that you will need to remove the cord to the side, and then cut the ledge to the right length. The edge of the cut should be filed to make it flat. Now you can remove unnecessary hooks from the ledge and shorten the cord and chain. Then attach the side cover back and hang the ready-made blinds in their former place.

For cutting vertical blinds you will need a metal hacksaw.

If you want to shorten the vertical blinds in width, you will first need to remove the lamellae from their hooks. After that, you need to carefully pull out the plastic strips with an eye for a hook.

Now you can cut the blinds. If necessary, treat the edge of each strip with fire to prevent the fabric from crumbling. The curtains should be cut with a margin for the tuck, where the plastic strips with an ear will be located (you can leave about 3-4 cm for this).

You should bend the fabric and make a hole for the lug in each lamella, then insert the slat and wrap it in the material.

Then you can sew the lamellas or fix the ends with glue. Once the glue has dried, you can hang the finished lamellae on the hooks.

How to cut rolls in width? When cutting a roller blind in width, not only must the fabric be shortened, but also the winding roller. Unwind the fabric roll completely, remove the winding tube and the weighting. Measure out the desired width of the roller blind, start cutting.

  • Width L measured at the top of the window at the outer edges of the side staple (the width of the glass staple on both sides).
  • The height H of the blind is measured by the outer edges of the upper and lower staple (height of the glass staple above and below) plus 3 mm.

Table of minimum and maximum dimensions

Type of blind Width Height
Standard system (wall/ceiling mounted)
Minimum size 25 30
Maximum dimension (shaft 25, 38 mm) 150, 300 270, 300
MINI system
Minimum size 25 20
Maximum size 150 180
UNI system
Minimum size 25 20
Maximum size 150 180

How to reduce the width of horizontal blinds?

As you can see, it is easiest to remove the extra slats, but here’s how to shorten the horizontal blinds in width? Prepare a pencil, a measuring tool, sandpaper, a hacksaw, or an electric jigsaw for this work.

louvers, width

Begin by carefully measuring the opening. If the blind is hanging on the window, use a pencil to make appropriate marks on each lamella. Mark the point from which you want to cut the strip. Do not cut the width of the curtain from one side, but from both sides.

How To Shorten A Vertical Blind Headrail.

Now remove the product from the window and place it on the floor. Repair blinds after all strips have been removed. stack the panels and fasten them securely. It’s better to use a clamp for this, but you can also get away with a normal adhesive tape.

Now make the cut along the planned strips. Cut the lamellas on one side and the other. This way you get even, but rough edges. Sand the ends of each panel with sandpaper. Now put the strips on the cord and fasten it under the last panel.

Shortening with your own hands

When shortening blinds, it is necessary to adhere to the rules:

  • Be very careful what you do, because most of the elements are very delicate and can be damaged.
  • Take care not to bend the horizontal lamellas, because it is very difficult to straighten them, and the wooden planks will need to be replaced altogether.
  • Burn all the ends of the cut fabric or cord with a flame or red-hot iron, in the second case use a newspaper, so that the melted synthetic materials do not stick to the hot metal.
  • Assemble/disassemble the construction in a certain order so as not to damage or confuse the elements.
  • Use the tools most suitable for the material in question.

If you follow all the rules, you can shorten both vertical and horizontal blinds.

Shortening the height or width of any type of blinds requires certain skills. But it is easy to perform all the steps if you follow the instructions given. It is important not to use force, because the structural parts of these curtains are very fragile and can break.

louvers, width
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