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Formation of crowning crown spruce. Flower cutting scheme of spruce.

eleven.02.2021 Growing on a section of coniferous plants implies not only top dressing and watering, but also more complex manipulations. Porce trimming is an important component of wood healing, as well as a good way to adjust the density and shape of its crown. But it is not enough to distinguish types

Growth rate in the forest and on the area where there is no competition, it varies greatly. The local climate also makes its adjustments, therefore, the figures of annual growth from various literary sources do not always coincide. Nevertheless, an ordinary forest Christmas tree, reaching a pleasant and “convenient” size of 2.5 m for a garden, will definitely not stop there, but will easily tighten over the next summer for another half a meter.

The larger the tree, the faster it grows.

With a height of 4 m, the annual increase will be 70 cm, and adults ate favorable conditions grow in height at a speed of up to 1 m per year. Not so much time passes, and the spruce already waves out the window on the second floor.

Often we understand that we are losing control of the situation when it’s too late. If the tree has grown too close to the house or gazebo, not only its crown, the disproportionate area of ​​the garden, but also thick roots that penetrate the foundation.

The larger the tree, the faster it grows

Why a haircut is needed

Pruning, or haircut, is included in the list of mandatory procedures for caring for trees and shrubs. And if not all types of plants need the formation of the crown, then regular procedures for cutting problem shoots with a sanitary goal should be carried out for all crops.

  • Coniferous trees are cut to achieve several goals:
  • form a certain shape of the crown;
  • give the plant a well.groomed look;
  • limit growth;
  • accelerate development;
  • prevent the development of diseases and pests;
  • facilitate the care of the crown;
  • rejuvenate the plant;
  • make the crown more magnificent.

Did you know? The most ancient European spruce has its own name. old Tikko. A tree of 9550 years is growing on the territory of the National Park Fulufyallet in Sweden.

Depending on what purpose the trim is carried out, several of its types are distinguished:

  • Sanitary. During this procedure, patients are cut out, frostbitten, dry, damaged, yellowed, incorrectly growing branches. The purpose of such a haircut is to prevent the spread of diseases, stimulate the growth of young shoots, remove branches that give the crown the wrong shape.
  • Formative. It is carried out in order to give the crown an integrated shape, make it decorative, give it fluffiness. During it, branches, crossing shoots are also cut out.
  • Rejuvenating. The procedure is needed to activate the growth of young shoots.

Types are also distinguished by the degree of trimming: strong, moderate and weak.

When you need to perform the procedure

The first pruning of the Christmas tree should be done immediately after landing. At this time, the crown is cut in such a way that its sizes correspond to the size of the root system. If it is correctly carried out, then in the future you will not have to resort to this procedure too often, but, possibly, forming trimming (if it is not required to give the crown a certain shape) will not be required and will not be required.

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If the spruce grows in a small section and it is planned to give it a certain shape in the future, then pruning can replace pinching. a procedure in which young shoots are broken out. This slows down plant growth.

When planting fingers in hedge, they are given the opportunity to grow in a natural way until two years old. Only after this time they begin to form a crown.

They spruce trimming with the aim of forming a crown can be carried out in August. At this time, the growth of shoots stops. The sanitary haircut is made in the spring, before the growth of the kidney growth.

In late autumn and winter, this procedure is prohibited. This can cause serious harm to the tree, lead to the fact that it will suffer from frosts and even die. The procedure is recommended to be carried out no more than 2 times a year. Time. a day when there is no sun.

To carry out trimming, you must have at hand such special garden devices as:

Before work, it is necessary to sharpen the tools well and disinfect them.

It is worth processing a disinfectant and there is also a place of cuts after a haircut. For this purpose, copper sulfate is most often used. But the use of wound healing drugs, for example, garden VAR, paste “Rannet” for fir trees is not required. These trees distinguish the resin, which envelops the wounds, prevents the penetration of infections into them and contributes to the rapid healing.

Important! Pruning should only with disinfected devices. After cutting one plant, you need to subject disinfection tools, for example, medical alcohol, as well as the effects of high temperatures, for example, calcining.

Is it possible to cut the crown so that the Christmas tree does not grow up

Often the owners of the fir trees resort to pruning the crown to stop its growth. However, this is not the best option to limit growth. In this case, the branches that remain below the saws begin to bend up and actively grow.

As a result, one of these branches “breaks” forward, trying to replace the crown. However, it is not in the center, which distorts the shape of the crown. To restrain growth and improve the appearance, make the spruce more fluffy, will allow an ordinary haircut, in which annual growths are evenly shortened every year by a third.

Tools and materials

Depending on the thickness of the shoots of the Christmas tree and its height, the desired configuration of the crown, the following tools may be needed for trimming:

  • gardening scissors;
  • ordinary secateur;
  • a spring secateur with sliding handles (it is necessary to cut a high spruce);
  • bitch or knot.cutting scissors;
  • special scissors for hedges;
  • garden saw;
  • hacksaw.

Any tool before trimming is necessarily pulled and disinfected

Garden Var when trimming the Christmas tree, you can not use. It will be successfully replaced by the “wounds” that is released from the RAS and quickly solidifying the resin.

Also, pruning of spruce requires “auxiliary” equipment and special equipment:

  • ladder or other staircase (for trees with a height of 2 m);
  • Glasses or front shields tightly adjacent to the face;
  • Clothing made of dense fabric with long sleeves and trousers;
  • closed shoes;
  • protective gloves made of dense rubber or rubberized.

It is impractical to use a chainsaw, an ax, ordinary stationery or tailor scissors for trimming. Firstly, it is simply very inconvenient and ineffective, and secondly, in most cases, after them, “decapitated”, not healing slices for a long time.

Important! Annual growth, especially on young seedlings, it is better to remove it manually, pinching it. Otherwise, pruning can damage the needles itself and growth points.

Technology of haircuts of fir trees

The technology of haircuts of fir trees in the garden, regardless of the selected scheme, implies knowledge of the general “basic” rules:

  • The forming pruning is first carried out no earlier than 3 years after the seedling is planted in a permanent place, when the spruce stretches 0.5-1 m in height. The only exception is dwarf Christmas trees. Sanitary. after a year of stay in open ground
  • For the procedure, they choose a relatively cool, cloudy, dry day. If you carry out a pruning of spruce in severe heat, it begins to evaporate much more moisture than usual. The reaction to such “overdrying” can be yellowing of the needles.
  • About half an hour before pruning spruce are watered. This reduces the risk of dehydration.
  • When forming a fantasy crown, it takes into account its natural “silhouette”, as far as possible preserving the lines and outlines. Then trimming the Christmas tree will take less time, it will have to be carried out less often.
  • Completely “naked” branches do not leave. In the absence of even “sleeping” buds, they stop growing, drying out and dying.
  • During abundant targets, the tree is not “disturbed”, even a slight pruning is excluded. It in spruce coincides with the period of the most active growth, which in different varieties and hybrids falls on the end of April or May. Slices made at this time heal for a very long and difficult. If there are many of them, the tree weakens a lot.

Working with wet needles is easier, regardless of which tool is used by the gardener

Important! An adult healthy spruce in the process of trimming can “painlessly” lose a maximum of a third of green mass.


Pinching is the most gentle method. For the first time, spruce is pinched a year after transplanting to a permanent place, simultaneously with the first sanitary pruning.

The technology is extremely simple. squeeze the desired escape with the index and thumb of the “non.working” hand, and “work”. carefully “twist” its tip. After that, at least 2-3 growth buds should remain on the branch.

Pinching activates their “awakening”, shoots begin to branch intensively. Accordingly, the crown ate after such a “trim” becomes magnificent. In addition, the active formation of lateral shoots restrains the growth of wood in height.

Powering is carried out in late May or in the first decade of June

Important! Preliminary pinching for several seasons is absolutely necessary if the “curly” pruning of the spruce is planned in the future. On trees with a sparse crown it is impossible to conduct it.

Forming pruning ate

For the formation of spruce, it is necessary to pre.make a wire frame. It is simply fixed on the tree trunk and all “superfluous” is removed, making sure that the “haircut” does not turn out to be too radical. Loss of more than a third of green mass at a time spruce may not survive.

Forming pruning is the only way to radically change the appearance of the tree; Pinching such a result will never give

How to cut spruce correctly

Most often, spruce is cut in the spring. Conducting this procedure helps to give the plant an attractive appearance.

In the form of a sphere

You can form such a crown with a wire or wooden frame. He needs to give the necessary shape and fix it on the trunk. Only experienced designers can work without a frame.

After fixing the ball from the wire, it is required to make the following:

  • Cut off the top from a young two.year.old spruce.
  • Cut out excess branches on one side. This must be done in an arc. In this case, they start from the upper part and move down.
  • Break branches to determine the places that need to be pruning.
  • Move to the other side and conduct a procedure on the same principle.
  • Crown the bottom of the crown.

Young plants can be trimmed with a secateur. adult spruce cuts with a bush. This device helps to get an even cut. The next time manipulation is carried out after 4-12 months. To simplify the process of forming a ball, you can first make a cube, after which its angles should be rounded.

It is important to consider that at a time it is allowed to remove a maximum of a third of the green mass of the plant. In addition, the trees that are cut off need intensive introduction of minerals.


To cut the spruce, it is required to observe the ratio between the height of the crown and the diameter of the base. It is important that it is 3: 2. Thus, the size of the lower branches of a tree 1.5 meters high should be 1 meter.

To obtain the desired results, it is recommended to put a wire frame. After that, it is required to make the following:

  • Trim the upper shoot so that the size of the central conductor does not exceed 2 meters.
  • Start a haircut of shoots extending outside the cone. In this case, it is required to move from the crown to the base. The lines should turn out to be smooth.
  • Inspect the tree and remove sticking shoots that do not fit into the form.


Such a figure can have different numbers of faces. from 3 or more. Depending on the form that is planned to be obtained, a polygon is depicted in the trunk circle. After that, in each corner you need to install on the rail and fix them at the top. As a result, it will be possible to form the top of the pyramid. Then it is required to cut all the branches that go beyond the boundaries limited by the slats. Cut spruce will look very decorative.


This form can be obtained about the same as the pyramidal. However, the base needs to draw not a polygon, but a circle. After that, you need to vertically place the slats throughout the diameter. In height, they should coincide with the desired size of the figure. So that the rails stand straight, they can be connected horizontally with wire. Pruning is required to be performed gradually. In this case, you need to move from top to bottom.

In the form of a cube

To get a cubic shape, on the ground around the spruce trunk it is necessary to depict a square. Reiki that limit the side ribs should be put to its vertices. They need to be connected on top with 4 horizontal strips, which mark the upper line.

Spruce haircuts are carried out using trellis scissors. First, the branches should be shortened to a height, which is 2 centimeters exceeds the frame indicated by the rails. After which the secateur needs to smooth the faces. Subsequently, it is worth performing a supporting pruning. In this case, it is required to adjust the sides of the cube.

The nuances of the haircut

In order for the pruning of the spruce to be successful, it is important to adhere to a number of recommendations:

  • Haircut in cool weather. Bright sun rays enhance moisture loss, which leads to yellowing of branches.
  • Before the start of the procedure, perform sprinkling. Wet needles are not so much subject to dehydration. In addition, this measure helps to avoid the loss of the sharpness of the tool.
  • Shorten the central conductor at a height of 2-3 meters. The cut is required to make the formed kidney, which is located on the north side.
  • After removing the top, direct the growth of the strongest shoot up. This must be done by means of a wooden tire. To do this, it needs to be tied to a tree.
  • Spruce branches of 2-3 years cut slightly above lateral branches. There should not be stumps. Interval from side buds to the cut should be a maximum of 2 centimeters. Shoot the shoots should be a maximum of a third.
  • For a more pronounced tuft of wood, an increase in the current year should be pinned above the growth point. This must be done at the required height. With the onset of the next spring, a mutation of new shoots is formed in this zone, which will need to be pinched again.
  • During the haircut, cut out a maximum of a third of the total green mass.

A well.formed spruce is immediately visible. It has short mutts of branches and has a denser crown. If there is no way to constantly cut a tree, it is recommended to buy a slowly growing variety in the nursery. It can be a cone, compact, nana. Their dimensions usually do not exceed 2 meters. There are also even more compact dwarf varieties.

Possess trimming is an important plant care event. This procedure is favorably reflected in the health of culture and its decorativeness. If you have the necessary tools and skills, manipulation can be carried out independently. If there is no experience, it is better to contact specialists. After trimming, the spruce needs particularly careful care.

How to cut a tree?

There are basic rules and individual haircuts, with which ordinary spruce easily turns into a tree with a spherical or spiral crown. The first pruning for the formation of the crown can be carried out with a tree age at least 3 years. The spruce should grow to 0.5–1 m, in the future it will need to be cut, restraining the growth of the crown in height. To make a cone.shaped tree with a ball, you need to cut off the top shoots, stimulating lateral growth. So that the lower branches of the forest spruce do not dry out, exposing the trunk, it is necessary to periodically cut off the apical processes. Young trees are mainly treated with garden scissors. An adult spruce, which already has the desired form, is cut by a bush, not more than 1/3 of the shoots is cut off at a time. At the initial stage, the length of one kidney is removed through the entire crown, mainly in the upper part of the plant.

In order to correctly perform a decorative or curly haircut of fir trees on the site, give them the desired shape, you should follow such general recommendations as:

  • Choosing the right time. it was better to spruce a haircut in cloudy weather, a day; Under the scorching sun, the evaporation of moisture with wood intensifies, and its needles can acquire a brown shade;
  • Carry out preliminary sprinkling. wet needles are not so intensively dehydrated, easier to pruning; In addition, there will be no risk of a tool;
  • The first processing is carried out in time. it is carried out upon reaching the first year of the tree of the tree, after completing its acclimatization, is carried out by pinching, with additional sanitary pruning;
  • When forming topiary, taking into account the natural form, following the natural lines of the crown, you can achieve a easier formation of a harmonious and long.preserving shape of the silhouette of the crown;
  • Delete 1/3 growth every season, which will allow you to form a thick magnificent crown in a short time;
  • Do not leave the branches naked. if the shoots completely lose their needles during trimming, they will not be able to continue their growth; The absence of sleeping kidneys will lead to their drying and death;
  • Protecting eyes, hands, clothes. work in the garden should be carried out in compliance with safety requirements; The flying branch can harm or scratch, and the resin is very poorly washed off the wardrobe items;
  • Use only a sharp and clean tool. garden knives, scissors, priests require sharpening, during the work they need to be wiped from moisture with a dry cloth, at the end of the procedure of the blade are processed with hot water and soap, and thoroughly dried.

When you need to cut the spruce

Experts know how and at what time to trim the fir trees.

It must be remembered that most of the fir trees have a powerful central barrel and practically do not require shortening. The exception is cases when the plant must be given an unusual shape.

Cutting during planting involves the elimination of some intersection branches or weak branches. Side trunks should also be removed to achieve a strong, well.formed copy (photo 2).

An annual inspection of adult specimens will determine whether pruning or any other care of a tree is required.

Also, most coniferous under normal development conditions do not require removal or shortening of branches.

The exception is broken or crossed branches. If the tree was provided with proper care at the stage of its formation, they are not common. The size of large, old large.breasts can be controlled by removing part of the crown.

The best time trimming time

For species such as the Great Fir, the mountain pine of Weimutov and Canadian spruce. the best time for pruning is late winter or early spring.

Live branches should not be shortened during the growing season. from late autumn until the end of summer. At this time, it is very easy to damage the bark. the risk of wood infection is very high.

In the case of a dignit fir (photo 3), in connection with this problem, it is risky to shorten the shoots of more than 4-6 cm in diameter.

Pruning of Canadian spruce, however, stimulates the production of resin, which helps protect the surface of the cut from a fungal infection.

With certain caution, trimming dry branches is carried out at any time of the year, even in summer or autumn. Such shoots are distinguished by a lack of green needles or the absence of living wood under the bark. With a knife, you can separate the upper layer of the bark and examine the wood under it. If the fabrics are dry, the branch is also dry.

for pruning fir trees and their dry branches

The spruce should have enough green branches for lifting the arborist.

Type of trimming The diameter of the trunk of spruce (at an altitude of 50 cm from the ground)
up to 20 cm 21-30 cm 31-40 cm 41-50 cm 51-60 cm 61-70 cm 71-80 cm 81 cm
With the possibility of dropping branches down 1,000 1 500 2,000 2 500 3,000 3 500 5,000 6 500
With the need to launch branches on ropes 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6 000 7 000 8 000 9,000

Find out how to measure and determine the diameter of the tree trunk before the work to determine their indicative value, you can determine the diameter of the tree trunk diameter from the article.

A specialist climbs on a spruce on living branches;

HOW TO: Trim Spruce and Pines

carries out the trim of dry branches and throws them down or fixes the ropes on them, removes them, and then the assistant arbor of the arbor will describe the branches to the allotted place (if the development does not allow them to drop them down);

christmas, tree, site, shape

cutting off the cut branches to parts for further disposal is carried out.

The price includes sawing branches of spruce over a piece of 1 m long and storing them at a distance of not more than 50 m from the scene of pruning.

If necessary, trimming the branches of spruce from neighboring trees or shooting a rope with a slingshot, the price can be increased.

Loading cut branches into the container, their export and cleaning of the territory is paid additionally.

Minimum order cost 5,000

If you need a brigade for decorative pruning of large.scale coniferous breeds. contact the lesmaster

Growing on a section of coniferous plants implies not only top dressing and watering, but also more complex manipulations. Porce trimming is an important component of wood healing, as well as a good way to adjust the density and shape of its crown. But it is not enough to distinguish between the types of “haircuts”, you also need to know the rules for their implementation. How to cut an ordinary spruce? What scheme for haircuts and the formation of the crown is suitable for decorative subspecies? How to cut a spruce in the garden to grow up? These issues are seriously interested in novice gardeners and lovers of original landscapes. If the conifers in the house territory has grown and turned into slurred shapeless plants, it is worth thinking about a haircut as a radical degree of transformation.

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Landscape design as I harsh Christmas tree mk

Hello everybody. I have been asked to tell me how I cut my Christmas trees for a long time, I understand that it is better to show on the video, but I can’t shoot myself. (((Barely begged her husband, so that he would even take me away in the photo in stages. But I will still try to tell, if something is incomprehensible, then you ask, do not be shy! And so, they grow near my stone hill 4! Christmas trees, ordinary trees, have been growing for 15 years, but I do not let them grow big, but a shelter with balls. The first photo was shot 2 years ago, I specially inserted it here, so that you would see how they look in already “overgrown form, and not immediately after a haircut.

For two years I did not cut their poor fellow, my hands did not reach.((((This is how they looked at the beginning of summer.

Let’s start! First we cut the crown at the Christmas tree, as much as you want to shorten it (but not very much) otherwise you will get a ball, but a plate!)))) For convenience, it is better to have an arcuate wire frame, then it is very easy to cut it, the main thing is to move along the edge on time.,But I was already rinked down and the shear “by eye”.From the top I begin to cut off the excess branches along the actual arc.

Look, the front Christmas tree is already trimmed.And the three grow close to each other, their string is more difficult, but we will deal with you!

Do not forget after each pruning with your hand to “shake” branches (of course in gloves!), so that the twigs that climbed inside, after the haircut did not spoil us the whole picture and did not begin to get out with feathers.

now one barrel has been cut.Do not forget to round our “ball” from below, otherwise we will get instead of a ball. stack.

I harass a regular secateur, but who has a bureau, then the matter goes much faster and more even!

See how our Fucking turns into an elegant ball!I have already said that they did not cut them for 2 years, and conifers tend to throw off the needles from the barrel! Therefore, you can see how the exposed middle shines through.

Trimming Round Ball Bushes

But this does not bother you, because in the spring, new twigs will grow and close this “nakedness”!Yes, and it will become more fluffy by the next summer.

All the twigs that we cut out will be covered with new shoots in the spring, and the ball will “crumble”!

And this is under my slide the strawberry in the stones grows, and lizards and frogs live in the cracks.

Here you can see how long I cut the branches

A little “rusty” bottom, but if I had not cut them this year, then I could not try, they would not have saved the balls!So I try to cut them every year!

Sanitary pruning ate

Sanitary pruning is needed to remove old and painful branches.

The procedure is carried out every year throughout the vegetation period.

Вегетационный период – время, за которое дерево растет и развивается.

Inside the crown of adult spruce a lot of dry branches where dirt gathers. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these branches from time to time, t.e. Clean the spruce from the inside. A tree where all painful and dried branches will have a good needles removed.

Sanitary pruning should be done so that the edge of the saw is on the healthy wood. The healthy part of the tree has a juicy needles of a natural green shade.

Removing defeated branches is better urgent, since they can become a focus of infection. In early spring, you can conduct decorative and sanitary pruning at the same time.

Обрезать ветви дерева следует острыми садовыми ножницами. Во время стрижки на лезвия налипает смола, которую можно удалить спецсредством.

Care after trimming

After cutting, process spruce is not necessary. Sprisen place will be delayed with a resin with antimicrobial properties. The main thing is to prevent burrs and mud sticking at the place of cutting.

Next, you need to continue ordinary procedures: watering, seasonal top dressing, crown sprinkling.

Dates and the best time for pruning ate

Each method of forming the coniferous has its own favorable periods during the growing season.

For decorative pruning, deadlines are suitable:

  • Early spring. Before the beginnings and swelling of the kidneys.
  • The time when young candles of shoots reached the maximum size, but did not begin to bloom. This period falls on the end of May. the beginning of June. After cutting the development of secondary processes, no. At the site of the cuts, intermusive buds develop, from which new shoots will appear in the spring of next year.
  • Beginning of autumn. When pruning at this time, less resin is released, which is convenient when cutting.

In the summer, shorten or remove young sprouts that go beyond the crown. At the base of the truncated branch, 3-4 new strong shoots will appear.

Do the sanitary pruning at any time during the growing season as needed. Remove the broken branch, richer sections of the needles immediately: they can become source of infection. Intensive sanitary haircut is used in case of damage or improper growth of a large branch, part of the barrel.

Carry out the rejuvenating pruning in early autumn. Remove parts of the bare old branches, leaving part of the needles. In the spring, below the sections of the sections, sleeping buds awaken and young shoots grow.

In late autumn and winter, the formation of spruce does not carry out. The kidneys that young branches should give in the spring dry out. Damaged wood does not tolerate frosts, wood may die.

Practical tips

Follow the recommendations how to trim the spruce:

  • Carry out a haircut in cloudy cool weather. Under the bright rays of the sun, the loss of moisture intensifies, the branches can turn yellow.
  • Carry out preliminary sprinkling. Wet needles are less subjected to dehydration, the cutting tool is not blunting longer.
  • Shorten the central conductor at a height of 2-3 m. Make a cut over the formed kidney located on the north side.
  • After removing the top, direct the growth of the most powerful shoot up with a wooden tire tied to a tree.
  • Cut the spruce two-three-year-old twigs just above the side branches, leaving no stumps. The distance from the side buds to the cut should be no more than 2 cm. Shorten the shoots no more than a third.
  • In order for the tree to gather stronger, pinch the growth of the current year above the growth of the growth of growth to the desired height. The next spring, a mutovka of new shoots will appear at this place, which will again need to pinch.
  • During the haircut, cut less than a third of the total green mass.

A properly formed spruce can be seen immediately: she has shortened mutual mutations, a denser shape of the crown.

christmas, tree, site, shape

Having planted ordinary spruce on the site, you need to know that the annual growth of an adult tree is 0.4-0.7 m. To control the height and preserve the decorativeness of the spruce, you will have to regularly cut. If there is no time or opportunity for this, the best way out will be the acquisition in the nursery of slowly growing species of spruce. At the age of ten, they do not exceed sizes: Konika (2 m), Nana (2.5-3.5 m), compact (1.5-2 m). Dwarf species have even smaller sizes.

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