How to cut thick metal with a corner grinder. The choice of nozzle

Than cut metal: the main methods of cutting metal

There are a large number of various methods of cutting metal. In this regard, questions: how they cut the metal, how to cut the metal and how to cut a thick metal, do not lose their relevance.

For the maximum satisfaction of consumer demand, a lot of alternative variations has come to be replaced by morally obsolete, classical methods of processing.

Preparation for the work of a corner grinding grinder for metal

Corner grinder refers to the category relative to dangerous power tools. You can get an injury from a scattering disk or a tool fell out of the hands. In both cases, the danger is associated with a high speed of rotation of the device electric motor.

To increase the efficiency of the corner grinding, expand its functionality, in practice, such additional devices are used:

Their use allows you to improve the quality of sawing of metal blanks, increase the accuracy of the process. The working conditions from the standpoint of security are also improving, its performance increases.

Using additional devices allows you to use the tool as a machine designed to perform different types of work.

To protect the cutting process as much as possible, work on metal with an angular grinding machine should be in compliance with a number of rules. They are conditionally divided into preparatory and main (workers) events.

Before cutting, it is necessary to carry out a number of manipulations.

  • Put on special working clothes and shoes (with anti.Slip soles), gloves made of dense fabric or leather.
  • Prepare, based on the features and type of sawed metal, a suitable disk, and then install it with a marking to the top, holding it with a nut.

If possible, the sawed material should first be fixed reliably, for example, in a vice to remove possible random movements. Hold the processed parts in the hands or is prohibited between the knees.

Safety precautions when working with corner grind

Flying sparks and heated metal sawdust can be a fire hazard, so there should not be flammable things around.

Preparation for work with corner grinding

The rules for working with power tools and their devices always provide for preparatory work. Corner grinder is no exception. First of all, the required protective equipment should be prepared.

Safety precautions when working on a lathe

Note! Minimum program. Glasses and casing. Violation of these requirements may result in sparks and injuries.

What’s the Best Way to Cut Thick Steel?

Protective gloves should be. In the labor process, the hands are located close to the disk. Because of this, particles, scale and sparks fall on the fingers and palms. Dense gloves are used to protect the hands and safety of their skin. This is a minimum set for home use. If we are talking about production, then the working room needs full.Fledged protective clothing that covers all parts of the body.

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thick, metal, corner, grinder, nozzle

How to cut (not to saw), how to use an angular grinder

Safety precautions, this is not all you need to know about working with a corner grinder. It is equally important to understand: how to interact with the workpiece, what preparation of the metal should be carried out, and what can be cut, and with what you should not contact:

  • Small pieces of water pipes or profiles pinch in a vice, do not hold the metal in your hands. So you get an accurate cut, but the blank will not knock out of the brush.
  • The seam from the saw will be slightly larger than the thickness of the disk. Somewhere for 1-1.5 mm. Consider this fact if you need an exact piece of a given value.
  • Cut along the line. To make the workpiece even and in size, start cutting not exactly in the center of the marking, but from the side of the drawn line.
  • Do not bend the disk during operation! This will lead to his breakdown.
  • Put a bar or several boards under the sheet metal. It is better to make a cut of sheet metal when there is earth or wood under it. Concrete (!Read more about how to cut concrete with a corner grinder, here) or asphalt can provoke the destruction of the disk with sharp contact.
  • Vertical blanks must be cut in stages. First make an incision at 90% depth, and then reject the upper piece, if possible, from the corner grinder, so that the disk is not accidentally bitten by the disk. For example, when dismantling old _ pipe.
  • Hold the corner grinder with two hands. It is advisable to fasten and not remove the handle.
  • Before starting work, check the reliability of the disk fastening. The equipment should hold tightly a cut circle.
  • Always check that there is no water supply in the pipe, and in a metal casing. Electricians or communication highways. Find out in advance if the water has turned off, and what wires can be inside a closed metal channel.

Finally, you do not need to grind the disk until the base. It is better to put a new one.

Is it possible to use a corner grinder for cutting metal and corrugated board?

At a time when they had just begun to use metal tiles and corrugated board, the instructions said that using a corner grinding for cutting these roofing materials is strictly prohibited. This is explained by the fact that on both sides they are protected by zinc and polymer coatings and colored.

The abrasive disc warms up and melts the material. Slices are torn. Flying sparks also violate the paint. All this causes corrosion of the material and a decrease in service life.

Nevertheless, recently, builders began to use a corner grinder for this work. At the same time, the work is greatly facilitated, it can be carried out directly on the roof. After cutting the edge, you need to treat with anti.Corrosion substances, primed and painted.

Properly cut the metal with corner grinders is not difficult. Everything can be learned. The main thing is to follow the safety rules and follow the recommendations.

How to cut thin sheet metal evenly

For the quick and accurate performance of work associated with harsh sheet metal, you need to choose the right electric tool as an angular grinder. For cutting thick or thin sheets, you need to select the corner grinder of the corresponding power, as well as the diameter of the cutting circle. In addition, when buying, it is recommended to pay attention to the functionality of the power tool (the presence of a smooth start system, regulation of the speed of the disk).

For everyday home, domestic use, if you need to cut thin metal, ordinary low.Power corner grinders (up to 1 kW) are suitable. However, in order to cut thick sheets, it is preferable to purchase powerful corner grinder (from 2 kW), which are equipped with a smooth starting system. There are several types of Bulgarians in total, characterized by both the sphere of application and the functionality. Such a power tool happens:

  • Professional type;
  • Semi.Professional type;
  • Household;
  • With the presence of one or more handles;
  • With the presence of a smooth start system and a mechanism for self.Control of revolutions.

In addition, there are corner grinders of medium, small, as well as high power. Such a power tool can be used both for cutting metal and other solid surfaces (concrete, stone). Often the corner grinder is used to perform a variety of work associated with cleaning, grinding, as well as polishing working surfaces.

For cutting sheets of small thickness, you can use a low-power corner grinder, the power of which is about 0.6-1 kW, with a disk diameter of 125 mm.

However, such corner grinders are not recommended for cutting thick metal, since in this case, during the work of the corner grinder, the cutting disk will often jam, which is fraught with serious injuries.

In order to carefully and evenly cut the thin sheet metal, the thickness of which is about 1 mm, it is necessary to show marginal accuracy and attentiveness. Indeed, when processing such materials using an angular grinder, a cutting disk can “bit”. Therefore, before the work, you should inspect the cutting disk and make sure that there are no defects and chips on its surface.

thick, metal, corner, grinder, nozzle

If the integrity of the disk is violated, then it is not recommended to use it to perform work on cutting products made of metal. Otherwise, a deformed or damaged circle may fly apart during cutting.

In order to smoothly cut the thin sheet metal with a corner grinder, you need to draw a fishing line for a trimmer on its surface along which a cut will be carried out. Start cut the leaf should be from its far edge, gradually moving back, in the opposite direction. When using this method, the user will pull the angular grinder in his direction, gradually moving along the sheet to its second edge.

thick, metal, corner, grinder, nozzle

During cutting the thin sheet, you should monitor the disk. It is impossible to allow it to plunge too deep into its surface during cutting. The maximum immersion depth should not exceed the mark of 5-6 mm. This method of cutting excludes the possibility of the appearance of hooks of the circle. Otherwise, when the depth of penetration of the cutting disk into the sheet will exceed the mark of 6 mm, due to the reduction of the contact area, there is a high probability of hooks.

How to work safely with a corner grinding

The corner grinder is an indispensable tool, but also the most traumatic. That is why you need to know and follow the rules of safe work.


Without compliance with the rules, this tool becomes extremely dangerous, so it is better not to work with it into a drunk form, very tired or not sleepy. All these states lead to non.Concern and negligence, which may entail the danger.

Before starting work, it is recommended to prepare all the necessary protective equipment. There must be special glasses and casing at hand. Sparks can fall in the face, and especially in the eyes, which will lead to injuries.

Without protecting the face and vision, in particular, work with tools is prohibited.

The casing is necessary for organizing protection between the instrument itself and the person. You should also have protective gloves. In the process of work, the hands are absolutely not far from the disk. And this means that all particles, sparks and wrenches will fly on them. The best way to protect your hands is to use dense gloves or gloves from genuine leather.

Protective gloves ensure the safety of the skin of the hands.

Before working with the unit, it is necessary to prepare the following elements and devices:

  • Glasses or mask (the second option is preferable);
  • Respirator or vacuum cleaner;
  • Protective clothes that cover all parts of the body;
  • Necessary nozzles that are allowed to use according to the instructions.

Having prepared all these items, you can start direct work with a corner grinder.

Features of work

Using this tool requires compliance with several recommendations.

  • It is necessary to keep the tool with both hands in the process of work. This will allow him to keep him with a minimum of his displacement with a possible reverse impact.
  • Work should only be done on a flat surface without a feeling of loss of equilibrium.

The corner grinder holds only with both hands, otherwise the risk of injury increases.

  • The power cord is located on the opposite side of the disk to exclude the possibility of damage. A cut cord can not only lead to the shock wave of the unit, but also cause a short circuit.
  • The tool holds tightly in the hands until its disk completely stops.
  • To change the place of sawing, it is necessary to turn off the corner grinder. Otherwise, surrounding objects may accidentally be.
  • When turning off electricity, it is necessary to turn off the tool itself from the network and the tool. This is done so that when the electricity is supplied, he does not start work without managing the operator.
  • The process of work largely heats the discs, so after turning off the corner grinder, you can not touch them until it cools completely.

Professional methods of metal cutting

These include plasma cutting, gas cutter, laser, water, with the help of tape cutting machines, etc.

By all these methods we can also use. If we turn to a company or a professional who provide metal cutting services. Method 7 is good if large volumes of work are required, solid or, on the contrary, very soft metals, as well as significant sizes of cut surfaces.

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