How to cut tiles with a corner grinder. Tile cutting process

How to cut tiles with a corner grinder without chips

Often when facing rooms with ceramic or tiles, it becomes necessary to in a certain way to cut the material. For sawing there is a special tool. Tile cutter. But buy it to perform a small amount of work is impractical. In this case, you can use the angular grinding machine, although you will have to cut longer. Before proceeding with the process, you need to know how to cut ceramic tiles as a corner grinder, because such a cutting has some specific features.

If the main purpose of the tile cutter is the execution of a straightforward cut, then the corner grinder can be made of various shapes. Another advantage of using corner grinding lifmushka is the ability to cut material of any thickness and hardness. You can cut it when it is already glued, it is not possible to do this with other tools. Not a single repair is complete without an angular grinding machine, there is no need to have an additional tool in stock to prepare facing or sexual tiles.

Corner grinder saws the tile of different thicknesses well

It is best to saw off a small corner grinder in which you can adjust the speed. Small weight will more accurately perform operations. When cutting, it does not need high power, enough up to 1 kW. From a powerful and heavy model, the muscles strain, accuracy and accuracy are reduced.

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Safety precautions

Corner grinder is a tool that can be injured with improper use. For this reason, safety precautions should be observed:

Large hole tile cutter REVIEW Tile drill bit Drilling large holes in a tiles

  • A disk immersed in the material should not rotate too fast. This will lead to the formation of chips. It is recommended to adjust the tile of the corner grinding at low disk rotation speed: from 3000 to 3500 rpm.
  • The length of the supply cord should not be less than 2 m, which will freely move while working with a corner grinder.
  • It is forbidden to keep the tool in an upright position. In this case, he can break out of his hands and inflict injury.
  • Before performing the work, a protective mask and glasses, a headdress, gloves, overalls, closed shoes are put on.
  • You need to hold the tool in your hands tightly, but you can not exert pressure on the tile during cutting, t. To. She can just fly apart.
  • The fitting of the finishing material should be carried out in the direction of.
  • If dry cutting is performed, it is best to organize work in a well.Ventilated room, t. To. A lot of dust is released in the process.
  • In the state on, the angular grinder cannot be lowered into the water.

How to get rid of dust when cutting tiles

The work of a corner grinder is always accompanied by the formation of a large amount of dust and fine garbage. During the processing of porcelain tile, stone crumbs are the withdrawal. The smallest fragments can get into the eye, hair or scratch open parts of the body. To protect the master, it is recommended to use glasses, a cap and dense clothes that hide the skin.


The protective casing helps to minimize the negative impact of dust, which is often present in the instrument configuration. You need to connect a construction vacuum cleaner to the pipe.

Another option is to moisturize the tiles, the material will become more supple, and the cut lines will be smooth. The best way to minimize dust formation is the continuous supply of water to the cutting element.

Crowning cut and a foothold

We will illuminate such a question as the implementation of a curved cut, the removal of chamfers and a canopy for the information of the tiles at the corners without using the docking profile. With a foothold, everything is quite simple, a hard diamond cup with large segments will be required to perform it. The tile should be laid up and drawn parallel to the edge of the fishing line for a trimmer with an indent equal to the thickness of the tile. After that, with the help of a cup, the angle is gradually cut, ensuring that the fishing line for the trimmer of the marking is connected to the front edge with one straight line. Periodically, the grinding site should be wetted with water.

Removing the chamfer on the front side. More painstaking work. Here it is necessary to use the AGSK, in the common people. Turtles. Manufacturers do not recommend using them to remove edges, but with increased caution this can be done, it is important not to provide excessive pressure on the tool. Hard cups are poorly suitable for this: they have large intervals between the segments, which is why chips and scratches are formed on the surface. But with the proper zeal, you can remove the chamfer, practically not distinguishable from the factory, you should only reduce the granularity during the final processing.

To perform a curved cut, you should first delete as many cut off as possible with an ordinary diamond disk. With convex edges, this is quite simple, for cutting concaves you have to divide the tears into sectors and then remove with fragments. After that, the edge of the porcelain tile is smoothed out using a rigid diamond cup.

Cutting tiles with diamond disk

All you need for this method is a specialized saw. It is a rather expensive equipment. However, although the high price of the saw can be considered a disadvantage, it is believed that cutting tiles with this method is the most professional.

There are saws with a fixed blade on the market (you need to move the plate along the cutting edge) or with a movable blade (the plate is motionless during cutting, and we control the blade).

The cutting disc is cooled by water, so harmful dust does not stand out during cutting. When separating the tiles with a saw, we have the opportunity to remove the chamfer from the edges of the tile at an angle of 45 degrees, which after laying will meet in the corners.

How to fix a corner grinder?

In many ways, the quality of the work depends on the correct position of the tool. Fix the corner grinding to the legennel leg is better. In this case, you need to pay attention so that the disk does not reach the table surface a few millimeters. Next, it is required to attach a sheet of metal to the table, on which the tile will fit.

If you place the tool horizontally, then the disk will be outside the table. And then you will have to cut on weight. This is a more complex option, which should not be chosen only to mastering the subtleties of handling angular grinding.


In addition to protection against dust, you should also think about ensuring the lack of injuries. In addition to the obvious danger from the rotating surface, there is a risk of keeping the tool. If the tile suddenly flies out from under the rotating circle, then the tool can go further by inertia, deforming the tile.

To avoid this, it is necessary to hold the tool tightly, in addition, you can use a special workbench to which the tool is attached, and the tile itself will be transferred. This is reasonable if you need to carry out a large amount of work.

Subtleties of work

Corner grinder. Multifunctional tool. She can be performed straight, and figure cutting.

The first, most important for a beginner to use a corner grinder is an understanding that it is not necessary to cut through the tile through. It is enough to draw a deep fishing line for a trimmer, and then you can easily break into several pieces.

Of course, it should be understood that it will not do without dust. But you can minimize garbage using a protective tool for a tool. You can also use nozzles for wet cutting. If you pre.Soak the tiles in cold water, then it will be more supple. This method guarantees smooth lines without sharp jocherbies. Corner grinder provides good cut quality and lack of chips.

The following important question is which side of the tiles to make incisions. If you cut with the front, then there will definitely be less chips. This may be important, when installing sockets, for example. Then the case will definitely enter the hole.

If you cut it from the back, then the appearance of chipbractions on the front part is possible. It is better to choose this option if these tiles are not in sight.

Cutting a porcelain tile with a corner grinder without chips is not so difficult to get normal quality, you need to have a good disk, powerful tool and a small preliminary practice. Even experienced masters resort to a trial sawing, as this allows you to determine the quality of the disk and the density of porcelain tile.

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The main methods of cutting

There are three main methods of cutting tiles with a corner grinder:

  • Straight section. This basic method is the simplest of all possible, the knife to the tile is located at an angle of 90 °. Before the cutting process itself, it is necessary to ensure the position of the tile so that the fishing line for the cutting trimmer remains on weight.
  • Cut at the corners. This method is much more complicated than the previous one and carries some difficulties. The standard direct cut is originally carried out. Then the inner or outer edge of the tiles with an angular grinder is treated at the desired angle.
  • Hole in the body. If you need to cut a hole in the middle of the tile, then the first thing to do is to mark the mark in the place of the alleged cut. Then, in the center of the circle by the marker, straight lines are drawn for the future opening. After all the preparatory work is completed, you can start, slowly cut the desired hole. For such work, a grinding machine with a minimum diameter of the cutting disk is best suited.

Safety precautions

To ensure safety when cutting tiles, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

tiles, corner, grinder, tile
  • Use a protective casing;
  • To hold the corner grinder tightly, do not turn it vertically;
  • Apply the appropriate ISZ. Overalls, glasses, respirator, gloves, etc.D.;
  • Work outdoors or in a well.Ventilated room.

In addition, it is necessary to observe the electrical safety technique, do not use a faulty tool with impaired insulation of the case and wire. Before cutting the tile of a corner grinder, you should prepare a workplace, provide appropriate conditions. Lighting, ventilation, etc.D. Compliance with these simple rules will avoid injuries and perform work without prejudice to health.

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