How to cut yourself a trimmer if you have overgrown. Lumberjack (over 6 cm)

The difference between a trimmer and a hair cutting machine

A trimmer is called many different devices, including, for example, a device for cutting lawns. The name comes from the English “trim”. haircut, “trimmer”. a haircut device. Even in the hairdressing area of ​​the use of trimmers for grass can also be different. These devices are functional and technically.

One trimmer for grass is a small device, often a cylindrical shape, designed to cut excess vegetation in the ears and in the nose (some with its help put in order and eyebrows). The other outwardly is very similar to a regular haircut machine, but in its technical characteristics and capabilities there are a number of differences. Sometimes the future user has no idea how the trimmer for the grass differs from the haircut machine. Meanwhile, functionally these are very different devices, each with its own specifics.

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What is the difference between a trimmer for grass from a hair cutting machine

The hair cutting machine removes the hair for a certain length, which makes it possible to form a certain hairstyle. Unlike a machine, a trimmer for grass can cut the hairs as short as possible, under the root. “clean” hair can be removed only with a razor.

The haircut machine forms a hairstyle

Are these two devices interchangeable? Theoretically, you can try to work in one device as two, but the worthy quality of the haircut will not work. The machine, even the best, without a single nozzle, does not remove the hair “under zero”, the stubble will still remain a slight length. A trimmer can try to make a haircut by installing nozzles on it. But it will be very difficult to work, and the matter will go extremely slowly. However, for cutting a beard, it is the trimmer for the grass that is used. There are fewer hair, and they are hard, thick and rare. for a trimmer for grass, the option is suitable. As can be seen from the above, a haircut machine and a trimmer for grass cannot be fully used instead of each other.

Rules for operating a trimmer for grass

Before starting a haircut or other care procedures, you need to read the user guide. It indicates what nozzles a particular device has, how to collect them and why use. Some manufacturers also tell the tricks that will help make a haircut or shaving professionally. In general, the rules for using the trimmer alone for all devices.

  • Before starting work, you need to clearly decide what hair length is needed, and which nozzle is suitable for this.
  • The minimum length of the machine is given when working without nozzles. In this case, the cutting edge must be leaded close to the roots of the hair.
  • Haircut is carried out against hair growth.

Before starting work, you need to choose a nozzle

Attention: if there is no experience at all, it is better to start a haircut better than the highest nozzle (for maximum hair length). If something goes wrong, there will be an opportunity to correct the situation, taking the next nozzle in length.

How to put a beard in order

It is convenient to care for the beard of the house. But it is difficult for many men without experience, many questions arise about technology and process. Literally one or two times the skill is being developed, an understanding of the process and knowledge of the nuances appear, and the result of home care already looks quite professionally. To facilitate the haircut, you need to know a few secrets.

  • A machine without a nozzle is used to decorate Kant on the neck. Particular attention should be paid to the lower border. The beard looks beautiful if its border goes along a clear line.
  • If the beard is short, and it must be cut off using the nozzle of the desired length, the procedure must be carried out against hair growth, while pulling the skin slightly as when shaving, in the opposite direction. To form a long beard, excess hair is cut in height, from top to bottom. It is necessary to work with a trimmer slowly and smoothly, so that the knives manage to work out the site along the working head.
  • Create a lateral contour in the direction of the ear. A machine without nozzle is suitable for this purpose. Here you can also stretch a little skin so that the blade of the machine does not “stumble” and smoothly goes in the right direction. You can work on the entire width of the nozzle or only its corner.
  • When creating the upper and lower edge of the mustache, the direction of work can be chosen by personal preference and convenience. If the “hairstyle” is not implied in the “hairstyle”, they can simply be shaved with a machine without a nozzle.
  • The bristle on the chin should be treated from top to bottom or bottom up, while slightly stretching the skin as when shaving.

These simple tips will help cut and form a beautiful, neat beard on their own, without visiting the barbershop. Buying a good trimmer for grass will save money on the services of the master, time for visit to the salon.

There are models of trimmers that support the function of wet shaving. This is a good alternative to a classic shaving machine. Foam is applied to the face for such care.

  • Before working with a trimmer, the beard must be cut with simple scissors. This will facilitate and speed up the operation of the machine.
  • Next, you need to apply foam or gel, as is usually the case.
  • Adjust the device for the desired mode and start shaving beards.
  • If you need smooth skin without bristles, then before starting work with the machine, you need to remove nozzles and shave only with a blade.
  • No need to crush too much on the skin or pull it.

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After wet shaving, the working head of the trimmer for the grass must be washed under the crane. It is necessary to remove all the hair and the remnants of shaving foam from the blade and nozzle.

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Hair haircut techniques

There are several men’s haircuts that can be easily mastered by spending a minimum of time and effort.


Start with a universal, simplest haircut. This technique can easily succumb to even one who holds in their hands a hair cutting machine for the first time. Performing a universal haircut, you will not even need a change of nozzles. This is how to produce it.

  • Set the estimated hair length and set the appropriate nozzle.
  • It is best to start a haircut from the occipital area of ​​the head. It is necessary to drive a machine smoothly, raising the tool up, against the growth of the hairline.
  • After the back of the head, the temporal region is leveled, and in the last turn. the parietal.

Boxing and Polobox

The next haircut, which can be performed independently, is called boxing or semibox. Despite the fact that this haircut has a very rich story, and it is difficult to call it new, it is still very popular among men of different ages. However, given that a well.made semi.brux gives confidence and emphasizes the male features of the face, the popularity of the semibox will not seem so amazing.

There is one nuance: you can cut yourself under boxing or semi.bogs only having the correct shape of the skull. If there are cones, irregularities, birthmarks on the head.D., Perhaps you should find another haircut.

Any short haircut emphasizes any imperfection. this should be remembered. The thickness and density of your hair will not play roles, You are cut quite short.

  • In addition to the machine itself, you will need a razor, scissors and a comb in addition to the machine itself. It is better to take care of everything necessary in advance, so that the tools are at hand.
  • First, with the help of scissors, a line is held between long curls and short. If the back of the head has a pronounced relief, the border is drawn just below.
  • Hair that grows below the boundary of the growth of long curls is shortened with a machine.
  • The temporal and occipital region is best to shorten as possible.
  • Next, you need to go to the parietal region. Here you should cut your hair on the strands, helping yourself with your fingers (holding your hair between the middle and index).
  • After cutting down, you can begin to profile hair with specialized scissors. If there are no such scissors, you can do with a razor. When profiling, much attention should be paid to the face.
  • The remaining sticking hairs are cut off with ordinary scissors.

If there is a desire to leave the bangs, it is important that it does not contrast in size to the length of all other hair. In the version with boxing, the bangs should not be left too long, the haircut style does not mean this.

As for the, it is performed as follows:

  • All hair growing below the central part of the back of the head should be cut as short as possible.
  • The upper part of the processing zone will run on the line called “control”. It connects the upper part of the occipital region with the ends of the ears.
  • Strands on the temples are cut into one level with a prepared occipital area. It will be important to make a smooth transition from short hair to longer. To do this, the length is two centimeters above the conditional border. You can use the appropriate nozzle or use scissors.
  • The parietal strands are cut off with scissors, while it is most convenient to help with the second hand, clamping the strands between the fingers.
  • Filhing is a finish procedure, it is carried out either with scissors or a machine.

The technique of this haircut is quite simple for independent execution. In addition, this hairstyle will be relevant at all times. Millions of men choose it for everyday wear, because it is practical and emphasizes the courageous facial features. The hedgehog is mainly cut by the owners of dense and hard hair. Some say that this type of haircut is very similar to a, but this is not entirely. In the hedgehog there are no clear transitions from short hair to longer. In the case of this haircut, the transition is smooth and almost invisible. The haircut is performed as follows.

  • The parietal region is cut off with scissors. Recommended length not more than 4 cm.
  • After trimming, a little gel or wax is applied to the head, the hair is laid with a candle (if necessary, you can use a hairdryer).
  • The bangs are combed towards the parietal region.
  • Whiskey and nape are equal to the hair cutting machine, trying to make the transition from long hair to short as imperceptible as possible.
  • The neck should either be completely shaved, or leave a small layer of bristles.


In the common people it is called “to zero”, which very correctly reflects its essence. With a haircut, all courageous facial features, eyes, cheekbones and chin are emphasized. It is recommended to wear in the case of the formation of ugly halls or focal alopecia.

  • First of all, you should cut long hair so that the machine does not get confused in them.
  • It is necessary to start a haircut from the back of the head and area of ​​the temples, moving at once in three directions: from top to bottom, and then left and right.
  • If there are irregularities remain, you can use a razor or a special nozzle that equates to the level of bristles (1 mm). Typically, such nozzles are available in trimmers for cutting a beard, in some models of cars or in additional sets.

Secrets of using hair cutting machine

The main thing is experience, but without understanding some mechanisms, the process of obtaining it can be significantly delayed. To begin with, do not try to trim everyone who hands can reach. If you are not confident in your abilities (although you have a desire), you should not put experiments on loved ones, because they may remain unhappy with the resulting result. Sooner or later, successes will definitely be, you just need to show patience and start with your head.

  • Try to study as much video haircuts as possible at home. It is necessary to understand how the device works, how it lies in the hand, what is the limit of its power.
  • Do not be afraid to do something wrong. Almost everyone is mistaken, it is unlikely that any of the specialists in their business has become so the first time.
  • It is better to start with short haircuts, they are easier in development, moreover, in case of failure, there is always an option “under zero”, which will hide an unsuccessful attempt. It will be possible to continue the experiment as hair grows. The main thing is not to give up if it did not work out.
  • If the hair on the head has become thin, it is best to draw along it the central part of the blade or the selected nozzle.
  • After the haircut is completed, it is better to use a flan blowing. this will greatly facilitate cleaning. Also, after a haircut at home, it is recommended to take a shower in order to wash off the remaining hairs.
  • There is no point in buying a professional hair cutting machine, not having at least some kind of haircut experience at home. And even more so do not rush to order the most complete set of nozzles for considerable money. The starting set of a novice hairdresser may well limit yourself to a simple but reliable device with two or three main nozzles necessary to create smooth transitions and determine the boundaries.
  • Any technical device requires maintenance, especially when it comes to direct contact with the hair and scalp. Experts recommend disinfecting steel blades from time to time, carefully cleaning them of dust and small hair.
  • Before you start cutting yourself, you should choose a few simple haircuts that can be done at home. The main thing is not to navigate the nozzle, they, if necessary, can be purchased. It is better to choose the simplest options and gradually complicate tasks.
  • Before the start of the haircut, it will be best to study the features of their hair, their growth rate, brittleness, the density of the hairline, etc.D. In case of some difficulties, you can contact a trichologist.
  • Most cars are either universal or focused on right. You should find out in advance what orientation the model you like has, so that there is no inconvenience in the future.

It is important to remember that any independent haircut cannot be compared with a professional already, if only because a shelter cannot see his head at a distance, entirely. As a result, the picture when working with a machine or scissors is not quite complete. The hairdresser will always appreciate the client’s hair better. However, for simple haircuts, which most men choose as the main ones, this will not be a serious obstacle.

It is difficult to create a model haircut with your own hands, and a or a hedgehog is quite possible.

Do not try to save on consumables. This does not mean at all that you need to buy all the most expensive, but if it came to a set of three nozzles, it is better to choose more thoroughly and not dwell on the most affordable model.

It will be much more convenient if, in addition to a convenient grip, the handle and body will contain several rubberized parts or coatings of the “software” type. This will greatly facilitate the use. The device will be better in hand, it will not slide.

Mashka with a rubberized coating

If the choice has stopped on a model with a power outlet from a socket, then you should pay attention to its length. The longer the wire, the more space for the maneuver will remain. Of course, the models on batteries provide more maneuverability, but not everyone is suitable for a number of reasons.

There is nothing complicated to start cutting yourself at home. Thus, you can not only acquire a useful skill, learn the new, but also significantly save the family budget on the services of a hairdresser. Starting to study an independent haircut, you need to stock up on and tune in to an excellent result. then everything will work out.


Trimmer for grass

What is a trimmer for grass? This is a very cunning question. On the Internet you can find a definition that a trimmer for grass is something that allows you to trim the beard or mustache, in terms of creating a edging.

You can often hear about a trimmer for grass for haircuts of a beard. And here. at least I have. there is a good contradiction. After all, trimmers for grass often look like hair cutting machines with a nozzle. sometimes without nozzles in principle.

How the trimmer for grass differs from a haircut or razor machine? Honestly, I don’t understand myself. It seems to me that in our time in different stores the same devices are called differently. As I understand it, the name Trimmer for the grass at the very beginning was the value of razor (cars) for shortening the beard and mustache, and after the trimmer they began to call something to create a edging.

Usually I met two unpleasant extremes of trimmers:

How to cut a beard with a trimmer if there is no nozzle on it? I already wrote above that this is an incredibly difficult task. not only do you have to look in the mirror and realize what kind of plane your hand is in and in which direction it needs to be moved, and any careless movement that will shave the floor of a beard or bristle to you Having spoiled all the works.

The only thing I could not check, except for the presence of nozzles in the kit is the battery performance.

By the way, when you look for trimmers for the grass, be sure to stumble on manual lawn mowers.


Hair cutter

Когда у меня начались неполадки с электробритвой Braun и мне надоело мучаться с отсутствием насадки для поддержания определённой щетины, я просто пошёл в магазин, наплевал на бренды и купил самую простую и дешёвую машинку для стрижки волос.

I bought a Babyliss for Men E680e haircut machine. There were as many as 2 nozzles in the kit! As a result, I used the one that moved-it was possible to select 3-6-9-12-15 mm.

The machine is already 5 or 6 years old, it works fine. you can even shave under water (subject to the wire disconnected. ). Sometimes it seems to me that she began to discharge faster. most likely the fact is that she does not have a beard for a beard and not often put on charging.

How to cut your hair with a machine: technique for men for men

A haircut for a machine requires attentiveness and accuracy, and despite the fact that it can be done independently at home, we still recommend contacting professionals in barbershop. The result of the work of the master will definitely not disappoint!

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The scheme of men’s haircuts with a machine practically does not differ from work with scissors, but requires concentration and smooth movements. Do not make sharp waves and avoid step crossings. We offer to get acquainted with our instructions, explaining how to cut the machine correctly. Something like this will work your barber.

  • After washing, the hair is slightly dried.
  • The master divides his head into zones: occipital, parietal and temporal. The strands on the crown are fixed with a clamp. This rule acts only on long hair, when the upper strands interfere with working with the lower.
  • First, the back of the head is processed with a machine, and then the whiskey. Together with you, the master will determine the length on the sides and pick up the suitable nozzle. men between “shorter” and “longer” more often choose the first. Some zones are removed with continuous stripes, while the machine moves against growth. This guarantees the same length.
  • At the end, the crown and bangs are processed. It makes sense to use a long nozzle here so as not to cut off the extra hair. Due to the intermittent lines, the master will be able to make filtering and edging.

Tip: If you are racking your head, how to cut your friend, son or brother with a machine yourself, arrange a comb and long nozzles. The classic male haircut with a machine will turn out with less effort for the first time if you cut under a comb. The scallop will allow you to control the length and not move in the wrong direction.

Men’s haircut technique by machine on video

How to cut a man with a machine if you never held this device in your hands? Watch the video instruction from the pros!

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Fade technique is also available when cutting an electric machine. How such a hairstyle is performed, look at

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Tip: learn to cut men’s haircuts with a machine will turn out faster if you practice more often. Do not make sharp transitions and do not take short nozzles (the crown of a minimum cut from the “deuce” to the “four”, especially if it is a Quiff, Canadian or Briton).

How to cut your hair to a boy using a machine and scissors?

As we have already noted, a male haircut with a machine at home will pass easily if armed with a comb and different nozzles. Do not trust your hairdressing talents? Then start with the largest and long nozzle. For experienced hairdressers, the choice will not be difficult. they have something to learn. So, we tell you how to cut a very young man, say, solid kindergarten age: our recommendations are suitable for beginners and “continuing” barber.

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yourself, trimmer

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  • My head. Pure dried hair is divided into zones.
  • We begin to cut off the back of the head from the lower part and move the machine towards the temples. Having reached the ears, carefully bend them and process the plots behind them.
  • On the crown we determine the maximum length, make the cut with scissors. Straighten the hair with this length.
  • Along the upper part of the back of the head, a edging with a smooth transition down is performed.

Any boy will appreciate the laconicism of the new haircut.

Advantages of men’s haircuts for three

There are more and more lovers of cutting under the machine, which is not surprising, because with its help the creation and correction of the hairstyle takes literally a few minutes. regardless of whether you are cutting yourself or in a barbershop. But, in addition to a minimum waste of time on a haircut, 3 mm hair has other advantages with a length of 3 mm.

Why do men like a hairstyle under three?

  • Just. In the presence of a machine, a haircut for a 3 mm nozzle is easily performed at home.
  • Practical. Three haircuts do not need combing, drying with a hairdryer or complex styling, all the care of the hairstyle is reduced to timely washing of the head and trimming the length.
  • Economical. The lack of need to visit barbershop and buy a large number of care or styling tools significantly saves the budget.
  • Brutal. The ultra.short haircut 0.3 cm remains the easiest way for a man to radically change his image, making it more masculine, harsh.
  • Comfortable. 3 mm length does not interfere during work or sports, it is not hot with such a hairstyle in the summer.
  • Universal. The hairstyle under three is suitable for men of any age and any sphere of activity. and those who love sports style, and those who prefer business.

Types of hairstyles for three

What does a haircut look like for 3 millimeters look? It is believed that this is a shortened version of the boxing hairstyle and other haircuts in the army style. If the master shaves the whole head under 3 mm, before us is Buzz Cut. Shocking fact: other hairstyles of this length do not exist. The maximum that can be done is to play with the edging or select patterns, which is not always appropriate.

But it is worth adding a couple more nozzles to a hair cutter, and there is already where to turn around, choosing hair design to the features of your oval face. See what varieties of 3 mm haircuts with a thoughtful addition of length are found in barbershopes.

Board care advice

Men often ask how to properly care for a beard at home. We asked the most popular questions to our experts and received detailed answers to them.

How often you need to cut?

In order for the shape of the beard to be ideal, it is best to trim it once a week, this can be done at home according to the instructions above. However, at least once every two to three months go to a professional barber who can adjust the form and update, giving it a more stylish look.

How to maintain cleanliness?

In addition to the fact that the beard needs to be constantly cut, you also need to care for it. Your arsenal should have a moisturizing shampoo, which will take care of the hair and soften them, as well as air conditioning. If there is no desire to spend a lot of time washing beards, you can use 3 in 1 shampoo: for example, Redken Brews 3-In-1, which nourishes and moisturizes bristles.

It is also worth exfoliating the skin to cleanse it of dust and other contaminants. It is best to do this with a scrub for a face that removes a keratinized layer of skin.

TOP-3 necessary styling products for beard

As you already understood, the beard needs daily care, but in addition to this, it still needs to be laid so that it does not stick out in different directions and acquires the desired shape. For this you will need special tools.

Rating of the best electrical devices

Remington MB4030

Convenient trimmer for home care for a mustache and beard. It has 2 interchangeable nozzles in the configuration, thanks to which the length of the cut hair can be adjusted by 18 steps. Can work both from the network and from the battery (within 40 minutes).

  • Good blades cope with hair of any stiffness;
  • one charge is enough for a full shaving of the whole face;
  • comfortably lies in the palm of your hand.

The price is quite acceptable for such characteristics and varies in the region of 3500 r.

Moser 3214-0050

In its form, this trimmer for the grass resembles a written handle and weighs only 60 grams! A powerful rotary engine is launched thanks to AAA battery.


Braun PT 5010 Precision

A device that is characterized by increased practicality-using the function of point removal of hair and two nozzles of 5 and 8 mm, you can put in order not only a beard and a mustache, but also the bacenbard, and the eyebrows. It works for batteries.

Indispensable and compact assistant before important meetings on business trips.

There is such an unit in the region of 1000.

Watch the video review of the trimmer for the grass Braun PT 5010 Precision:

Braun FG 1100

This model differs surprisingly small sizes and weighing only 100 grams! Two nozzles for point removal of hair in the bikini line, 2 rings of the scallop of 5 and 8 mm are already included in the kit.

It works for the battery. one charge is enough for 2 hours of continuous work.


Philips BT-9290/15

Double.sided trimmer for grass, one side of which is 32 mm, the other. 15 mm. Equipped with a display displaying the current charge level and a waterproof body.

Reference! The main distinguishing feature is an accurate laser guidance. Works both from the network and the battery.

With such characteristics, the high price is quite justified.

How to care?

So that the device serves as long as possible without losing its qualitative characteristics, it must be careed for it.

From the operating instructions, we can find out that the rules for caring for any trimmer are approximately as follows:

  • Rinse the nozzles. this must be done after each session. Put all the nozzles used in the sink and rinse with warm running water and soap. Make sure that all the hairs are washed off and cleaned.
  • Clean the blade with a brush, turning on the device to minimum power.
  • Wipe the body from the remains of hair and dust with a damp tampon and a dry cloth.
  • Store the device assembled. first completely dried from moisture residues.

The modern generation of men is much easier to take care of themselves. To do this, it is already not necessary to allocate time on a painstaking haircut with scissors and a dangerous machine. it is enough to have one device at hand that can put in order both the face and body. trimmer for grass.

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