How to determine the size of the chainsaw tire. How to exclude possible risks of acquiring tire counterfeit?

Dimensions and criteria for choosing a tire on a chainsaw

Tire dismantling is carried out for cleaning the oil pipeline, checking the technical condition or replacing. The sequence of work is painted in the instructions for the operation. Upon completion of the installation, you should make sure that there is no backlash and tightening threaded fasteners.

In the presence of certain skills, it takes only a few minutes to dismantle and install a new or sharpened chain. The technology prescribes the inclusion of an unauthorized launch block and in some cases, an emergency stop mechanism.

  • Depending on the design of the stretch device, the circuit is weakened to the desired degree by the rotation of the adjusting screw or installation disk, to the free exit of the shanks from the groove of the guide tire.
  • After checking the direction of rotation, the shanks of the new chain are launched into the guide groove of the groove and the crown of the leading star. The tension is in the reverse order.
  • To check the degree of tension, it is enough to pull the chain in the middle of the tire. The output of the shank of the link in this place should not exceed 2/3 of its height. Correctly stretched circuit should move along the tire from a slight force.

After installing and adjusting the saw, it is advisable to start the engine and maintain the saw at medium speeds for several minutes. During this time, you can check the operation of the lubricant system.

After turning off the power unit, it is necessary to turn on the lock lock and check the headset for the lack of local overheating of the tire and change the degree of tension of the chain.

To choose a chain for a chainsaw, you should know three parameters:

Knowing these three parameters, you can easily choose. High.Altitude or charvester head.

The step of the chain

The chain step is customary to indicate in inches, calculate it as follows: measure the distance between the nearest drive links of the chain, or the distance between the three closest rivets of the chain (from the center of the rivet), divide by 2 and transferred into inch (1 inch = 25.4 mm).

The chain step should always coincide with the step of the leading star of the saw and the driven.

  • The chain with a step of 0.25 ″ is also 1/4 ″ Distance between three rivets (leading links) 12.7 mm ÷ 2 = 6.35 mm we transfer to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches this is 0.25 ″ (more often designated as 1/4 ″).
  • The chain with a step of 0.325 ″ Distance between three rivets (leading links) 16.5 mm ÷ 2 = 8.25 mm we transfer to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches this is 0.325 ″.
  • Chain with a step of 0.375 ″ he is 3/8 ″ The distance between three rivets 19 mm ÷ 2 = 9.5 mm we transfer into inch (÷ 25.4) in inches it is 0.375 ″ (it is customary to designate as 3/8 ″ so as not to confuse With 0.325 ″).
  • Chain with a step of 0.404 ″ Distance between three rivets 20.5 mm ÷ 2 = 10.25 mm we transfer into inch (÷ 25.4) in inches is 0.404 ″.
  • The chain with a step 3/4 ″ Distance between three rivets 38.1 mm ÷ 2 = 19.05 mm is transferred to inch (÷ 25.4) in inches is 0.75 ″ (it is customary to designate as 3/4 ″).


The thickness of the chain is the thickness of the drive link (can be measured with a caliper). This size should always coincide with the thickness of the groove.

In total, for electric and gasoline saws, as well as Harvesters, there are 6 sizes determining the thickness of the leading link:

The third main parameter when selecting the chain: the length of the chain (number of drive links).

The length of the chain is determined by the calculation of the number of drive (internal) links of the chain

  • The cutting links do not determine the length of the chain (do not count them).
  • The length of the guide tire does not determine the exact length of the chain (for example, on a saw with a tire of 16 ″ (40 cm), a chain of 55, or 56, or 57 links, depends on the mechanism of the chain of a particular saw model).
  • A circuit of about 55-57 links is not suitable for you, only a certain size recommended by the manufacturer of the saw is suitable.

What is the length of the tire of my chainsaw?

The length of the cutting part of the tire differs from its total length. The length of the tire is considered to be the length of the cut (working part). This is the distance from the front of the saw to the rounded tip of the bow of the tire. This size is rounded to the closest in inches or centimeters. Inch is designated as “equal to 2.54 cm.

For example, the length of the cutting part of the tire for the Stihl MS180 chainsaw is 40 cm. 40 cm ÷ 2.54 = 15.7 inches. Rounding is 16 ″ (inches).

determine, size, chainsaw, tire, possible

For a chainsaw, the Stihl MS180 is suitable for 16 inch (40 centimeter) tire Oregon Article 160SDEA074.

Device and principle of operation

To independently eliminate malfunctions, the owner will need good knowledge of the device of the motorcycle. This is a device operating due to an internal combustion engine with one cylinder. Fuel fluid. Gasoline. The saw mechanism is moving due to a single.Stage chain transmission, for safety it is closed by the casing.

The main structural elements are the air purification system, the chain mechanism, the engine, the tension device, the ignition elements, the flywheel and the coupling. Many small details connect the main nodes and contribute to the reliable operation of the device.

The properties of automatic centrifugal clutch depend on the number of revolutions of the power unit. A low speed of rotation does not transmit rotation to the drum. Only when a large number of revolutions reaches the centrifugal force exceeds the force of springs, causing rotation of the drum. Chain and asterisk located in front of.

Properties of wear.Resistant chains of general and special purposes

The chain pitch means the distance between any three rivets. In the saw chains, this length characterizes the remoteness of two cutting teeth relative to each other. The size of the step is and the length between the tops of the two adjacent shanks of the chain (guide elements entering the groove tires). In order to correctly determine the step of the chain of the chainships, the distance between the axes of the three rivets walking in a row produce.

There is a reasonable pattern that states that the larger the distance between the cutting teeth of the chain, the deeper they enter the sawing material. Increasing the step of the chain of the chain, you can increase its performance. In this case, accordingly, the force for rotation of the drive star changes.

Modern manufacturers of gasoline saws use three main types of sawing chains with the following step values ​​measured in inches:

The quality and accuracy of the created cut in the material depends on the step step. If the quality of the cutting during operation of the chainsaw does not have a global value, then the accuracy of the cut is sometimes important when the logs or boards are allowed, for this you need to take into account the dependence of the saw step on the dissolution of wood according to the specified markings.

The rule of selection of the chain indicates that the step between the teeth is directly proportional to the performance, the reserve of motor power and inversely proportional to the accuracy of the created cut.

Varieties of chains on chainsaws

Before choosing chains for your chainsaw, you need to consider their varieties. The elements under consideration are distinguished due to the classification of chainsaws, which are domestic, professional and semi.Professional. Before buying a saw chain, you need to deal with the available types of saw.

Types of a saw set

How to choose the device under consideration for your tool, not every professional knows. After all, after buying an instrument, the need to buy and replace the saw set arises no earlier than a few years after seasonal operation of the chainsaw. Not only chainsaws have the corresponding technical parameters, but also a saw set. For both the chainsaw and electric saw, you need to select the chain, based on the technical characteristics of the tool. The main parameters of the devices under consideration are:

Basement of the chainsaw. We increase the life

It’s no secret that after buying a chainsaw, it is necessary to make the correct run.In the tool. During this process, all the metal and plastic elements of the chainsaw is shaken. Playing for each type of chainsaws occurs almost the same, and differs only in the time of this process.

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determine, size, chainsaw, tire, possible

The correct run.In the chainsaw occurs in stages. The engine should work without load the time that is possible on a full fuel tank. Every 5 minutes it is recommended to change the number of revolutions from the idle for the maximum load. After the primary run.In, you can proceed to the next stage, during which it is allowed to make a load on the engine up to 50% of its entire power, by cutting wood. This stage is performed for 10 hours. After that, you can operate the chainsaw at full power, in the load recommended by the manufacturer.

Types of sawing. Transverse or longitudinal method

Chainsaws with chains for cross.Cutting wood are in demand. Longitudinal sawing is needed in rare cases, but if it is necessary to use such a headset, it must be borne in mind that such materials are more expensive than ordinary. The difference between the methods in question is that for longitudinal circuits the angle of sharpening is 5-10 degrees. For transverse models, the angle of sharpening corresponds to a value of 25-30 degrees. You can clarify this information on the design of the saw headset.

determine, size, chainsaw, tire, possible

One of the most important parameters of the tire for the chainsaw is their size. The larger the length of the guide, the greater the diameter you can saw the logs with the tool. However, this does not mean at all that a long guide can be installed on a low.Power chainsaw, and to saw thick logs. Tire length should have a power ratio.

It is interesting!The technical description for each tool model indicates the optimal tire length, which the manufacturer recommends using. The installation of a part of a smaller or larger size will lead to an accelerated wear of a saw set and tool mechanisms. If it is not possible to find the technical passport of the tool, then you can find out the recommended length for a specific tool model in a simple way. Measure the old guide. How to measure the length of the tire of the chainsaw, not many experts know far. To find out the length of the guide on the chainsaw, you need to use the roulette, and measure the distance from the end (the bow) before the start of the cutout. The diagram below shows how the length of the tire is measured correctly.

You can also find out the length by the description, which is usually shown on the side of the headset. However, over the time of operation of the tool, inscriptions are rubbed, so this method is appropriate for cases when information can be read on the tire. Having measured the length, you can purchase the appropriate size a saw set for the tool. Why you cannot use a long tire and a chain on a low.Power saw? There are enough reasons for this, and you can describe them in the form of a list:

  • Lack of engine power, which will affect the speed of sawing
  • Increased fuel consumption due to increased load
  • Fast engine wear and consumables
  • Incorrect cyclical oil supply for lubrication of the chain, which will entail overheating of the headset, and a quick failure

If you do not want the tool to quickly fail, then it is necessary to use the appropriate size a saw set. To ensure the maximum efficiency and productivity of the tool, it is necessary to choose the right tire and circuit depending on the power of the tool. To indicate the length, such a unit of measurement as inch is used. Below are the dimensions of the guides for chainsaws in inches with their transfer to the metric measurement system:

Only after the length of the chainsaw tire is clarified, you can proceed to the choice of a new part. There are also 38, 33 cm long devices and others. The length of the part of 45 cm is far from the largest option. Professional high.Power units are equipped with devices whose length reaches 75 cm.

Installation and adjustment of the tire for the chainsaw

The guide is replaced as follows:

  • Unscrew 2 fasteners on a chainsaw.
  • Remove the protective casing. The part simultaneously performs the function of a hand brake.
  • Remove the saw chain.
  • Make a tire from a seat.
  • Install a new tire in fasteners and feed the assembly.

After replacement, the chain tension is adjusted. To check the tension, it is necessary to pull the chain around the middle of the tire.

The output of the tail should not be more than 2/3 of its length. Adjustment is carried out by rotation of the adjusting screw with weakened mounting nuts. After adjusting the nut, you need to completely tighten.

What size chain does my chainsaw take?

How to find out which headset on a chainsaw

Determine the type of chain that is installed on a chainsaw can be in several ways. If the saw is new, only purchased, then the type and size of the chain are indicated in the documents (user manual, in the characteristics section). If the saw has already managed to work and it is not known whether the headset has changed during operation, then the following actions can be determined: the following actions:

  • Remove the headset and calculate the number of links.
  • With the help of a caliper, measure the width of the shank.
  • Visually determine the type of cutting tooth. Sharp side faces. Pier, smooth edges. Chipper.
  • Ruler or caliper to measure the chain step.
determine, size, chainsaw, tire, possible

Important! The incorrectly removed sizes can lead to the fact that the new chain will not be installed in the tire of the chainsaw or will have a step different from the step of the stars, so when conducting measurements you need to be more careful.

Another option to determine the size that does not require the use of a measuring tool is to see the marking. The width of the shank is indicated from the outer side of the limiter tooth. The width values ​​on the teeth are shown without a unit, t.E. If the tent has a number 3, then the width of the shank is 1.3 mm, the remaining dimensions are similarly.

Some manufacturers, for example, Oregon, apply model number to the shank of their products. Knowing the number, you can easily determine the characteristics of the chain by finding information about the model in the catalog.

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