How to dilute and sharpen a saw. For longitudinal and universal sawing

How to dilute the teeth in a hacksaw on wood correctly

Even at home, in the absence of a special mechanism, it is possible to carry out the correct wiring and significantly extend the operational period of the saw on the wood. At the same time, it is important to withstand the required angle, since too wide the cut causes a significant decrease in performance, too narrow leads to heating the working part and its strong wear.

Some firms provide services related to such work. Note that the cost of a special mechanism is relatively small, so it is best to purchase it and the procedure can be carried out repeatedly. How to dilute the teeth in a hacksaw on wood. Sergey Artyukhov.

Forms of the cutting part and the angle of sharpening of the paintings

The geometry of cutting elements of strip saws can be varied, which directly depends on the material that is intended for sawing. Wood machines are most often equipped with special saws with which you can conduct:

The angle of sharpening is determined strictly by the manufacturer of the tool. The front angle of sharpening will be as small as possible when using solid wood. Ribbon saws for metal are equipped with saws with different shapes of the canvas, which directly depends on the metal drainage used for sawing. If it is necessary to cut thin.Walled metals and at the same time have thin chips, the front angle of cut during cutting will be zero, then standard cutting is used. The angle of sharpening can be varied. It depends directly on the structure of the device.

A tooth that has a positive front angle has those saws that are widely used for sawing metal with thick walls. The step of the canvas, with which the thin metal is sawing, is a small enough. In order to cut thick.Walled metal, it is necessary to use devices that have a large number of paintings. In some cases, the equipment has a variable step, which allows you to eliminate the effect of resonance. Changing the distance between the teeth directly depends on a particular group.

Fundamental rules

When sharpening a saw on wood with your own hands, a concentration of attention is required, a good eye and work skills with a file. Despite all the apparent complexity of the process, when performing recommendations, this manipulation can be done quite simply, although not quickly. To sharpen a hacksaw at home, you need to spend an hour or two time, you can cope and faster if you fill your hand.

Corner grinder also sharpen hacksaws, but many masters are negative about this method. Firstly, it is unsafe, and secondly, you can ruin more incisors than to sharpen.

dilute, sharpen, universal, sawing


The canvas must be securely fixed in a vice. You can also sharpen it on your knees or stool, but keeping a hacksaw is so inconvenient. The place in which the sharpening is carried out must be well lit, mittens are put on for security purposes. Nothing extraneous, such as a TV, should not be distracted from work.

To restore the working characteristics of the carpentry and canine tools, only a high-quality file must be used. Usually take a trihedral, and a special tetrahedral file is provided for small teeth of garden hacksaw.

The edges of the incisors must be cleaned with a file or a file that has a small velvet notch. If you have to use a used file, then it is previously cleaned with a steel brush.

A small layer of coating is grinded from incisors. In the process of processing, the file should not slip, but cling to them well. If this does not happen, then the file is not suitable for processing or the cutters of the canvas are rolled. For sharpening, you should take another tool. In the case of an unsuccessful repeated attempt, it is recommended to change the hacksaw.


To sharpen a hacksaw on a tree with a file correctly, its handle is clamped with the right hand, and the left is held to the end. The tool is directed to the teeth of the canvas at an angle (as the bevel comes). The pressure should be uniform, smooth and only in a certain direction (usually from yourself).

If possible, it is desirable to ensure that the removed layer of metal is the same thickness. For this, the tool is recommended to move equal to the number of times and with equal pressure. So it will be possible to maintain the height, steps and size of the angles of the teeth after processing.

Remove the holes that appear on the faces of the tooth of the tooth with a damp donkey or by means of a file with a velvet notch. If you leave them, then they will reduce the severity of the teeth and paint when cutting wood materials, which will worsen the quality of the manipulations ongoing.

When the sharpening is over, check the severity of the teeth, sawing a piece of wood. If, when examining the saw canvas, cutters do not shine, then all actions were made effectively and the hacksaw is ready for operation.

Types of Hand Saws. Ace Hardware

Wrestling of teeth

The divorce of the teeth is necessary so that the manual saw does not jam in the process of cutting so that it goes smoothly and easily. After prolonged use of a hacksaw, it may be required before it is to sharpen it, to make a wiring. The essence of the process is to carry out uniform bending of teeth in different directions. After this procedure, free gaps should form on both sides of the canvas. The movement of the sprouting tool in the context will occur much more efficiently.

The larger the bend of the incisors, the less the risk of the saw of the saw during operation. But here you should not overdo it, otherwise it will be extremely problematic to cut the cutting.

Note! According to the standard, wiring is done no more than 2 mm. If the hacksaw is intended for cutting dry wood, then the bend of the cloves is carried out at 0.3-0.5 mm. For sawing raw woody materials, diluted by 0.5-1 mm.

For ease of execution of bending, it is recommended to use wiring. Special devices. The hacksaw is well clamped in a vice, the device is mounted on the work surface. The main thing, teeth should not fully perform, otherwise they will break.

What should happen

When sharpening, it is necessary to ensure that the teeth of the hacksaw are sharp and in shape resemble a shark tooth. Only such a tooth saws well. The hacksaw will not slide down the tree, but will “bite” into it. And then it will become clear why the “right” saw saws itself.

How to quickly and just sharpen a hacksaw with a file

How to sharpen a wood saw: simple step.By.Step instructions | (Photo video)

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Alignment of height

With different heights of cutting teeth, the effectiveness of wood work is greatly reduced. Higher assumes a greater load and undergo accelerated wear, and lower ones do not participate in the cut. The broach becomes uneven, twitching. The accuracy of the cut and the surface of the cut surface are reduced.Alignment of the height of the teeth is supposed to be carried out before sharpening the blade. Check the height as follows: the canvas is pressed to a sheet of paper lying on the table. The profile is printed on the sheet, and by the print, you can determine the height of one or another tooth. To equalize a different height of the teeth, the canvas must be clamped in a locksmith. The teeth protruding over others are subject to grinding with a file.

Device for aligning the height of the teeth

Divorce divorce device

Wiring the cutting edge in different directions allows us to exclude the likelihood of a canvas at the time of operation. An example can be called a case when, when cutting a thick log, the canvas cannot be moved and removed. Also, the saw can jam due to the heating of the metal and its expansion, the hot part can warm up the resin and turn it into a kind of glue.

Use a device for wiring the teeth of a hacksaw should be avoided in order to avoid such problems. Do not forget that mistakes made during work can lead to big problems. You can conduct the procedure under consideration when using the following tools:

  • There are special mechanisms. They allow manually the displacement of individual elements relative to each other. It should be borne in mind that such an option is made for certain products.
  • Most often, mechanical wiring is used. They allow you to change the angle of position, as well as their width. This tool is characterized by higher efficiency in application.
  • The improvised version of the execution is not designed to work with a hacksaw on wood, but can be used for this. An example will call pliers and other improvised tools found in almost every workshop.

How to sharpen a drill bit | essay trick techniques

If sawing is often carried out, then experts recommend purchasing a special device that allows you to quickly set the required angle.


Three distinctive features are characteristic of strip saws. They are made only of special varieties of instrumental steel, which provides high indicators of strength and wear resistance of teeth. Russian manufacturers usually use steel and B2F categories, foreign companies prefer the C75 series. In any case, the hardness of the material should be at least 45 HRS.

The width of the cutting of the canvas of the tape saw is much already already than that of disk analogues. As mentioned above, this is a fundamental factor in the processing of valuable wood and business wood.

Saws can easily cope with blanks of any length and diameter. At the same time, a properly sharpened strip saw provides high production productivity.

It must be clarified that the reliability of closed saws is explained by the heterogeneity of the material that is used to make the canvas.

In particular, the body of a saw instrument is usually made of spring steel, which has incredible resistance to stretching and dynamic loads. Varieties of steel with a high molfram and cobalt go to the manufacture of the cutting edge. Individual parts of the canvas are welded to each other with high.Frequency currents. Tools made using this technology can be used to saw metal.

Definition of the right moment

Without experience, people often hit the extreme to the extreme and either sharpen the saw every few days, or once a year. Determine the need to sharpen the time. The wrong approach.

There are a number of signs that indicate that the teeth are dull:

  • The canvas regularly stuck in wood.
  • When sawing, the sound changes, it becomes more “dumb”.
  • The shade of the teeth is changing.
  • The resistance of the material is significantly increased.
  • The ends of the teeth are noticeably rounded.
  • The blade leaves the cut line.

If sharpening is not your profile

There are exceptions to the rules, but how without them it will not work to sharpen saws with hot teeth. But do not rush to be upset: they remain sharp even more than usual even with constant intense loads. For example, I would not refuse the Gross Piranha hacksaw: this is just that rare case when a universal tool is not inferior in quality to a special. Teeth with trihedral laser sharpening equally easily and smoothly cut a tree, wood-cutting plate, wood-fiber slab and PVC. Of course, the ergonomic shape of the handle and the Teflon coating of the canvas are important: women are still less for women than in men, therefore, similar qualities of the tool are valuable for us.

Convenient handle and Teflon coating of the canvas will facilitate the work of Gross Piranha with a saw

dilute, sharpen, universal, sawing

It would be nice to take one more in the company to the first saw. The folding saw on the village of Gross Piranha will be indispensable in the garden: it will help get rid of dryness, come in handy for trimming large branches of trees (teeth with laser sharpening leave the smooth edge of the cut. If you start the repair, it will not let you down here: with the same ease, wood, plywood, wood.Fiber plate, PVC will cut. It is also convenient to capture a folding saw on a picnic or vacation in nature. The folding saw on the tree Gross Piranha is ideal for work in the garden and picnics in nature if you harvest wood, you can’t do without a two.Handed saw Matrix Master. Who had to saw the logs, they will confirm that the work is not easy, so a good tool is especially important. The length of the canvas of this model is 1000 mm

This saw was created specifically for working with a large massif: a long canvas, large hardened teeth with 2D sharpening and comfortable handles will facilitate hard physical work as much as possible. That is, even adolescents, people aged or fragile women will be able to turn a log into logs.

Large hardened teeth with 2D sharpening and comfortable handles will facilitate hard physical work as much as possible

Perhaps my way of sharpening and wiring a saw will seem rude to someone and I will never be able to sharpen a hacksaw of a carpenter, but I am not going to master this profession yet.

You can sharpen the saw with your own hands

And to work in a summer cottage, you can sharpen a saw with your own hands, tested in practice! Lovely ladies and dear gentlemen, and you someday have encountered the need to hide the saw? Share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев with your way to keep a file))

Svetlana, thank you very much! Especially for mentioning the wiring of teeth. I completely released this moment. In the fall, when I sawed trees, the saw clinked all the time, and I was angry and tormented. As I remember now, the almost even row of teeth, and I, the nonsense, sinned for sharpening.

Diana, but nothing! We still learn something, sometimes at will, sometimes life makes life))) I (if there is an opportunity for me to do it) I always try to learn: to mow a trimmer, and put bricks, and plaster, and put the tiles, and put the tiles, and to charge the battery))) you never know what is useful in life. But I can already (albeit at the level of a terry newcomer, but still)))

In our country house, three hacksaws are lying dumb, preserved, and one new one, which we saw. So I thought, to sharpen them. And it would be happiness for us. The instrument is from the Soviet Union, there the metal is of high quality, only the teeth were dull). I also remember that dad from time to time sharpened hacksaws, and bred a file and teeth. But who then looked at the process? And not girlfriend it was the case. And now the husband says, it’s easier to buy new ones)))

You live far, otherwise if you decided to throw them away, I would buy them at the price of new ones))) Soviet hacksaws have a different quality, if they are correctly diluted and sharpened, they are extremely gorgeous and better than new ones that they have a better metal. And thicker, they go out for much longer and the teeth rarely break, even if they gleze and accidentally fly into a nail. As I figured out the example of the two randomly found (I sold a plot, and I threw everything out of a dilapidated barn, well, I got in, I have such a strange habit, to spin around the shed garbage). I began to chase such hacksaws. In addition to these scabbard, I got a door handle, I didn’t regret the metal either, I was on a goose greenhouse, where in the summer tomatoes, screwed up, slightly crushing, so that the bolts crawled (it was apparently designed for thin screws).

I also have an old armor.Piercing saw in the country. Left from the old owners. We must try to sharpen.

Now, just in case (you never know anyone in the world), I’ll throw it, these little things, I even had two of them, one of mine, and I found the other in the trash, which the neighbor was going to take the landfill, it was slightly rusty, but also conveniently She to breed. And it is extremely uncomfortable and dangerous to breed pliers, you can easily break the teeth.

Wrestling for saws

This is “bred”, that is, the teeth of the saw bend a little to the side. There are other types of such a tool. I have such a “wiring”: very convenient. The angle of sawing is clearly set.

Andrey, why is it? And how to breed a saw such a thing? Although I noticed that the Direct’s saw in different directions. And why?

It is like forceps. Using a rotating wheel, set the bending angle. Put the tongs on the tooth of the saw. Click. The tooth is bent. Then rearrange the forceps through 1 tooth and press again. So to the end of the canvas. Then rearrange the saw with the other side to bend the teeth missed during the first passage and repeat the operation again throughout the saw canvas through the tooth. The teeth are bent in a checkerboard pattern. The main thing is not to confuse the initial tooth. Unfortunately, I failed to find a video instruction on the move. Only this: YouTu.Be/Hz0mzesxexy

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