How to dilute gasoline for a grass trimmer Huter

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Rules of mixing

And now about how to mix the components correctly. However, it would be more logical to start with analysis of widespread, but totally unacceptable mistakes made by many owners of this mowing machine. The following are considered mistakes in mixing the fuel mixture.

  • Adding oil to the fuel that is already in the trimmer‘s gas tank. You will not get a homogeneous fuel mixture that way. It may be possible, if only to shake the grass trimmer for a long time afterwards. But it is unlikely that someone will do this, given the weight of the machine.
  • pouring oil into a mixing tank first and then adding gasoline to it. Gasoline has a lower density than oil, so if you add it to the oil, it will remain in the upper layer, i.e. there will be no natural mixing. Of course, it is possible to mix the fuel later on, but it will take much more energy than if you add oil to the fuel tank.
  • Ignoring precise measuring tools to take the necessary volumes of the ingredients used. In other words, it is a bad habit to dilute the amount of oil or gasoline “by eye” when operating a motorcycle.
  • Use empty drinking water bottles for the fuel mixture. Such containers are made of too thin polyethylene, which may be dissolved by gasoline.

We recommend the following rules for mixing the fuel mix for the grass trimmer’s two-stroke engines.

  • Use only clean containers made of metal or special plastic for storing gasoline, oil, ready-to-use fuel mixture and its preparation.
  • Use a watering can for filling petrol into the thinner container to avoid spilling, and for adding oil use a measuring cup with volume indicators or a 5 ml and 10 ml medical syringe.
  • First pour petrol into the canister for the fuel mixture and then oil.
  • To dilute the mixture, first pour only half of the planned volume of gasoline into the tank.
  • Then add to the gasoline all the amount of oil required to prepare the mixture.
  • Thoroughly stir the contents of the dilution tank. It is best to stir by making circular motions with a tightly closed container. Do not use an object to stir the fuel inside the canister, because nobody knows what kind of material it is made of, what kind of reaction it may have with the ingredients of the mixture and how clean it is.
  • Add the rest of the gasoline to the mixed mixture and mix thoroughly again.
  • You can fill the fuel tank of the lawnmower with a prepared mixture.

It should be borne in mind that the ready fuel mixture should not be stored for more than 14 days, because it loses its properties, stratifies and evaporates, which leads to changes in proportions, and thus deteriorates the performance of the grass trimmer.

How to dilute gasoline for Huter grass trimmer

Ilya))) 1 to 33 means 1 liter of oil goes to 33 liters of gasoline.

Mikhail One liter of gasoline, 30.3 cc of oil, to be exact.

George no. It is easier to use 1 liter of oil for 3 liters of petrol.

Anatoly you can pour 33 cc of oil on a liter of gasoline, but it’s kind of creepy. It’s easier to pour 300 grams of gasoline and a little oil on 10. Even 350 grams, it’s not harmful. There are marks on the oil bottle.

Arthur 1 part oil in 33 parts gasoline.

Svitlana I have 40 on the passport.т. е.37.5 ml. Trimmer MTD 790M 31cc

Titantec gasoline Wheeled grass trimmer 52CC 50.8CC 62CC

dilute, gasoline, grass, trimmer

Konstantin How much oil to add to your petrol to your Hunter 310 brushcutter?

Viktoria It’s better not to look at the passport. The more the better. But no more than 50 grams per liter. Depends on the oil itself and the weather.

Denis you can do it without oil at all Stepan if you do it without oil at all. you will certainly kill the machine.

Vladislav Here is how you calculate https://cmetnik.rub/oil/

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Gasoline and oil range

The current list includes brand-name products of special purpose, that differ from the similar analogues with excellent lubricating properties, thermal stability, stable operation characteristics when working in regions with harsh weather and climate conditions.

When evaluating the merits of a lubricant, the following attributes are considered:

How to use a petrol brush cutter strimmer | HSS Hire

  • type of base, mineral or synthetic;
  • lubricating properties;
  • Smokiness and the presence of toxic compounds in the exhaust;
  • no carbon build-up;
  • detergent and anti-coking properties.

As a standard, it is a semi-synthetic or synthetic oil for two-stroke chainsaw engines (2T), which forms an oil film that is resistant to external influences and does not leave a residue during combustion. The best oil for a particular chainsaw is a semi-synthetic compound recommended by the manufacturer as the main option.

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