How to dilute oil into a chainsaw. The consequences of using low -quality oil

Gasoline with oil for chainsaws. How to dilute and why this is done

At the heart of the chainsaws of different companies, a two.Stroke internal combustion engine is laid, which drives the cutting headset of the tool. To actually act, the proportions of gasoline with oil for chainsaws are used. The connection of gasoline with oil is a mandatory procedure, so if you just bought a tool, you need to understand the features of its refueling.

Dilute gasoline with butter needs to avoid failure of the internal combustion engine. The reason for this is the design features of the lubrication system of two.Stroke engines. There is no camera in the design of such engines for filling the engine oil, and if you fill in the fuel without lubricating the material, then the crankshaft, piston, bearings and connecting rods will not receive grease. This will significantly reduce the service life of all these parts, so it is prohibited to fill in pure fuel.

Gasoline and oil for chainsaws are required to be poured in the appropriate proportions, which makes it possible to effectively lubricate the rubbing parts. The lack of lubrication or its excess will lead to negative consequences in the form of a carbon formation. In order for the tool to work properly, from the first day of operation of the tool, it is necessary to season it not only with high.Quality materials, but also to observe the correct proportions.

It is important to know! A two.Stroke engine is required to pour gasoline with an octane number of at least 92. Many experts argue that it is possible to fill the Russian or Ukrainian type of fuel with an octane number, not lower than 95, which is associated with its low quality.

In order for the engine to work properly, the main thing is to fill in it pure fuel without pollution.

What oils to choose for the chainsaw engine

You don’t know what kind of oil is used for your tool, then it’s time to figure it out. For the motor, you need to use only a special 2T oil, and you can buy it in a special chain store. This is a special substance that is used as an additive for gasoline for units that have air cooling. In composition, these substances are the following types:

It is recommended to pour synthetics into the chainsaw, even though it is more expensive than mineral water. The main plus of synthetics. When it is mixed with gasoline, does not form soot in the cylinders. The absence of a carriage has a positive effect on the long service life of the engine. Red, green or blue fluid color is special painting substances that manufacturers are added in order to determine the presence of lubricant in gasoline.

It is interesting! Synthetic units have a longer service life than motors that use mineral lubricants.

It is better to dilute gasoline with synthetics, but if a mineral water was used before, then you can’t switch to synthetics at one point. Mineral oil for two.Stroke engines contributes to the formation of soot in cylinders when generated from 100 hours of operation. If you switch from mineral water to synthetics, then the carcass will be eroded and spread over the engine. This will entail damage to internal details.

Tool manufacturers in passports indicate the recommendations that it is better to use. If you pour only high.Quality materials, then the service life of parts and the productivity of the tool will be high. Pouring motor oil for cars on a two.Stroke motor of chainsaws is prohibited, as it has other characteristics and density.

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In addition to oil, you also need a correct proportion of lubricating material. The standard proportion of gasoline and lubricant is 1 to 50 or 1 liter of gasoline required 20 ml of oil. The documentation for each tool indicates the corresponding proportion. After all, the ratio depends on such a factor as the ambient temperature. If you plan to work with a chainsaw in winter, then you need to add more lubricants. Details about the ratio of these substances for two.Stroke engines are described in this material.

Recommendations! It is impossible to store the prepared fuel mixture for a long time, so for the winter, when the tool is not used, you need to drain gasoline from the tank. The permissible storage time of the fuel mixture with different types of oils are indicated on the packages, so before buying, it is recommended to read the recommendations of the manufacturer.

The amount of oil in gasoline for chainsaw

After the oil is bought, it remains to solve the last question: how much oil and in what proportion you need to add it to gasoline?

First, consider the brand of gasoline, which is most often used. This is unhealthy gasoline AI-95 or AI-92. A specific proportion is most often indicated by the manufacturer of the chainsaw. The most popular proportion is 1 to 50. This ratio is considered optimal for saws with a capacity of 1.5 kW. But besides this, there are 1:25 and 1:40 proportions for Chinese chainsaws and for Panther, respectively.

Compliance with the correct ratio is very important. With a lack of lubricating fluid, in contact elements are worn out. On the other hand, if you overdo it with oil, then I will lose in the engine resource.

Do not forget about safety precautions in the preparation and refueling of the mixture. It is extremely fiery hazardous. Therefore, preparing the mixture in advance is very unreasonable. All cooked hot is better to immediately send to the tank. The remnants of the mixture in the tank after work should not be stored longer than a few days. Drain them, and develop the remnants of gasoline at idle.

We also recommend using a special container for diluting gasoline, preferably a canister with two neck and gasoline neck. Plastic bottles, in principle, are acceptable, but have the risk of static electricity, which is fraught with an explosion. In addition, plastic bottles can bend in your hands, and you can accidentally shed a mixture on your hands or saw.

The mixture cannot be allowed to enter water or small particles. Therefore, rinse thoroughly and dry the canister before proceeding with the preparation of the mixture. The graduation of your capacity will also be a mandatory procedure. To comply with the proportion of 1 to 50 is ideal, make a note corresponding to the volume of 51. Follow the proportions. To add a small amount of oil, use a syringe without a needle. Keep a syringe, avoiding dust in it.

In advanced brands, you can find special canists and dispensers that make the preparation of the mixture and its storage as safe as possible.

In conclusion, I would like to say that respect for work and working tools is the key to successful craft. That is why the correct preparation and use of a mixture of gasoline and oil for chainsaws can be considered an indispensable procedure for a responsible employee.

What are the advantages of the tool? First, long-term work with the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. Secondly, stability and serviceability of work. The latter should particularly interest the owners, because with the failure of the tool, time and unnecessary means are lost.

What should be a mixture of gasoline and oil? For its preparation, you will need a container, uniformized gasoline with an octane number of at least 92 and lubricating liquid. In most cases, simple motor or transmission oil is suitable, but the saw will show maximum efficiency when using corporate oil. Dilute the mixture, and a special washed canister, avoid water and dry particles. Thanks to these rules, the chainsaws will last you for many years.

Recommendations on the components

Even the holder of the chainsaw, even observing the proportion to the gram, can harm his instrument if he uses low.Quality or unbearable components. The general recommendation is the use of special liquids.

Two words about oil.

Oil for two.Stroke engines is produced mainly for a gasoline tool. It is always painted in some bright color-blue, green, red, pink. This is done so that when adding to gasoline it becomes clear that this is a ready.Made mixture that can already be poured into a gas tank. Large manufacturers, for example, STIHL, have several types of oils that differ in color.

If you have a saw to which the oil of the same manufacturer is recommended, listen to this recommendation if you are a beginner. Only experimental “pilots” find the very oil that suits them the most by the method of trial and errors.

Do not lie on a two.Stroke engine motor oil for cars! Although the Internet is full of reviews of those who say “Lew, and the flight is normal”, believe me: they have not yet shown the master piston of their instrument. And smoke from the muffler is unlikely to delight you.

And about gasoline

Say that in oil and processing Russia gasoline is mainly of poor quality. It means to repeat the obvious. You can “get” on bad fuel not only at nameless gas stations, but also on large gas stations with a loud name. High.Quality gasoline is very important for modern high.Tech chainsaws. It allows them to work with maximum return and minimal wear. The general requirement for today is the use of gasoline with an octane number of at least 92. It has optimal indicators for chainsaws.

In old Soviet units, 76th gasoline could be poured. Today you should not do this even with cheap Chinese saws. You will only accelerate its “death”. It is also not recommended to fall into another extreme-pour the 95th or even 98th in an expensive tool, thinking that it will be better from this.

We recommend pouring 92nd gasoline on two-stroke engines, bought in proven places, which you have no doubt.

Buyers come and ask: the better gasoline, the better the saw? Why then not to pour the 95th? After all, more advanced cars require only it.

Answer: Most of Russian gasoline 95 is the same 92nd, but with additives that reduce detonation. This parameter is not important, it needs the most pure gasoline, since the additives are completely superfluous. Therefore, the logic is simple: it is better pure 92nd than the more expensive 95th, but with unnecessary additives.

Basic equipment and assembly of the chainsaw

Partner 351 chainsaws are supplied in a factory box in a disassembled state. Included to the power unit, you will receive:

  • 40-centimeter guide tire;
  • Sharpened saw chain;
  • A cover that protects the saw during storage and transportation;
  • Keys and screwdrivers for assembly and maintenance of a chainsaw;
  • Operating instructions and warranty coupon.

Partner is a Swedish company that has been part of a huge Husqvarna concern since 2006. Speaking about the history of the brand itself, then Partner is the first company to produce motor chain saws. All production of the concern is scattered around the world. It is worth noting that the main assembly forces of the Partner chainsaw are concentrated in the brand homeland. And the main part. The engine. Is supplied from America by Briggs Stratton, the products of which are highly of high quality and durability.

Instructions for the manufacture of fuel mixture

How to dilute gasoline with oil, we will find out in more detail. Some tool owners do this. Pour pure gasoline into the tank, and add the required amount of oil. After that, close the lid and mix. This method of breeding gasoline with oil is incorrect. The instructions for the preparation of a gas-oil mixture have the following view:

  • You need to take a plastic bottle of equal volume. 1 or 2 liters. You can use 1.5-liter, but so you can get confused when adding oil.
  • Fill the container with gasoline half.
  • Add a lubricant. The dosage of the oil is recommended to be performed using a syringe. It is advisable to use 5 cubic syringe, which will allow you to measure exactly 25 ml of oil.
  • By adding the lubricant to the container, shake thoroughly.
  • Add gasoline until the container is filled, and mix thoroughly again.
  • It turns out a ready-made gas-oil mixture for a chainsaw, which should be consumed for 1-2 weeks.

Many do not pay due attention to the storage of the prepared mixture, and therefore can immediately prepare 5 liters, and use it throughout the year. However, this approach is extremely wrong, since the shelf life of the finished mixture is 15 days. If there is confidence that gasoline does not contain alcohol, then you can store the finished mixture longer. Up to 3 months. After that, the mixture loses its properties, having a negative effect on the internal combustion engine.

Interesting to know! Make it a rule not to cook fuel for a chainsaw in large quantities. It is better to cook 2 times one liter 2 times than to immediately mix 2 liters that remain, and an indefinite time will be stored.

After connecting gasoline with oil, it remains only to season the tool, and proceed to use it. When refueling the chainsaws, there are some important points that must be taken into account. We will figure it out.

Popular brands of oil chains


The Germans traditionally offer several solutions:

Inexpensive for a branded product, but very effective. There will be no problems with him before.15 degrees. Sets in containers 1 and 5 liters. Retains the properties of three years, so when acquiring it, you need to consider how tightly you will use the saw.

The name hints at the environmental friendliness of the lubrication. Plant origin makes the goods completely safe for forests and reservoirs. Biodegradable lubricants at the peak of popularity in Europe, although in Russia they are reluctant to lay out money for them so far.

Professional oil for real harsh lumberjacks from countries with a harsh climate. Although forests are cut down from these mainly in Russia and Finland. The formula of the components allows you to work with.25, and the high price makes its use in household saws meaningless.


The Swedes did not stand aside from the “chain” lubricants. This segment proposes two options:

A universal decision, both for lovers who value their efforts and tools, and among professionals who are maximum speed and wear resistance vital. The biodegradation is present without fail.

Budget decision for amateur sector. Positioned as oil with reduced consumption. In practice, it almost does not differ from competitors in the speed of devastation of the tank.

Other manufacturers

Oil is produced by many companies that make chainsaws. Their products are less popular than STIHL or Husqvarna, but is also in demand among owners of gasoline units.

Mineral grease from Italians Oleo-Mac.

Adhesive lubricant, which the manufacturer of the same name recommends for his benzo tool.

Submitting to the world fashion for ecology, the Japanese company Makita decided to keep up with not to lag in.

If you have a saw that you do not want to lose, do not lie in an oil tank for working out from a car engine. Although this fluid still has lubricating properties, but there is practically no adhesion. Everything around will be in working out. In addition, small particles of metal that were gained in the development during its location inside a 4-stroke ICE act on a chain, asterisk and a tire like an abrasive.

For an expensive tool, it is better to take quality consumables. For inexpensive. Still high.Quality, if the saw is not bought for a single work. Oil for a chain and engine is a way to both extend the life of a chainsaw, and quickly “kill” it.

Preparation of the fuel mixture: proportion of oil and gasoline for chainsaw

The chainsaw engine is the “heart” of the tool, so it is very important to use a properly prepared fuel mixture.

The fuel mixture for the chainsaw is prepared from two components. Oil and gasoline. The chainsaws are equipped with two.Stroke engines, so the oil is added not to the lubricant (like in a four.Stroke engine), but directly to gasoline. At the same time, it is very important to observe the correct proportions of the ingredients and, of course, in no case do not try to work on clean gasoline, because in this way you will very quickly “kill” the chain saw.

The oil must be intended for two-stroke engines of garden technology (that is, in no case can you use oil for boat motors or scooters). As practice shows, such oil can be bought at any store or service center where there are chainsaws on sale or their maintenance is carried out.

If we talk about which gasoline is poured into a chainsaw, it will be optimal to use a fuel with an octane number of A-95, in this case, saving on a fuel can turn out to be deplorable. Often European manufacturers indicate that you can use A-90 or A-92 gasoline, but in post-Soviet countries, the quality of gasoline is inferior to European, so in our realities it is better to use better gasoline.

As for the proportion of the gas-oil mixture itself, then everything is simple: you need to clearly follow the instructions for the tool. All manufacturers of chainsaws indicate the necessary ratio in the operating manual or in the tool passport, in addition, the proportions for refueling the chainsaws may vary depending on the model of the chain saw. As a rule, the proportion of oil and gasoline to the chainsaw of eminent manufacturers is a ratio of 1:40 or 1:50, which means 1 part of the oil on, for example, 40 parts of gasoline.

Now arithmetic. 1 l of gasoline = 1000 ml of gasoline, divide by 40 and get 25 ml of oil. If you perform the same actions to a ratio of 1:50, then we get 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.

As for the budget chainsaws of Chinese production, the situation is slightly different. The ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaw Made in China 1:25, that is, 1000 ml of gasoline is divided by 25, we get 40 ml of oil. The thing is that in branded chainsaws a solid assembly and the distance between pistons and cylinders in the engine are much less than Chinese chainsaws, therefore, the required amount of oil differs almost twice.

In order to measure the right portion of oil, use the usual medical syringe sufficient volume.

Another subtlety. In a dry canister for gasoline, first pour gasoline, and then oil. The procedure, on the contrary, is fraught with fuel mixture of low quality, because the oil is more dense, will stick to the bottom of the canister. Therefore, we can’t talk about good mixing.

Be sure to prepare the fuel mixture in the canister and pour the finished special.Crummy into the gas tank! Never cook or mix it directly in the fuel tank of the chainsaw!

If with the question of how to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw, then you and On storage conditions and shelf life of the fuel mixture It is worth saying a few words. It is best and easier to prepare a gas.Oil mixture for 1 liter of gasoline, it is recommended to do this immediately before working with the tool. Fuel tanks of chainsaws have a volume of 0.3 to 1 liter. Under the conditions of domestic use, for one session, the entire volume of the cooked combustible mixture is rarely used, so the remainder can be saved until the next work session. It is necessary to store the fuel mixture in a special canister for gasoline, in a dry dark place. It is optimal to calculate that The shelf life of the finished mixture will be 7-10 days

The fact is that the oil presented now on the market is not synthetic, but organic, that is, natural. After 10 days, all lubricants are lost, gasoline simply “eats” oil. Naturally, it is no longer possible to use such fuel, it can cause a breakdown and failure of a chainsaw.

At the end of the work, it is necessary to drain the fuel mixture and start a chainsaw. The tool will stall (so that the saw has a dry carburetor) and now you can leave it until the next operation session.

dilute, chainsaw, consequences, using

What will happen if you fill in the surgery in the chainsaw

When the owner of the chainsaw for some time will use it, he may want to conduct some modification of the tool. And it’s good if his desires are limited to the purchase of various nozzles that expand the functionality of the chainsaw. But some go further. They begin to experiment with gasoline and butter on which their saw works.

dilute, chainsaw, consequences, using

If we have already talked about gasoline earlier (most modern saws require it with a high octane number-not lower than 92-95), then it is worth saying about the oil. Many motorists have a significant amount of machine oil used during the operation of the car. And therefore, some have a desire to use this material to refuel a chainsaw.

If this is done, then the engine will fail. The reason for this will be, first of all, the low lubricant of the re.Used oil. It will burn with a large release of black soot. The metal particles contained in the oil will first score the fuel filter (these are those particles that are larger), and then. The sealing rings of the cylinder will fail. The metal suspension in the oil will damage the surface of the cylinders themselves and bearings.

dilute, chainsaw, consequences, using

Some “rationalizers” try to use working out to lubricate the chain itself and the pads on which it is located. This will not lead to anything good. What exactly will happen. You can see in the attached video.

Can Bar & Chain Oil be used as Motor Oil? Let’s find out!

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