How to dilute the gasoline for a chain saw

How to mix a correct fuel mixture for a gasoline saw

In order that the tool you could serve you for many years and also that you do not face any problems associated with its failure, you need to know how to prepare the mixture of gasoline and oil for chain saw. To date the forums of the Internet are exploding with questions about this topic. Therefore, in this paragraph, everyone will be able to get useful and reliable information. So, let us proceed.

What kind of gasoline is good for diluting the mixture

In order to make direct preparation of this kind of mixture you need to buy gasoline AI-95 or AI-2, though we talked about it earlier.

Also we specified the fact that it is necessary to use unleaded gasoline, but we didn’t specify the reason for this “caprice”. It’s very simple, because if you use leaded fuel, in that case you will have problems with the engine, because it will simply fail.

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It is important to remember that oil and gasoline must be mixed in precise and strict proportions. In order to answer the question about the proportion of oil and gasoline in chainsaws, you must first of all catch the fact that if you pour too much oil, in that case you can not avoid the appearance of soot on the candles and pistons.

Lack of oil will cause burrs on the pistons, as well as rapid engine failure.

In what to prepare and mix the solution for gasoline saw refueling

Now let’s deal with no less important task, which actually concerns what is necessary to perform this kind of manipulation. So. Nowadays, specialized stores have special canisters, which have certain measures as well as a pair of holes. one for the oil, the second. for gasoline.

The process itself is not something complicated, as everything is very simple: you pour the necessary ingredients into the container, screw the lids and mix thoroughly by tilting the container. Most owners use plastic and glass bottles for this manipulation.

But it should be remembered that through such measures static electricity can arise, so you need to be extremely careful. Remember that no drops of water or any foreign elements should get into your mixture. in addition do not forget the nuance that you have to keep the oil-fuel mixture ready for no more than twenty five to thirty days.

How to dilute oil 1 to 50: preparing a fuel mixture for a chainsaw

The heart of every chainsaw. piston two-stroke internal combustion engine. And in order for it to serve the owner for a long time, without requiring frequent repairs, it is necessary to fill it only with gasoline, diluted with oil, or, in other words, a fuel mixture. But how to make it right? This article presents what are the proportions for mixing the components, what kind of gasoline is best to use and how to dilute oil 1 to 50 or 1 to 25.

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What kind of gasoline to put in a chainsaw

A lot of controversy surrounds the question of what gasoline to fill in the fuel tank. For foreign models manufacturers recommend to use 92 gasoline. Local tool manufacturers, on the contrary, recommend the use of a lower grade of fuel, such as AI-80. But everybody agrees that it is not recommended to use gasoline with octane number of 95 or higher. It is connected with availability in it of special additives, that change quality composition of fuel, but unlike automobile engines, tools have more sensitive stuffing. Superfluous components are deposited on the inner parts and when the critical mass is accumulated, they flake off and break the mechanism.

In some cases, a mix of 92 and 80 unleaded fuel is used. The best recipe is to follow the manual that came with the tool. It usually indicates the “correct” version for that model, and the default recommendation is 92 gasoline.

What proportions to mix the liquids?

Each chainsaw manufacturer determines its own proportions for the gasoline-oil mixture and specifies it in the technical data sheet that comes with the tool when you buy it. The ratio of gasoline to oil for domestic-made chain saws is most often recommended as 1:15 or 1:20. to get an idea of how much oil you need per liter of gasoline, you need 1000 / 15 = 65 ml and 1000 / 20 = 50 ml. In the first case you add 65 ml of oil to each liter of gasoline and in the second case 50 ml of oil. For imported equipment the proportions are slightly different.

For the Husgvarna chainsaw, whose engine power is 2 kW, the manufacturer advises to use a ratio of 1:50, t. е. Add 20 ml of oil for every liter of gasoline. Chinese-made saws require 40 ml of oil per liter of gasoline at a ratio of 1:25. Remember that too much oil in gasoline increases fouling, clogs the cylinder, damages the piston rings and reduces compression. Lack of oil overheats the engine and sharply reduces the performance of the tool. When the documentation is lost and you do not know how to mix gasoline and oil for a chainsaw, you can contact a service center for the necessary information.

How to choose chain saw oil

Oil for two-stroke chainsaw engines should be chosen according to more stringent requirements. Specialists recommend using mineral or semi-synthetic lubricant, which is designed for 2-stroke engines used at high revolutions.

The advantage of using mineral chainsaw oil is its low price. Synthetic fluids are more expensive, but have improved quality indicators and meet European standards.

Synthetic oils can be used in large temperature fluctuations, they do not create carbon deposits, contain additives useful for the engine.

How to Mix Fuel for a Husqvarna Two Stroke Engine Chainsaw

Motor oil is produced by a large number of manufacturers, both foreign and Russian. The best quality oils are those made by Husqvarna. According to some characteristics, the branded products are inferior to the domestic oil of the Lukoil brand.

Advantages of brand name products:

  • economical consumption;
  • retains quality during extended storage or operation in adverse conditions;
  • small amount of toxins
  • no carbon build-up.
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Professional and domestic saws use oils prepared according to American API-TB technology. JASO-FB, the Japanese equivalent of this product, is also used. Do not use a liquid that was created for 4-stroke motors for the mixture.

The color of the oil, e.g. green, red, indicates that the product is produced by a specific company. When selecting indicators and characteristics of the product color is not taken into account. Care should be taken when selecting an engine oil whose manufacturer and composition are unknown.

Until additional data on product performance and quality is available, it is best to refrain from using this oil for the time being. You can mix motor oils that have the same purpose and composition characteristics, which are products of famous brands and are of high quality. Mineral and synthetic oils should not be mixed.

There is a large selection of chainsaw oils in stores. A large number of products allows you to use oil for a chainsaw, which corresponds to the class and design indicators, as well as the conditions of its application. For chain saws of inexpensive models it is better to use an oil of the category Standard. Lubricant Ultra is designed for professional modifications.

Chainsaw Basics: Fuel and Oil

In order to prepare a high quality mix it is necessary to use the brand oils or their analogues which are recommended in the chainsaw user manual. For example, Husqvarna and STIHL fuel and lubricants can interchange.

Specialists do not advise to use in the gearbox for chainsaws grease, which is produced for 2-stroke engines of mopeds and motor boats. Engines of such devices are used in milder external conditions, thanks to which they have low quality requirements.

What kind of gasoline to use?

It is better to use AI-92 gasoline for modern chainsaws. It’s better not to use ’95. First, because the saws are tuned to run on 92 gasoline. Secondly, 95-th gasoline is produced by adding special additives to gasoline with a lower octane number. And as experts say, this is not good.

In general, fill the 92 gasoline and you will be happy. Just don’t stockpile it, because its octane number drops when stored for months at a time.

In fact they say (they say)!), that our refineries can produce only 80-th gasoline in pure form. But with the help of additives it is adjusted to 92 and 95. In 95-m naturally more additives. So, these additives “evaporate” during long storage and gasoline becomes 80th again. Whether this is true or not. I do not know, but I learned this information back in 2009, at one of the seminars on servicing gasoline equipment from the head of the service department in Russia, one of the manufacturers of gasoline equipment. If this was true, then maybe today (2018) the situation has improved.

In any case, it is better to buy gasoline at proven gas stations, where you have already filled up and everything was fine.

Shelf life of the ready-to-use fuel mixture for chain saws

So, pure gasoline can not be stored for a long time, and ready fuel mixture even less. Some manufacturers indicate that it is allowed to store up to one month in the diluted state.

But experts recommend storing no more than 8-10 days.

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Just as soon as you have made mixing, the oil immediately begins to lose its properties little by little. As a result, after a few days this is not the same fuel mixture that was originally. What to say about storage for more than a month.

So do not prepare the fuel in advance. Prepare as much as you intend to use for the work ahead. Only experience can tell you how much you should buy. If you do not have enough of it yet, prepare no more than one liter of fuel mixture. If it is not enough, you will cook it for a short time. If there is any left over, it will not be such a large amount that you will regret it.

To store ready fuel mixture you should keep it in a closed opaque container. Or, if it’s translucent, put it in a dark place. The container should be gasoline-resistant. For example, plastic bottles from different drinks will not do. Their plastic corrodes with gasoline, and all this nastiness gets into the engine.

You can use special metal or plastic canisters for combustible materials. Or just use an empty canister from any used oil and rinse it inside several times with clean gasoline. Glass containers will also work, but you should keep in mind that they are easy to break.

What kind of gasoline to put in a chainsaw??

According to experts, you should use unleaded gasoline obtained by adding lead-free additives with an octane number greater than 90. Foreign models require higher grades of gasoline and original tool manufacturer’s oils. The ideal fuel is AI-92. How to fuel a STIHL 180 chain saw? In this case the oil in the mixture of 1:40. Similarly AI-95 fuel is safe, but professionals say it is not recommended for STIHL chain saws.

The fact that it is made on the basis of AI-92 with the use of certain additives that change the quality of the fuel. These components deposit on the tool’s inner parts and when they reach critical mass, they begin to flake off, impairing the tool’s performance. The best option is to follow the instructions that come with the selected model. It is recommended to use fresh gasoline, because during the long storage in the tanks the octane properties are lost.

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater etc.

Beware of counterfeit!

Small private companies from China and other Asian countries specialize in the production of motor oils, which are sold at lower cost in markets under the brand name of leading manufacturers.

  • Characteristics of counterfeit products are an order of magnitude lower than the original ones. Continuous use of counterfeit lubricants adversely affects the performance and durability of the chainsaw.
  • Only an experienced technician can determine the oil’s status and quality and therefore avoid possible risks by buying consumable products from a network of authorized and licensed dealers.
  • Use of substandard lubricants by service technicians is a legal basis for depriving the owner of a faulty saw of warranty repair and restoration obligations.
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