How to disassemble a gearbox of a trimmer for Husqvarna grass. Varieties of lubricants

How to remove the head from a trimmer for Husqvarna grass

The gasoline trimmer for grass 128R from Husqvarna is designed to process small and medium areas and is suitable for cutting grass near hard.To.Reach places (flower beds, borders). The tool is equipped with a two.Stroke engine, the power of which is 0.8 kW or 1.1 liters.With. The speed of rotation of the gasoline pump Husqvarna 128R reaches 11,000 rpm. The engine is designed using E-Tech 2 technology, which significantly reduces the amount of exhaust gases produced by the trimmer. Its volume is 28 cm 3.

disassemble, gearbox, trimmer, husqvarna

To quickly turn on the device even after a long period of inaction, a primer for pumping fuel and the Smart Start system are built into it. The maximum width of the possible processing is 45 cm. Husqvarna 128R. A gasoline trimmer for grass with a straight bar and professional handles made in the form of bicycles. This allows you to significantly control the workflow and direction of the tool. The design with a rectilinear rod is considered the most reliable than curved. To facilitate the transportation of gasoline pumps, bicycle handles can be folded.

The weight of the device without fuel, installed cutting parts and protective casing is 4.8 kg. Thanks to this, the Husqvarna gasoline pump 128R can be used for a long time without interruptions. The fuel tank of a gasoline trimmer for grass is made of white plastic so that it is easier to control the amount of fuel remaining in it. Basin for gasoline is 400 ml. To launch a fuel pump, it is enough to pull the cord smoothly, since the required launch force was reduced by 40%.

  • A knife with 4 blades for hard and high grass or shrubs;
  • Trimmer head for grass (semi.Automatic);
  • Mounting belts for 2 hands;
  • Keys set;
  • Bicycle pen;
  • Operating and maintenance manual;
  • Protective covering;
  • Not assembled rod.

The trimmer fishing line is used to remove only small grass.

The Husqvarna launch button automatically returns to the starting position, so it is more convenient and faster to turn on the trimmer for the grass. A special knife for cutting grass does not crush it, but puts it in rolls. The case for protecting the disk and a trimmer for grass with fishing lines is the same, but there is no need to remove it during the replacement of the rigging.

Clutch device, principle of operation

In order to successfully disassemble this node, you will need a clutch pulp by a chainsaw. But before we consider how to use it, we will study the features of the device of this functional part of the power unit.

Please note that when developing modern chainsaws, manufacturers most often resort to the use of a centrifugal clutch clutch. And this suggests that the tool and its work depend on the stock of the spinning moment that the equipment issues here and now. The main constructive details of this node include:

The main constructive details of this node include:

As for the principle of work, then everything is simple here.

  • As soon as the chainsaws are transferred to the operating mode, the clutch springs are delayed all freely moving elements (move in the radial direction) towards the axis.
  • At this moment, the torque will not be transferred to the guide with an asterisk.
  • As soon as the centrifugal force becomes higher than the power potential of the spring, all the freely moving attracted elements are weakened and squeezed inside the drum, which will run it (it will begin to spin).
  • Rotation will go to the guide tire and the main star.

Husqvarna Trimmer Disassembly

It is on this principle that centrifugal clutch works, which has several advantages in comparison with its other varieties. Among them, the lack of engine stop during the sharp braking of the cutting element (that is, the clutch slips). Due to this feature of the mechanism, the main node of the chainsaw remains unharmed.

Pay attention to the fact that this type of clutch coupling will work automatically. Its functioning depends on the number of engine speeds. The movable elements inside the drum will be attracted to the shaft (its center) even at minimal speeds

This plays an important role in preventing serious causing tools. When this mechanism fails, then there is a need to understand how to remove the clutch on a chainsaw

The movable elements inside the drum will be attracted to the shaft (its center) even at minimal speeds. This plays an important role in preventing serious causing tools. When this mechanism fails, then there is a need to understand how to remove the clutch on a chainsaw.

Dismantling and repair of the lower gearbox Motokosa, trimmer for grass

Dismantling and repair of the lower reducer Motokosa, trimmer for grass online store spare parts for garden equipment.

Dismantling and repair of the upper gearbox Motokos (trimmer for grass) online store of spare parts for garden equipment.

The assembly of the gearbox of a trimmer for the grass is done in the order of the revolutionary disassembly (assembly after the purchase and replacement of spare parts). It is much easier to collect a gearbox than to disassemble. Everything is going, practically, with fingers. From time to time, you need to take up something lightly, install stop rings and check whether the driven shaft is spinning by hand.

disassemble, gearbox, trimmer, husqvarna

If you decide to replace the trimmer gearbox with the grass with not unique, then in the new gearbox should be paid to the diameter of the pipe for which the gearbox is intended (more than 25.4 mm or 26 mm), the drive shaft transfection (8 mm more often), the size of the square of the drive of the drive shaft (more often 5 mm or a star on 9 teeth) and security mounting on the gearbox, also on a nut (with left thread, more often M10x1.25).

Setting up a carburetor of a lawn mower with three adjusting screws

Before starting work, you need to place the lawn mower on a flat stable surface. Remove the chain in the opposite direction. There are motorcycles with two and three adjusting screws. Two screws most often equip the tools produced in China. Consider the adjustment of the carburetor Motokos with three screws.

Setting up a carburetor of a lawn mower with three adjusting screws

Before proceeding with the adjustment of the carburetor of the lawn mower, you need to rinse the air filter. Cleaning is carried out with water with a detergent or soap, and if necessary, a new. Often in the poor work of the carburetor, scibberries are guilty. In order to prevent the filter, it is recommended to clean the filter after every 10 hours of operation of the tool. Do not forget to check the condition of the candle, if there is a dozen, you need to clean it. Candles are consumables and have their own resource. To ensure good operation of the engine of the lawn mower, candles periodically need to be changed. Next, we evaluate how well the carburetor is fixed to the cylinder-piston group. After the preparatory manipulations are completed, you need to start the motor. Let the engine work for 5-10 minutes. Then you need to identify how many adjusting screws on your tool.

There are the following adjusting screws on the gasoline trimmer:

Fuel supply adjustment

At first you need to slowly tighten the screw adjustment screw for the fuel mixture. You need to do this until the engine starts to stall or stalls. Following this, if the engine did not stop working, you need to turn the screw for a quarter of turnover, and if it stalled, then by half the turnover. Next, you should have a stalled engine. Then you need to open the throttle and see how the speed is gaining. Turn the screw for a quarter of turnover again. You need to scroll until the engine begins to confidently gain increased speeds during cuffing. This is the right time when the engine works most economically. There are times when adjusting this screw does not give anything. Often the reason is in the factory spring that is located on this screw. This does not happen to all the tools. And if the spring turned out to be defective, then replacing it will not be difficult. A suitable spring can be purchased at any construction store.

Cooper adjustment

Following the adjustment of the fuel supply, we are accepting for the adjustment of the idle. To do this, you need to adjust the corresponding screw so that the engine works slightly accelerated at small speeds. But it is necessary to trace, for the immobility of the reel with fishing line and knives. Before the start of their movement, several revolutions should remain in stock. The movement of the coil and knives can subsequently lead to the rapid wear of the clutch. Having noticed that the engine starts poorly, you need to increase the number of revolutions at idle. With an increase in revolutions, the fuel mixture is saturated with air, which leads to power loss.

The main signs of the proper idle work:

  • Revolutions for a trimmer head;
  • Uninterrupted operation of the engine even when the position changes (sharp rise or descent of the knife);
  • Calm operation of the engine at a cold move;
  • Lack of increased speed of hot engine.

Maximum speed adjustment

Further, for the full tuning of the carburetor of the lawn mower, it is necessary to adjust the maximum speed. It will not be superfluous to look into the instrument operating manual and see the maximum speed value. This amount will help to determine the tachometer most accurately. If such a device was not at hand, we set up by ear. Barely determining the maximum speed of revolutions by ear, we begin adjustment. A screw for limiting maximum revolutions will help in this matter. Control the engine operation at maximum speed. If necessary, reduce speed, weaken the fixing nut and unscrew the screw. If the turnover is too large, then you will need to screw the screw. These actions must be done in order to protect the engine from overheating. Scroll the screw until the clear even operation of the engine is established.

After the work done, if everything is done correctly, the stable work of the tool is provided.

Understand this by the following signs:

The algorithm for self.Lubrication of the gearbox

To make lubrication of the gear ratio, its preliminary disassembly is not needed. A special hole for these purposes has already been laid in the device (it is shown in the photo below). In addition to gears, when lubrication, you need to pay attention to such elements of the mechanism:

Pour oil or apply solid grease through a tavniper closed by a screw. How to disassemble a gearbox from motorcycles, a flipper head for Fassen grass.Net Video. At the same time, they perform actions in the following sequence:

  • The gearbox body is cleaned of dirt and adhering grass, especially thoroughly the plot around the plug so that the garbage does not get inside the mechanism;
  • Using the appropriate tool (often it comes with a trimmer), the cork is unscrewed;
  • The selected lubricant is introduced from the tube into the open technological hole, or using the syringe, as shown in the photo further;
  • Screw the cork in place.

Lubrication of the transmission mechanism

When making lubrication, you need to rotate the knife so that it is evenly distributed through the teeth of moving gears.

If for any reason the gearbox needs to be disassembled, then the old lubricant must be completely removed from the entire surface of the gears and housing, shaft, and only then use the new. The disassembled mechanism is conveniently lubricated with solid compositions.

The entire reducer lubrication process is demonstrated in the video:

Lubricating the gear node is required at least once during the year, but it is recommended to do this every 20 hours of intensive use of motorcycles. If the first signs of malfunctions with the mechanism appear, then you need to make lubricants as quickly as possible.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a trimmer for grass?

In the upper part of the case, where the gear unit is installed, there is a technological hole that, when operating the trimmer for the grass, is drowned out with a screw. This screw is twisted, and 1.5 2 ml of grease is introduced into the hole using a nose available on a tube. If the lubricant was purchased in another packaging, then a regular disposable medical syringe is suitable for this operation.

After that, the screw is installed in its former place. This procedure, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be performed every 10 15 hours of operation of a trimmer for grass in working mode. Other reasons for updating or replacing the reducer lubrication are the independent performing of small regulatory work (for example, cleaning and washing the gear of the gearbox before the start of the summer season), repair of the node, preserving the trimmer for grass for the winter period, etc. D.

If the reducer node is disassembled, it is recommended to completely remove the remaining lubricants from the surface of the parts, even if it does not have traces of oxidation and pollution. And only then apply a new grease.After applying the lubricant, it is recommended to handle the shaft several times manually, and make sure that the grease is evenly distributed over all the details of the gearbox.

When lubricating, special attention is paid to the following elements:

  • Flywheel: on its surface, as a rule, intensively sticks the remnants of grass, and thickening herbal juice creates additional resistance.
  • Dog of a starter coil, which in the process of turning on the drive is constantly in contact with the grooves on the flywheel. At the same time, not only mechanical wear occurs, but also the mechanochemical corrosion of the Makhovik-Sobachka compound, since the materials of this pair are different (the flywheel is aluminum, and the dog is steel).
  • Bearings, if their seals are worn out, and through them the remaining lubricants are squeezed out. In this case, the unit begins to vibrate intensively when loading. This happens with trimmers of Chinese.Made, so it is worthwhile to think about replacing a bearing unit with a better, for example, from the Swedish company SKF.

Husqvarna carburetor adjustment

Before adjusting Husqvarna, make maintenance of a trimmer for grass (rinse the lawn mower and engine, change the spark plug, lick small flaws).

disassemble, gearbox, trimmer, husqvarna

Be sure to wash the foam element of the air filter. Wash the element in warm water with soap, then squeeze and dry (or change if it is old or damaged).

Note: If you adjust the Husqvarna carburetor with a commas with an air filter, then after cleaning the air filter, the fuel mixture will become much poorer (which can lead to bad operation or even a breakdown of the motor).

Install a trimmer head with a cord of a very acceptable diameter and standard length (to a cutting knife in additional protection) to make a load on the engine while adjusting the screw of large speeds of the Husqvarna carburetor.

Husqvarna Lawn Mower Repair. Replacing the Transmission (Husqvarna Part # 589600601)

Get the lawn mower according to the Husqvarna management and warm for 10 minutes (if with all this the trimmer head is spinning at idle speed, then the idle screw, t.E. Lower, you need to turn counterclockwise until the rotation of the trimmer head ends).

Carefully turn both needles (right and left) in the middle position between one hundred percent twisted and one hundred percent screwed (do not cure the stopper!, This can lead to breakdown of the Husqvarna motor). Husqvarna carburetor adjusting screws for adjusting the carburetor: right, left and lower

Husqvarna carburetor adjusting screws for adjusting the carburetor: right, left and lower.

1) The right screw l. Regulates the enrichment of the consistency of low revolutions (regulated by the first):

Carburetor adjustment Motokosa Husqvarna 125, 128

How to adjust the carburetor Motokos Husqvarna 125, 128 (without a tachometer) Article of the Spare parts: 5450818-48. Carburetor…

Husqvarna 125R Setting a carburetor without a tachometer (temporary solution)

How to adjust the carburetor if you need to work, and the service with a tachometer is far away.

Find maximum idle speed, slowly turning the right screw to the right and left.

Then turn this screw on ¼ turn counterclockwise.

Note: from the Husqvarna plant, the right screw was completely unscrewed (at 0.5 turnover). Now he is looking at “11 hours”.


The adjustment of revolutions is considered correct idle move, when:

  • The cold engine is stable at idle.
  • The hot engine has not highly high speed speeds.
  • Before the rotation of the trimmer head, a sufficient supply of revolutions remains.
  • The engine works steadily in any position (for example, with a sharp lowering knife).

Note: from the manufacturer (Husqvarna), the idle screw from the fully twisted, was twisted at 8 full revolutions and “2 hours” (now it remains). Husqvarna.2.Recommended idle gas mowing engine. 2.900 rpm.

3) Left screw h. Regulates the enrichment of a mixture of high revolutions (is regulated last).

It regulates maximum speed, engine power, temperature and fuel consumption.

Note: the Husqvarna engine should not operate at full speed for more than 10 seconds!

  • Open completely the throttle (give full gas) and slowly turn the left screw clockwise until the speed of the Husqvarna engine is reduced (by ear).
  • Then turn the left screw very slowly counterclockwise until the engine starts to work uneven.
  • After that, turn the screw slowly back to a slight distance clockwise until the Husqvarna engine starts to work smoothly.

This is where the HUSQVARNA adjustment is completed.

disassemble, gearbox, trimmer, husqvarna

Note: recommended by the highest possible speed of the Husqvarna engine. 11.500 rpm.

The maximum output capacity of the Husqvarna 333R lawners engine is 1.6 kW (2.1 l.With.) at 8.400 rpm.

Note: on the new trimmer Husqvarna from the manufacturer (Husqvarna), the left screw was completely unscrewed (by 0.5 turnover) and blocked (billed) with solid plastic, which I drilled after the guarantee period. Now the left screw (like the right one) looks at 11 hours approximately.

We check the correct setting Husqvarna carburetor

The engine is quickly, evenly and confidently gaining momentum, and a little four at maximum speed, the T-35 trimmer head should not rotate at idle.

Reducer device trimmer for grass

The gearbox of a trimmer for grass is a node that transfers the rotational movement of the engine shaft to the knife or fishing line. It is located on the lower end of the motorcycle rod. The gear node is also designed to lower the engine speed of the trimmer for grass.

The mechanism consists depending on the model of the motokos of several gears rotating at a high speed. As a result of this, they heat up due to severe friction. If the lubricant is not enough, or it is not at all, then the process leads to a strong overheating and failure of the parts, and, accordingly, the need to carry out a difficult repair. So that this does not happen, lubricate the gear node in time. Misused gearbox is presented in the photo below.

The reducers of modern trimmers of different models from various manufacturers differ from each other by the design and the size of the seat. It happens:

The most common diameters of round seats are 24, 25.5 and 26 mm.

Motokos is equipped with gearboxes with different types of gears:

  • Conical;
  • Worm;
  • Spiroid;
  • Cylindrical;
  • Planetary;
  • Wave;
  • Combined.

Drive shaft and gearbox are very loaded nodes of a trimmer for grass, which are largely susceptible to wear. Between them, the movement is transmitted due to the adhesion of the teeth of the gears located at different angles to each other. Effective gear works only if there are no mechanical damage. In this case, the mechanism should not overheat, otherwise its jamming may occur.

User reviews about lubricants

Experts advise using only original materials, the characteristics of which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If there are no one, you should clarify how to lubricate the gearbox of the trimmer for the grass. Experienced users do not advise using solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the node, as well as in consistency. Also, the above material does not have anti.Intelligence properties.

The range of operating temperatures of the solidol is from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even with such parameters in the process of heating, the density of the material increases, and the lubricant itself becomes rough. With emergency need to process the tool, you can use Litol-24.

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