How to disassemble a hair dryer Bosch beautixx curly

Circular saw from an angle grinder with your own hands

To remake the tool does not require special abilities or expensive materials. A self-made circular saw is made of ordinary, hand-held tools:

  • working angle grinder;
  • circular saw blade;
  • nuts, bolts and other fasteners;
  • power drill with drill bits;
  • screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers;
  • rectangular metal pipe;
  • metal corners.

repair of the hair dryer with your own hands babyliss

Hair dryer repair with your own hands babyliss. Hair dryer repair with their own hands: how to disassemble Philips and 6wattrubytovaya-tekhnikaremontremont-fena-dlya-volos Cached Hair dryer repair with their own hands can be done easily Repair household appliances sometimes cost a pretty penny, so many are willing to do self-study on this topic in order to save money Hair dryer repair with their own hands: step-by-step master class ? 14022019 Author: Makarov Dmitry It is difficult to find a girl or woman who is to dry her hair without using a hair dryer, especially in cold weather Repair Hair Dryer With Their Own Hands Babyliss. Image Results Hand Held Hair Dryer Repair Babyliss images HAND HAND HAND HAND HAND HAND HAND Hair Dryer Repair wwwyoutubecom watch?vc5670rk-rag Cached Hairdryer Repair of Hairdryer HANDS Handmade DIY How to Repair Hair Dryer Common hair dryer repairs include servicing the switch, fan, heating element, and thermal cutout Hair dryer repair with your hands. YouTube wwwyoutubecom watch?vggcRu7xMJr4 Cached Hair dryer repair with his hands Vladimir Koshkin Repair of hair dryer BaByliss Repair of hair dryer BaByliss repair with his hands. ydomainfo ydomainforemont-svoimi-rukamiremont Cached Removing hair from the motor shaft of a BaByliss hair dryer I had my BaByliss hair dryer repaired. показанный на фотографии, с жалобой, что исходящая струя воздуха стала слабой и очень горячей Ремонт фена для волос своими руками 220vgurubytovaya-tehnikaremontremont-fena Cached Ремонт фена для волос своими руками провести несложно, так как большинство неполадок можно легко устранить в домашних условиях Ремонт спирали строительного фена своими руками pro-instrumentcomruchnojdorabotka-i-remont Cached Ремонт. construction hair dryer tweaks and malfunctions Its diagram Repair of the helix heating element with your own hands Repair of BaByliss hair dryers. service-remontcomua service-remontcomuaremont-fenov- babyliss Cached It may be a replacement Tubular Heater or board, power system repair, motor repair Doing hair dryer repair BaByliss with his own hands is not as easy as it seems at first glance Repair hair dryer with his own hands rufull-repaircomtechnics-repairhome Cached Not always the repair takes the shortest route Pictures of useless rebuild hair dryer : There’s a similar, even more detailed article on repairing a hair dryer using the Rowenta CV 4030 as an example Like mine, the description Babyliss pro curler repair with your hands Blog about repair and servicehelp24ruremont-plojki- Cached Repair smartphone Xiaomi mi4, change the display Replacing the screen on the tablet Samsung P5210 iPhone 5s battery change your own hands Module replacement on iPhone 5s A1457 your own hands Repair phone Xiaomi Redmi note 4 Promotional Results For You Free Download Mozilla Firefox Web Browser wwwmozillaorg Download Firefox. The faster, smarter, easier way to browse the web and all of 1 2 3 4 5 Next 30,900

How to take apart a Bosch pha 2661 hair dryer

Disadvantages: quickly overheats, up to melted nozzles, plastic is not designed for such heat

Advantages: The hair dryer is the same as the other hair dryers in this category. I have used many models in my life (I always want novelty).So there’s no advantages.

Disadvantages: I can not even call it a disadvantage. Used a hair dryer for about six months, my hair was dry (I did not connect it to the hair dryer), I bought a regular hair dryer on the advice of a hairdresser and styled with a brush (not convenient, but the hair is long straight hair allowed it), and now decided to make curls, used an old hair dryer. I am styling and I think the smell of burning (probably hair in the motor or the life of the hair dryer is running out), I left my curls to cool (I would add I used a brush not a flat).I combed it out. it’s like a horror movie. THE FIRES GET OFF! Т.е. Hair burned and melted even. Now I have to wear it with a short haircut.

Good points: It has many styling accessories, but I only use two of them

Disadvantages: After 1.5 years, it started to heat up badly, without cooling mode even on the first speed the hair burns. After 1.8 years. The round nozzle broke where the plastic part is, after 2.5 years the second nozzle broke

Comment: The hair dryer is robust, comfortable, problematic nozzles.

Advantages: Functionality, storage bag.

Comment: I had a Roventa before, the Bosch is better. For the first week it took a little effort to get used to the handle. The second speed has really hot air, but it can dry and style hair quickly. The airflow is quite strong. I really liked the straightening attachment. It certainly does not straighten the hair perfectly, but it does make it look neat and styled. The detachable teeth are very useful.к. Sometimes my hair gets tangled, which was always a problem for me, this feature solved that problem. Recommended! For that price. Very nice!

Advantages: very comfortable. The big round bald head flip the hair strand off when the button is pushed. good, even curls

Disadvantages:. Very quickly broke the fastening clip for attaching the nozzle (you have to constantly hold on so that the nozzle does not fall out). Poor cooling function (blows either hot or very hot air)

Strengths: Reliable, has been around for years. A lot of different attachments. Has a cold air mode.

Disadvantages: Power is weak. The only way to dry thin, short hair is to dry it with another hair dryer first and only style it with this hair dryer. The nozzles are metal, very hot. The ceramic is much nicer. The airflow is too hot. Only in cold mode you can somehow not burn your scalp and ears.

Comment: morally and technically outdated. At one time (in 2008) was a modern machine. I have a much more powerful and gentle hair dryer now.

Strengths: It is a great hair dryer! I have been using it for more than two years now. I have naturally fine, curly hair. During this time there were also long hair, and now. rack. I have not noticed any problems. I only use two attachments. concentrator and brush with retractable teeth. From the last. I am thrilled. I have had a couple of times when the teeth missed the holes but it was easy to fix that with my hand. At first I thought it was the nozzle that would break, but. not there yet! Although I use it almost every day.

Disadvantages: Maximum heat. Very, very strong. Sometimes my skin gets hot and I just feel sorry for drying my hair on it, so I use it only when I need to dry it very urgently.

Comment: happy with everything, a little heavy. My hands get tired from behind when I use a hair dryer and brush, but my hair looks like Monroe’s

Advantages: the apparent large number of nozzles

Disadvantages: This hair dryer is one BIG DESFITTORY. do not buy it! I did a huge mistake. The extensions are bullshit, you can not use it as a curler. the hair flies around, the straightener is just as bad as a regular hair dryer. everything is awfully hot. I tried to give it back in general, I don’t even have to give it as a gift to someone else as a shame. If you have nerves of steel, or if you want your hair to burn after the first 7 seconds of use at most, this hair dryer is for you. I used it once. after that, I don’t want to take the hair dryer in my hands at all!

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Tried to take it back! but it turns out that hair dryers are not returnable! I don’t really need it, I would be ashamed to give it as a gift to someone else.

Cons: I have had it for over five years and it just takes up space in my closet. I have used it about six times in that time. The only advantages I can name is a handy bag, where you can stow everything neatly and a reliable clip for the nozzles. Medium drying hair.

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Disadvantages: Very noisy, my vacuum cleaner is quieter. Despite its power, it does not fix curls well, BUT it burns the scalp very much. Heavy, uncomfortable to hold in your hand, the cold air button is far away from the heating switch, constantly have to reach out and look for it to the touch, squirming from burning. The curling iron and curling iron attachment are useless, the curling iron does not straighten hair and curling iron has a very weak clip, the strand does not hold, so you have to twist the strand by hand, holding the clip.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: It may be more useful for girls with long hair because it will not burn the scalp, but for medium to short hair is a useless thing.

Disadvantages: Heavy, you can not use the nozzles for their intended purpose (except for drying and brush comb). The iron only frizzes the hair, not straightens it (you have to turn it on all the time). Off.) To straighten my hair and then barely manage it. Same with the tongs attachment.

Advantages: it has both hair dryer and hairbrush in one, fast drying and styling, great versatility.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I bought this hair dryer to replace the old one and immediately felt the difference, a big difference. With this hair dryer is fast and easy, and the availability of different attachments makes it even more attractive, because I can change my image all the time.

Advantages: It is a really powerful hair dryer, a lot of attachments.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I have 5 hair dryers, including one with more than the power I mentioned! I bought this hair dryer as a replacement for the old one and immediately felt the difference, and it was a big one. It takes much less time to style with it than others. Unfortunately, after 5 years of use the brush broke at the bottom, which is what I used most often. But every vegetable has its own time, nothing is everlasting. It is a great hair dryer, I recommend it.

Advantages: The hair dryer is comfortable! Bought it for my wife. Easy to style my hair, does not make any noise. Very helpful is the bag that comes with the kit, where everything fits very well.

Disadvantages: We have not found any disadvantages yet. We have been using it for a month, no complaints.

Advantages: comfortable, functional nozzles powerful

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I now have a short haircut, hair dryer is used daily, the nozzles are very comfortable, styling is a pleasure.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: We fell for the brand, but in fact the same China, but more expensive. After half a year of inactive use, broke the latch-lock that allows you to change the nozzles, although used the same nozzle all the time. it just fell out. Т.к. The mechanical failure is a bad thing. had to fix it firmly with gel tape. After a couple of years the controller responsible for cold air died, and as correctly noted by previous commentators. It is almost impossible to use the hot blow dryer. burns my scalp. Т.е. I would understand if the switch was used all the time, but no. it was in the on position all the time. The body is almost indestructible. All of the latches broke when you opened it up, it was no use repairing it further.

Advantages: High quality build. I have been using it for two years now, very often. Nothing broken, only the bag inside is torn. It is a very comfortable, compact hair dryer, you can take it with you when you travel. If you need a super powerful hair dryer. it’s not for you. It is not super powerful but when you use the attachments you will find that this is what you need. With more power. not a variant at all. It would not style anything.

Weaknesses: Button on the large round comb sticks, sometimes the teeth do not retract inward.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Hair dryer 2 in 1. It can be used as a hair dryer and just to model my hair with the nozzles. The nozzles are very handy.

Advantages: I have been using it for 6 months. Very light weight and handy.Takes care of your hair very quickly. It does not dry the hair out. Optimal temperature and air pressure. Using only the first power. The second part might come in handy if you need to dry your hair very quickly.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages are that it heats up the nozzle. Also has to be careful not to touch the metal part. And on the fan is not a grid, but a grid. Long hair can still get caught. I also have to be careful when I’m styling my hair. But it’s all little things that you can adjust to.

Strengths: I like the fact that you can straighten your hair like that, together with the dryer. Before I used a regular iron, my hair was very dry.

disassemble, hair, dryer, bosch, beautixx

Disadvantages: Really very fragile. I used it only at home, did not transport it anywhere. My sister bought the same brush and gave me a straightener attachment, which she does not use. But after a while the mechanism that locks the nozzles broke.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I really liked the comb, but the life is very short in my opinion. So I’m looking for a similar, but better quality.

Advantages: The model is a success! It does not take long to style my hair, it is easy to use and easy to switch modes! Much lighter (by weight) than a normal hair dryer. I bought it in the middle of July. In one month the hair dryer managed to stand up to traveling in a suitcase. For almost daily use. The model is 100% worth it’s weight! The famous cold air button is completely unnecessary! The hair dryer works fine without it!

Disadvantages: 1) The nozzles heat up quickly. I’m afraid the plastic will melt:( (2) I wish the cord was longer)))

Comment: for its price category this is the most worthy model!

Advantages: I have lots of attachments; ionization. hair just silk afterwards; cord length is normal, it rotates; good storage bag for the attachments: convenient, nothing is lost.

Disadvantages: Sometimes sucks the hair into the air intake) But this is a disadvantage of any hair dryer and long hair)

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I have been using it for three years, I use it often: my hair is long and thick, I blow dry on speed 1 or with cold air: on speed 2 the air is too hot, I am afraid to dry the hair.Drykaukladka pretty quickly and if time is tight, then 5 minutes on the 2nd speed)All nozzles are satisfied, for all the time of use nothing has broken. The brush with retractable teeth is my favorite, the styling with it is just amazing!!

Advantages: It can dry my hair very quickly, it has a lot of attachments and a handy bag and handle. The brush is good, I used it mostly.

Disadvantages: It burned out on me. The heat welded the head to the handle and the weight of the hair broke off. It is very hot, it is a shame for the hair and it is impossible to remove the nozzles by hand.

The commentary: As a gift for the girl when you’re already broke my head what to get her:. )I have been using it for over two years and I am satisfied.

Advantages: The set of nozzles is exhaustive, there is everything you could want. Used all the nozzles except the concentrator, can’t complain about any of them. Although I prefer the brush heads in the form of professional combs. All the heads are ceramic coated, the big brush teeth are hidden by lightly pushing the lever and do not have to unwind back, there is a function of ionization. A huge difference than drying with regular air, hair looks silky and lays well. It has two air power modes for drying and curling, any of the modes can be switched to warm air, I usually use it for drying. The base of the handle has a loop to hang the hair dryer on a hook in the bathroom, which allows you to not worry about storage space. Been using it for over 5 years, almost every day, no complaints.

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Disadvantages: Not very convenient storage bag, each nozzle in a separate mesh under the zipper, not very, convenient for everyday use.

Comment: The hair dryer impressed by its reliability, 5 years of constant use and everything as new, all functions work, all the nozzles in perfect condition, by the way the brushes are very easy to clean and remove the hair from them is no problem at all. I guess you can say that you are missing a diffuser for a complete set. By the way, the large handle quickly get used to, not heavy. Recommended for both short and long hair. After researching all the other options, I can say that at the moment this is the most comfortable and comprehensive model on the Moscow market.


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Bosch Quattro Ion PHD5767 hair dryer review

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Hair dryer repair bosch beautixx comfort ion

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How to Disassemble a Remington Hair Dryer. Remington Hair Dryer Repair

The other day my irresistible, unique and treasured Spouse started complaining that her beloved Remington hair dryer was not working. It showed up as interruptions in normal use depending on the position of the power cord. That is, if you pull the cable. the hair dryer turns off, if you press the hair dryer. went warm air. I at once grasped that to what and began to tear a shirt and brandish a favorite soldering iron. pierce me to carry out disassembly and repair of hair dryer right here and right now.

Anyway, after some brief wailing, my screwdrivers clashed with her hair dryer in an epic battle to the firstsolder. Let me say at once. these instructions can be used for most hair dryers from Rowenta, Braun, Philips, Bosch and Scarlett. Of course, all hair dryers disassemble differently, but the principle of the device they have the same. Let’s go.

Disassembly hair dryer Remington

First you need to remove the plugs on the handle or throughout the body of your favorite hair dryer. In my case. it is three plugs on the handle of the hair dryer. It has recently become fashionable to make the body of the hair dryer on the latches or even fuse the two halves together.

The clips can be defeated, but if the halves are soldered together. then you have to cut the seam, and then glue with epoxy, in general. no way out. So when buying a hair dryer for your beloved, pay attention to its design.

Remove the plugs conveniently with a needle or a sharp thin knife. Be prepared for the fact that the plastic around the bend and immediately warn the wife about it. The problem with the burrs on the plastic can be solved at the end of the repair with the same knife.

Under the plugs I had screws for a U-shaped screwdriver as in the photo. Generally such screws were invented against vandals for outdoor equipment and to protect equipment from inquisitive children. They are called Security.

These screws, only bigger and with round holes are in my house in the elevator. It is good that I have the right two-toothed bit for these screws. That’s it, the elevator, just try one more time to get stuck between floors.

If you do not have such a screwdriver, you can make a U-shaped screwdriver from an old slotted screwdriver, simply by making a kerf in it with a hacksaw.

After disassembling the handle of the hair dryer, we see a picture like on the photo. the switch for hot air (blue), the switch for the power mode of the hair dryer (red), twist wires 220V.

Here we carefully inspect everything for any broken wire or scorch marks, melting on the switches.

If it’s okay here, we unscrew the two wire holder screws at the very bottom of the hair dryer handle. You need to find where the wire is broken. it is usually near the exit of the wire from the handle of the hair dryer.

Such a weak spot is immediately visible if you bend the wire in half.

Remington Hair Dryer Repair

To check, we strip the braid of the power cable at the bend and see the burnt copper wires.

Feel free to cut the wire and prepare it for mounting.

One piece of cable I had to unsolder from the power switch of the hair dryer, and the other piece I had to free from the twist with the contact of the yellow capacitor and the black wire.

Then I prepared one end of the cable for stranding (blue wire) and the other end for soldering (brown wire). In general, the color of the wire in the power cord is not important, because they can be swapped. Mounting each wire in its place and placing all the innards in the appropriate grooves. Putting back the handle body and screwing it on.

I picked up similar screws for a Phillips screwdriver, so next time there will be no problem with disassembly. Putting the screw plugs back in place. If there are any burrs on the plastic after disassembling the hair dryer, you can cut them off with a sharp scalpel or level them by pushing them up.

On this disassembly and repair of hair dryer favorite Spouse finished. My best regards and love to her. You’re the best in the world to me!

Master Pikey is mentally with you. happy repairs!

Hair dryers Remington

It is impossible to create a nice style or just dry curls without using a hair dryer. To qualitatively perform these tasks you need to buy a really good quality device, preferably with high power, which would not only allow you to quickly do hair and styling, but also would not harm the hair. Remington hair dryers meet all these needs.

Hair dryers

It was invented in Vienna. There are such winds Foen. And now, not too long ago, such a device was invented. I think you should definitely use a hair dryer. It is very good with hair. You will see for yourself.

From the jokes on

A great hairdo is what makes a woman so attractive and confident. To be beautiful always, and not only on the day of the visit to the salon will help an ordinary hair dryer. Most modern models are so versatile that they can successfully replace your personal hairdresser.

The first specialized appliance for drying hair, the ancestor of the modern hair dryers, appeared in 1900. Not in Vienna, as the poet wrote, but in Germany. The name “hair dryer”, which has become common in many languages, refers to the 1941 registration of a hair dryer. German brand Foen, and the word itself, “fen,” means warm Alpine winds.

The hair dryer didn’t take our usual form right away. Take a look at an early twentieth-century hair dryer, for example., preserved at La Granja Manor on the island of Oaxaca. Majorca with a whole tube guide system.

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Hair dryers powerful and not very What should be kept in mind when choosing a hair dryer? The first thing you need it for is just drying your hair, for drying and volumizing, or for drying and styling your hair? Depending on this you will need a hair dryer with one or the other nozzle (concentrator nozzle or diffuser nozzle), or a hair dryer-brush.

The important parameter is the power of the device, ranging from 200 watts to 2,000 watts. A very powerful hair dryer will dry your hair up to 12 minutes faster, but you run the risk of not having enough time to style your hair and of burning your hair and scalp. frequent drying can lead to a risk of dandruff.

The number of speed and temperature levels in different models. But the more you have, the more combinations of drying methods you can choose from to suit your hair type.

Another quality that almost all the latest models have hair dryers cold air function. The best way to style your hair is to combine high heat, which makes hair flexible and manageable, with cool jets of air that cool and hold the hair in place.

Taking it on a trip The easiest and cheapest hair dryers are hair dryers with a single nozzle-Concentrator, which ensures rapid drying of hair. They are available from all manufacturers, and are most often sold as travel models. For example, Braun e-Go Travel compact, quiet hair dryer with 1200 watts of power, has two modes of temperature and airflow speed.

Hair dryer Rowenta PH 201 Moveling has a very narrow concentrator, and high power (1400 watts) allows the hair dryer to not just quickly, and very quickly. Has three levels of temperature and blower power, and last but not least, a cold air button. Rather simple models Melissa W 99835 A and W 99835 B have the function of cold air supply and the original package: the first model is packed together with a comb, hair brush and two towels, the second in addition to a beautiful travel case has a brush and 11 different colored rubber bands (very useful on the road, though?).

Smart fingers A real innovation in hairdressing was the diffuser nozzle hair dryer. It has the power to refresh your natural curls, speed up a perm and add volume to your straight hair. Such a nozzle is equipped, for example, a hair dryer Scarlett SC-079. available in different colors (Burgundy, green, blue, Atlantic). This 1400 Watt device has two modes of airflow and a safety thermostat that turns off automatically in case of overheating.

But it is not only your hair that needs to be protected from overheating, it is our hair too. This is the protection of the Rowenta PH 542 with its 1800 Watt Thermo Optimum, which gives you twelve individual combinations of power and temperature settings for optimum heat and airflow.

The active diffuser of the Moving Massager gives your hair the shape you want: it can be used to “whip” and volumize not only short hair, but also long ones. The turbo button gives you half a step more airflow, and the cool button pulls the airflow down to room temperature for better hold.

To bring out the natural beauty of your hair and style it flawlessly, Philips has created the SalonPro professional hair dryer for home use

The 2100 Watt motor, ceramic coating and ionization system give professional styling results fast and effective at home, without harming the hair. Three heating modes and three flow speeds let you choose the most comfortable mode depending on the type and condition of your hair.

The ceramic heating element effectively prevents the hair from drying out. Radiating infrared waves, it creates a gentle heat that protects the hair from overheating, without compromising the airflow speed and efficiency of the dryer.

The ultra-thin concentrator nozzle and ultra-cold blowout function provide long-lasting styling and hold, especially when you want to accentuate the graphic, sleek lines of your hairstyle. And if your hair needs volume and a little waviness, the ceramic diffuser is perfect for the job.

Supervolume Twist diffuser model Braun Creation Twist Cool 1600 provides two ways of styling hair: the Supervolume function to give volume to hair and Twist function to create wavy hair: when you rotate the nozzle ring, hair is grabbed and dried in this position. The third model is perfect for drying curly or permed hair. The diffuser has a removable disc that can be inserted on either the finger or non-finger side. The “finger” side blows warm air directly to the roots of your hair for better curl and volume, while the flat side of the disc is perfect for finishing and drying hair gently.

Ions soften the hair Modern hair dryers are increasingly using so called ionic hair conditioning. The ionizer in the hair dryer (as you can see in our very familiar Philips SalonPro, for example) produces negatively charged ions that neutralize the positive charge on our hair. The removal of static electricity makes hair softer, more manageable and leaves hair style-perfect.

This ionization system is found, for example, in the Babyliss Pro Line. BaByliss has the most advanced hair care appliances in the world and implements a lot of unique hair care innovations like Ionic ionization technology and the even more effective IonCeramic. By stripping away static electricity, it leaves hair shiny and securely styled.

“The heart of the hair dryer The efficiency of drying hair depends on both the amount of air the hair dryer sends into the hair bundle and the speed of the airflow. Both are provided by the “heart” of the hair dryer by its electric motor.

Babyliss Pro Line dryers use an AC motor like the professional models. The High Torque System gives you a double benefit: faster drying and more manageable styling. The High Torque System’s main ingredient is a professional centrifugal turbine. replacing the traditional axial propeller to give you 50% more airflow. and a new high-performance DC motor with 50% more torque than the standard motor

The D311E 1900W model, for example, delivers 4.8g per minute of airflow. When working without accessories, this ensures easy penetration of air into the hair mass and quick drying. When working with a concentrator: in hair styling mode, the airflow is given a high speed to help the air penetrate the strands.

Styler: a lot in one Another category of hair dryers are hair-brushes, or stylers. These appliances combine the versatility of a hair dryer with the convenience of a hairdressing tool.

The Bosch beautixx curly ion PHA 2661 hair dryer has two power modes (500 and 1000 watts). There is also a separate “Cold Air” button for fixing the hair and an ionization function.

In the arsenal of “mounted implements” of this device include the concentrator nozzle, round brush with retractable teeth for automatic release of curls with a diameter of 30 mm, and a round brush with a diameter of 20 mm, hair straightener and the nozzle for creating curls.

Philips Hydra-Protect Coiffure HP 4770 has two speeds, cool air, and 3 styling attachments: a hairbrush specifically for brushing wet hair, a fancy brush for good styling, and a satin brush for brushing, styling and shiny hair. This hair dryer can be rightly called the perfect device for busy people, it both dries and styles.

In the range of Braun worthy of attention gas brushes, working from self-contained heat sources (replaceable gas canisters). With these brushes you can style your hair in the car, on the train and in the office before an important meeting. It heats to the optimal temperature for styling hair in just 90 seconds. The hot cogs of the Braun Style Shaper HS 3 smooth out every strand of hair, while the grooved back surface helps shape and volumize your style. Suitable for medium length hair styling.

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