How to disassemble a lithium battery of an electric screwdriver.

How to reanimate the battery of an electric screwdriver at home

The battery is the most short.Lived element of the portable power tool. Its already, of which, is a and, which is often reduced by improper operation. It is not always easy to buy a replacement battery (sometimes impossible), and it is expensive. But in many cases, the battery can be fixed with your own hands and extend the period of its operation.

The battery malfunctions are reduced mainly to the following cases:

To diagnose the battery at home, you can purchase a special device, but in most cases there is enough multimeter and load. Its quality may be:

disassemble, lithium, battery, electric, screwdriver

The first case is inconvenient, since it is difficult to force an electric screwdriver for a long time under a constant load. And measuring and voltage measurements are not easy to do. It is convenient to use incandescent of the required power, but they are not suitable for all cases. The thread resistance depends on the heating, that is, on the current. It is best to apply a set of resistance (from the table cm. Below) that imitates various operating modes of the power tool.

The mode of operation Current, a Equivalent resistance for power voltage
12th century 14th century 18th century
Idling one.2 6.12 Ohm 7.14 Ohm nine.18 Ohm
The average load 4.6 2.3 Ohm Ohms 3.4.5 Ohms
Complete load ten.12 one.1.2 Ohm Ohms Ohm

The desired resistance can be obtained by a parallel connection of resistors so that the total power is no less calculated for a specific mode according to the formula p = ui. So, for the idle mode of a 12-volt tool, an equivalent of 12 watts will be required. Such a resistor can be made up of two parallel ten.Resistant resistors with a resistance of 12.15 Ohms each. For the equivalent that simulates the full load of an electrical screwdriver at 18 volts, a battery with a capacity of 1810 = 180 watts will be required. This will require 18 tenatniki 27 ohms.

This data is characteristic of household screwdrivers. Professional tool consumes currents at times large.

Wowstick 1F Cordless Electric Screwdriver Teardown Disassembly Repair

First of all, the battery must try to charge from regular charging. If in reasonable time the tension has not reached the face value, then this battery has one or more faulty cells.

If you have managed to obtain the face value, you can proceed to check for the actual capacity. To do this, you need to load a fully charged battery on a certain resistance (use the light bulbs undesirable, the result will be inaccurate) and control the voltage and discharge time. As soon as the voltage reaches the lower limit, the procedure should be stopped and the timer should be stopped.

Type of battery voltage, valve limit, in
Nickel-cadmium 1.2 1.0
Nickel-metallograt 1.2 1.1
Lithium-ion 3.7 2.7

The actual container is calculated based on the discharge current according to the formula C = it, where:

If the current was not controlled by an ammeter, it must be calculated by dividing the average voltage (between the face value and the lower level) into the load resistance.

The current account is checked at the largest load current. The element should issue this current, and the voltage should not sag to low values.

Varieties of the battery for electric screwdriver

Almost all modern models of electrical screwdriver have the same battery block device. Elements consistently connected to a single chain. Form, dimensions and denominations always the same. In total, they create the final voltage of the device. The difference between them is observed only in the container. This thoroughly allows you to easily stick and replace such batteries.

As a rule, 3 main varieties of batteries are used:

The face value of each block is 1.2 volts. Their main advantages are expressed as follows:

  • Accessibility in view of prevalence and low price.
  • Resistance to the negative value of environmental temperature.
  • Preservation of characteristics during storage in a discharged state.

Disadvantages are manifested in small capacity, as well as such a number of factors as:

In addition, due to the toxicity of the production cycle, manufacturers of the 3rd world countries produce this type of battery, which in itself can manifest in factory marriage and low quality.

The batteries of this modification supply voltage of 1.2 V. Many people prefer them as an alternative to failed blocks when it is necessary to repair the battery for an electric screwdriver. This is explained primarily by high quality, since the production fishing line for a trimmer does not provide environmental pollution, and therefore well.Known manufacturers are widely used in developed countries.

In addition, they are distinguished by the following merits:

  • The minimum memory effect.
  • Low self.Discharge coefficient.
  • Higher capacity. In comparison with the above variety.
  • The maximum operating range of cycles “Charging-discharge”.

The disadvantages are manifested in high cost, the impossibility of exploitation at low temperatures and the deterioration of characteristics during prolonged storage in a discharged form.

The batteries of this variety give out a face value of 3.6 in. The main advantages are manifested as follows:

  • Big container.
  • A few times larger range of working cycles. Compared to other modifications.
  • Lack of memory effect.
  • Minor self.Discharge.
  • The possibility of reducing the weight of the battery block. Due to the need to use smaller cans in the chain due to their greater potential and capacity.

The disadvantages are expressed by the maximum price and limited expiration date. After 3 years, the batteries are lost most of the container due to the chemical decay of the filler.

Note! The main reason for the breakdown of the screwdriver is precisely the failure of the battery, or rather, the loss of the face value or the capacity of its individual elements. The failure of the thermistor, the disconnection of contacts and other reasons are extremely rare.

Stock up and start repairing.

We disassemble the battery.

Parse the battery carefully. Do not use strength so as not to damage the body.

  • Remove the battery from the screwdriver. If the buttons are jammed and it is not removed, unscrew the screws of the tool body and remove the upper half. One of the buttons was freed. Pull the battery over, slightly moving it in different directions, and it will also be removed. When you analyze the battery, install the buttons so that they easily press in your grooves.
  • The battery body consists of two parts and is collapsible and non.Vegetable. In the first case, unscrew all the screws and disconnect both parts.

Disassembly of a battery using a knife

Inside are located several sequentially soldered elements. Such a cassette provides the required voltage and current characteristics for the battery. In some nickel batteries, a temperature sensor is attached to the elements.

Nickel battery thermal sensor is attached to the elements

In lithium. Ion batteries is more complicated. There is a controlling fee, and the elements are dressed in a protective case or film.

How to increase battery capacity.

The new battery must be completely charged before use. The average ambient temperature is from 10 to 40 degrees. There are indication lights on charges. When they show that the battery is charged, you must immediately turn off the process.

  • New Nickel. Cadmium batteries must be rocked before the first use. Completely discharge and charge three times. The capacity will become maximum. If in the instructions to the device it says that the buildup should include a larger number of charge cycles, then follow these recommendations. In the process of work before charging, completely discharge the battery.
  • Nickel. Metaldrid batteries have a smaller memory effect, so they can be swooped once before the first use.
  • Lithium. Ion batteries do not need to swing. They are simply easy to charge until full power.

For the discharge of the battery, a load in the form of a lamp with a voltage of 12 volts is used. It is connected by crocodiles to terminals. If the battery is disassembled, then to the conclusions of the consistent circuit of the nutrition elements. The process of discharge will take less than an hour.

The second method of proper discharge is the use of a “smart” charger type IMAX B6, which is very convenient to rock batteries. In it you can configure current and voltage parameters for the charge and discharge of the battery. Set the automatic cycling mode to build a battery. That is, you do not need to constantly monitor the capacity and stress. The device will do it for you. Up to 5 cycles are provided. Over, at the end you can see the values ​​of current and voltage after each cycle and analyze the result.


After full charging, disassemble the battery. Inspect the elements for swelling and oxidation. Multimeter or tester measure the voltage of all elements. Voltage limits for different batteries:

Battery jars are wrapped in a paper shell. The voltage is applied to each element. If all cans in the voltage value are normal, discharge the battery into half the power. Turn the tension again. Those elements in which the voltage decreased by 0.5. 0.7 volts compared to the average are subject to restoration or replacement. They say “flowing” about such banks.

Why is not charging.

If the charger is normal, check the contacts between the battery and the charger. At the charger, the contacts could straighten up. Because of this, the battery does not charge. Disassemble the device and bother the terminals. The second reason may be out of order or soldered temperature sensor. It must be soldered or replaced with a new.

Quickly charges and discharges.

When oxidation and contamination of the battery contacts, charger and the battery tool, the battery is quickly charged and discharged. Wipe the contacts periodically.

A boiling electrolyte.

The boiling of the electrolyte occurs due to an accelerated charge and reloading. If the elements do not swell and after a full charge show the operating voltage, they can be restored without replacement. It is necessary to make up for the empty volume of distilled water.

  • After determining defective cans, cut the connecting metal tape. Saving elements.
  • Take a punch with a thickness of no more than 1 millimeter. Where the can has a minus, make a hole in the case.
  • Pump out air up to 1 cubic centimeter and pour the same amount of water.
  • Epoxy resin seal the elements and connect them to the circuit.

If this method has not helped, then replace the banks with new.

Replacing and soldering nutrition elements.

When you diagnosed and identified defective banks, you need to purchase their replacement. New elements must fully coincide in size and technical characteristics.

  • Cut or solder the old elements from the plates.
  • Put in their place new. For connection, use the same plates or copper conductors of the same section.
  • So that the banks do not overheat the soldering do quickly. Observe the polarity of the consistent chain. Connect plus with minus, and minus with plus.


The battery is assembled in the reverse order. Elements are installed in place, if necessary, electrical connections with external contacts are restored. Then the case is assembled.

The collected battery must be charged with a small current ( from the container), then let several hours to stabilize self.Discharge. Next, the battery must be discharged on a working electric screwdriver. The process should be repeated 2-3 times to level the charge of all cells. After that, you can use the power tool in the usual order.

In conclusion, the replacement of old Ni-CD batteries in the Interskol screwdriver.

Do not perceive the review as a literal guide to action. Situations in each case are individual. According to the design of the battery and the degree of failure of its components. Using the general principles described above, you can independently replace the nutrition elements in any electric screwdriver, and the tool will last a long time.

Distilled water

The restoration of the battery of an electric screwdriver with a valley should occur with a fully discharged battery. Ni-cd batteries covered with paper. If there was evaporation, then there will be noticeable traces on the surface.

After measuring the voltage, you need to completely discharge all the cans using a 12 volt bulb. After that, voltage is once again measured. Those elements where it fell to 0.7. Failed.

To pour distilled water, you need to make a hole in the side of the jar. A very thin drill (0.5-0.7 mm) is a groove. It is necessary to ensure that it does not go inside and does not damage the plates.

A small amount of water is poured with a syringe with a thin needle. After that, the breakdown must be closed with epoxy resin or sealant.

Now the battery can be sworn. Each block must be discharged once again to zero, attaching a 1.5.Volt bulbs to them. When the procedure is over, the battery is assembled and it is necessary to carry out 5 charging and discharge cycles.

How to replace power sources?

The most effective way of repairing the battery is to replace a non.Working bank. You can purchase a new battery in any electrical engineering store or remove it from another device.

Replacing the damaged jar: step.By.Step instructions

Step one: it is necessary to disconnect the faulty segment from the common chain. Since they are fixed with each other with a metal plate, it is better to use locksmiths for such purposes. At the same time, on each side, it is necessary to leave the tape of the optimal length in order to easily connect it with a soldering iron.

Step two: now at the optimal distance from other elements, you need to attach a new jar to the chain. For such purposes you will need a soldering iron. It should only be borne in mind that the “minus” joins next to the “plus” and so throughout the chain. If the plates are not enough to connect the segments, then it is replaced with a copper wire.

Step Three: now it remains to collect all parts of the battery according to the same principle as they were located earlier.

Note! It is advisable to align charges on each bank by charging and charging several times, as we described in the previous instructions. Then you should alternately measure the level of charge of power sources with an oral, because they should always remain on the same value.

In exactly the same way, it will be possible to repair a lithium-ion battery. In this case, the process is complicated only by the presence of an additional fee, which is disconnected before the start of the process. Here it will not be possible to restore faulty banks, so they are replaced.

Disassembly Sheppach DR D02 Electric screwdriver 3.6v разборка

Determination of a malfunction

We figured out the purpose of the structural structural elements, now we will consider how to determine the malfunction, this is.2 repair of the battery of an electric screwdriver. We immediately note that all elements cannot fail at once, and since our chain is consistent, when one element is released, the whole chain does not work. So, our task is to determine where we have the weakest link in the chain.

To do this, we will need a multimeter, and for the second method of searching for a 12V lamp, if your battery for an electric screwdriver is also 12 Voltova. The procedure is as follows:

Note. The difference between the elements in the battery of 0.5. 0.7v is considered significant, this means that the element becomes unusable.

Thus, we found candidates for “resuscitation” or “amputation” and replacement for new elements.

If your electric screwdriver works from a voltage of 12 or 13V, you can search a simpler method. We disassemble a fully charged battery to the contacts “” and “-” we connect a 12 voluntary lamp. The lamp will be a load and will discharge the battery. Next, we take measurements on the elements of the battery, where the voltage drop is most strongly, there is a weak link.

There are other ways, instead of a lamp, you can choose resistance, but for this the basics of electrical engineering are already needed, and it is doubtful that the resistor with the necessary resistance was at hand.

Other malfunctions are very rare. For example, the loss of contact at the rations of batteries or power contacts of the block, failure of the termistor. This problem is more inherent in fakes. In view of the rarity, we will not focus on, we limit ourselves to the elements of the battery.

We figured out the “problem” elements, it is necessary to repair. How to repair a battery of an electric screwdriver? In general, 2 ways are available for repair, so to speak. This is the restoration and replacement of the elements that have become unusable.

Express Methods of repair of the battery of an electric screwdriver

Before taking on the repair of the battery, it is worth determining what type of power is installed in the power tool. Modern manufacturers are constantly improving their technologies, therefore, a diverse type of batteries can occur in equipment released in different years.

The most popular are the following options:

Each of the blocks of elements has its own features and is designed for a certain mode of operation.

Nickel-cadmium batteries

Have an operational drawback, in which after the expiration date, they dry out. Owners of NI-CD blocks will be able to revive their equipment under simple conditions-it is enough to reload them. However, not all owners decide to fix the battery of an electric screwdriver with their own hands using such a radical methodology.

Battery elements 34×22 mm Ni-CD 1.2V 2000MAH, Banks for battery repair

The most common way to repair the battery with a similar structure is the option in which they try to replace obsolete banks with new. The battery of this type is also characterized by the memory effect, which is considered one of the main disadvantages of this type. Often you have to reflash the battery itself in order to reanimate performance.

Lithium batteries

Repair of lithium batteries of electric screwdriver is often required after operation at negative temperatures, which is undesirable in the opinion of manufacturers. Such nutrition elements in modern conditions are considered the most acceptable for the construction and other tools, since they do not have a negative memory effect.

Lithium-ion batteries

Li-Ion Food for the last generations of electrical appliances are the most common option for using. The failure occurs only when the lithium is decomposed or after mechanical damage.

Nickel-metallogide batteries

This option can be attributed to problematic elements for recovery in the battery. Most often, you have to remove old ones and solder the batteries new to the existing case with contacts.

Many online stores offer not only blocks of elements, but also individual components. Folding them and soldering together, you can assemble a new battery.

Repair of the Ionno-Lithium battery of an electric screwdriver with your own hands

Professional screwdrivers from leading companies such as Bosh or Makita often have lithium batteries. For all outstanding qualities, batteries do not tolerate deep category and work at subsequent temperatures. In case of violation of operating conditions, the battery repairs will be required. Is it possible to restore the performance of the lithium battery of an electric screwdriver with your own hands? What are the features of the repair? Consider the example of an electric screwdriver “Makita”.

The first difficulty. The battery is put on an inexplication, that is, on glue. It will be necessary to apply patience and perseverance, use a kiyanka to fire the body to break adhesive bonds. Banks released from the corps have a multi.Level step protection that cannot be violated when replacing elements.

disassemble, lithium, battery, electric, screwdriver

Signs of malfunction of the lithium battery in the electric screwdriver “Makita”:

Repair of the lithium-ion battery is to determine a faulty can on a charged battery and its replacement. After restoration of the circuit, the case is glued again, the battery is charged. Litite battery training is not required.

During the replacement of the element, it is necessary to observe the polarity and the solder to lead quickly, without heating the metal above 40 0 ​​s. With damage to the case, a spontaneous fire and explosion can be possible.

As a story, repair of the nickel-cadmium and lithium battery of the Bosch electrical screwdriver with your own hands, watch in detail at the video.

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