How to disassemble and assemble an electric screwdriver. The purpose of all parts and assemblies of the tool as they are called


First you need to equip each stage of the planetary gearbox, starting with that half of it, which is combined with the engine. For the first two (close to the engine) levels, the task is to put satellites on the axes intended for them, and then drown the drive into the glass so that the satellites go into the space between its teeth and teeth interacting with them of the solar gear. Since stiff fixation is not provided for satellites, they may fall out when you turn the drive, so to hold them in the right position, you can cover a layer of solidol. Another difficulty may be unsuccessful attempts to find the position of gears that would allow them to place them in the right position inside the ring gear. Do not worry too much because of this. Trying to deepen the drive into the glass, no need to make excessive efforts. Just turn the drum from side to side a little, pressing on it, and the gears themselves will find a suitable position. After the assembly of the first half of the gearbox, stick a differential washer from the help of a solidol and after that you can do the second half. As mentioned above, it should be traced that the balls and springs located under a glass, as well as the satellites of the third, were in their place.

After that, you can carefully connect the halves of the gearbox, holding them in a horizontal position, not allowing the contents to fall out, and turning them a little from side to side, try to insert the solar gear between the satellites.

When it turns out to be done, you can start screwing the four tightening screws.

By connecting the halves of the gearbox, it is important not to forget to arrange them so that the holes intended for restrictive hairpins holding the speed of speed switching are opposite to each other, which would allow them to insert them there

Having completed the assembly of the gearbox, you can start installing all the blocks and switches of an electric screwdriver in one of the halves of the case, giving them their original position.

At the same time, we must not forget that the assembly of an electric screwdriver in the same way as its dismantling require accuracy in handling fragile plastic details.

In the end, it remains only to install the second half of the case in its place,

Screw 9 fasteners into the holes intended for them

And electric screwdriver is ready for further use.

Device and principle of operation

The gearbox is an integrated gear mechanical node through which the axis of the motor-power unit transfers torque to the cartridge.

Two or three gear rates are installed in the gearbox.

The design of the “household” double.Mode electric screwdriver includes:

  • Plastic case. A small drum that is attached to the cartridge. The case itself is fixed motionless, and the shaft of the cartridge is inserted into the clamp on one of the transfer plates;
  • 2 or 3 gear plates (drive). A round plate of metal, on one side of each there are 3 protrusions under the small gears. On the other side of one of them, a clamp under the shaft of the cartridge, and the other (or 2 others) has another T.N. “Planetary” gear, which rotates three small gear wheels;
  • 6 or 9 small gears (three each: they can be one or different thickness). These are the so.Called “satellite” gears that are installed and rotate freely on the protrusions of the gear plates. With their teeth, they interact with the solar gear located between them and with the ring gear, which is located on the inner surface of the case;
  • Ring gear. A metal ring with teeth on the inside and small protrusions on one of the rings of the external. On these protrusions and balls, she fits on the inner surface of the case.

Details are lubricated, collected sequentially and installed inside the ring gear, which lies inside the body of the body (it contains a seal with deepening into ball bearings and ledges of the gear). After that, the surface of the open satellites is closed with a metal washer, in the center of which there is a hole, which includes the engine shaft with another gear fixed on it.

During the operation of the electric screwdriver, the gear wheel on the engine shaft rotates the upper satellites, and they, spinning around its axis and, along the ring gear, respectively, pass the movement to the next drive. Depending on the number of plates and small gears. The speed of rotation will be proportionally reduced.

As can be seen from the device of the gearbox. They are divided depending on the number of gear rates on:

Reference. Such an indicator as the number of speed modes of the device depends on the presence of steps, and this, in turn, will affect its cost.

Another indicator according to which gearboxes are divided is the material from which its parts are made.

The production of satellite gears uses:

  • Plastic. Such structures are relatively lighter, but their reliability is lower than that of a metal analogue;
  • Metal. They are durable and with proper care and lubrication will work “like a clock”.

Important. The disadvantages of metal details. The continuation of their advantages. They are heavier than plastic and are more expensive. Over, if an electric screwdriver is used without violation of operation rules 2-3 times a year, the master most likely does not feel the difference from what material the parts of the gearbox are made of.

Fastening options for an electric screwdriver shaft

The cartridge is attached to the shaft of the tool through:

  • Threads. For this, the cylinder and the shaft must match the thread. The metal cylinder is wound on the shaft.
  • Fixing screw. The mount also requires twisting, and the screw itself only enhances the contact between the cartridge sleeve and the shaft. It has notes under the cross screwdriver and left thread.
  • Cone Morse. One of the oldest mounting methods. The shaft of an electric screwdriver has a cone.Shaped shape, and the same groove is made inside the sleeve. Когда внешний и внутренний конус стыкуются, головка надежно садится на вал.

Non.Traditional use options

In addition to direct purpose, electric shurubrust is used to perform various non.Traditional operations. These include the following types of work:

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  • Polishing the car and its headlights;
  • Stirring small volumes of various building mixtures and paints;
  • Drilling holes in ice (for this, the tool is equipped with a special nozzle. Drill);
  • Knitting reinforcement;
  • Thread cutting;
  • The mowing of herbal cover (for this purpose, the device is redone for a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower, or simply inserted a nozzle with blades into the cartridge);
  • Grinding soft grass or thin branches (for this they create a garden chopper on the basis of a drill-electrical screwdriver);
  • Grinding surfaces;
  • Cutting materials;
  • Twisting wires.

This is a far from an incomplete list of non.Traditional works performed using battery or network models. Inventive thought does not stand still. Almost every specialist has options for this electrical tool of work for this.

Using an electric screwdriver, you can return its original color and shine to the car. To polish the car, use such varieties of nozzles:

  • Leather or fabric circles, with their help perform the initial cleaning of surfaces;
  • Felt. They are used for initial processing and finishing polishing (nozzles made of sheepskin are suitable);
  • Foam rubber.

Together with the equipment, polishing pastes and polishes are also used. They are of such types:

With the help of similar tools, the headlights are also carried out.

The quality of the achieved result is determined by the correct combination of nozzles with polishing agents, as well as the accuracy and skill of performing work.

Knitting reinforcing rods with the help of steel wire is very common in the construction sector when erecting reinforced concrete (monolithic) structures, for example, foundations, houses. Even if you have to perform a slight amount of work, then working with manual hook or pliers is quite not productive. The battery or network electric shuruvuver equipped with a nozzle in the form of a hook will help much faster. In this case, the power indicator is not particularly important.

Twisting the cut ends of the wires, for example, in distribution boxes. This is also rather routine work. You can speed up the process using an electric screwdriver with a special nozzle. How twisting is made, shown in the video further:

How to disassemble an electric screwdriver Makita

In order to disassemble the Makita electric screwdriver, you must first disconnect the battery. Then all the screws that hold the two halves together are unscrewed in the tool body. After that, the case is removed, and in front of the master all external components open: engine, gearbox and switch. It is also worth noting that such models often install special plates responsible for switching the modes. With not the most attentive disassembly, a small plate can simply not be noticed. After disassembly, you can immediately start repairing the corresponding part.

One of the most frequent problems of the Makita electrical screwdriver is the problem with the first speed work. Over, at the second speed, everything functions perfectly. This problem is associated with a malfunction of the tool gearbox, which does not allow effectively use the first speed. Consider how to get rid of this problem and repair an electric screwdriver.

Reducer disassembly

First of all, it is necessary to disassemble the tool itself and separate the gearbox. Now it is important to remove all the unnecessary details at this stage. To do this, just pour all the gear from the gearbox. It is worth noting that if there is no information about the exact location of each part, it is better to disassemble it sequentially and accurately.

Write down and mark the location of the gears. This is necessary for high.Quality assembly of the gearbox after repair work. You can also use training videos or articles.

Screwing bolts instead of teeth

After all the gears are removed from the gearbox, the inside of the device will open to the eye. Given the specifics of the problem, most likely the master will see that all plastic teeth on the inside were worn. This occurs with prolonged operation of the device, or with a gross violation of the rules of use. Plastic teeth are quite soft, so that under the influence of temperatures and constant mechanical load they simply grind. This leads to the fact that the main gear has nothing to cling to and she begins to scroll at.

disassemble, assemble, electric, screwdriver, purpose

To repair and restore performance, it is necessary to restore the teeth. There is no need to restore all teeth, and it is enough to install two iron.

To carry out the desired, you will need a drill, small bolts and a drill. It is advisable to use a drill with diamond spraying, as it will allow you to effectively cost the extra part of the bolt in a relatively short time.

  • At the location of the plastic tooth, the hole in the side wall of the gearbox is drilled. It is necessary to use a drill of a slightly smaller diameter than the diameter of the bolt. So it will be possible to screw it with effort and ensure reliable consolidation.
  • It is necessary to drill two holes diagonally to ensure reliable retention of the gearbox and stable operation of the tool. Thus, the load will be distributed according to two teeth.
  • During the drilling, it is advisable to direct the drill a little down, so that then the bolt does not stick upward. Otherwise you will have to process it for much longer a bourgeon.
  • Now it is necessary to screw the bolts into the obtained holes with force.

After all these manipulations, the harvesting of the teeth will be ready. Now it is necessary to properly process them and give the appropriate form. This is done with the help of drill.

Using drill

The birches are processed from the sides and, if necessary, shortened along the length. It is necessary to give the bolts the shape of a real tooth and provide for the installation of a crown without interference.

Important! It is not recommended to overheat the bolt during the operation of the bourgeois. Otherwise, it can be very hot and melt the surrounding plastic. The gearbox body is deformed, which will lead to more serious problems. So during work you need to take breaks. To let the bolt cool.

As soon as the teeth are ready, the reducer crown can be inserted back. If everything is done correctly, then it will be inserted without any interference. Two teeth are usually enough to restore the performance of the gearbox, so screwing more bolts is not logical.

Diagnosis and elimination of malfunctions of the electrical part of the electric screwdriver

If you have a battery device, then the first thing you need to check the batteries in the battery block by dismantling it. There are collapsible and non.Vegetable blocks. In the second case, you will need to carefully insert the screwdriver into the place of gluing the walls of the block and, slowly, disconnect them.

Next, it is necessary to measure the voltage on all “banks”. The voltage rating is indicated on the body of each battery. The voltage should be slightly lower than the indicated, but the same on the working batteries. Faulty batteries will differ significantly from the rest in the voltage issued. They will need to be replaced. New batteries can be purchased on the Internet.

It is important to solder them correctly, that is, in series: plus one battery connects with a minus another, and plus the second with the minus of the next, etc.D.

If you are the owner of a network electrical screwdriver, then the test algorithm is slightly different. At first, you need to promote the body of the apparatus and remove it one half. Take the tester and “call” the power cord for a cliff. In the case of a good cord, you need to check the start button. Check with a button pressed if there is a circuit on the output of its contacts. If the button is faulty, it will need to be replaced or repair. How to do this will be considered later. With a good button, the problem can lie in electrographs or engine.

Repair button

Below is the electrical circuit of the battery electrical screwdriver.

disassemble, assemble, electric, screwdriver, purpose

It shows from the diagram that 2 wires from the battery are suitable for the button, and 2 wires to the engine come out of it. Also, 3 wires from the transistor responsible for adjusting the revolutions are connected to the button. To understand the device of the button of the electrical screwdriver, it must be disassembled. All wires going to this details can not be soldered. They will not interfere with disassembly.

Remove the pressing mechanism (red) from your seat. Do this with neat rotational movements, while pulling the part in the opposite button, making sure that the joke does not break.

Next, remove the button cover. In the places indicated in the figure with arrows, with the help of a knife and screwdrivers, you need to put and push the latches, then remove the lid.

Removing the lid, you will see the reversal compartment. But the button mechanism will still be unavailable. Using the soldering iron, disconnect 2 elements (the next figure is indicated by the arrow).

Gently pull out the element under number 1, then remove the cover that closes the compartment with the mechanism for turning on the device.

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Holding the return spring, take out the mechanism from the body.

In a faulty button, you will see the erased contact sites.

Contact sites wear out quickly due to the poor quality of metal. Small metal dust from the cooked contacts accumulates between them and closes the platforms. As a result of this, a spontaneous launch of the apparatus occurs.

With the help of a cotton swab moistened in alcohol, remove metal dust. If this fails, you can scrap her with a knife. After these actions, the spontaneous launch of the device will stop.

If a revolution regulator does not work, then the transistor is burned out, which must be replaced.

Replacing brushes

To check the condition of the brushes, it is necessary to disassemble the engine by bent the “antennae” located at the end of the case.

Next, with light beats of the hammer on the engine shaft, knock out the rotor from the body.

In this case, the cover in which the electric shows will be removed first.

The following photo shows that the collector has black. This means that it will pollute the dust from the brushes. As a result of the pollution of the collector, as well as the grooves between its plates, the engine power drops and the brushes sparkle. It is necessary to wipe the collector with cotton wool moistened in alcohol, and clean the grooves with a needle.

The following photo shows what a clean collector looks like.

If the brushes are worn out, they will need to be changed. For some models of screwdrivers, it is difficult to find original brushes on sale. But you can find brushes suitable in size, after which on a sharpener to trim them and connect (solder) to the brush holders.

How to repair an electric screwdriver gearbox

The tool gearbox consists of a case in which its working elements are located. For example:

Depending on the manufacturer and model of the device, its internal elements can be made of metal or plastic. The first option provides a long period of their operation and the reliability of the tool.

The reducer of electric screwdriver needs periodic examination and lubrication of its parts. This requires the following manipulations.

Disassemble the gearbox

The housing of household models of electric screwdriver is made of plastic, and professional steel is made. After dismantling the metal plate, we get access to the inside of the gearbox: teeth and gear crown. If the crown has no defects, it is enough to clean it and grease.

Now it’s time to start examining the external crown, the inside of which is equipped with teeth around the perimeter. The efficiency of the gearbox depends on their state. If the teeth are erased, it is not possible to replace them with new ones. But there is a way out of the situation.

Drill holes in the gearbox body

First you need to take the smallest drill in diameter and drill 4 holes in the gearbox body. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the holes should be located in the very center of the tooth location.

Screw the bolts instead of new teeth

In place of worn teeth, you can install bolts suitable in diameter. Each bolt is neatly screwed into a hole pre.Drilled in the housing.

Use the drill

The heads of the installed bolts do not have the necessary geometric shape. In order to correct the situation, you can use the drill. With its help, neatly trim the heads and legs of the bolts, giving them the necessary shape.

When working with drill, it is important to perform short and smooth movements. Otherwise, the possibility of overheating of the plastic body of the gearbox is not excluded, which will lead to its melting.

Collect a gearbox

Before proceeding with the assembly of the gearbox, experts recommend checking the correct installation of new teeth. To do this, take a napphil and cleanse the surface of each gearbox erased tooth. If this is not done, the crown can sit in the groove of the case not tightly or will scroll.

Then a metal crown is inserted into the case. If he does not scroll and sits tightly, all operations meanly meanly were performed correctly and you can continue to collect the gearbox. At the same time, do not forget about the mandatory lubrication of all the working elements of the gearbox.

Design and principle of work of a screwdriver

It is easier to identify the cause of the problem and repair the tool in the presence of knowledge about its design, the principle of work. Shurovyrt consists of the following nodes:

  • The launch button with an electronic control unit. Closes the electric circuit, starting this electric motor, regulates the speed of rotation of its spindle. Stronger pressing. More speed and vice versa. As a regulator, a field transistor is used, which controls the value of the resistance of the conductive channel.
  • An electric engine is a single.Phase collector electric motor, which needs minimal maintenance. Represented by a stator in the form of magnets, an anchor. A rotor and a background of graphite brushes. A gear is trimmed to the shaft to transmit a rotational moment to the gearbox.
  • The reverse button. Switches the direction of rotation of the cartridge, blocks the start of the engine.
  • Planetary gearbox. A complex mechanism presented by a nearby gear of various configurations. Consists of ring, solar gears and a number of satellites installed on the axis of the drove. Twisting from the solar asterisk located on the shaft of the electric motor is transmitted to satellites. They convey the mechanical force of the ring gear. The gearbox lowers the high.Frequency speed of the engine shaft, converting them into a low.Frequency rotation of the cartridge. Two.Stage or two.Speed gearboxes prevail on the market.
  • The torque regulator or rattle controls the power of screwing fasteners into the material. Represented by a gear half.A.Lumber and half a linen with balls, which are supported by an adjustable spring.
  • Three.Bucked fast.Packed cartridge. Used to keep the nozzles: bit, core.

The delivery set usually includes a couple of batteries and charger.

The general principle of operation is simple. When the start button is clamped, the electrical circuit of the screwdriver is closed, and the supply voltage is supplied from the battery to the engine winding. His spindle or an armature shaft with a sunny gear rotates, transmitting the torque to satellites. They affect a fixed crown gear or epicycle.

The speed of rotation of the anchor shaft changes changes with a wide-pulse modulation microcircuit: the microcontroller controls the voltage supplied to the stock of the field transistor operating in the key mode. The resistance of the alternating resistor is proportional to the force attached to the button.

Torque or screwing power is installed by a circular coupling. If the established force is exceeded, the load adjustment mechanism is triggered on the cartridge: the spring efforts are not enough to hold the ring gear, and they jumps off the balls. The shaft of the electric motor begins to rotate idle, a characteristic sound of a ratchet appears.

Important! In the drill mode or drilling the ratchet is disconnected.

Battery batteries produce from 9 to 24 V supply voltage. Consist of battery cans of 1 V, connected in series.

What malfunctions are not subject to repair

Faulty parts are most often not repaired. It is advisable to acquire new original or similar elements and install them in return for the damaged, so as not to waste time and effort on eliminating the breakdown. This applies to the indifferent power button, the engine when the anchor winding is cut off, the reduced shaft of the gearbox, the damaged parts of the cartridge, etc.D. Also, you should not independently repair the charger without appropriate experience.

Usually screwdrivers break for general reasons, regardless of their brand and cost. Most often they are associated with the incorrect actions of the user. Among them:

  • Errors in operation. Equipment is used only as intended. If you start drilling concrete in a low-power device, it will work only two to three days.
  • Excess of permissible work time. Screwdrivers are designed for home and professional use. The former should work no more than a couple of hours a day, the latter is allowed to operate longer.
  • Non.Compliance with storage rules. Technology is prohibited from keeping in damp and cold rooms. Moisture leads to the oxidation of the mechanical and electric parts, and the cold destroys the batteries. In addition to dampness, devices are afraid of direct sunlight. Overheated screwdrivers with a high probability will burn during operation.
  • Incorrect charging batteries. It is not allowed to leave them for a long time discharged, as well as exceed the charging time. At least four to eight times a month are launched and allow it not to work long.

Following the recommendations for care and use, the owner of the equipment will provide her with a long service life, regardless of whether she was produced in China or in Europe.

When breaking an electric screwdriver, diagnostics the device and you can repair it yourself. Most broken details are impossible or difficult to repair, so they will need to be changed to serviceable. When buying spare parts, you need to check that the new elements correspond to the old. If this is not so, at best, the equipment will not work, and at worst. It will be completely damaged.

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