How to disassemble and assemble the trimmer for grass

Tools for repair

The work required screwdrivers and an old tester with wires and a soldering iron.

I had a camera with me and managed to take photos of all the actions to restore the motor performance. These pictures are inserted in the text of the article.

Circuit wire

To check the electrical circuits you need to call them out with a tester or a wire gauge. I have an old device Ts4324 at my country house for such purposes. Power to the circuit for measuring current in it is carried by nickel cadmium batteries.

How to Replace the Motor Assembly on a Weed Eater XT10 String Trimmer (Part # 530401211)

After long storage, they were in discharged condition, and have been in use since 1994, when I bought them at a sale. I couldn’t use them anymore.

Power supply for the tester

Technical solution was suggested by an old cell phone. I used its battery for voltage supply, having previously checked it with the same device in voltmeter mode.

Ryobi String Trimmer Disassembly (RY253SS) – String Trimmer Repair Help

Took out the old batteries and connected the power with thin wires of different colors straight to the pins of the tester, respecting the polarity. Used soldering iron and duct tape for wiring.


No problem here. Power of the cell phone battery was quite enough for the measurements and calibration.

I set the switches of the device to the “Ohmmeter” position, and with the potentiometer knob I set the pointer of the pointer to zero. I did not adjust the mechanical balancer of the pointer, it was normal before.

tester is ready to measure the resistance on ohms graduation.


The electric motor housing is attached with self-tapping screws with medium-sized Phillips heads. Under them, an old screwdriver from Soviet times came up satisfactorily, and a good coverage of the edges was able to create a head from a set of tools purchased in an online store.

However, the short working body of the combination screwdriver made it impossible to work in deep recesses. All the hard-to-reach places were out of her reach. Images of the screwdrivers are shown in the following photos.

How to disassemble a hair clipper. 2020

Hair clippers are used in professional barbershops, barbershops and are increasingly bought for home. Own device allows you to not depend on the masters in the salon and have the opportunity at any time to make a hairstyle the desired length and shape, clean edging, art-cutting or smooth fading.

Due to natural wear and tear, careless handling, or damage, machines don’t work properly: they jam, tear hair, or don’t turn on at all. The best solution in this case. to take the device to a professional workshop, where a specialist will find and fix the problem. If you think that the breakage is insignificant and you can handle it, you can make diagnostics and, if necessary, repairs, yourself.

We will tell you how to disassemble the hair trimmer for inspection and repair, what is important to know and why the device may need this procedure.

How to Disassemble Automatic Grass Trimmer Reel. How to Disassemble the Bobbin Case on a Trimmer

How to tuck the line into the grass trimmer reel?

Warranty exhaustion of the factory trimmer filling for grass will inevitably demand a change of the line. Bought a mower before. You need to take it apart and do it right. Also with the Krn 2.1. Having a very tentative idea of how to tuck the line into the grass trimmer reel without assistance from others, newcomers take on this job without any hunting.

How to assemble a handle on your Carver trimmer, handle is broken rarely, but it happens and there is a need to disassemble the trimmer control handle and. The device of grass trimmer reel and its main faults.

How to remove the reel from the grass trimmer, disassemble it, change the line and install it back? But with some abilities, mastering this uncomplicated science does not present any difficulties, and the similar annotation presented below will make this process very easy.


First, to wind the line requires removing the spool (bobbin, bobbin) from the grass trimmer. certain actions will depend on the difficulty of configuration and type of product itself:

  • Small electronic grass trimmers with a working motor and spool on the bottom usually have side buttons on either side of the spool. How to remove a reel with its cover unscrewed. On some after which press the bobbin and. When you simultaneously press them, the higher part of the bobbin together with the internal content for reeling the line is disconnected, while the lower part remains on the trimmer. Disassembly of the bobbin is better to create on a flat smooth place, so that the spring included in the design is not popped out and not lost;
  • electronic and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved rod without the ability to install a knife, usually have a special reel wing: in similar designs, one hand should hold the bobbin in a stationary position, and the other counterclockwise rotate the fixation reel on the rod nut, wing nut. After unscrewing the nut, the entire tube can be removed.
  • electronic and gasoline grass trimmers with the ability to install a knife on a straight shaft (for example, trimmers for grass STIHL) under the bobbin has a hole. how to wind the fishing line on the reel) and here are pictures from different. For immobility bar in this hole is inserted screwdriver or other suitable object and a slow rotation is achieved in a reciprocal placement, when the screwdriver goes into the hole, and the bobbin fixed. I have personal experience with the winding of the line on the reel gasoline mower (grass trimmer), as I live in the countryside, and the grass mowing in the warm season is not just one. How to disassemble the grass trimmer spool. How to change lines on your trimmer. After that the spool body is turned clockwise (with left-hand thread) and removed from the grass trimmer.

How to lubricate the gearbox of grass trimmer or brushcutter: proper maintenance of garden tools | (Photo Video)

Shafts of gasoline lawnmowers (gasoline trimmers) rotate in plain bearings, pressed into the boom. Lubricant applied to the shaft penetrates into the friction areas between the shaft and bearings, reducing friction, slowing down wear and tear and increasing the service life of the brushcutter. And as a bonus: reduced vibration and noise and a slight increase in tool power.

Signs of lawnmower carburetor flushing

The fact that it is time to diagnose the mechanism on the gasoline mower will be indicated by the relevant factors. One of the main signs. interruptions in the work of the tool. In this case, clean the carburetor immediately, otherwise it is fraught with the development of negative consequences. Other symptoms of malfunctions are the following signs:

  • Unable to start the engine.
  • RPMs start to fluctuate.
  • Motor does not develop full power.
  • The throttle response is delayed.
  • Fuel consumption increases.
  • When warming up the engine, there are malfunctions.
  • An excessive amount of black smoke is emitted from the muffler.

However, if the above symptoms occur, make sure that the cause is really a carburetor malfunction. Eliminate other types of breakdowns, and only then proceed to cleaning and repairing the product on the trimmer.

In most cases, the above signs can be eliminated by adjusting the carburetor. You can find detailed instructions about this process in this material. All devices on chain saws have adjustment screws, by means of which the idle speed, as well as the range of high and low revolutions are adjusted. The number and appearance of the set screws depends on the tool model.

Now install the step 1 baseplate to the other parts using 3 T8 screws.

Do not tighten screws completely yet, just enough to secure all parts. This will allow you to gently lift the short hair cut with your finger. blades will move downward.

Now the step where you may need extra patience: take a small spring, insert it into the groove of a short hair clipper with two ends, gently push it through and insert the winding of the spring into the upper groove of the cast part.

Disassembling a gasoline lawn mower, lubricating its parts, and replacing faulty components

To disassemble a lawn mower for repair work, you will need, in general, these gadgets:

  • A set of screwdrivers (with different tips) and wrenches;
  • a small puller to remove the bearings;
  • a special spark plug wrench;
  • hammer.

In each case, you will need to disassemble separate assemblies.

Keep in mind that the starter (starter) in some models is indestructible. in this case, if there are problems with it, you can only replace the element. If the assembly is disassembled, it can be repaired by removing and replacing the rope and spring, or installing the latter in place (if it is out of engagement).

Disassembly and Replacement

Quite often you need to carry out repairs to the grass trimmer boom. It is a construction of these parts:

  • the steel drive shaft, which has polyhedral or square splines on the upper and lower ends;
  • aluminum tubes;
  • Plastic bushing, designed to maintain a centralized position of the drive shaft in the tube (so there is no vibration);
  • Rubber buffer to connect the boom to the motor;
  • steering wheel with the handlebar used for steering, and the rack, the strap.

On some models, the shock absorber is located between the steering rack and the. All control elements (lock lever, ignition switch, throttle button) are located on the handlebar.

To the lower end of the boom is connected conical angular gearbox, but some light models are available without it. This is due to the fact that their rod has a bent shape, and the shaft is a flexible cable.

How to disassemble the rod and then assemble it to lubricate the shaft or replace it, in detail rassembled in the video below. Replace a broken rod with a new one in the same manner.

It often happens that polyhedral or square splines of the driveshaft “slip”, and the operating mechanism does not rotate or does it with perobukkuskoy. Then the shaft is replaced.

When a knocking noise occurs on the tube, disassemble the rod, check the condition of the bushing and replace it if necessary. How to properly assemble the throttle grip on the trimmer, discussed in the video below.

If there is no rod in one piece suitable for installation, it is possible to tighten the break place with a clamp or to put a semblance of a tire This is a temporary measure and must be replaced as soon as possible.

Clutch Repair

When the knife or fishing line when the engine is running at idle speed almost constantly twists, and from the front of the motor comes uncharacteristic sounds, it indicates a breakdown of the clutch. The cause is a broken spring. the machine is mowing properly.

If there is slippage, the pads are worn out.

Grass trimmer clutch is repaired as follows:

  • Remove the cover from the muffler;
  • remove the metal stand;
  • then remove the cylinder and starter caps to gain access to the clutch;
  • unscrew the side screws to remove the shock absorber cover;
  • Remove the tube from it by first letting go of the tightening bolts;
  • unscrew the clutch (shown in the photo below);
  • inspect the condition of the spring, pads and bearings;
  • the new spring is hooked by slipping the hooks into the appropriate holes;
  • To replace the pads, it is necessary to remove the spring and then unscrew the pads’ bolts.

If necessary, lock the crankshaft with, for example, a rope.

Carrying out repairs to the gasoline engine, carburetor and gearbox

Problems with the engine can be caused by problems with the piston system, oil seals, rings. To fix them, it is necessary to remove the drive motor.

Determine what caused the failure, it is not easy. If there is a warranty, take the mechanism to a service center for diagnosis and repair. If there is no possibility to turn to specialists for help, you should consider that the most common need to replace the piston rings. To do this, you will need to disassemble the engine, take out the piston. Do it in the following order:

  • Remove the cover of the plastic housing by loosening the screws or pressing out the clamps;
  • Disconnect the rod with the crankshaft;
  • remove the cylinder head;
  • take out the piston and rings;
  • if necessary, they are replaced;
  • Reassemble in reverse order.
disassemble, assemble, trimmer, grass

Rings should be installed carefully, because they are quite fragile.

How the piston is put and the replacement of the oil seals when carrying out engine repairs, is clearly shown in the videos below:

If you use the lawnmower regularly, the gearbox can break. In it, gears, bearings wear out (they can also break). To ensure that this does not happen often, you should regularly lubricate this assembly. The intervals are almost always stated in the operating instructions of the model used (at least once a season). The roller below can serve as a repair instruction.

To lubricate the gearbox, you should unscrew the plug and simply squeeze the appropriate lubricant inside the node, scrolling the shaft.

Independently, the carburetor can only be removed and cleaned, and replace the gasket between it and the engine. Tightness of the node in the home to determine quite a problem. The main thing. properly assemble the technique after repair, so that the trimmer for grass worked without problems.

If the grass trimmer has stopped starting, then do not immediately sound the alarm and go to the service center, as the cause of inoperability can be easily remedied. Any repair of gasoline trimmers with your own hands begins with checking the presence of spark, without which it is impossible to ignite the fuel in the combustion chamber. If there is no spark, then the problem is either the spark plug or the ignition itself. The exception to this is when the spark plug is flooded with fuel mixture when the fuel overflows above the proper level. In this case, you just need to wipe it dry and the cherished spark will appear.

The spark plug will also tell about the lack of fuel flow. If it is dry and light brown in color, in this case the repair of the gasoline trimmer for grass with their own hands will consist of debugging the fuel pump or cleaning the carburetor. All these causes can be easily eliminated, the main thing that the engine itself works properly. But if the cause of failure is still hidden in the engine itself, it is recommended to contact the service center because of the complexity of the repair. Nothing is impossible for people with a wrench and screwdriver in their hands. In most cases, the grass trimmer engine repair ends successfully.

How a lawn mower or grass trimmer starter works?

The starter is a mechanism that is uniform and universal for chain saws, trimmers, gasoline- and diesel-powered generators. Not a problem to equip it even a car, motorcycle or scooter, if your vehicle has a free place to install it. It is not for nothing that many Soviet cars and trucks were equipped with a starter tool, remotely resembling a bent double tire iron.

How Does A String Trimmer Work? — Lawn Equipment Repair Tips

Modern “hand crank” is started from the cord. the cord is tied to the mechanism, and it can not be lost.

The starter assembly has the following parts:

  • ignition spring with hook;
  • the cord wound on the spool;
  • return spring;
  • drive ratchet and main spring;
  • the mechanism housing that protects the ratchet;
  • locking bolt.
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