How to disassemble the angular grinder Makita big. How to repair the stator of the angular grinder Makita

The stop button on the corner grinder broke

One of the most common household appliances for repair and construction work is the angular grinder, or an angular grinding machine (corner grinder). When operating the machine, cases of strong loads and careless treatment are not uncommon, which leads to wear of parts and breakdown. But the repair of the corner grinder can be done independently. To do this, you should see how to make the repair of a corner grinder with your own hands on the video. The device of the corner grinder

  • The anchor of the corner grinder (rotor) is the most overstrown element of the mechanism angular grinder. It is subjected to temperature, electromagnetic and mechanical damage, so its failure is not surprising. The anchor winding when heated can burn out, which will lead to a short circuit. Therefore, the repair of the anchor of the corner grinding of with your own hands is a common practice.
  • When the collector is out of order, during operation from strong vibration of the brushes, they are burned, so a very noticeable sparking appears. Brushes conduct current to the collector.
  • Subject to severe wear and bearings on the shaft of the rotor, which can completely collapse with untimely replacement. They need to be checked in the event of extraneous noise from the car of the machine.
  • The motionless part of the angular grinder electric motor is the stator that contains the winding. The stator itself is quite rarely the cause of a breakdown of corner grinder.
  • Reducer is a mechanism for transmitting rotation, which needs timely cleaning and lubrication.
  • The easiest way to replace the brushes on a corner grinder, but this is the most common repair procedure, t.To. They are made on the basis of graphite.

It is worth considering that the renovation technology angular grinding of different models and manufacturers may differ. So, the repair of the angular grinder Interskol with your own hands varies from repairing the malfunctions of the machine Bosch.

That is, it is important to know the features of your corner grinder and have a circuit from it in your hands, then it is possible to repair a corner grinder with your own hands easily and efficiently.

Only after familiarizing the detailed description and the angular grinder circuit, you can proceed to its disassembly. The repair must have a certain sequence of actions. And most importantly. Observance of safety precautions.

Power cable

The rupture of the electrical wire at the handle is the most common problem of the refusal of the device to work. To make sure of this malfunction on the button, you need to use the standard voltage tester. Only after that check if the button itself works.

Replacement of the bearing

If you notice an increase in the backlash of the spindle shaft, then you need to replace the needle bearing. By the way, he is not in all models angular grinder. To dismantle it, disassemble the case and get the shaft of a large gear.

Using a machine tap, gets an internal clip located in a damaged bearing.

The tap must be closed into the cartridge of an electrical screwdriver and screwed into the cage of the bearing. When the bottom of the case is achieved, you need to continue slow screwing so that the clip rises along the thread.

Due to the damage to the braids of the gear, the gearbox breakdown occurs. Often, a small whirling gear is replaced, attached to the shaft shaft, which is attached in two ways:

The driven large gear can also be attached using a key connection, but also by repressing the shaft.

Subject to the correct operating conditions, the repair of the angular grinder of Interskol with your own hands can be carried out very rarely.

In order to replace the gear of the gearbox, its body is disassembled, and the lid is released. Since the driven gear is attached by transfers, it must be removed using the press. Next, remove the bearing with a puller.

If the stator burned, you need to calculate how many turns the wire is, and what is its cross.Section.

It will not be superfluous to see the repair of the angular grinder Interskol with your own hands on the video.

The design of all Bosch models has an identical scheme. Do.It.Yourself corner grinder repair is usually reduced to the replacement of bearings.

The shaft of the spindle is attached to the driven gear. It is kept on a needle bearing in the gearbox case, which, when wear, leaves only a clip inside. The lead gear is attached to the shaft of the rotor with the left thread, and then fixed with a nut.

Repair Corner grinder Makita

The angular grinder of Makita is distinguished by its protective case, which can be quickly removed. This can be called a plus, t.To. The corner grinder of this company is most often susceptible to breakdowns. This applies mainly to fakes that has flooded the domestic market.

The real angle.Grinding machine of the company Makita is famous for its durability and reliability. Despite whether a fake or a real angular grinder fell into your hands, the most common cause of breakdown will still be a gearbox and its gear.

This becomes noticeable when the sloping gear appears, the gearbox jamming and the increase in the backlash of the shaft.

The driven gear can be removed by the press, and the host is attached by a keyword with a fixing nut. Rotor shaft bearings are removed with pullers.

Thus, no matter what angular grinder you have, when studying the problem, you can fix the main malfunctions yourself. The main thing is to correctly understand the scheme and have the inventory necessary for repair.

disassemble, angular, grinder, makita

Despite this, the corner grinder is a complex mechanical power tool, and cases of damage to more inaccessible components of the mechanism are not uncommon. In this case, if you have not previously encountered such breakdowns, it will be more effective to consult with specialists first on your problem.

How to extract/remove a needle bearing in a corner grinder

It is not difficult to press out a new needle bearing, but the use of the original puller is required to remove. In the next video, the author describes the manufacture of such a device and shows its practical action.

The puller is a foster zanga with bundles at the ends of movable petals. The dimensions of the tsangi are made on a lathe, and the central hole is sparkled under the piercing petals of the rod. The puller is inserted into the bearing and the beams after moving the rod along the hole are uplift and rested with the side surface against the end of the ring. With the help of not very spectacularly looking, but reliable levers of reinforcement with sharpened edges, resting on the puck inserted, the bearing can be removed from the case.

Important: The needle bearing has a much larger resource than a sliding bearing. However, the shaft of the spindle wears out, which also needs to be changed. In the video described, the author found a replacement option. However, in most cases, this can create additional problems.

How to disassemble find problem and repair Makita small angle grinder GA5030

How to disassemble the gearbox of the corner grinder

Intensive operation of the angle grinding machine (“corner grinder”) so popular and in demand in everyday life necessarily leads to the need to repair it. But, most masterful people in such a situation rest against the question of how to disassemble the corner grinding so as not to cause big damage. Only knowledge of the device and the principles of disassembly, repair of the device allows you to independently qualify the repair.

disassemble, angular, grinder, makita

Constructive modifications of the Bulgarians

The corner grinder differs very much in several constructive features:

  • Power is the basis of all structural features: the bearings used, the type of transmission and the hardness of the used metals, the quality of the assembly and the materials used in the design.
  • Corporal assembly features. The transfer mechanism must be in a metal case, which, despite the general principles of assembly, may have various modifications. In most cases, the mechanism body has a cover with four tightening bolts or screws. It is worth considering that before disassemble the gearbox of the corner grinder, it is necessary to carefully study the assembly seams of the case, showing the details of the structure, t.E. What needs to be previously disassembled.
  • The quality of the materials used for the assembly of a corner grinder is very different from the manufacturer himself, so the celebrity and the presence of branded spare parts indicate the quality of the device itself and its repair capacity.

Compound parts of the corner grinder

To know how to disassemble the angular grinder, it is necessary to clearly represent its design features, places and features of the connection of parts:

  • The general case with a handle is usually made of plastic, has two halves connected by self.Tapping screws around the perimeter. Its untwisting allows you to get to the electric motor and all electrical components. A lot of models have a non.Graceful part of the case in which the coils of the stator are mounted, and the disassembly of the entire device is carried out by unscrewing the side “covers”.
  • The electric motor of the corner grinder is recorded in the tide of the case. Pillows, and its excavation detects an unhindered recess of the rotor from the stator. The engine bearings are also easily inserted into the housing, but their landing on the shaft has a big tightness, which very often becomes a problem in the situation, how to disassemble the corner grinder.
  • The rotor is not a collapsible unit for independent repair, so you must be careful with it so as not to damage wires of windings, anchor and geometric shapes of metal components.
  • The stator is an electrical windings with a transformer steel body. Independent repair of the corner grinding unit is impossible.
  • The tailor of the rotor with the teeth of the gear passes into the metal case of the gearbox, in which the bearing can be securely fixed, and its seizure without devices with the involvement of a shock force can lead to cracking aluminum.
  • The problem of how to disassemble the gearbox of the corner grinder is found mainly in one of its node. The fasteners of the led gear on the output shaft and the extinguishing of the node from the removable cover of the case.

DIY Reducer Disassembly

  • In most cases, access to the transmission of the gearbox can be performed without a general disassembly of the corner grinding, and it is enough to unscrew the gearbox cover, which is attached by four or six bolts depending on the power of the device.
  • Before disassemble the gearbox of the corner grinder, it is necessary to unlock on the screws and remove the protective casing of the cutting circle.
  • By unscrewing the bolts of the gearbox cover, it is removed along with the output shaft and the driven conical gear, while the view “opens” to the structure of the node and the production of the mechanism: in cheaper models, bronze sliding bearings are installed (brass, bronze), the replacement of which is very problematic from.For dense landing in the aluminum case.
  • The installation of new bearings on the shaft does not create any problems, t.To. It is easily easy to set in place by crimping due to an additional suitable spacer. It is advisable to dismantle the old bearing from the shaft with “destruction”, for which both clips are carefully cut with a file or a cutting circle of grinding and pinking machine.
  • The conical gear can be cast with an output shaft or removable. Dismantling of the node is an extremely rare occurrence, t.To. The knot is sold in pairs. But neatly to press it from the case without a puller is a difficult task, because you can split the metal case with a careless movement. Dismantling can be facilitated by warm.Up in an oil bath or, in extreme cases, in boiling water, while it is unacceptable to heated with an open flame to disassemble the gearbox of the corner grinder.

Tools necessary for repair

Do.It.Yourself repair of Makita angle grinding machines requires the use of a specific tool. You can’t do without a set of screwdrivers. It is preferable that they are equipped with a ratchet mechanism. Best option, use the battery electric screwdriver. To repair the electric part of the Makita corner grinder, you will need a tester, a device for determining short-closed IK-2 turns. And also harvest an ancular key, pullers of bearings, a hammer, an inspection of soft metal. Well, you can’t do without the desired lubricant, wrap materials, liquids for washing the old lubricant.

It is necessary to start repairs of a corner grinder with your own hands with the preparation of the workplace, installing the right lighting. You will need a diagram of an angle grinding machine of the right model and the proposed instruction.

Any malfunctions of power tools are divided into two types: electrical and mechanical.

Consider the repair of the units of the corner grinding of Makita will be, using the example of the circuit angular grinding grinder Makita 9565.

Several general useful tips for organizing corner grinding

Before starting the repair of corner grinders, we will consider several useful tips:

  • Before you start disassembling the corner grinder, carefully read its description, assembly scheme and the procedure for performing work.
  • Be sure to follow the sequence of technological operations.
  • Strictly observe safety precautions.

The most common reason for the breakdown of the corner grinder is a wire cliff near the handle. First you need to check the presence of a voltage on a button, it is done by a regular voltage tester. Then we check the button itself for performance.

How to remove a needle bearing or a destroyed clutch cloth

Various bearings are used in Bulgarian gearboxes. They are subject to high loads and are the causes of malfunctions.

The destruction of the bearing is determined by increasing the backlash of the spindle shaft. Having dismantled the gearbox and dismantling the shaft of a large gear, you will see a needle bearing.

The needle bearing is not used in all grinder. In the same grinders in which it is installed, its dismantling can be performed in several ways.

Having removed the destroyed part of the bearing, the internal clip can be obtained using a machine tap. Click the machine tap of the appropriate diameter into the cartridge of the electrical screwdriver and try to screw it into the cage of the bearing, until the tap rises to the bottom of the case. Continue to slowly screw the tap into the clip. He will raise the clip on the thread.

The second method is that the remaining clip of the destroyed needle bearing can be removed using a specialball and a stop ring.

How to remove the braids of the gearbox of the corner grinder

Repair of the gearbox of the corner grinder begins with the dismantling of the braids. It is the gears that become the main reason for the malfunctions of the gearbox of the corner grinder. In the grinder, you most often have to change the small lead gear fixed to the rotor shaft.

On the shaft of the rotor, a scooping gear can be attached in two ways:

  • The gear is fixed with a wreck and clamped by a nut.
  • The gear is attached using a threaded connection. Over, both right and left thread are used.

A large ledwater gear is attached to the spindle shaft in two ways:

In addition to the replacement of gears in the grinder, you often need to replace one or another bearing. And there are at least three of them in the design of the corner grinder.

How to remove the gear gearbox of corner grinder

The analysis of the corner grinder does not require special locksmith skills, it does not cause serious difficulties. However, the work must be done very carefully not with maximum attentiveness. How. Read on the pages of the Internet. Some sites show a video with a detailed technological process. It is necessary to disassemble the corner grinder, not only when the oil was out of order, it was not necessary to replace any part, this must be done to clean the instrument from dirt.

, The beginning of everything should be disassembled not to clean it well, in the bulk, the tool begins to work.

For this reason, the actions that are necessary in order to disassemble the corner grinder should know who, who owns such an instrument does not want it to work for a long time not qualitatively. The stores present a large assortment of this mechanism made by ambiguous companies. They differ:

However, the models of any manufacturer have the same technological assembly. Our client remains

Corner grinder are equipped with the same set of details.

The main modules used

  • Case, usually made of special shock.Resistant plastic.
  • Powerful electric engine.
  • High.Quality gearbox.
  • .
  • The electric motor switch.
  • SJS system. The presence of an accounting system provides the tool to work smoothly without jumps. Already today, like oil, it turns off the corner grinder if the passing of the disk jacket, maximally reduces vibration. How oil saves the operator from serious injuries.
  • Protective casing.
  • Additional handle. With its help, you can hold an angular grinder in the work. Such a handle is of course to establish various provisions, which gives the tool universality.

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What may be required to work

The process of disassembling the corner grinder requires several tools:

The complexity is then connected that the details have a very dense contact. This allows you to cope with the highest loads. Details are not shifted during operation, there are no oscillatory movements. This, the disassembly will make the master much more reliable, but of course, try to yourself at maximum accuracy.

Tools necessary for: round.Liners, ruler, caliper, pliers, electric drill, steel brush, megammeter.

How to change the gears on a conventional corner grinder \ Corner grinder Energomash \ Repair of power tools \ m Brest

While starting to disassemble the corner grinder, it is necessary to prepare the place of work by removing unnecessary details from our workbench. A clean table will make it possible not to accidentally lose some small part.

First, the bolt holding the casing is unscrewed. Take off

It is very easy, there are no particularly dense connections here. Then you need to unscrew the screw, remove the plastic plate. The outer casing must be moved towards the cord.

For the most part, our client remains a variety of devices for our client. However, the general detail is an electric motor, which includes:

An additional mandatory detail of the corner grinder is a gearbox designed to regulate the power of not speeds. The electric motor together with the gearbox is attached in the case.

Reducer of devices

It is held by four bolts. They need to be unscrewed not with extreme caution, remove the gearbox from the corner of the corner grinder. The analysis of the gearbox is necessary to clean it not to replace worn parts. This is one of the most important components of the corner grinder, which experiences huge loads in its working hours

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To get the rotor from the gearbox, it is necessary. Which holds the rotor. Special puller get the rotor. Such an operation is associated with some difficulties, if there are no special skills, it is better to provide such work to professionals. You can’t do without a puller.

It should be noted that for a simple removal of dirt, such a detailed disassembly is not needed. How oil is needed only to replace a worn bearing as it is also called the rotor unusable.

To remove the anchor, you must first remove the brushes not a gearbox, gently pull out the anchor, holding it by the gear.

This operation will need to make some effort. Removing the anchor from the case must be carried out very carefully, since it easily breaks.

When strong sparking is observed in your own, a large heating of the case, you just need to get anchor to clean the collector. The device will be ready for operation again.

How to disassemble the gearbox correctly: recommendations

Когда редуктор полностью отказывается работать, требуется его полная разборка для замены деталей не тщательной очистки. To carry out work, you need to prepare a locksmith vice. The work is performed in a certain technological sequence:

  • The bolt holding the gearbox is unscrewed with a wrench.
  • The body of the rotor with great caution is fixed in the vice.
  • Making a hammer by a hammer, the case is extracted.
  • The convenient position of the rotor to remove the bearing is located. The vise is again clamped.

Restoration Makita Angle Grinder 9553B

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Putting a wooden block, the bearing is knocked out. To remove the gear

  • The rotor is wrapped with a rag do not fix the vice.
  • The gear is also wrapped with rags using the gas key, turn it against the course of the time.

How to remove spindle: tips

The spindle axis works together with the main gear, which contains:

To disassemble the spindle case, you must first remove the main gear, why special devices are used.

, The case is installed in a vice. Putting a wooden block, hitting it with a hammer, with high caution, the spindle is removed where the bearing is worn. The removal of the bearing is done in the above way.

The disassembly of the gearbox should be performed regularly, especially when the tool was subjected to intensive operation. After disassembling, they are replaced by lubrication. Litol-24 is used. It should be noted that the lubricant should change constantly in a certain period. This allows you to increase the time of the gearbox

How to disassemble the Makita Ga 9050 gearbox

For a breakdown of the stator pos.24 Corner grinder shows the occurrence of the aroma of Gary, overheating of the corner grinder body, spontaneous set of revolutions of corner grind. In the corner of the corner grinder pos.33 The stator is attached with 4 × 70 poses with 4 × 70 poses.21. To prevent damage, the stator is locked by the protection of poses.20.

Repair of the stator of the corner grinder Makita consists in determining a short circuit or a break in wrapping. It is most perfect to perform the diagnosis of the stator with a special device called IK-2. The stator is considered faulty if traces of darkening of the winding are visible, a cliff or kutser is determined by the closure of the turns of the winding.

The stator is repaired simply. You need to rewind its windings.

When overheating of the corner grinder, the occurrence of the aroma of Gary, an increase in sparking in the collector area, you need to study the integrity of the Rotor pos.Thirteen.

The dismantling of the rotor is associated with the execution of alternate disassembly. To extract the rotor, it must be released from the gearbox pos.3. For this purpose, you need to unscrew the hexagonal nut M6 pos.4. To unscrew the nut, you need to squeeze the rotor with one hand. 2nd hand, using an ore key, unscrew the nut counterclockwise.

Remove the nut, remove the flat puck pos.5, extract conical spiral gear poses.6, remove the lock spring pos.7. Shaking the rotor to the sides carefully remove it from the gearbox of the poses.3. Removing the locking ring pos.8, using the puller, pull the bearing

In the corner grinder Makita 9565 used a 6001llb bearing.

It remains to remove the flat puck pos.10 and the lid of the gearbox pos.Eleven.

You are the appearance of the rotor of the corner grinder Makita 9565 with an mounted insulating puck pos.14, flat puck 7 poses.15, bearing poses.16 and fluid rubber 22 poses.17. In a corner grinder of non.Familiar collector, a 627ZZ bearing is used. Russian analogue 80027.

How to disassemble the angular grinder Makita

How to disassemble the angular grinder Makita

We are successfully promoting

Anchor. A spinning element of an electric motor containing windings.Collector. Anchor place to which the winding remains to our client. Looks like a number of plates isolated between themselves.Stator. A motionless part of the electric motor containing windings.Brushes. Coal parallelepipeds leading current to the collector.

Gearbox. A mechanical device for transmitting rotation with changes in power of no rotation speed.

The most popular tool in everyday life after a drill is an angle grinding machine or, as it is called more often, an angular grinder.

The corner grinder is used for cutting metals, wood, concrete, grinding of various surfaces, cutting openings, doors, and niche.

If there is a corner grinder, then the use can always be found and especially insulting when it stops functioning normally, jerks, twitching, smell of Gary appear.

The corner grinder is all arranged the same: the oblong body in which the engine and gearbox are located, the handle and the protective casing are screwed on the side.

On the corner of the corner grinder is a sticker with the source data. Here you can find both the personal number of the corner grinder, and the supply voltage is 230 V. Here means the maximum permissible voltage in the network. The current frequency in the network is 50 Hz. Consumption current. 5 A.

The power consumed from the network is 1100 watts, it turns out as a work between voltage multipliers (220 V) and current (5 A). The speed of the disk installed on the corner grinder is 2800-11000 rpm. The anchor itself rotates directly at a higher speed than the disk.

Specifically on this corner grinder, a stepped control of the rotation speed is possible. The disk installed on the corner grinder has an external diameter of 125 mm, the fastener nut has a thread M14.

Household tool designed for a phase voltage of 220 V has an armature winding and a stator winding. The transfer of energy from the network to anchor is carried out using graphite brushes.

The voltage from the network is supplied to the switch, which is mechanically associated with the button for turning on the angular grinder. The stator winding consists of two halves of electrically unrelated.

The anchor winding consists of many windings, but at any time the brush binds only two windings of the anchor.

When the angular grinder is turned on, the current is supplied to the entrance of half the stator winding, the output of the stator winding is associated with the brush holder into which the brush is inserted using the spring.

The brush transfers the current to half the anchor winding, on the other hand, the other brush receives the current and through the brush holder transfers the current to the other half of the stator winding. The current entered and left the corner grinder.

If the entire electric circuit is working, then the anchor will begin rotation.

Reverse, t.E. A change in the direction of rotation of the disk can be carried out if you change the wires going to the brushes from stator windings. Just disconnect the wires on the brushes and change places.

In the end of the corner grinder body is a red wheel for stepped control of the speed of the anchor and a screw for removing the casing.

In this type of corner grinder, the brushes themselves are located inside the case and there is no access to them, but the developers simplified the replacement of the brushes when removing the casing. After the unscrewing screw, the plastic plate is removed and the outer casing is shifted towards the cord, exposing all the insides, including the brush holders.

Speed ​​control mechanism. Electronic. The whole scheme is flooded with epoxy resin and out of the speed of speed control and radiator. What is hidden inside. The commercial secret of the company. When the block fails.

Speed ceases to be adjusted, but remains at the maximum level. In any case, you should not despair, but sequentially with a corner grinder, you can turn on the most common dimmer. Lighting regulator.

With its help, you can adjust the speed of any collector current engine, the main thing is that the engine power does not exceed dimmer power.

Makita Makita GA 5030 \ Reap Makita 5030 \ Repair of Power Tools \ Maintenance Tool

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On both sides of the body are steel brushes with springs in the form of a curled steel strip. A spring is needed to hold the brush pressed to the anchor collector even with strong vibrations and heating the anchor itself.

The spring presses the brush and, as the brush was erased, the spring is lowered into the steel brush holder. Brushes are erased and reduced. When their length becomes insufficient angular grinder stops working. In expensive models inside the brush there is a spring that repels the brush from the anchor collector. In cheap models, brushes are not equipped with a built.In spring.

When choosing new brushes, it is better to contact the service centers specifically for your manufacturer of corner grinders.

The fact is that, as well, both the artist chooses twenty different simple pencils with different softness, so the manufacturers of the Bulgarians specifically develop brushes for a certain type of collector.

If you use other brushes, for example, from a vase generator, then the anchor will most likely be burned out soon, but for the first time, such brushes will fit as a solution to the problem.

The turning on the corner grinding button is a plastic box with a mechanical lever gear. The box is cumbersome enough to assume that it communicates with large turning currents and that the button is not only in this equipment.

In the head of the corner grinder there is a gearbox that increases the speed of the disk rotation to 11000 rpm. The gearbox rodor on which the disk is put on, contains a cut washer, which firmly sits on the shaft and has a supporting platform with a rubber ring for planting a disk.

disassemble, angular, grinder, makita

Nearby is a paw with sawdust, which fixes the protective casing. For greater safety, the protective shield can be shifted with subsequent fixation. The foot is pressed down to the corner grinder and shifted the shield to the desired level, after which the foot is released and it fixes the shield.

Gays for fasteners of the disk are self.Loading SDS and ordinary turnkey holes.

Do.It.Yourself corner grinder repair. We eliminate typical malfunctions

The main principle in the repair of any electrical equipment is the postulate “Move from simple to complex”.

Whether it is household electropatron or turbine at a hydroelectric power station. The repair sequence should exclude elementary malfunctions in the first place. Electrics and electronics are not in vain called “two contacts of contacts”. Typical malfunctions of the Bulgarians, coupled with the methods of their elimination: are as follows:

  • The tool suddenly stopped showing signs of life. With a probability of 90 %, we can conclude that the current from the outlet does not get to the electric shock. That is, the problem is either a power fork, or in the wire itself, or in the mechanism of the “Start” button. It is enough to disassemble the case and “call” the cable with an ordinary tester for the presence of breaks. It is often enough to replace the wire, and the corner grinder will earn as new;
  • The wire with a fork is guaranteed to be intact, and the tool is still immobilized? It is necessary to disassemble the starting mechanism, and it is advisable to march the contacts removed. If you subsequently connect them incorrectly, then the winding may burn or jam the anchor. You can replace the start button with any similar, working parameters are marked on it quite clearly;
  • The “Start” button and the power wire are in an efficient state, and the corner grinder does not want to work? It’s time to do shetk holders. It is often enough to clean the contact plates on the collector, and the long.Awaited spark appears and even buzz of the mechanism. If it is not, then it is necessary to replace the brushes. The resource of these devices is usually limited to several years. A number of models of the Bulgarians are available with a conjure connection of electric burners, to fall out and put new ones in the kit, their partial replacement is not allowed;
  • After replacement, carefully inspect the old electrostis. If they have uneven wear, this is a clear sign of the displacement of the center of the severity of the instrument or its mobile internal part. It is better to contact a specialized company for repairing complex electrical equipment. It is unlikely that you can adjust the balance without experience independently.

Replacing brushes belongs to the “top of the first level” with independent correction of malfunctions in electric grinding machines. You can continue to paint repair recommendations on how to disassemble the gearbox of the corner grinder, rewind its winding or reconfigure electronic filling. But serious breakdowns require a serious approach to work. If this gearbox you have never seen how you will be able to fix it? The chance of turning on a corner grinder depends on your common sense. Saving on professional repair will result in the loss of the entire tool.

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