How to disassemble the coil of the lawnmower

Repair the grass trimmer reel with your own hands: how to remove, disassemble, change the fishing line for the trimmer, assemble and install back

If the trimmer line is not lengthened by lightly striking the grass trimmer reel button on the ground, the prerequisites for this are usually.

Option 1. overbite, t.Е. Clamping cord between turns. This problem usually occurs if the user winds the line for the trimmer on the spool unevenly, crossing the windings or winding it without tension. In the latter case, when the mower rotates at high speeds under the influence of centrifugal force, the cord begins to tighten, under the influence of which there may be an intervital clamping of the mowing line. To remove the obstacles, you need to disassemble the spool on the trimmer and properly rewind the cord, in other words, even rotates with good tension.

Option 2.4. very short ends sticking out of the head. When hitting the ground, the rod may not fall out if the ends protruding from the head are not long enough (short). Then the centrifugal force is not enough to stretch the trimmer line. Therefore, it is necessary to suspend the machine (in other words, turn off the engine, unplug the electric grass trimmer) and pull out the line for the trimmer manually, first pressing the button.

Option 3. the line for the trimmer is sealed inside the mower. This causes the reel to stop and not even rotate when the button is pressed. This is mainly due to several reasons: poor quality cord, overheating of the spool during prolonged operation of the machine and the impact of the mowing line on solid objects.

  • At first, the third-party cord that you like is made of low-quality and fusible materials that do not withstand mechanical and thermal stresses. You should therefore give preference to “brand name” lines.
  • If you have a line for a trimmer of unknown owner, and it often solders during work, then, of course, follow the example of some users who, after filling the cord in the spool, lubricate it with either silicone grease (from a can) or mineral oil. This procedure greatly reduces the possibility of soldering the coils of the mowing line.
  • The line for the trimmer can also be soldered if it hits a hard object while mowing (a rock, a fence, a dry branch, etc. Д.). During this time, it stretches a little and pulls toward the head at a high rate of speed. The cord heats up from friction and its coils stick together. The only thing that will be done to fix this problem is to open the grass trimmer reel and rewind the trimmer line.

There are situations when the user of the grass trimmer notices a very fast consumption of the line. Here he has never pressed the button with the button to extend the line for the trimmer. The prerequisite for spontaneous extension of the line by cutting a special knife on the body of the machine. the lack of spring in the mowing head. Often beginners mower users, trying to load the line for the trimmer into the reel, forget to install the compressed spring in the head, in other words, completely lose it when opening the cover, and then they do not even know about its existence.

the trimmer line also expands without using the button if the spring is loose. If a spring check confirmed this fact, you need to insert some washers underneath it to increase the pressing characteristics.

Trimmer owners, mostly beginners, are confused, near panic when the reel has to change the cutting tool or trimmer line. Often when trying to unscrew the head of a lawn trimmer, users simply make it unusable, unaware that it unscrews in the opposite direction To prevent this, if you need to change the tool, we recommend that you join the step-by-step annotation below.

  • Before pouring the rod into the reel, turn off the motor trimmer, as it is also called, de-energize the electric grass trimmer to avoid injuries that occur when the cutting tool is accidentally turned.
  • Unscrew the attached gearshaft attachment. To do this, you need to secure the shaft by aligning the holes on the washer and inserting an iron bar or screwdriver there.
  • Unscrew the nozzle. You should know that the threads on the shaft remain. Therefore, turn the grass trimmer spool to the right, in other words, clockwise.
  • Disassemble the mowing head. In most cases, the main cover is attached at the clips. To remove it, you will need to lower these clips onto the body by squeezing the edges of the cover. If there is a passage, if your grass trimmer has an automatic mower with a button at the bottom, then the disassembly of the nozzle should be carried out carefully, as there is a chance of losing the spring, which sometimes flies out when you remove the cover. ,
  • Cut the necessary amount of fishing line. It is usually 5 meters long. Use cord of the same diameter as listed in the note to the tool. It is not recommended to exceed the largest diameter mowing line, as this will increase the load on the engine and increase gas mileage.
  • Locate the middle piece of cord by folding it in half. You will get a loop.
  • Reels have special grooves cut inside (there are holes). Insert the line loop into this groove.
  • Wind the trimmer line onto the spool by turning it counterclockwise. The cord should be filled very evenly, and the coils should be laid not overlapping and with good tension. When you have finished winding, leave the loose ends of the fishing line about 20 cm long and secure them in the grooves on the sides of the spool.
  • Assemble the mowing head. Remember to fully assemble the nozzle spring and washer (if available). Insert the spool into the housing and thread the ends of the cord through the holes or eyelets.
  • Put on the cover and secure it with the latches.
  • Screw the nozzle back onto the reducer shaft, also securing it with a screwdriver. Turn the grass trimmer reel to the left (counterclockwise).

Types of trimmer heads

Trimmer is a tool that is used to combat vegetation in the countryside or homestead territory. Mowing grass and making hay for the cattle involves the use of gasoline or power tillers. On grass trimmers are installed different types of heads, by which the mowing of grass and other vegetation.

Grass cutter heads are classified into three main types, which differ not only in design but also in price, operation mode and service life. Let’s look at all types of trimmer heads and their technical features.

Preparing to change

To make it clear, the mowing head (the bobbin) was removed from the brushcutter. It is not necessary to remove the bobbin to change the line. It does not take much time.

Dismantle the grass trimmer bobbin. it is held on the latches. Remove the cover by pushing on the latches. If you can’t do it with your hands, use a screwdriver.

disassemble, coil

The bobbin consists of the following:

The principle of operation is as follows. Pressing the button, the spool presses on the spring and comes out of the fixing grooves in the cover of the bobbin. Holding it in this state, you can twist the spool, thereby adjusting the length of the line. When you release the button, the housing spring returns the spool to its original, fixed position.

Grass trimmer reel design

mowing heads for trimmers come in different designs. both simple and complex. The illustration below shows the semi-automatic trimmer head from a Husqvarna brushcutter (Husqvarna) disassembled.

This type of head is present in the equipment of the majority of gasoline mowers and electric trimmers, such as STIHL (STIHL), Patriot (Patriot), Champion (Champion), Bosch (Bosch), Huter (Huter) and others. The design of the mowing head is quite simple. It includes the following parts:

  • the base of the mowing head;
  • button for semi-automatic feeding of the cord;
  • Bobbin (bobbin), in which the line for the trimmer is threaded
  • spring;
  • eyelets. through them the line for the trimmer comes out;
  • trimmer head cover;
  • line for trimmer (cord).

There are also simpler trimmer heads, shown in the following photo.

All these attachments do not allow you to change the length of the line in semi-automatic mode (after pressing the button). If the cord breaks, you have to stop the mower and change it manually.

What is needed to replace the filament

If you use the grass trimmer constantly, the discs get blunt, but they can be sharpened and continue to work. line for the trimmer

in the reel tends to run out, so there is a need to tuck the newest, why you need to find the head type and prepare the cord of the right thickness and length.

disassemble, coil

So, the mowing head is a cylindrical body, in which are located the bobbin and line for the trimmer. Such a detail is both on electronic trimmers, and on gasoline scythes of all brands, whether Bosch, Makita, STIHL or another brand. Depending on the method of threading and feeding the line, there are three types of heads.

  • The mechanism of working of automatic line feeders is that they feed the line to the trimmer without any help when the mower reduces the engine rpm. These designs are comfortable to use on large areas, but have a disadvantage. high cord consumption.
  • Automatic group heads are comfortable to use. automatic line feed is performed at highest motor speed. To remove the clogged cord, gently tap the inventory on the ground, after that, the unblocked thread is pushed out of the spool. Cutting off to needed length is done with knife attached to protective cover.
  • Grass trimmers with a manual cord feed need to be turned off first, and then take out the line for the trimmer without assistance from others.

Reels for electronic and gasoline-powered braiding can have one or two strands. The 1st are used for cutting low grass, the 2nd are used for trimming. For cutting the tallest grass and small bushes.

Trimmer heads: types and principle of operation

The domestic market offers the owners of trimmers reels of several types: manual, semi-automatic, automatic and universal. They differ from each other both in the way they feed the line and the principle of its charging. To wind the line for the trimmer is also possible in different ways. According to this principle, reels are classified into quick-charge and collapsible.

Before you buy a grass trimmer and / or buy spare spools for it, you should always familiarize yourself with what kind of consumables are suitable for this or that model. This is important, since spools from different manufacturers may differ not only by the methods of filing and filling the cord, but also by the attachment axis, the type of thread, as well as the diameter of the line used. For example:

  • the attachment axis can be fixed (fixed) or rotated 90 °, 180 ° or 360 °;
  • For low-power trimmers, a trimmer line with a diameter of 1.3 to 1.6 mm is suitable, and for more productive ones. up to 2.0 mm;
  • Professional trimmers for grass, as a rule, are completed with universal heads with the cutting cord diameter from 2,5 to 4,0 mm.

Tip! Experts recommend the use of string heads equipped with ball bearings, as they have a longer service life, while reducing the wear and tear of the incoming components. At the same time for replacement it is best to choose the reel of the manufacturer that is specified in the instruction manual of the grass trimmer, which in turn will allow to properly install the head on its drive.

Hand-operated reels

Manual mowing head is a reel, in which the cutting cord is pulled by the owner of the grass trimmer when worn by himself. To do this, you must turn off the tool, remove the head and use your hands to pull the line for the trimmer to the required length. However, despite some inconveniences, this type of head is considered the most reliable.

Is it possible to make a spool on the grass trimmer with their own hands

Such a homemade mowing head is fixed on the shaft with a nut. It is not possible to screw or unscrew the nut without fixing the shaft. To replace the cord, it will be sufficient to loosen the screws, insert a length of line of the desired length and press it down again.

It is also possible to make the mowing head from a metal sheet to fix the line on it. How to do it, you can understand from the following video.

To prepare for replacement

To make it clear, the mowing head (spool) was removed from the brushcutter. No need to remove the filament to change it. It does not take much time.

Dismantle the weed trimmer bobbin, it is attached to the latches. Remove the cover by pushing on the catches. If the hands do not do it enough effort, then use a screwdriver.

The bobbin consists of the following:

Here’s how it works. Pressing the button, the spool is pressed against the spring and comes out of the retaining grooves in the bobbin lid. Holding it in this condition, the spool can be spun to adjust the length of the line. When you release the button, the body spring returns the spool to its original fixed state.

How to remove the grass trimmer mowing head.

The design and attachment of the working part of the electric scythe varies considerably from one manufacturer to another. But taking into account that in our markets there are a lot of copies of the recognizable brands, the described order can be suitable for owners of other portable garden equipment for lawn and grass care.

Tool for replacing the trimmer head.

To replace, remove the trimmer head from the tool we need a star-shaped nozzle, usually supplied, or a flat wide screwdriver. It is not possible to use a hexagon socket instead of a sprocket, the bit slips and binds the facets of the sprocket on the screw.

Installing the mowing head on the Black & Decker grass trimmer.

Installing the mowing head on the grass trimmer is done in reverse order. When you put the screw back in place, it is tightened with medium force.

I wish you a successful dacha season and that the garden equipment does not fail. I hope my advice how to remove the head mowing on the trimmer BlackDecker GL716 saved you time and nerves.

Trimmer head with two tendrils

After removing the bobbin from the body of the spool, determine the number of spools for the line winding (1 or 2). A principal difference between the bobbins with one and 2-ma grooves there is no, but when negligent filling in the paired groove has place to be a problem with operation. Because of the possibility of intertwining of the adjoining lines of the tool, it may be impossible to remove the new line after the working clamp has worn out.

Regardless of the number of streams for filling takes a line for the trimmer with a length of 1.5 to 3 meters. Winding needs to be created in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head, because winding during the movement will lead to the fact that the line for the trimmer will not be extracted from the bobbin. After the line for the trimmer is tucked into the grass trimmer reel, we thread the free ends (15-30 cm) through the special holes. Next, assemble the head in the reverse order of disassembly and check the performance. Do not worry if the ends of the 2 tendrils are very different in size, as when you start the trimmer for grass, the blade mounted on the protection will cut excessive.

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