How to disassemble the electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMaxx. How to fasten the cartridge after replacing

How to remove a cartridge from an electric screwdriver yourself

Owners of network, brush and inactive battery screwdrivers 10.8, 14.4, 18 volts in some cases required to remove the cartridge. This can be caused by different circumstances. Not everyone knows how to remove the cartridge from the Makita electrical screwdriver (Makita) BDF 343, DCD 791, as well as Interskol (Interskol), Devolta, Bosch (Bosch), Patriot, Metabo LTX and so on. Before work, you need to carefully read the instructions of the tool model.

This part is like a metal cylinder attached to the shaft. The cartridge is one of the most important elements that holds the working bat. It provides dense contact of its and other mechanical parts. Constantly rotates, so quickly wears out, becomes unsuitable for twisting and then it is replaced. Mounted on the shaft using a special cone or internal thread.

Depending on the design, the cartridge happens:

The first option is the most common. In it, the shank is clamped by the manual rotation of the sleeve of the electric screwdriver. On modern tools, such clamping elements are installed that reliably fix the shanks with a diameter of 0.8 to 25 mm. Minus fast.And.Packed cartridges. High cost compared to the last option.

Fast.Sounding cartridge is characterized by reliable fixation

Due to the wear of the parts of the clamping mechanism, the clamp gradually weakens. The sleeve cannot fix large round shanks.

A self.Loading cartridge is considered one of the most technically advanced and also does not require a special key. In order to tighten it, they just turn a mobile clutch a little. Self.Eliminated is convenient when you need to quickly and often change different nozzles. The case of such a cartridge is plastic, and the mechanism and fists are steel.

Models with a hexagonal shank are equipped with holders in the shape of a hexagon, in which you can tightly fix the drills and nozzles in a short time. Such cartridges are made of solid steel, so they, even if they actively use them, do not grind for a long time.

The last quality is important for screwdrivers with a function of impact. The removal of the cartridge is performed if it must be repaired, cleaned and greased.

How to disassemble the electric screwdriver Metabo PowerMaxx

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Bathabo PowerMax BS 12 Bathad. The 2019 model, which was replaced by one of the most favorite Metabo PowerMaxx BS screws. The novelty remained as compact, light, and comfortable in operation. Among the innovations, it should be noted a 12 V battery, also an increased torque, which allowed this model to become one of the most productive in its class.

Repair of the screwdriver Metabo PowerMax BS \ Stopping the screwdriver Metabo / 10.8V has ceased to turn on

Drill-electrical screwdriver Batabo PowerMax BS (2 battery) (600079550/51)

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SRAM SRTS SITER on wood 8 pcs. 3-10 mm

Worker and replacement of Metabo Pawermaxx BS cartridge

Drill-electrical screwdriver Batabo PowerMax BS (2 battery) (600079550/51)

SRACH SRUS SR Meister 6 pcs. On glass and ceramics

Drill-electrical screwdriver Batabo PowerMax BS (2 battery) (600079550/51)

Features of the battery in screwdrivers

Having opened the case, you can see the cassette of elements that provides the necessary voltage. Batteries are called “banks”, they are usually standard and voltage. Their difference is only in the container, which is indicated on the battery cylinder. The higher the power of the battery, the longer it will work.

It is better to have two batteries so that when working with one, you can charge the second.

Lithium-ion batteries contain a controlling fee, and elements are protected by a body or film. If lithium decomposition, then such batteries are not subject to restoration.

Some nickel batteries have a thermal attemptier. Nickel-cadmium batteries can be restored.

The battery of an electric screwdriver is disconnected and the fault is determined. Effective method for repairing batteries. Replacing faulty elements or “cans”.

The operating instructions are not recommended to disassemble and change the battery of an electric screwdriver. But the price of the battery is more than half the cost of the tool. Not everyone’s to buy a new tool, so some masters disassemble, repair, restore and change the main elements of the battery.

Types of fastening

The battery housing is fastened with the device in 3 ways:

Some models use several combinations of fasteners with different types of fasteners: for example, screws and glue.


With an adhesive seam, you need to act carefully to prevent cracks and chips on plastic. A glue with rubber kiyanka is struck for 10-15 minutes. You must act slowly, carefully delay the halves of the body and separate them from each other. Gradually, the glue seam will collapse, begin to crack and you can use the knife to open the seam.

You can separate the glued module in another way: with a thin blade of the knife, carefully loosen the seam, and then the flat end of the screwdriver is leisurely disconnected into two parts.

To facilitate the process and saving time, it is better to apply a building hair dryer. A hot stream of a fain of a glue layer around the entire perimeter. Under the influence of thermal air, the glue will become soft and further opening of the body will be easy.

Important! Thermal work must be carried out at a safe distance using gloves.

Fastening with latches

Fastening with latches is the easiest way to disconnect. There is either one or two on the sides. It is necessary to apply a small effort, and they will open.

Using screws

To unscrew the module, choose a suitable screwdriver in shape and length. It is very simple to disassemble the block, for this you should unscrew the screws and disconnect the body. It is necessary to remember from which holes the screws are twisted in order to screw it into place when assembling.

Шуруповёрт Metabo PowerMaxx BS. Не включается. Ремонт.

Important! Each twisted screw when assembling should be strictly in its place to avoid electrolyte leakage.

Instructions: how to remove a cartridge from an electric screwdriver

Some are interested in how to remove the cartridge from an electric screwdriver. This is required to perform preventive and repair work. Doing the necessary work with your own hands, you can save. There are several types of cartridges, each of which has its own characteristics.

This is a hollow metal cylinder in which there is a special ring with an adjusting sleeve. This element is installed directly on the shaft. With the help of a conical surface or thread, drill.

To disassemble the cartridge, a screwdriver, a hammer and several keys are required. If there is a vice, then completing the task will be easier.

How the head is removed from the electric screwdriver

The cylinder is recommended to be periodically disconnected in order to carry out planned cleaning and lubrication of parts to extend the service life of the power tool. The removal method depends on the type of attachment to the shaft and model of electric screwdriver. Read more about how to remove the cartridge of different types of mounting from the screws Makita, Metabo, Bosch.

On a note! Disconnect the cylinder from the shaft only on the electric screwdriver cooled after work.

With a fixing screw

Removing the head with a fixing screw is carried out in the following order:

  • The screw is between the clamping fists. It is necessary to completely unclench them and twist the screw clockwise with a cross blade.
  • After that, a hexagonal key of a suitable size is placed in fists. It must be sharply and strongly crank counterclockwise.
  • If the clutch of the cylinder with the shaft is very strong and the key does not help to separate it, you will have to additionally help the neat beats of the hammer.

With a cone cone

Gilses of this type are disconnected from an electric screwdriver, knocking a shank from a conical nest with a hammer. But this standard way may not be a result. Then you need to disassemble an electric screwdriver. The shaft with a gearbox and a cartridge is removed, and then the clamping cylinder should be unscrewed by a pipe key. Nuts on a sleeve with a cone of Morse. The phenomenon is extremely rare.

With a threaded mount

It will take a hexagonal G-shaped key for 10 mm. It needs to be placed between the fists, securely fix it and turn. Then it is worth starting at low speeds and immediately turn off the electric screwdriver pressed to the support. For example, a table or wall. It is about the support that the free part of the M-shaped hexagon should hit a couple of moments after the launch of the power tool. As a rule, after that the fastening weakens, and the cylinder is neatly removed.

Removing the head with a threaded mount is shown at

Ремонт шуруповерта Metabo PowerMaxx

Advice! If none of the three options helped, the electric screwdriver must be disassembled.

Removal from a disassembled gearbox

If the gearbox of an electric screwdriver is out of order, you will need to remove the cylinder to get to it. This is done like this:

  • Twist a fixing bolt inside the sleeve.
  • Find a gearbox, put the head on its back, reliably fix it. The diameter of the head, as a rule, is 19 mm.
  • With the second hand, gently spin the cylinder counterclockwise.

Frequent malfunctions of a screwdriver

BORT, Diold, DEXTER (Dexter), Felisattli, Hammer, Hilti, Enkor, Ermak, Caliber, Board, Vortex and others have a similar design, therefore, most malfunctions are standard. Mechanical problems include the wear of the internal parts, for example, bushings, then a characteristic crack is heard during the tool. Such a sound appears if the bearing is falling apart. After disassembly, it is necessary to lay the details in the order of their removal so as not to confuse and not think how to collect a disassembled electric screwdriver.

The tool does not turn on

Whatever brand the electric screwdriver is launched: Metabo Nicd (Metabo), Omax, Patriot, Pit or Sparky, the first thing is to check whether there is a charge in the battery. As well as its serviceability.

  • Cliff in the electric circuit;
  • Faulty launch button;
  • Burnt contact as a result of a loose engine mount in the housing.

Engine repair

The tool has a direct current engine with magnets. It is located in a cylindrical case. Inside it there is an anchor with windings and brushes. To check it, disconnect the wires that go to the button, and the gearbox. Multimeter measure the resistance of the winding. If it shows a very low value, then a short circuit has occurred, if there are no readings, a cliff. On each plate and shaft, the resistance of the collector is measured, which should be equal to zero.

In most cases, when breaking the engine, the gear remains normal. It is difficult to remove it, because it is pressed on the shaft. You need to purchase a special puller. You can not use a nail or pliers, the shaft will be bent and the teeth will be spoiled. You can use a piece of a channel or profile, a corner grinder along the groove is made. The shaft is inserted perpendicular to the profile and the gear is praised. The profile is placed on 2 hard surfaces. So that the motor hangs between them. Take a nail and a hammer carefully knock on the edge of the shaft, the gear should slide. It is put on a new engine with a hammer and a solid surface. Screwdrivers electric motors, if this is not a cheap Chinese motor forged under the corporate party, work for a very long time.

Replacing brushes

Before disassembling the motor. To do this, pull the antennae on the end part. Picking a hammer on the shaft, knock out the rotor. Remove the lid and take out parts. Collectors black from pollution, wipe with cotton wool moistened in alcohol, grooves are cleaned with a needle.

Brushes are not subject to restoration, so new.

Repair of the electric screwdriver gearbox

Extraneous sounds in the gearbox appear due to gears. After parsing in places where the teeth worn out, put a small bolt, worn to the required size. The place where it has to be inserted, you need to tap. Bolts are placed in drilled holes in the intended parts. And they are abundantly lubricated.

Breakdown in the electric part

The difference between a drill and an electric screwdriver is in a torque. The first is designed to drill holes, the second. To screw screws, drill the surfaces, mix a small number of solutions.


In order to determine that an electric screwdriver does not work due to its malfunction, it is not necessary to immediately disassemble the battery. It is necessary to charge for 3-4 hours, then connect the tester to the terminals to determine the level of voltage at the output. If the indications are less than the face value. So it was the batteries that failed. Although you can put another battery in the tool and check if the device will turn on.

Tool manufacturers and professionals do not advise to disassemble and repair batteries themselves, this is unsafe. Some try to restore the battery at their own peril and risk, but it is better to turn to specialists who have appropriate knowledge, skill and experience. Before disassemble the battery of an electric screwdriver to replace batteries, disassemble the case. It is opened, there is a cassette of elements that provide the device with the necessary voltage. They are called “banks”, usually they have a standard size and voltage. Define defective and replace them. If the charger breaks, then it can ruin the battery, because the supplied current will not correspond to the strength and voltage. Or completely stop charging.

Problems with the button

To check the operation of the inclusion buttons, remove the battery, then it is necessary to short contacts and connect the multimeter to the output elements, which is installed in the resistance measurement mode. If the indicators on the device strive for zero, then the button is working, to infinity. No. The non.Vegetable button is replaced by a new. And the one that is disassembled, the contacts are cleaned with sandpaper.

Basically, the broken button is replaced with a new

Quickly sound mount

Over time, the rapidly packed mechanism is clogged with metal dust, a crack appears, and a jamming begins. For repair, you need to dismantle the lower coupling. Take a thin screwdriver and carefully so as not to damage the plastic, they push it in a circle. When she moves away, they pull up. Remove the metal ring located upstairs, as it is attacked on the base of the cartridge, with a hammer is slowly and carefully knocked out with a bolt of suitable length. The bolt is not completely tightened with fists to ensure free move. After disassembling the cartridge, all parts are cleaned with a brush and lubricated. Collect the head in the reverse order.

Varieties of malfunction

The cartridge is called fasteners, where the drill is fixed. Usually, standard drills are equipped with its fist.

Cases when the fasteners of the screwdriver jamming:

  • Fists do not move, but it is not possible to extract a grown drill or bit. During this fists are unevenly clenched, which complicates the fastening of the drill.
  • During the use of a drill too large, the fists are unclenched to the maximum, as a result of which it is not possible to reduce them by making great efforts.

In rare cases, sponges are jammed during their free walking when unclenching or compressing. In most cases it is provoked by particles of garbage, chips, ward and others, which fell under the figure of one of the cams.

Electric screwdriver: torque. A good impression test

Twisting the moment is the power with which the spindle with the cartridge rotates. The torque we measure at the simple stand (its detailed description is given here).

Any electric screwdriver is equipped with an effort sensor. This system turns off the engine power after a second or two three after blocking, this is done in most screwdrivers. Yes, we met screwdrivers and with a different character. Sharp and fast as a stomach disorder. When blocking the spindle, they turned off the engine almost instantly. But the electrical screwdriver in question is rather similar to an apathetic stronger: the engine turns off after three seconds after blocking the spindle. Thanks to this, it was not difficult to remove the necessary indications: 19.5 n m.

Recall that the manufacturer indicates a different value of torque, 34 N m. Nothing special, almost all brands do so. Someone overestimates less than half, like Metabo. And someone-and 8 times, there are such heroes.

The next plate shows the twisting moments of different screwdrivers that have passed through our stand. The tested screwdrivers are sorted by the dates of publication of reviews (above. Earlier, lower. Later), and the name of the model is a link to the published review of this tool.

Model kr. Passport moment, n m kr. Moment measured, n m discrepancy, since
DEKO GCD12DU3 32 7 4.6
Kolner KCD 12M fourteen 7 2.0
Zitrek Green 12 32 4 8.0
Bosch IXO 4.5 3.5 1.3
Stanley SBD201M2K 55 55 1.0
Tonfon 12V 25 12.5 2.0
Worx Aidrill WX178 20 8.3 2.4
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 52
Metabo Powermax Bs Basic 34 19.5 1.7

Summing up the measurement of the torque, we note: the electric screwdriver makes it possible to adjust the force in the range from 1 to 20 conditional divisions of the adjusting coupling. In the vast majority of cases, we used the average level of effort, about 10 parrots. Only sometimes, when a self.Tapping screw enters the knot, it was necessary to expose an effort close to the maximum. Otherwise a rattler was triggered.

Electric screwdriver: an unsuccessful test, sincerely surprised

This practical test consists in entering screws with a length of 50 mm and a diameter of 3.5 mm into a dry tree (pine). Before work, the battery is charged “until it stops”.

The electric screwdriver in question worked for about 50 minutes (with interruptions, of course), for which 413 screws managed to screw.

Finally, here is the tablet. A constant element of our screwdriver reviews. It provides a battery capacity of the tested screwdrivers in watt hours and the number of wrapped screws in pieces. Of these numbers, it is not difficult to calculate the amount of energy spent by an electric screwdriver on the entrance of one self.Tapping screw. It turns out efficiency. The higher its value. The more effective the electric screwdriver.

Model capacity of the battery, WT h (in mA h) screws screwed up, pcs. Efficiency (more = better)
DEKO GCD12DU3 eighteen 210 11.7
Kolner KCD 12M 12 28 2.3
Zitrek Green 12 eighteen 222 12.3
Bosch IXO 5.4 0 0.0
Stanley SBD201M2K 72 1293 18.0
Tonfon 12V 24 376 15.7
Worx Aidrill WX178 40 750 18.8
BlackDecker BL186K1B2 36 717 19.9
Metabo Powermax Bs Basic 24 413 17.2

Briefly: 17.2. Magnificent indicator! The efficiency of this electric screwdriver has the level of products of such legendary brands as Worx or Stanley. Want!

Electric screwdriver: battery

The attached charger has modest sizes and a “melted” shape. The battery is inserted into the intended nest, while turning on and begins to blink the green LED charging.

Flashing continues until the battery is fully charged. After that, the LED goes into a continuous glow mode. The second LED, which on the right, is designed to notify the battery malfunction or its overheating.

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