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Bosch MKM 6003 coffee grinder black instructions

Bosch MKM 6003 coffee grinder will delight true coffee lovers! The Bosch MKM 6003 makes it easy to prepare a tasty, full-bodied drink.

With a grinder capacity of 180 W, you will quickly achieve a smooth blend.

Great grinder, grinds coffee in seconds, easy to clean. High power, even hard products can be ground. The quality of plastic is excellent. The blades are easy to clean, they are made of stainless steel. Convenient and safe power button.

Fingerprints on the black plastic and a little scratched inside plastic lid.

Bosch quality. As always, it’s top notch! Works quietly enough. I recommend for purchase this grinder.

Aesthetically pleasing; 2. Low noise level; 3. A uniform, fine, fast grind; 4. Compact coffee grinder;

I bought this grinder for my daily use, it works very well, grinds evenly and finely, it’s perfect for my coffee carob machine.

Good grinder. Powerful, moderately noisy. Tilted bowl allows for even stirring during grinding. The result is a good grind.

I have been looking for a coffee grinder for a long time. I had my eye on this one right away. I love Bosch.

Purchased the product in April 2020, as we love ground coffee. The grinder showed itself on the best side, sharp steel knives, large cup for 75 grams of coffee, great grinding, also ground nuts and the grinder did not let me down. It can be cleaned easily after use with a dry sponge or cloth. Indispensable thing in the kitchen.

The Bosch company is very happy. No mistake this time too, it works very quietly. Our family is very fond of fresh coffee, the grinder easily copes with its function.Another useful feature in it is that it is very invigorating in the morning with strong, freshly ground coffee. It is powerful and creates a good fine grind of coffee beans, which gives the coffee a richer aroma. Convenient grinding bowl, due to the inclination, it is convenient to use a teaspoon to get coffee!) And it’s Bosch, always a sign of quality.

I bought this grinder for my sister. She uses it to make powdered sugar. After a few months of use it works fine. It works very well. It has a “foolproof” protection, if the lid is not closed correctly, it doesn’t turn on. The bottom is made at an angle that allows large sugars to go down and the grinded ones to go up. The result is a homogeneous mass.

After a few months of use, have not yet found.

Good price. Assembling the grinder. Slovenia)

Repair of food processor BOSCH MUM5 replacement gear reducer

Well in the first place it is Bosch) Secondly, this model is the best in the ranking of coffee grinders, with a price is just happy. To grind coffee, oatmeal, etc.п., No problem.

Bought the grinder as a gift to mom. She liked the device. Mainly uses it for confectionary purposes (sugar, nuts, etc.) and coffee of course managed to grind. Cord is sufficient in the kitchen environment. The noise is much quieter than the old grinder, so we are happy with the noise.

as before there was a Soviet coffee grinder at home, we chose mainly on the principle of not expensive and delirious “on hearing. Not a bad choice, for its price it’s a fairy tale. I recommend the product, plus it looks very stylish.

A very big disadvantage. knife! The first one broke in half. And now the thread is just loose.

Bought this grinder in August 2020. And it is the second grinder of the same kind. The first one was white. Would I buy a third time with this brand? No. And it breaks after the second use.

The advantage of this model is its reliability, sturdy and solid body, ease of use, the brand Boch speaks for itself.

I chose this model at once, because the company Bosh, assembly in Slovenia, during the time of use (3 months) has proved to be excellent simply works quietly, smoothly, without jumps. It grinds coffee, nuts, the grind is of great quality. Definitely recommend this product for purchase!

I use it quite often, it works without problems.

Received well packaged product. Not loud, powerful.

Powerful, compact, name, quality, design, two years in use, very handy.

Bosch can not but rejoice. Quality assurance.Everything works. Coffee is fine. I have been grinding coffee every morning for two years and it has never failed. I recommend to buy. After a manual grinder, the electric one is a fairy tale.

It works right. Not noisy. Grinds coffee with decent quality. Grinds enough for 4 cups of coffee.

Good coffee maker for a reasonable price. I recommend it.

After I tested the Bosch MKM 6003, I was very pleased with the coffee grinder and its power of 180 W, it grinds coffee like a dream, without lumps. Very nice to work with. Pressing smoothly, works smoothly, quietly; which was especially gratifying. It is silent. I can drink freshly ground coffee in the morning without fear of waking up my family. I had such a bad experience with my last grinder. Along with the positive technical characteristics, I also take into account the beautiful design, especially the black color of the grinder, the manufacturer. Not China, but it is a well-proven brand that has a good reputation on the market. Bosch. So it all worked out well. Price and quality. By the way, it’s very easy to clean and wipe down too.

Overall I am very happy with the product. I recommend. Quality is much better than price. My evaluation. Perfect. I use it myself and I recommend you to use a quality product.

Compact, beautiful design. Easy and comfortable to use. No problems if you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Been using it for 9 months. Everything is great so far. At first I was concerned that it was hard to pour the ground coffee out of the grinder, because it got too compact. But then I adapted to slightly rotate the grinder during operation at a slight angle. The coffee is crumbly, easy to pour and the grind is better.

Great grinder. I have been using it every day for 6 years now. Everything is fine

You can control the grind size yourself.

Build quality Speed and long running time between interruptions Grinding quality

The volume, it would be desirable more, so when fully loaded, a little strained works, but at the same time performs its function at “Hurrah”

Took the same white one to work. After reading about the best grinders and my experience with this model, I took the same one at home, only in black. Completely satisfied with it’s work.

The grinder is great, it’s powerful. Price / build quality is good. The plastic is high quality, the inner casing is made of metal. Reliable and easy to use. Grinds coffee beans quickly and easily, turns nuts and sugar into powder. It heats up very little during work. Not noisy.

Been using it for 2 months.Very happy with the product. Safe and quality coffee grinder. Recommended for purchase.

Satisfied with the grinder, grinds coffee for five! I recommend it!

I wash the grinder only in the area of the bowl with the knife and wipe it right away, so that the water does not get on the mechanism inside

I use it for grits too, it grinds everything perfectly)

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What caused the code to appear?

Before deciding who is to blame and what to do, it is necessary to understand what caused the error. E3 appears on Bosch when there are problems with closing the door. In the factory manual, the decoding looks like this: “the washing machine hatch does not close, does not lock, or there is no signal that the locking mechanism has been successfully triggered”.

If the Bosch washing machine is not equipped with a display, the self-diagnostic system will report the problem with the corresponding indication. blinking LEDs on the dashboard.

However, in reality, the manifestation of E3 is more diverse. Underneath it can hide many more breakdowns and malfunctions. So, the typical causes of the appearance of this error:

  • the hatch is not closed tightly, so the LCR (hatch locking device) does not work;
  • The door has been sloppily locked (after a lot of pressure);
  • The hatch is closed, but the electronic lock has not activated due to a mechanical failure of the LOS;
  • electronic part of the interlock is broken;
  • The control board has lost contact with the UBL, because the semiconductor on the module has burned out.

In more than half of the cases of E3 occurrence, the door lock mechanism is “to blame”. The second most common is defective LTC. Closing the top three are electronic system malfunctions. What is included in each group of failure and how to cope with them. tell us further.


Fine points of Bosch vacuum cleaner repair

Complex household appliances, including from the world-famous brand Bosch, requires special attention, since with prolonged use there may be deviations from normal operation and breakdowns of certain mechanisms and parts of devices. In this regard, the question of maintenance and repair at home becomes relevant. The presented article discusses the steps for repairing Bosch vacuum cleaners at home.

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