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All about the toaster: how to use, clean and repair

The word “toast” is derived from the English toast and refers to thin slices of toasted or lightly browned loaf. To quickly cook toast and not overcook them, invented a special oven. toasters. Toasters come in three basic types: classic toaster, toaster-roaster and sandwich toaster.

Classic toaster

The classic toaster is a vertical box with narrow slits. Inside there are baskets in which to put pieces of loaf. The user presses a lever, the baskets are lowered and locked in the down position, and the loaf is between the heating elements.

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As soon as the timer goes off, the heating stops, a spring returns the basket to the upper position. Ready toast springs out of the slits, you can have breakfast.


You can toast loaves of bread in a regular oven, but preheating the oven for a couple of loaves for breakfast is inefficient. The industry produces kitchen mini ovens (capacity no more than 20 liters), which are also called “roasters” (from the English roast. to roast).

Place the loaf horizontally in the mini toaster oven

Разборка тостера Bosch tat6104.

The toaster sandwich is placed horizontally between the heating element on top and the heating element on the bottom. Unlike a toaster, the roaster can heat sandwiches and pizzas, fry sausages and sausages.

Sandwich Toaster

A classic toaster can only dry and brown the loaf slices. Since the loaf is placed vertically in the toaster, you can’t make a full-fledged hot sandwich in the toaster. the ingredients will fall down. A special sandwich toaster can make a real sandwich.

In a sandwich toaster, the loaf and toppings are baked between the hot panels

This appliance is more like a waffle iron than an oven or toaster. The assembled loaf is placed on the lower plate and covered by the upper plate. Both panels are heated, so the sandwich bakes evenly on top and bottom, turning into a flat patty. The shape of the sandwich is given by the recesses in the panels.

How to clean and wash the appliance

For the toaster to work for many years, it must be properly cared for by cleaning it after each cooking process. Regardless of whether you clean the appliance externally or internally, you must first make sure that it is unplugged from the socket and is already cold.


To clean the inside of the device, it is strictly forbidden to use water or detergents

Cleaning is essential because often crumbs or pieces of loaf remain between the spirals, reducing the heating capacity and causing an unpleasant smell. To get rid of them, you can use a dry toothbrush to shake off the crumbs on the tray.

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After removing the drip tray from the appliance, shake off the crumbs and rinse it under running water, wipe it dry and put it back in the toaster.

It is necessary to remember, that it is impossible to wash the inside of the device, because it will definitely cause its breakage.

When the toaster does not have a removable tray, you need to turn the electric appliance upside down and rub it hard.

On the outside

You can use baking soda or vinegar for this. They do not spoil the appearance of the appliance, but they do wash away stubborn dirt, get rid of accumulated dust, making the toaster really clean.

To clean the outer surface, it is also allowed to use special detergents. The main thing is to make sure that no liquid enters the appliance.

Cooking toast with a variety of jams, vegetables, sauces, meat and other products, you significantly diversify your diet and make it really useful.

It is hard to imagine the modern kitchen without kitchen equipment. Many cooking processes are fully automated. Manufacturers delight hostesses with the release of complex kitchen appliances: combines, multicookers, microwaves and other equipment. With their help, cooking time is reduced several times, and the process of cooking food is simplified. Do you want to have toasted slices of bread in the morning?? Nothing could be simpler: use a toaster oven. This device will greatly facilitate the preparation of breakfast and is sure to be loved by the whole family. For details on how to use it properly, make repairs of minor failures with your own hands, as well as how to clean the inside and outside of the toaster, we will tell in this article.

Toaster repair manual

On the example of the model “Sapir SP-1440-B” is considered the device of the toaster, the principle of operation, elimination of a particular fault and verification of performance. The photo below shows the appearance of the toaster and its model.

The inside of the toaster:

It is convenient to consider the principle of operation according to the diagram:

The voltage from the socket through the mains cable goes to the contacts. При нажатии на рычаг контакты замыкаются и напряжение сети 220 Вольт поступает на спираль. From the coil part of the low voltage goes to the timer, and it starts for the time set by the variable resistor on the front of the toaster. The solenoid is simultaneously energized and holds the lever in the down position. When the set time has elapsed, the timer is switched off, the voltage is removed from the electromagnet, the lever is raised, and the contacts disconnect the voltage from the spiral. With the “stop” button you can stop the timer before the time set by the variable resistor expires.

Repair begins with testing the health of the power cord with an ohmmeter. It’s OK. Then check condition of contacts. They are also normal. After that we check the coil for breakage. It cannot be tested with an ohmmeter, i.e.е. at breakage. Now we need to carefully test the three sections of the coil. Breakage in the middle section. On close inspection the place of coil burnout can be seen visually.

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Good thing the break is near the rivet. The coil can be inserted from the opposite side and does not need to be extended. Rivet has a hole, the coil can be put through it and fixed with a screw with a nut or rivet of soft metal, such as aluminum.

The hole is just over 1mm and I didn’t have a screw and nut that thin. A rivet has to be put in.

It’s not convenient to put it on, you can’t take the section off completely, all three sections are welded together with conductive busbars. You need to have special pliers to flatten the rivet or remove the top plate, and on the remaining to make incisions on the interfering strips and bend them. That’s what I did.

That’s basically the whole repair. After assembly and testing, the toaster is fully operational.

At the request of readers I add an example of a timer circuit and how it works.

Low voltage is removed from the coil part. It is then rectified by a single half-period rectifier on D1 and filtered by capacitor C1. There is a DC voltage that feeds the timer circuit. The timer itself is made on two transistors VT1 and VT2. VT3 is an amplifier.

When you turn on the lever SQ1 there is power to the timer 10V and starts charging the capacitor C2 through R9 and R7. While it is charging VT1 is closed and VT2 and VT3 are open. Through VT3 and the coil of the electromagnet current flows, so the contacts of the lever SQ1 is kept closed. When C2 is charged the voltage increases and when it exceeds the emitter voltage VT1 will open and VT2 and VT3 will close. The solenoid stops flowing and the contacts of the SQ1 lever open. By changing the resistance variable W we can change the emitter voltage VT1 and therefore the response time of the timer. Т.е. The timer will trip when the voltage at C2 (t.е. at the base of VT1) exceeds the voltage at the emitter of VT1 which we set with alternating resistance W.

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Useful tips

What the toaster is for? To make crispy toast that, paired with jam or butter, will be a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee. But you can’t always toast a loaf perfectly. How to make toast in the toaster, so that it tastes good the first time?

  • To avoid overheating the appliances and wasting electricity, load the toaster fully. If it is designed for two slices, then cook two at once, and if for four, then four.
  • To make toast perfectly crispy, the slices should be cut to a medium thickness. Thick slices may not cook and thin slices may burn. The loaf slices must not touch the metal walls, otherwise the appliance could break.
  • The first time you should not cook toast at maximum temperature. Not knowing the power of the device, it is easy to make a mistake and get burnt toast. The regulator should be set to a medium setting. If the slice does not fry, you can try again.
  • Some models are equipped with extra features that are extremely useful in your home. For example, pre-made toast can be reheated. In doing so, they do not begin to cook all over again, which can lead to a risk of burning, but are simply reheated. The device is also capable of defrosting a loaf and then automatically starts to toast.
  • To avoid burning, use wooden tongs to remove the finished loaves or use an oven mitt. But do not use metal implements under any circumstances.
  • Regular cleaning of the appliance and safety precautions should be taken into account. Before turning the toaster on, make sure it is at a safe distance from curtains, oven mitts and towels.
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Safety Precautions, Before First Use, Toasting Food in the Toaster Instruction Manual Bosch TAT6104

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is intended for industrial use, it can only be used in the home. Please read this manual carefully

And keep it in a safe place!This manual covers the various models of toasters.

Connect to an electrical outlet

Keep children away from the appliance.The plug must be unplugged after each use of the appliance or in the event of a malfunction.

To avoid endangering the safety of the user, repairs to the household appliance, such as replacing

The plug should be unplugged after each use of the appliance or if a fault occurs

Do not place any objects into the toasting loading hole.When in use, the toaster should be in an upright position only.

curtains or under curtains, or near other flammable materials, and never leave

The top of the toaster can get hot when toasting food. Don’t touch it.

loaf a minimum of 4 times, setting the highest degree of frying

Toasting food in the toaster

Figure1Do not use the toaster without the pull-out crumb tray!

Steps 1-6Medium browning (up to

Recommendation:When toasting a single slice of loaf

you should set a lower frying level than for two slices.

yellowish, not dark yellow or brown,

foods, especially grain products and potatoes, should not be overcooked

(it helps reduce acrylamide in food).

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