How to distinguish the original Makita from fake electric screwdriver

How to distinguish a Makita original from a fake electric screwdriver

Fake screwdrivers, drills, peorators, angle grinder, saws from avito 3.

On Avito sells a lot of fake tools. copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they give away the little things that are immediately visible.

1) Makita DGA404RME cordless angle grinder fake

Clearly this again by the supply voltage of 68 volts, a laptop charger and fake batteries

В чем Разница? Поддельный шуруповерт Макита С Авито и Оригинал/Дер@мовый Инструмент

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Very high quality fake, you can not tell the difference in appearance, but fails as always nameplate

The original angle grinder is only made in Romania and not Japan

The spindle thread of the original is M14, not M12 like the fake

Fake screwdrivers, drills, peoratorov, angle grinder, saws with avito 2.

On Avito sells a lot of fake tools. Copies from China, very similar to the original tool and terrible quality, and yet they give away the little things that are immediately visible.

1) Makita Makita dtw285rme/2 68V nutrunner, Makita dtw285rme counterfeit

That fake immediately understandable by the voltage of 68 volts on the nameplate (no Makita such voltage), battery charger even from a laptop, but the wrench looks like the original Makita DTW285RME

A fake sells on aliexpress for 100

A full review and disassembly of the wrench Makita dtw285rme can be seen here:

2) Makita 5900B fake circular saw

That a fake is clear on the nameplate should be 2000W and made in the Chinese factory Makita, plus the kit should be a disk saw Makita

Makita tools: how to distinguish the original from the fake

The emergence of high quality products on the market is often accompanied by mass counterfeiting. This fate did not avoid professional power tools from Japanese brand Makita. How to avoid buying a fake and learn how to distinguish the original from a failed copy made by a homemade method? Below we answer this question.

You have to be alerted by the low price of a product. Fakes are usually sold for a lot less than the genuine Makita pens. You should not chase after a low price. in this case the risk of getting a fake increases manifold. The tool of this kind can not be compared in quality to a professional one, it is not designed for long life. In the near future it will have to be replaced with a new one, which will entail additional costs.

Particularly cynical manufacturers of fake products are trying to sell counterfeit at the original cost. In order not to become a victim of fraud, you need to study all known signs of fakes. These include not only the absence of the Makita inscription on the handle, but also a nameplate affixed upside down, for example. Small but significant details make it easy to spot a counterfeit.

To avoid studying the whole long list of differences between counterfeit and original products, it is worth sticking to only one recommendation. to buy tools exclusively from official dealers of the “Makita” brand, one of which is the company “Minimax”.

Statistically, the most popular Makita tools are most often counterfeited by crooks. Let’s go through this list.

At the first place of the fakes are Makita series DF330DWE screwdrivers, which have given an excellent performance. The first sign of a fake: the original models the manufacturer produces a capacity of 10.8 V, and the counterfeit has a value of 12 V. Despite the many differences between the batteries and chargers of the original and the fake, within a month hundreds of Russian customers buy fake products. According to those who have tried such tools “in practice”, their quality is so low that their life is not more than two weeks.

Makita DF457DWE and DF331DWE drills are also often passed off as originals. The power of the original model DF457D is 18 V, and DF331D is 10.8 В. Feedback from consumers who have bought a counterfeit says that the power of a fake is usually 24 V. Chargers and batteries in counterfeit products also have significant differences. In addition, the products are made so crudely that the difference is determined visually. In particular, the country of manufacture is not indicated, which is not typical at all for Japanese products, manufactured by technology in the factory.

The list of the most commonly counterfeited tools also includes popular Makita circular saw models (5704 series). Fake parquet saws were easy to spot at first. the nameplate on the tools was glued “upside down” by artisans. Later they learned how to make the product more accurately. However, a clear sign of fakery has appeared, which we suggest that potential buyers pay attention to: the handle of the original products, unlike the fake ones, always bears the Makita inscription.

If you examine the product even more closely, the signs of counterfeiting will be visible to the naked eye. For example, a fake armature is characterized by roughly executed balancing, and instead of a special primer, which the manufacturer uses to prevent interwinding short circuits on the winding, blue varnish is used. Brush holders of fake circular saws 5704 have a distinctive shine, which is noticeably different from the original. Genuine carbon brushes necessarily have the “303” marking, and the impellers in Makita units always have the corresponding inscriptions on them.

Another in-demand tool from the Japanese brand, which is often counterfeited by artisans, is the HR2450 model handheld peorator. However, even in this case, there are several proven ways to distinguish the original from the “left” product. The fake torches have a nameplate without the CE mark required by European standards. Asian origin of these imitations is also identified by serial numbers, which are not diverse. Usually there is the number 0093508Y, but under the button on the body you can’t find the year of manufacture, which is always present with the real Makita. The peorator, like the saw, has white wires, while the original comes with different colored wires. When making a fake they put green rings on the striker, while the original Japanese product always has black. The barrel of a fake peeler is not even ground after milling. The Japanese peorator has a rubberized handle, and makes makeshift models have a black plastic handle. It should be noted that the plastic of fake product is sometimes of so low quality that its new owners are faced with the fact that the handle breaks in the first 10 minutes of work And if we talk about carbon brushes the “left” models of HR2450 simply don’t have any inscriptions on them. The manufacturer who sells fakes doesn’t care how the buyer will look for new brushes to replace the used ones, not being able to orientate on the numbers.

Another tool from the Makita brand was no less popular among the fakes: an angle grinder with a 230 mm disc. Most often among the fakes are models of the 9069. Counterfeit angle grinder of this model has a number of signs that indicate counterfeit. For example, genuine gear housings, unlike fakes, always have the Makita logo on them. The carbon brushes on the fake models, again, have no serial numbers. When assembling the body of the original grinders use screws with hexagonal head, but the manufacturers of homemade products continue to use screws “Philips. Another feature is the spindle dust cap of the fakes 9069 series has a rather strong shine, while the genuine brand dust cap is matte. The not too skilful imitation of the armature winding protective filling, made by varnish, is also conspicuous. Such protection is not able to fulfill its direct function of preventing short circuits and possible damage caused by abrasive chips.

Knowing all the signs of fakes you can protect yourself from the disappointment caused by purchasing counterfeit products. You will agree that it is much more pleasant to spend your money for a real Japanese Makita tool that will meet your expectations, pleasing you with its high quality and reliability! If you don’t want to risk and look closely what you are offered. original or fake, buy Makita tools from “Minimax”!

Buying Rules

You should only buy a Makita electric electric screwdriver in specialized stores at the manufacturer’s set price, which can be found on the company’s website. It is the only way to buy a product of the Japanese brand without doubting its origin. In other cases, you need to make sure that the product corresponds to the specified labeling.

It is important to understand that quality items cannot be sold at too low prices. That is why you should not believe the sellers in the market and online services about warehouse sale or seasonal promotions, thus explaining the reduced of Makita brand products.

How to distinguish Makita original from fake electric electric screwdriver

In this article we would like to give you some examples of counterfeit models in Russia. (HR 2450, 5704R, 9069)

At the moment on the market of any goods there are samples of the same models, the price of which differs significantly, although at first glance they resemble each other as “two peas in a pod”. What is the reason here? The answer to this question is very simple: some goods are goods produced by the manufacturing company according to all the samples and requirements of modern standards, while others are fakes, made by handicrafts without observing even the most basic norms. The Japanese company Makita is no stranger to this kind of problem, and counterfeits of its products are becoming more and more common. The main feature of counterfeit Makita products is their price, which is much lower than the price of genuine Makita products. Other signs of counterfeiting, such as the Makita lettering on the handle or the Makita 5704R circular saw’s nameplate stuck upside down, are, unfortunately, quite hard to spot at first glance. Often it is the low cost of equipment that the buyer chases. But if you buy a cheap, hence counterfeit product, he gets the product of improper quality, but as they say, the miser pays twice. This equipment, which is a fake, is unlikely to serve you for many years. Consequently, it will soon have to be replaced by new equipment, which will adversely affect your budget. So, of course, the choice is always yours, but when choosing a professional Makita power tool, you should still use common sense. The best way to protect the customer from getting a counterfeit product is to buy it at special Makita dealerships, where the product is always of top quality and reasonably priced. It should also be mentioned that often many companies artificially increase the cost of their merchandise by claiming that shipping will be free when you order. But that’s not the case at all, because the shipping costs are already included in the price of the goods ordered.

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that counterfeit Makita tools have appeared on the Russian market that have nothing to do with our company’s products.

Because of the very good quality of the imitations we want to explain a few distinguishing features of these tools, by which you can recognize a fake. At the moment we have information about three models: Makita 5704R, Makita HR 2450 and Makita 9069.

  • The rubber ring on the striker is green, while ours is black. If you look closer you will notice that all the parts in this fake are copied very roughly and are not of our quality.

WARNING. These counterfeits will not be serviced by Makita’s warranty and post-warranty service centers and each authorised Makita service center can provide the aggrieved party with a written report that the product is a counterfeit for further proceedings against the supplier.

How to distinguish the original Makita electric screwdriver from a fake?

In today’s market there is a great variety of electric equipment of different models, represented by different brands.

For example, in great demand are tools, particularly Makita screwdrivers, which are reliable and high quality in operation. However, in addition to original equipment there are fakes. often from Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, in order to distinguish an original electric electric screwdriver from a fake, you should be able to distinguish it from a cheap analog by some characteristics.

How to distinguish a fake Makita 2450, 2470 from the original

Particularly popular among Russian fans of craftsmen with their own hands deservedly use peorators Makita 2450, 2470. This popularity is underpinned by the tools’ high degree of reliability, long life without forced failure, simple design and accessibility to repair. As you know there are also knockoffs of the popular Makita tools, consider what the difference is and how to distinguish the original tool.

How to distinguish a Makita electric electric screwdriver original from a fake

With a license to manufacture Makita products, it is available to anyone, regardless of country. To find out in what area the electric electric screwdriver was made, you should look carefully at the nameplate or case:

It is well known that most of the fakes are made in China. However, when authorized, the Chinese factory makes products as similar to the original as possible. Only in the absence of repeated quality control is the difference.

Testing Makita electric screwdrivers

The workings of the percussion mechanism

specialized are models with an impact mechanism, which helps when drilling a brick or concrete wall.

Externally, they do not differ much from conventional ones, but have a built-in shock mechanism.

Both Makita cordless and cordless screwdrivers have an impact mechanism.

The option is appreciated by those who work with big and powerful self-tapping screws of different length and thickness.

When motor power is insufficient and to reduce the load on the hand and motor, tangential impact is activated, the tightening takes place in measured jerks.

This function also makes it possible to undo “stuck” nuts and bolts, metal parts with damaged heads.

In the test, the Makita impact wrenches with impact mechanism handled all their jobs according to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer.

Maximum drilling diameter

This parameter is no different from those used by the competition, and in some aspects it even exceeds them.

Integrated multi-level safety device prevents the machine from being jammed.

Drilling diameter corresponds to the manufacturer’s stated, if necessary, you can drill more, but do not abuse it.

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