How to distinguish the original STIHL from fakes

Where they sell a fake STIHL chainsaw??

You may receive a copy of the STIHL MS 660 at malls, cottages and even in your backyard. Price starts at 100, and depending on your ability to haggle, can drop to 50.

As a rule, scammers use the same story:

  • Chainsaws are used to give out paychecks at construction sites or factories.
  • Purchased a stolen batch on the cheap.
  • Was already bought, but friends or mother-in-law gave another five.
  • You need a drink or you need money urgently.
  • A lot of fakes on the bulletin boards.
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If you need a chainsaw for a couple of days, and you’re not going to cut wood on an industrial scale, then the fake chain saw STIHL MS 660. You could really use it. Although the Chinese fake is of worse quality than the original, it is quite capable of sawing wood, in ancient times people coped with more scarce tools. It is not sorry to drop, throw, catch nails, etc., you can pour anything into the tank, as long as it burns, and after she broke, throw this chainsaw in the attic, and forget it as a bad dream.

When you demonstrate the work of the product, you think that the saw is good. This illusion is because the sellers fill the tank with pure gasoline. After the spectacle, the lifetime of an undercutting saw is shortened by 50%. If you have bought a chainsaw because of a trick, use it as it is, with the fuel that the seller poured.

“The chips are flying”, or how to distinguish a chainsaw from a fake

Counterfeit more expensive than the original

“Chop wood and chips fly, so the popular saying goes. Indeed, even a good thing sometimes has “side effects”. You are going to buy a chainsaw for garden maintenance or for preparation of firewood for the winter, but if you look closer you will see dubious copies of well-known brands all around. It is not easy to distinguish genuine chainsaw from fakes. Counterfeit tools from China scammers often sell even more expensive than a real brand-name chainsaw.

German pedantry

The STIHL chain saw manufacturer has won the trust of customers around the world because the company founder Andreas STIHL is credited with being the inventor of the hand-held chain saw with a gasoline engine. Serial production of STIHL-branded saws began in Germany around the 1920s. The brand’s century-long history has ensured outstanding quality, productivity, durability and operator safety. Of course, no knock-off chainsaw stands a comparison with a genuine STIHL chain saw. Knowing the difference between a genuine and a fake chainsaw is the top expert’s tip.

  • Dealers. STIHL chain saws are sold exclusively through authorized dealers who provide warranty, service and repair on the products they sell. The dealer must have a certificate (dealer’s agreement), which he must present to the customer upon request. Find a list of dealers on the STIHL chainsaw manufacturer’s website.
  • The logo. The STIHL logo on the chain saw is the clearest way to identify a fake STIHL chainsaw: the STIHL marking should be on the chain saw body and the letters should be in textured position. The manufacturer never uses cheap stickers to put the trade name.
  • Brake lever. Genuine STIHL chain saws have a brand-name brake lever which is fitted on both sides, whereas knock-offs tend to have a single-sided brake lever.
  • The “start” toggle switch. STIHL chain saws have a one-lever control system with plastic parts, but the knockoffs may “boast” a metal toggle switch.

Nordic character

No less popular in Russia is the brand of chainsaws Husqvarna (“Husqvarna”) from Sweden. Ergonomics, maximum operating comfort and unique performance are at the heart of Husqvarna equipment. Can a counterfeit chainsaw reach Swedish quality standards? Definitely not. Know the signs to help you accurately distinguish a genuine STIHL chainsaw from a fake.

  • The spelling of the name. Scammers intentionally twist the Husqvarna brand name: they replace or omit certain letters. For example, Husgvarna, HusBvarna, Huschvarna, Hushvana. The attentive buyer knows at once: this chainsaw is a fake.
  • nameplate. To help to distinguish a counterfeit chain saw, there should be a metal sticker on the frame (it should be riveted on). The nameplate itself should clearly show the following information: serial number, part number, manufacturer’s name, model name, country of origin, year of manufacture.
  • Guide bar. You can tell a Husqvarna chain saw from a fake by looking at the guide bar. Scammers “improve” the construction of the tool by adding anti-vibration elements. A genuine Husqvarna chainsaw does not have to have any cushioning between the drive sprocket and the bar blade.

The Japanese way of working

The owners of a Makita chain saw can work like the real Japanese: the tool runs properly and guarantees many hours of trouble-free operation. However, you can find a large number of counterfeit “Makita” chain saws on sale, which not only break down quickly, but also are not serviced by an official dealer. How to distinguish the original chainsaw from the fake, experts advise.

  • Model. Scammers often sell non-existent models under the Makita brand. Before you buy, check the producer’s web-site and pay attention to the assortment of chainsaws imported into Russia.
  • The country of origin. You can tell a Makita chain saw counterfeit by the country of manufacture code of the equipment. Scammers don’t bother themselves with such “trifles”. A genuine Makita chainsaw must have a serial number at the end of which the place of manufacture is coded: A- USA, E-Japan, G-UK, D-Germany, R-Romania, K or Y-China.

For real men

Cutting trees, preparing firewood for the winter, trimming limbs in the garden are traditionally duties of a man. It is better to buy chain saw in a masculine way, with full responsibility. A chainsaw is not only a helpmate, it’s also source of danger. Reliable manufacturers equip their chainsaws with all possible safety features to minimize health risks. But using a fake chainsaw can only increase the chance of an accident.

A real man always takes responsibility for his actions, but also expects “gentlemanly” behavior from others. If you are tired of people trying to sell you a counterfeit tool at the market or in a store, join the fight against counterfeiting. Write a letter of suggestion to a chainsaw manufacturer you trust. That way you can tell them about their anti-counterfeiting technology, the DAT brand detection system. Advantages of the DAT-code marking are the following: the buyer can check the chainsaw for authenticity by himself, the check is free of charge and fast, if the tool is counterfeit one can complain to the seller and demand the money back.

We are not rich enough to buy cheap things

This folk wisdom is an excellent example of the kind of situation people find themselves in when turning to dubious dealers of STIHL power tools. One of the first things you should be on the lookout for is a low price. Agree that very few good guys who will stand on the ring road and sell chain saw, worth 1750 USD (the price as of 2011) at the official dealer, for 950 USD. We also want to note that in recent times counterfeits are not always offered at a very low price. In many cases the price is slightly different from the original (50-100 UAH). So trying to save a small amount you can get not a quality chainsaw, and trash, which will lie somewhere in the garage.

How to distinguish genuine STIHL from fakes

High quality and reliability make STIHL chain saws indispensable aids in the household for cutting firewood and uprooting trees. As we all know, only the products that are in demand are counterfeited. The fakes, in turn, apart from their attractive price, do not correspond to the original in their characteristics and features. The customer often pays twice or even three times less to save money and have fewer opportunities to save. How you can distinguish between genuine STIHL products and counterfeit or fake products? All STIHL products are available only from authorized dealers. Your authorized dealer should have a certificate like this and present it upon request:

Numerous stores, markets and individual companies sell original parts for well-known brands, such as STIHL. They are usually advertised as “as good quality but at a lower price. Actually this approach to spare parts is familiar to many owners of foreign cars. But there is a fundamental difference that “non-genuine” dealers prefer to keep quiet about. Gardening machine manufacturers, unlike automakers, do not tolerate the use of third-party parts. All STIHL products, including the small spare part, undergo rigorous quality checks. Use of original spare parts. The quality and performance of the product. Unoriginal parts as well as counterfeit oil. Reason for voiding the warranty. The customer essentially loses their STIHL machine.

On the left in the photo: Counterfeit STIHL MS180 chain saw with black muffler. No serial number sticker:

Low-quality cylinder casting on a counterfeit STIHL MS180 chain saw:

Damaged serial number. Sign of contraband:

The original STIHL MS180 and a counterfeit from EMAS:

Crude counterfeit with a STIHL MS 440 sticker:

Important information on original STIHL chain saws: Embossed black STIHL lettering on the chain sprocket cover. STIHL never uses low-quality brand and model stickers:

Original or counterfeit? How to choose a genuine STIHL machine

Original and non-original tools play a decisive role when operating them. In order not to get caught on a fake and buy good equipment for yourself, you need to know a few nuances.


To begin with, it is definitely worth evaluating the appearance of the product, paying attention to the quality of assembly. It can only be a problem if you buy the machine without looking at it. Fake tools can be made not just from worse materials, even their body will differ in color, texture from the original. For example, a salesman may lead you to believe that a STIHL electric chainsaw may be sold with a red cover. But it’s all a lie! Original products of this brand are made only with orange caps.

The difference between a branded chainsaw and a quality fake

Unfortunately the quality original has become the model for a second-rate counterfeit which is sold under a well-known brand name.

Counterfeit The basic STIHL MS 660 is largely mimicked in design and appearance but inferior in basic performance and features.

Experts recommend buying the tool from official dealers and only with a special certificate.

The STIHL faux pas differs in appearance:

  • rough casting of the engine crankcase;
  • The absence of a sticker with the serial number;
  • STIHL sticker on the sprocket cover instead of the embossed lettering.

China supplies cheap spare parts to Russia, the only advantage of which is lower cost. STIHL quality parts and components that are not made of quality materials lose less than half their original life span.

Repairs performed with cheap spare parts, as a rule, turn out to have additional expenses for elimination of undesirable consequences.

Fake STIHL ms 660. STIHL MS 660 chainsaw how to tell a fake, specifications

In connection with the start of the season of construction and logging in the CIS, from China came a huge mass of chainsaws of dubious quality, or rather total crap. One such example was bought by the author of this article.

Everything would be fine, a cheap, working chainsaw is better than no chainsaw at all, but these chainsaws are counterfeited under well-known brands and sold at very inflated prices, a situation very similar to the one that arose with Chinese iPhones. But even if you buy this “thing” for a low price, it will not do much good.

STIHL MS 660 is and is a victim of counterfeiting from China, a very reliable and well built saw, is losing its reputation because of the scammers massively offer fakes.

Where they sell fake STIHL chainsaws?

You may be sold a copy of the STIHL MS 660 at shopping malls, cottages and even in your own backyard. The price starts at 100 and depending on your bargaining power can go down to 50.

Scammers usually use the same story:

  • Chainsaws gave out paychecks at a construction site or factory.
  • Purchased a stolen batch on the cheap.
  • Was already bought, but friends or mother-in-law gave me five more.
  • Need a drink or urgently need money.
  • Lots of fakes on bulletin boards.

If you need a chainsaw for a couple of days, and you’re not going to cut wood on an industrial scale, then the fake STIHL MS 660 chainsaw will come in handy. Although the Chinese fake is of worse quality than the original, but it is quite capable of “sawing” wood, in ancient times lovers were able to cope with more scarce tools. It is not sorry to drop, throw, catch nails, etc., you can pour anything into the tank, as long as it would burn, and after its failure, throw a chainsaw in the attic, and forget it like a bad dream.

When you demonstrate the work of the product, it seems to you that the saw is good. This illusion is because the sellers put pure gasoline in the tank. After a performance, the resource of the “understeel” is reduced by 50%. If you have bought the saw, use it as it is, with the fuel that was sold by the seller.

Do not repair your fake STIHL chain saw if it breaks

A sillier waste of money than buying a fake might be if you take it in for repair. The reason for the constant failures is the very low quality of the steel. Scoring in the cylinders comes as an option from the factory, there is no point in enumerating the other sorenesses, especially if they are 100% of the product. The minimum that awaits you is the replacement of pistons, which is very expensive, and only prolongs the agony of this travesty of a saw, corrupted at the factory.

Counterfeit chainsaws of other brands are produced.

Remember one more important thing! These fakes are sometimes sold under unknown domestic brands, also at inflated prices.

The red price for this chainsaw, no more than 50.

STIHL MS 660 how to tell a fake chainsaw from a real one (genuine chainsaw on white background)

Counterfeit STIHL chainsaws in online stores

STIHL equipment is incredibly popular among consumers The functionality of the tools and the reliability of the brand name appeal both to professionals and owners of small private farms. Unfortunately, the demand for these products has become a serious reason for the activation of their activities industrial pirates to put it simply, the manufacturers of counterfeit.

Some Ukrainian internet stores masquerading as official STIHL dealers are actively encouraging the distribution of counterfeit products. But they can be dangerous!

  • indicate the price, which is only slightly lower than that of original products;
  • Upload original pictures and videos of machines that are used illegally;
  • Putting out pictures of fake certificates.

The leader in the number of counterfeit STIHL chain saws offered today is the resource: Slightly less impressive results of his colleagues:


After years of fighting with counterfeit STIHL chainsaws, the manufacturer of the original products has suspended two online stores selling counterfeit versions of the most popular STIHL chainsaw MS 180:

Please note that no authorized STIHL dealers sell products via the. Web sites are used for information purposes only.

Remember: buying a fake in an online store, you deprive yourself of warranty and post-warranty service. You are buying tools of questionable quality.

Only original STIHL products should be purchased from dealers. You can see a list of them on the manufacturer’s official website.

Counterfeit STIHL chainsaws. Watch out!

“Chinese Steels are usually cheaper, but knockoffs are not always offered for cheap. In many cases they are only a fraction of the price of the original product. That gives the impression that they are genuine STIHL products. But when a STIHL saw breaks down, you have to go to a STIHL repair shop or an authorized service center and they tell you that the parts don’t fit, that you bought a counterfeit, and then? You get upset and go home, thinking you squandered your money in the market because you bought the wrong parts.

It is a little known fact that STIHL chainsaws are not sold on the markets! It is forbidden! That’s a punishment! But you could say: “It’s cheaper in the markets!”, that’s right, cheaper, but what will you buy there. Often the Chinese knockoff is very similar to the original STIHL, and only those who know the manufacturer’s products well (in particular an authorized STIHL dealer) will instantly point out the differences between the knockoff and the original.

“Chinese Steels are usually cheaper, but they are not always available for the cheapest price. In many cases they are only a fraction of the price of the original. This gives the impression that they are genuine STIHL products. But when the chain saw breaks down you have to go to a STIHL repair shop or an authorized service center and they tell you that the parts don’t fit, that you bought a fake, and that’s it? You get upset and go home, realizing that you went to the market for a cheap price and that you just threw your money away.

But how do you recognize a counterfeit STIHL??

All original chainsaws have their warranty and serial numbers and certain markings, the serial numbers are in several places and should match.

The serial number is stamped under the muffler (on the MS 180) or to the left of the muffler, above the gear stop on the professional saw. The muffler on the top of every original STIHL chainsaw should also bear the STIHL logo and the muffler serial number. Photo 1.

All original STIHL chain saws have a white paint mark on the muffler with a heat pencil. This paint shows that STIHL chain saw has been tested at the factory and has been run in, which means it does not need to be run in idle for the first time (unlike other manufacturers saws).

On the body of the saw, under the muffler there should be a sticker with the serial number and country of manufacture. Picture 1.

STIHL chain saw has a sticker on the box. Serial number, country of manufacture, bar code, see marking on the product. Photo 4.

Genuine STIHL saws come with an original STIHL guide bar. Photo 5.

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