How to dress a lawn mower properly. A rug belt for a trimmer for grass-purpose

How to wear a trimmer belt for grass correctly

Working a trimmer is much more convenient and easier to use a special belt. Thanks to him, the operator can mow large sections of grass without pain in joints and muscles for several hours in a row. The design of the biceps belt is designed so that the lawn mower is kept using the mounts itself. Without the help of hands. She will only need to set the direction, and she will do everything else herself. About how to correctly attach a belt to a trimmer and set it up for yourself to facilitate the load, and it will be discussed in this material.

Many models of trimmers are equipped with an ordinary oblique belt. However, for work, it is best to purchase a rug belt, which is specially designed for motorcycle. Thanks to a thought.Out design, it evenly distributes the weight of the device for the whole body. The shoulders with a soft lining reduce the severity and relieve pain in the forearms. The hard back disperses the load between the upper and lower backs, excluding the lower back. The impact.Resistant protection for the thigh prevents the contact of motorcycles with the foot so that it does not rub and transmit vibration. In addition, the belt provides:

  • Convenient transportation of a trimmer for grass;
  • Comfort during operation due to the ergonomicity of the spit position for grass relative to the body;
  • Safety in work. The paraphernal belt prevents the slipping of motorcycles from the hands at the time of the stabs of hard objects.

All about choosing an electrimmer

The trimmer is called a motorized braid for grass, designed to cut the grass. Unlike a manual analogue, the design is maneuverable and has a high efficiency. With its help, you can easily and quickly remove unnecessary shoots in the most inaccessible places. The design of the device is very simple. The torque is transmitted from the engine to the cutting head. It is closed by a protective element and is located on a long rod. A working engine rotates a cutting block with which weeds are bought.

Mechanical braids for grass, as also called trimmers for grass, gain more and more popularity. They can work from a gasoline engine or electricity. Gardeners and summer residents more often choose the last option. This is due to the advantages of electrical models.

The pluses of the power tool

  • Compactness and lightness, since there is no roomy fuel tank.
  • Lack of toxic exhaust gases emitting during operation.
  • Low noise level. This makes it possible to mow in the morning and evening hours.
  • A long period of time between regular maintenance.

The main drawback of electrical equipment is dependence on electricity. It does not function without it. In power, it most often loses to gasoline. But you need to know that for a summer cottage where it is not supposed to be baking high and dense grass or small branches and bushes are quite enough electrimmer.

Trimmers for grass

Separate attention is deserved by trimmers for grass. Lawn mowers are indispensable in large areas with a flat surface, and to cut complex landscapes more rationally, it is more rational to use precisely trimmers for grass. They are network, battery and gasoline. The main advantages and disadvantages of these models are similar to the lawn mower.

Speasing width varies from 20 to 42 cm. Weight. From 1.5 to 9 kg. Can work with a cutting knife or fishing line. Field diameter. From 1.4 to 3.3 mm.

Trammers for grass with the lower and upper location of the engine have different structures and ergonomics. The former are not intended for prolonged work, so additional devices that increase comfort, they usually do not have. Therefore, it is worth evaluating the weight of the trimmer for grass and the convenience of the handle: whether it has deepening for fingers, the softness of plastic. Preference should be given to devices with a relatively powerful engine with minimum weight.

Assessing the ergonomics of the trimmer for grass with the upper location of the engine, it is worth paying attention to the design of the handle, the shoulder suspension, the length of the bar and the balance of the device. Devices with a J-shaped handle are inferior in convenience to models with a “bicycle” handle. The former are more suitable for work in small (up to six acres) areas. Models with a “bicycle” handle more convenient when processing large areas.

Checking the condition of the knives

Speaking of grass is carried out using knives. The cutting elements are blunt, damaged, require regular sharpening and replacement. They are attributed to consumables. The use of stupid knives reduces the productivity of the tool and enhances the load on the engine. To check the condition of the cutting elements, you must first drown out the engine of the lawn mower. When replacing knives, be sure to use protective devices.

Cutting Grass. Easy Clean Up When Trimming Bushes Shrubs Hedges

For equipping mowers, plastic and metal knives are used. When choosing cutters, be sure to consider the features of mowing vegetation (height, rigidity), territory relief and the power of the tool itself. Make sure that the knife is correctly installed.


Electric trimmer for grass. A good country option. In this category, two types of trimmers can be distinguished: network, battery. In terms of power, they are inferior to gasoline, but suitable for mowing a small household territory, cleaning paths, flower beds.

Network models are more productive and powerful. With their help, you can mow grass for several hours. At the same time, make sure that the device does not overheat, take breaks. The only drawback of a trimmer for grass is attachment to electricity.

The choice of fishing line

In order for the dressing of the fishing line to the trimmer head to be successful, it is important not to fail to choose the consumer material. The thicker the cord you refuel, the more thick and hard grass it can cut. A universal fishing line for a trimmer is often used, the diameter of which is 2 mm. You can choose the diameter suitable for the mower in the following ways:

  • See the information about the thickness of the fishing line in the instructions attached to the trimmer.
  • Pay attention to the squash itself. Sometimes information is applied on it about possible fishing line diameters.
  • Another option is to try to insert the cord into the output. If it easily passes into it, then the selected fishing diameter is suitable for use.

You can choose a cord thread by type of engine. If the fishing line for the trimmer is too thick, then the resistance to rotation will increase. The engine in this case will overheat and will soon fail. Useful recommendations:

  • For an electric device with an engine of less than 500 in, a thread of 1.3 mm thick is suitable. If this was not found, then you can use a fishing line for a trimmer by 1.6 mm. If the power is more than 1 kW, then select a cord with a diameter of 2 mm.
  • The gasoline trimmer for grass has a shaft mower. For the bent version, the cord for 2 mm is often used. If the shaft is straight, then set the thread 2.4–2.5 or 3 mm. The thickest fishing line for a trimmer is installed on powerful devices. From 1.3 kW.

Pay attention to the type of cross section of the cordry thread. Some popular options:

  • The most common fishing lines with a round section. They mow fresh herbs well, but they cope worse with shrubs, drows.
  • Twisted (spiral) cord does not differ in high strength, but well suitable for thin young grass.
  • The jagged thread with sharp edges is ideal for a large weeds in a neglected area.
  • You can mow the lawn in a rectangular, starry or square fishing line for a trimmer for grass, but they are not very durable.
  • The most durable is a two.Component cord with an internal core and a round section.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to use wire, metal strings and cables, as well as an ordinary fishing thread. The device will be dangerous for both the user and for others. So the cable or similar products will gradually begin to shut down, as a result, their ends will be reacted, and small pieces will scatter at high speed.

What oil for the lawn mower is worth choosing?

It is necessary to make Accent that a certain type of fluid and its viscosity directly depends on the temperature conditions in which this tool is operated. So, if the weather is warm (temperature from plus 5 to plus 30 degrees Celsius), it is recommended to use the liquid of the SAE-30 series. In the off-season season, experts recommend filling oil for a lawn mower with a viscosity of 10W-30. In winter, you can use the 5W-30 series liquid

It is also worth paying attention to the Synthetic 5W-30 tool, which in its properties ensures reliable operation of the parts of the lawn mower at a relatively low temperature

Cleaning the body of the lawn mower

On the inner surface of the housing, the lawn mowers always remain the remains of mowed grass. After the work is completed, it is necessary to remove the remains of mowed grass, otherwise, after drying, they interfere with the normal operation of the cutting knife. Perform all work to clean the gas mowing housing on a non.Working engine.

ATTENTION! After stopping the engine, the cutting knife can rotate for a short time

Enjoying the height of the spine of grass

Before starting work, adjust the necessary height of the mowing of the grass. To do this, squeeze the lever (a) rice.9, move and fix it in one of the necessary provisions. Make sure each wheel is installed at the same mowing height.


Use unhealthy gasoline with octane number 92. Never use old or contaminated gasoline or mixture oil-benzine. Avoid getting dirt or water in the fuel tank.

ATTENTION! The failure of the engine according to the approxim of using poor-quality or old fuel, as well as fuel with an inappropriate octane number, is not subject to warranty service. ATTENTION! Store fuel in containers specially designed for this purpose

It is forbidden to use cans of food plastic for storage

ATTENTION! Store fuel in containers specially designed for this purpose. It is forbidden to use cans of food plastic for storage

A WARNING! The gas station is carried out when the engine is turned off and in places with good ventilation. When working with fuel, it is forbidden to smoke and apply open fire. Fuel spill is not allowed. It is necessary to prevent multiple or long.Term touch of the skin with fuel, as well as inhalation of fuel vapors. It is forbidden to access children to fuel.

Do not fill the fuel tank completely. Pour gasoline into the fuel tank to a level of about 25 mm below the upper edge of the bay neck to leave the space for thermal expansion of fuel. After refueling the fuel tank, make sure that the cork of the flood neck is closed properly. The maximum fuel level is shown in rice.7.


When choosing a high.Quality fishing line for a trimmer for grass, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical parameters of the product. For productive operation of the garden tool, the thickness of the fishing line, its strength and the shape of the section of the string are taken into account

Classification in diameter

For lawn mowers on sale there are fishing lines with a diameter of 1.2 to 4 mm. Dense threads are used infrequently. Basically, a cord with a thickness of not more than 3.2 mm is seasoned in a trimmer for grass.

Assortment of a forest for a trimmer for grass is very wide

dress, lawn, mower, properly, belt

For each type of technique for mowing grass, there is its own thickness of the fishing line. If you use the thread thinner than it relies on a certain model, then the shaft speed will increase, which can lead to a decrease in the functional qualities of the mechanism. The string tilted into a trimmer for grass, too thick, slows down and often causes engine malfunction.

Therefore, for each class of a trimmer for grass, there are a certain diameter of the fishing line:

  • Thin thread. 1.2. 1.6 mm. Such a string is designed for regular lawns processing. It is usually used in electric trimmers with low power. 500W. Well cuts young grass.
  • LESTS for a trimmer of medium diameter. 2.2.4 mm. They use the cord, both for gasoline trimmers and for devices operating from electricity. With the help of such a fishing line, you can mow not only juicy, but also dry hard lawn grass.
  • Thick cord. 3. 3.2 mm. The thread is attached to powerful devices for haircuts of plants with thick stems and dry.

2 mm diameter thread is used for gasoline trimmers with bent shaft. For models with a direct design of a mowing mowing mobile mechanism, thicker cords are usually suitable. 2.4. 3 mm.

A 4 mm trimmer fishing line can be installed in a lawn mower with a very powerful engine. Most often, it is used to eliminate thickets of weeds with thick and gesture rods.

You can choose the thread for the trimmer of the required thickness according to the operational instructions attached to the apparatus.

Classification in the form of section

Trimmer fishing lines make various types of cross section. The most relevant is the round shape of the thread. They are universal and inexpensive.

Each form of the cross.Section of the fishing line has its own purpose, as well as advantages and disadvantages:

  • Round thread. The fishing line for a trimmer can be of different thicknesses and therefore is used to cut any kind of herbal vegetation. With a small consumption, it can withstand significant loads. The lack of a round thread is a high level of noise in the process of work and the inability to cut off the overwhelmed shrubs.
  • Twisted cord. Using this form of cross.Sectional, you can dig the grass of different stiffness, including gross dry. The fishing line for the trimmer is very durable and works silently. But it can only be used for certain types of lawn mowers. Also a twisted cord is relatively expensive.
  • Trimmer fishing line multifaceted. The thread can have from three to six faces. Used for powerful devices. Easily copes with thickets of dryness and shrubs with strong hard branches. The only negative is the high consumption of the product.
  • The cord is figured. The thread can withstand heavy loads. Cuts the grass of any density and density, including branches of shrubs.A special coil is needed for such a fishing line. It is used infrequently due to the high cost.

For regular lawn care, round threads are mainly used. All other products with various sections are used only in thickened areas, where it is necessary to make more efforts to cleanse it.

For regular lawn care, round threads are mainly used

Classification by structure

An important criterion for choosing a thread for a trimmer for grass is its structure. The duration of the service life depends on the qualities and type of material. A fishing line for a trimmer of three types is produced:

  • Nylon. The most common type of thread for lawn mowers. She is elastic and light. The material has high wear resistance and does not deteriorate from temperature changes. The profitability of the use of fishing line is justified by a small cost and productivity.
  • Coaxial. Elastic thread inside which is a strong core. Such a fishing line for a trimmer has high wear resistance and withstands the largest loads. It is considered the most expensive and strongest.
  • With aluminum interspersed. With the help of such a fishing line, you can dragging rude thickets of weeds, it contains small fragments of aluminum, which give it high strength.

Nylon thread is the most popular among users. Aluminum and coaxial fishing line for a trimmer are mainly used to cut strong branches and dense thickets using a trimmer for high.Power grass

Security is most important

In order for the use of the device to evoke an extremely positive impression in the user, it is necessary to observe several important safety rules:

dress, lawn, mower, properly, belt
  • Before carrying out the work, it is recommended to clarify, check the possibility of the appearance of any extraneous object on the site: stone, branches.
  • To warn in advance outsiders, especially children, so that they do not approach the working device closer than 5 meters.
  • In order to avoid vision problems, work exclusively with glasses with a special frame.
  • Visually inspect the device for searching for damage to the case or untouched part. If possible, immediately eliminate the malfunction.
  • Comply with the rules of mowing grass. Do not mow grass higher than 20 centimeters. Do not clean the grass more than 1/3 in one pass.
  • If you work on a slope, it is recommended to move along the hill. Do not use the “Up/down” technique.
  • Stop the engine with changes in the height of the bevel.
  • If any extraneous item that interferes with the operation of the device gets into the mower, then it is necessary to immediately stop the device and clean the knives.

Note! First of all, non.Compliance with the rules can lead to the creation of health problems and technicians.

Thus, we can say with confidence that a gasoline lawn mower deserves the respect of customers, both power indicators and the quality of the performance of the work. It is important to comply with all of the above rules, recommendations for care, operation and safety rules. This will help ensure the apparatus durability, performance.

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