How to engage the reverse gear on the motor-block centaur

How to engage reverse gear on the motoblock centaur

The first owners of motor tractors “Kozak Poltava” appeared and we received a request from them to prepare the instructions for the adjustment of the gear shift knuckle.

Given the fact that this is actually the box of a heavy power tiller, the article will be useful to the owners of power tillers. In certain conditions, about them we’ll talk in detail later, when you turn on the failure occurs in the work and instead of the put speeds include very different.

Why it happens? To understand the cause, you should know the principle of operation of the gearbox.

Let’s start with the general principles. Many motoblock owners are drivers and are used to perfect car transmissions, which have synchronizers that facilitate gear shifting, and in addition, the gears in the box are helical, which provides low noise.

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This is not the case with a power tiller or tractor. The box is simple, the gears are straight toothed, so they are noisy. There’s no talk of synchronizers, and that’s a feature you have to consider when working with the box!

Unfortunately, we can’t show the process of the box nodes work from inside, so we’ll use the schemes, which will allow to explain the essence.

There is a set of gears in the box. Combination of different gears makes it possible to get different rotational speed on the axle with the wheels of the power tiller.

In the revision hole in the box on the tractor “Kozak Poltava” even though badly, but you can see the forks of gears. Now look at the diagram. All forks are in alignment in neutral. When a gear is engaged, the fork moves with the pinion. When switching to neutral, the fork returns to the middle position. But sometimes, for example, with careless handling, the fork is off-center and then the gears that are on this line cannot be engaged. The shift lever is resting against the fork bracket.

Transmission & Reverse

Experienced motoblockers without disassembling the box, through the revision holes, put the forks in neutral and restore the normal mode of operation.

The “Kozak Poltava” tractor has a more complicated design of shifting mechanism, it uses a rocker arm, which provides a comfortable location of the gear shift knob, but requires adjustment.

Now let’s consider the problems, which may be faced by owners of a motor tractor, and understand the algorithm of the solution.

When working on a mototractor, as well as on a power tiller, the fork may become dislodged. When trying to engage a gear the lever will rest against it. The natural reaction of the driver. to apply force. leads to a disturbance of the throttle linkage adjustment. There is a subjective solution to the problem: the lever reaches the right point, only when the gear is engaged, it does not coincide with the data on the stencil. Also the lever does not reach the top or bottom of the stencil.

Switching problem still exists even after fork position adjustment. It is connected with incorrect position of gear lever, offset on the linkage.

To restore normal operation of the box, proceed as follows.

Unscrew rocker arm from gearshift.

Adjust the forks to a middle position. Use hammer or lever due to short lever length.

Connect rocker arm to the box lever.

Check the height of the rod in relation to the hinge axis.

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Optimal size 95 mm. If this value is less, the range of the box lever movement will be insufficient and the box will not work.

Next you should adjust the position of the lever relative to the rod. The linkage consists of two parts that are screwed together. It provides lever length adjustment, and most importantly allows you to adjust the position of the shift knob relative to the box lever.

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Set the pull rod so that when you move it by height the position on the stencil coincides with the position of the lever on the forks. Then lock the position with the lock nut. To be on the safe side, you can weld a nut to the fork, this will prevent this situation from happening again.

And finally, a few recommendations to help avoid malfunctioning of the box. You may have noticed that all the gears on the power tiller don’t always engage at once. This is due to a lack of synchronizers. Often when you engage, the cogs hit a tooth and the gears don’t mesh. Depress the clutch and try again. Use of force and impact can cause the forks to malfunction and cause the adjustment shown in this video to fail.

Dear owners of tractors and power tillers! Work deliberately and carefully! Do not make any sudden movements. Be safe and you will be fine!

How to make a reverse gear on a Neva motoblock

Good day to you all. I have a 2006 Chevy.

Bought it 2 weeks ago. Before me was 1 owner, car is in excellent condition. In 2019 changed the clutch and did some work on the box ( what kind of work. unknown)Then car 1.5 years stood there.As soon as I picked it up, had trouble engaging rear gear (plugged in every other time. (with an occasional squeal-crunch). then first. The transfer case vibrated a lot when driving. Took it to a service center in Kamchatka (St. Petersburg). Looked at. Checked the oil in the gearbox. scratched my head. They suggested the possibility of a clutch. Didn’t bother to change it. drove on. A couple of days later it was a mess. First one stopped engaging at all. The third one was engaged instead of the second. instead of the second. Fourth. Fifth and reverse, surprisingly, came on fine. Shift lever dangles in different directions, roughly speaking, neutral is spinning in all directions. In the engaged gear the lever also wobbles. I hear a terrible squeaking noise when I move the lever in neutral. Question: WHAT IS THIS?? ! Plug? ! Synchromesh? ! Paddles? ! Gears? ! Approximately how much will the repair cost?

Thank you in advance for your opinions and recommendations.

Ilnur (Acima) in my opinion it is necessary to tighten lever bolts

Evgeny (Yechiam) )) Nothing wrong, just adjust the lever and tighten the clamp on the rod properly! I myself once drove home in third gear)

Veronika (Cena) I lost reverse a year and a half ago.

Vovan (Terell) Depending on what broke the fork or clutch and synchro second gear or just had to adjust the lever

Evgeny (Yechiam) have them check the gear selector mechanism. If you have problems with reverse gear engagement, it could be the rear crankshaft bearing. If you replace the clutch, you need to lubricate the bearing or better yet replace it

Nikola (Andrzei) advise if you know what’s wrong. Instead of fifth sometimes includes a third (and in the fifth lever wiggles on the distance from third to fifth) and when moving the lever to the left and right to the stop, in the middle there is a deafening bang. Sometimes can not turn on the rear. what it may be?

Yarik (Hobson) diagnose by phone)) may be from loose clamp of the rocker, to serious problems on the mechanics)

Nikola (Andrzei) I just from the thought that maybe it was someone else, just do not hammer, then the first and second fooled around (already had this).

Yarik (Hobson) Maybe you have a rocker switch that moves apart to a certain position)

Nikola (Andrzei) Thanks, in general, as I thought, autopsy will show)

Yarik (Hobson) Nikola, and to disassemble the box if you do it very difficult)

Nikola (Andrzei) Yarik, I remember, I changed the clutch)

Pavel (Samouel) Have not forgotten about the spiders?

Maxim (Charmaine) Guys, tell me.1 gear is kicks in all right.does not start the gas. it jumps out! into the server? Or you can?

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Veronika (Cena) Maxim, I have the same asshole with 5 gears. and jumped out after the repair of the gearbox.

engage, reverse, gear, centaur

Vovan (Terell) Synchronous gearbox was damaged

Viktor (Katrina) Can you advise whether the box from the classic 5 speed gearbox for Shevik?

Nikola (Andrzei) I told the guys that with modifications fits.

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Rotary mower KR-02

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Centaur MB2010D-4 single axle tractor

Enhanced model MB2010D-4 has several changes. A heavy-duty cutter with a working depth of 150 to 300 mm is installed here. Working width, can be easily adjusted by yourself. The hexagonal shaft allows you to do any difficult work without worrying about shearing or turning. Installed protective covers made of durable metal, during the work will not produce unnecessary noise and will reliably protect the operator from injury. A lever is installed to engage the rear speed, allowing you to make sure you don’t get the wrong direction while you’re working. Simply press the lever on the equipment handle to engage reverse. You can buy a single-axle tractor by calling the hotline online store Romb. 0 800-30-19-19. Delivery time of the power tiller from 2 to 4 days.

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Rear gear engagement problems

Rear gear shift problem is the most common shifting problem experienced by drivers of.

Not only owners of cars with manual gearboxes, but also fans of automatic transmissions can face with such a malfunction. With what to start searching and about the possible causes of malfunction we will tell in this article.

Why won’t the rear gear engage in a manual transmission?

According to statistics, owners of manual transmission complain about problems with engaging reverse gear much more often than owners of vehicles with automatic transmission. Some of the most common reasons for not engaging or having a tight rear gear are the following:

  • Incomplete clutch disengagement. In other words, the gearbox does not disengage from the engine. Problems with clutch can hamper engagement of all gears, but on some models of automobiles the problem is most appreciable exactly at engagement of back gear. Attempting to shift gears with an insufficiently depressed clutch is often accompanied by a crunch and loud rattle.
  • Deformation of transmission drive rods or levers. To rule out this item, the transmission must be thoroughly inspected. Damaged parts need to be replaced.
  • Loss of properties or insufficient transmission fluid level. Most drivers believe that the oil in the gearbox has a life equal to that of the car itself. Unfortunately it is not so: transmission fluid works in complicated conditions and with time loses its exploitation properties or simply leaks if the unit leaks badly. Oil-related problems will affect the shifting of all gears, not just the rear. Periodically it is necessary to check oil level in a box and if it is necessary to fill it up / make its replacement (intervals of transmission fluid replacement are specified in the instruction manual of the automobile).
  • The gearbox rocker is not adjusted. This problem is well known to owners of front-wheel drive VAZ cars. A badly adjusted rocker makes it impossible to engage the reverse gear or “kick out”. In this case, there is only one way out. to adjust the shift gear shift cardan.
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It is also worth mentioning “special” cars, where the difficulty of engaging the reverse gear is not a breakdown, but a peculiarity of operation. In such cars, it is recommended to overclutch or first engage the first gear before engaging the reverse.

Why the reverse gear does not engage in automatic transmission?

As it was said before, problems with reverse gear are possible not only in mechanics, but also in automatics. Here, too, we’ll highlight a few of the most common faults:

  • Insufficient level of transmission fluid or its wear. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Automatic transmission fluid) is the first thing to check, if there are problems with gear shifting in automatic transmission. Just like transmission oil, ATF has a certain service life and must be changed periodically.
  • Worn friction plates. Depending on the degree of wear, this malfunction may affect not only the reverse, but also on the D mode (the car goes only in 1-2 gears). The problem can be solved by replacing the worn friction clutches.
  • Shearing of drive drum splines. The car moves only forward, or may not react at all to the gas pedal pedal. Only drum replacement will help.
  • Wear on friction layer of brake band or corresponding clutch package (Reverse). When driving forward the malfunction does not appear, the car simply refuses to move in reverse.
  • Breakage or wear of brake band piston cuffs. Like the previous malfunction, it only appears when you try to reverse. One of the valves of hydroblock or corresponding solenoid is clogged or blocked.
  • No clutch between oil pump drive pinion and torque converter. Failure of pinion pinion makes it impossible to engage any gear.

In the end it is necessary to remind to observe the service intervals. Remind your customers to have regular maintenance!

KonnerSohnen KS 7HP-950S

KonnerSohnen model an innovative solution by German engineers. The structure is rigid and frame-mounted. Besides excellent build quality and components the brand surprises customers with unconventional solutions. Air filter is mounted above the cutters where there is less dust and plenty of air. This allowed to increase the life of the engine even more. The steering wheel is horizontal and vertically adjustable. The plowing depth can be adjusted. Original laser engraved motor generates 7 liters.с. Its power allows you to plow virgin land with lots of small stones. Transmission and muffler are reliably protected from damage.

  • The German petrol engine KS is very durable and designed for continuous operation;
  • Cultivation width is 1.15 m, which increases the speed of cultivation of large areas;
  • Provided the ability to turn the steering wheel up to 180 degrees, which leads to increased maneuverability;
  • The gear lever is intelligently and conveniently located;
  • Innovative air filtration system. The filter is located on the steering wheel of the power tiller to keep dust and dirt out during operation, which prolongs engine life.
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