How to fasten a disk to a trimmer. Instructions on how to use a gasoline trimmer learning to start a tool

Learning to correctly wrap the fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer for grass and lawn mowing instructions for installation

Owners of private houses know how necessary the type of tool is such as a trimmer for grass. It can be gasoline and electric, and they differ in the design of power units. For injection of grass in areas where there are stones, trees and other obstructing objects, a fishing line for a trimmer is used as a cutting device. This consumable in the process of use wears out, so how to wind the coil of a trimmer for grass, we will consider in detail in the material.

Fishing lines is called consumable, which consists of nylon, and serves as a cutting device. Through this equipment, the grass grows, which is ensured due to rotation of the instrument head with a high frequency. This material has a different thickness, which depends on its use on the corresponding tools of low-power (from 1 to 1.6 mm), electric from 500 W (2-2.4 mm) and gasoline trimmers for grass with motorcycles (from 2.4 up to 3.2 mm).

The more powerful the tool, the accordingly there should be a cutting equipment. This affects not only the quality of the injection of grass, but also on the life of the material. If you ask the question of how to wind the coil of a trimmer for grass, then it’s time to change the reload of the tool. With the onset of spring, this issue is becoming more and more in demand, so it’s time to understand the step.By.Step instructions for replacing the fishing line in the coil of the trimmer for grass.

Where and which knife is better?

When the features of the fishing line are not enough, you should think about its replacement with a steel or plastic knife. If a replaced knife is attached to the trimmer, there is no problem: replacing cutting equipment is carried out in accordance with the instructions for the operation of a trimmer for grass. But this does not always happen.

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You can find out the suitability of installing a knife on an existing electric trimmer for grass (there will be no such problems with gasoline) by the actual number of turnover revolutions. If, when replacing a spoon with a fishing rod with a knife, the engine dials the installed number of revolutions in a second or less, then the replacement is possible, otherwise the engine will overheat a lot, and the trimmer gearbox will quickly fail.

It is interesting to compare among themselves the three most common options of knives. Multi.Tooth disk, as well as with two and three blades.

Metal disk knives

Typically, the set to the trimmer includes several such knives, but you can also buy separately, measuring the external diameter of the knife and the configuration of the landing hole. For example, disk knives from Stihl and Husquarna interchangeable among themselves. Disk knives differ in the number of teeth, height (can be of different.High ones), as well as the solidness of the canvas. Such knives are most often installed on trimmers from STIHL, HUTER, AL-KO, equipped with a direct bar, and are most rigid. They cope well with the old shoots and long stems, but when working with young grass, mowing mowing is often observed on the inner surface of the protective casing.

A trimmer for grass with an oen.Colored knife, in comparison with a continuous, is gaining momentum. Lack of disk knives is an increased moment of inertia, so the starting power of the drive increases. On cheap structures and at frequent stops in work, this leads to overheating of the engine and negatively affects its durability.

Two.Lobed and three.Lobed knives

Such knives are equipped with their electric trimmers for grass brand Bosch. Their moment of inertia is minimal, and practically does not affect the performance of the drive. The convenience of the operation of this design is that a separate replacement of each of the blades is acceptable. The trimmers of such performances are curved in the form of the letter j. Two.Lobed knives work steadily on a homogeneous mowing mass. They threw off the cut off to the side well, do not allow sticking or wrapping the remains to the shaft of the bar.

Three.Lobed and two.Lobed knives in their capabilities are quite competitive discount, but the thickness of the blade should not be less than 2 mm. At the same time, forged knives are more durable than stamped (found on Chinese.Made trimmers). To distinguish them simply. On stamped blades, traces from the detachment punch are clearly distinguishable with the presence of characteristic zones of chip and cut, which is not on forged.

Shark knives

The Shark is a nozzle of three blade knives, and each blade is fixed relative to the other at an angle of 120 °. The advantage of this design is that each blade can be adjusted individually. As a result, with the mowing of a plot with different types of vegetation (grass, weeds, dryness), the quality of mowing will be approximately the same. In addition, since the interval between the mowing of the grass of each blade is reduced, the discharge of grass will occur more intensively. The “Shark” head is compatible with many sizes of electric trimmers, is characterized by low weight, but requires periodic lobe submitting, which are attached to the base with ordinary screws.

The moment of inertia of the disc knife can be reduced due to independent survey of its surface, for example, on a cutting press. The penetration holes should be located strictly symmetrically relative to the center of gravity of the knife. The tool becomes easier, and its cutting abilities do not change. The proper sharpening of the blades of a replaceable knife also gives a positive effect. It is performed with a small number of turns of the grinding circle with medium grain. Teeth are pulled at an angle of 30 °. Do not use a knife for a trimmer for grass with an attack made of solid alloy. The quality of the cut will remain almost at the same level, and the weight of the tool will increase.

Stages of installing a knife on a trimmer for grass. Instruction

If the trimmer for the grass has not previously been used. Fix the keyword key (or a rod of a suitable diameter in the hole of the gearbox-this may be a regular nail). This is necessary so that the shaft does not scroll at. Unscrew the mounting nut and remove the gearbox cup from the shaft. If a mowing head is installed. As in p.1, insert the key into the gearbox hole. Holding the key, unscrew the mowing head. Install a puck on the hub, then a knife. Make sure that the ledges coincide with the notch. Then the knife will be correctly discounted. Install a stubborn washer and a cup of the gearbox over the knife. Install the fastener on the shaft and tighten it counterclockwise

To do this, you need a end tube key. Pay attention. So that the nut does not spin during operation, most gasoline trimmers have a hairpin that is inserted into the opening in the shaft.

How to Fix the Starter on a Ryobi Trimmer

Self.Manufacture of bobbin

Quite often, a trimmer for grass is operated in the distance from places where you can purchase spare parts for a spitt with its breakdown. In this case, instead of a broken mechanism, you can install a simple coil made in design made by yourself. To do this, you need a sheet of plywood (textolite, metal, etc.), eyes, screws or screws. The process includes several stages.

  • A disk is cut out of the plywood sheet, which corresponds to the failed spool with a diameter.
  • A hole is drilled in the center of the disk, which matches the diameter with a shaft of a trimmer for grass.
  • Small eyes are attached to the opposite sides of the disk, which will serve to refuel the fishing line.
  • Through the eyes, pass the fishing line for the trimmer and fix it with ordinary screws or screws. The coil is ready for work.
  • Clutching the made bobbin between the two washers, it is attached to the shaft of the trimmer for the grass with a nut.

Important! It must be remembered that to tighten or unscrew the nut without hard fixation of the shaft.

To replace the fishing line on a home.Made bobin, you will have to release fixing screws, insert a new section of the string and tighten the fasteners again. It is not necessary to remove the coil from the shaft of the trimmer for grass, however, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of spontaneous launch of the motor.

So, above was step.By.Step with the pictures described methods of repairing the string head. As you can see, the process is not complicated. And most of the breakdowns are directly related to the inaccurate refueling of the string and its unsatisfactory quality. You can clearly see all the stages of the process on the video.

How to Fix a Trimmer That Won’t Start!

Installation of a knife on a trimmer for grass. Video

We suggest you familiarize yourself with a video instruction on replacing a knife with a Stihl gasoline trimmer. We remind you that the stages of installation may vary slightly depending on the model. Therefore, do not forget to look in the instructions!

If the disk on the trimmer is used regularly, it needs to be removed from time to time to remove and sharpen or change it to a new. This part can be made of metal or plastic, have a different number of blades, but the replacement process remains the same. Over, this procedure is similar to the equipment of different manufacturers, whether Carver or Huter, but minor differences are possible. Changing the knife on the trimmer is quite simple if you observe safety precautions and know the correct procedure for which you can find a description of which you can in the user’s instructions. The whole process of replacing step by step, as well as the way of independent sharpening of knives, will be described in this material.

Plastic circles for a trimmer for grass. When used

If metal milling and lobed discs are used on gasoline trimmers, then for power tools it is recommended to use plastic circles. Their main advantage in small weight, so the load on the electric motor is completely excluded. Structurally, the nozzle is a plastic base on which knives are attached around the perimeter. Knives made of soft plastic are made, which, when in contact with an obstacle, is bended without deforming. Knives are attached on a round base at an angle of 120 degrees.

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They are designed to drive thick grass with electric trimmers when a fishing line for a trimmer does not cope. If the nozzle has a large moment of inertia, then it can be reduced by making symmetrical holes. Когда притупляются зубья, их необходимо затачивать под углом 30 градусов, используя шлифовальный круг с низкой или средней шероховатостью.

Disk design Application Characteristic
Candle.Rowing with the number of teeth 40 pieces A neat slice of lawn and high grass. A great option for injection of grass in the fields and forest belts Eliminates the winding of grass on the disk and low load on the gearbox. High efficiency with mowing grass in large volumes
Minore-rose with a number of teeth more than 40 pieces (60-80) For small trees with a stem thick 7-8 cm Suitable for cutting grass with growing small trees
Continuous with the number of teeth from 8 to 32 Cut of thin and hard bushes of raspberries, currants. Effectively cope with mowing herbs, but exclusively on powerful equipment Effectively cut stems of small shrubs. Provide a load on the gearbox
Lobed with one, two and three knives Hard grass, overgrown Interrupt the grass several times, crushing it, which increases the load on the gearbox
Lobate with 4 knives and more Wraps and a hard braid for grass, can be used to harvest hay Has a small moment of inertia
Plastic discs For small and thick grass in personal plots Does not load electric trimmers engines

Nozzle of the lawn aerator for motorcycles. What is it and what is used for

The owners of private houses will be useful for such a device as the nozzle of the amener of the lawn for a trimmer for grass. Its main purpose is to saturate the soil layer with air. This is done to improve the growth of lawn grass. The aerator is absolutely safe for vegetation.

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Outwardly, the nozzle resembles a rake, but its main purpose is to restore the air duration of the soil to saturate the root system of plants with air. You can also use the device for uniform distribution of organic fertilizers.

, what depends on the manufacturer’s company.

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Features of disks for motorcycle

Disks-ceremonies are produced by plastic and metal, as well as various shapes to perform diverse tasks.

  • Two-, three- and four-lobed knives with pronounced blades are used for mowing grass and overgrown trees. However, they are not suitable for harvesting hay, as the shoots are crushed, cutting them several times.
  • Massive four.Lobed discs are intended not only for clearing the earth from grass, but also for hay mowing. They prevent multiple cutting of shoots, thereby making them suitable for harvesting for the winter.
  • Disks with cutting faces around the perimeter are relevant for the bevel of reed and reeds. Such knives are very heavy. This is the necessary quality to cut thick stems.
  • Professional discs with a saw tooth for artisans and motorcycles allow you to cut down small trees and bushes.

Plastic knives are used as an alternative to metal disks. They do not need to be tightly attached in the head, and they revolve as a result of exposure to centrifugal force. The strength of the plastic knives is high, so the service life is quite long.

On a note! The advantage of plastic disks lies in the fact that, having hit an irresistible obstacle, they bounce, and there is no re.Contact.

We pull the trimmer disks correctly what you need to know about it

During operation of the lawn mower with cutting metal knives, they are dulling. This is a normal phenomenon, however, it is impossible to continue to operate such a nozzle. Dressed knives have low performance, so in addition to the unsatisfactory result of the mowing, you will also get overheating of the tool engine and wear of the gearbox. If knives or teeth of cutting discs are swept on the trimmer, then it is necessary to sharpen them. Some prefer to buy new cutting circles, which is not at all rational.

It is interesting!All types of cutting discs are subject to sharpening, including with winning attacks. To sharpen a circle with a winning attack, you will need a special diamond circle. What is the process of sharpening a disk with a winning attack on the teeth, is described in detail in this material. Step.By.Step description how to sharpen a trimmer disk for grass:

  • First you need to remove the cutting element from the tool. It is unsafe to sharpen the tool
  • Inspect the element for professional fit. The presence of cracks, chips and other deformations is unacceptable. If there are such, it is necessary to replace the device
  • To sharpen the disk, such tools and materials such as sharpened, file, corner grinder are used. Which is better to choose depends on the skill of the operator. The easiest and safest way is to use the file. To do this, the cutting equipment is attached to the vice of a vice, and a manually is done the sharpening process at an angle of 30 degrees
  • If a sharpener (emery) or corner grinder is used, then in this case you will need to carefully sharpen. When sharpening, it is not allowed to make the metal red (metal leave), otherwise it will lead to rapid wear and abrasion of the cutting part
  • The best option that is recommended for beginners (it is also used by masters with experience) is the use of a file. You can sharpen the cutting edge as well as possible and accurately at an angle, which will positively affect the performance of the tool
  • If you have to sharpen a milling disk with a large number of teeth, then for such cases it is recommended to use a corner grinder with a thin abrasive circle

The video below tells how to sharpen the correctly milling wheels with a large number of teeth.

After the end of the sharpening of the mowing disc trimmer for the grass, it remains to install it in place, and check the effectiveness of the tool. After sharpening, take into account that it is better not to take up sharp parts, since you can get an injury.

Summing up, it should be noted that the efficiency of the injection of grass depends on the correct choice of the trimmer disk. For mowing grass on the sidelines of roads and paths, a fishing line for a trimmer is used, but to combat weeds in the country, as well as for the purpose of harvesting hay in the fields and in forest plants, lawmakers with metal disks are used. If the budget allows, it is recommended to buy 3 types of metal disks, and try them in work on your own experience to feel the difference.

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